How To Lose Weight On Face?

Here in this section, we have shared eight effective strategies that you can use to lose that extra fatty layer of your face. 

  • Start With Facial exercises

No other thing is more effective than exercise to lose fat. Even in the case of facial fat, exercises are your best bet. If you practice facial exercises regularly, you can improve your facial features, have prolonged tightened skin, and improve muscle strength.

Some experts claim that regular facial exercises can help tone the facial muscles and give a slimmer look. 

Some of the popular exercises that you can practice include:

  • Inhale some air and puff out your cheeks. Now move the air from one cheek to the other. 
  • Pucker your lips on the alternate sides. 
  • Hold a smile and clench your teeth for quite a while. 

Although evidence is not available, people have claimed that these exercises have helped them lose fat from the facial region. However, you must repeat these exercises twice daily for two months to see significant changes.

Like you have a gym routine, ensure you include these exercises in your workout regime so you do not miss out on them. However, unlike workout routines, there is no off day for these exercises, and you must practice them daily for better results.

  • Drink lots of water

Water is an essential part of our life. But you may take a while to digest the fact when we state that water can also help lose facial weight. It is because water aids in getting rid of the toxic substances in our body and thus helps detoxify. 

However, how does water help in losing facial weight? Well, when you drink adequate water, it helps in reducing the puffiness of your face, giving it a slimmer look. If you follow any celebrities, who are into modeling, fitness, or acting, you will often notice that they advise people to drink a lot of water and follow the same teachings for themselves.

The reason behind this is also the same; hence, you can be confident that even water can help you reduce facial weight. 

When your body gets a sufficient supply of water, the metabolism boosts. As a result, your body becomes even more efficient and can burn more calories helping you lose the body’s overall weight. 

  • Add Cardio To Your Daily Workout Regime

Cardio is not an exercise that will help you lose your body fat. However, the activities involved in cardio also help in losing facial weight. Cardio is a type of exercise that helps in increasing your heart rate.

When the heart rate increases, more blood is pumped, allowing a more excellent supply of oxygen to every body cell. 

There have been multiple studies that have confirmed the efficiency of cardio in burning fat and increasing weight loss. 

Cardio exercises do not target the facial muscles directly. But when the body’s overall weight is reduced, you can also see significant weight loss from your facial muscles. 

Try to practice at least 20-40 minutes of cardio daily for the best results. You can consult your gym instructor to learn about all the cardio exercises you can practice daily. 

However, other alternatives are available to practice cardio if you miss visiting a gym. For example, you can try dancing, running, brisk walking, biking, and even swimming daily. 

  • Try to curb your alcohol consumption

If you are willing to get a toned body or a toned face, the first thing you should stop consuming is alcohol. We are not advising you to abstain from alcohol forever but drinking it only occasionally.

If you follow all the above-mentioned steps but still consume liquor regularly, you won’t see significant changes in your body or face, and all your pains will go down the drain. 

It is said alcohol contains a lot of “empty calories.” By the term “empty calories,” we mean that alcohol will add a lot of calories to your body but no essential nutrients. In addition, some drinks, like beer, act as a diuretic, often resulting in excessive urination, sometimes causing dehydration when paired with heavy workouts. 

Some studies have even suggested that alcohol hinders the functioning of certain hormones like leptin. It is a hormone that gives us a feeling of fullness when we have had enough food. But due to the presence of alcohol, leptin cannot function properly, so individuals tend to consume significantly more calories than required. 

So if you want to lose your facial weight, first, you need to lose alcohol from your daily routine. 

  • Reduce the Consumption of Refined Carbs

Some of the most common causes of fat deposition in our facial muscles are because of refined carbs. These carbs are found in cookies, crackers, pasta, etc., which we commonly consume for snacking. 

The issue with refined carbs is that they are highly processed food which takes away all the essential nutrients that are otherwise found in natural carbohydrate sources. 

Carbohydrates are the first thing in your diet that you are advised to reduce if you are willing to lose weight. On top of that, consuming refined carbs will add only to your calorie intake without providing you with all the necessary nutrients. 

Since these refined carbs are almost Fiber, the body can absorb them quickly. It results in a spike in blood sugar levels, making you feel even more hungry, and the individuals have more food. 

Although refined carbs do not directly impact facial fat deposition, if one consumes a lot of it regularly, the individual will get overweight and have fat deposition in every part of the body, including the face. So if you are targeting your facial weight, try to avoid these as much as possible. 

  • Sleep well

We cannot stress enough the importance of sleep for losing facial weight. When a person does not get sufficient sleep, a hormone called cortisol increases in our bodies. Unfortunately, a lot of side effects happen due to increased levels of cortisol, one of which is weight gain. 

Multiple research institutes have conducted studies on increased cortisol levels and found that it can result in increased appetite. Cortisol also affects the metabolism of the body, in which it tends to store more fats rather than burn them. 

So if you sleep well, the cortisol levels in your body will remain under control, reducing the chances of weight gain. Furthermore, a person with the right amount of sleep feels energetic every time they wake up. It allows them to participate in various heavy workout routines, hence keeping the facial fat content and body under check. 

  • Keep an eye on Your Sodium Intake

Believe it or not, excessive Sodium in your body can also increase your facial weight. The prime source of Sodium in our diet is table salt. We tend to consume a lot of it daily.

You might think that if you do not add salt from a shaker, you can curb Sodium intake. But that is not always true. Premade food like chips and ready-to-eat options like pasta, noodles, and even sauces contain excessive Sodium. 

One of the significant symptoms of too much Sodium in the diet is bloating, which is visible in facial swelling or puffiness. 

When you take a lot of Sodium, the salt accumulates in your cells. After that, when you drink the water due to a hypertonic situation, the cells absorb more water than required and swell up. It is known as fluid retention, which can have more severe consequences than facial weight gain. 

One of the best ways to lower sodium intake is to reduce the consumption of store-bought food. Snacks like chips, roasted dry fruits, and other savories contain a lot of salt and can contribute to facial swelling.

The best way to escape this is to prepare your meal with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and keep the facial swelling problem at bay. 

  • Consume a lot of Fiber

Fiber is one of the most significant ways to lose not only facial weight but your body as a whole. 

Fiber follows a unique mechanism to help you keep your body weight in check. Fiber cannot be absorbed in our bodies due to a lack of cellulose. Hence it stays in our system for an extended period, giving us a sense of fullness, thus preventing us from consuming more food. 

If you are searching for an effective way to lose your facial weight, adding a sufficient amount of Fiber to your daily diet is wise. 

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