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The Kidney & Urology Foundation of America, A Leader
in Professional Research and Education Programs

The Kidney & Urology Foundation of America provides research grants and develops quality educational conferences for physicians and other medical professionals in the nephrology, urology and transplant communities. It also houses the Pediatric Registry, part of the Foundation’s Renal Data Institute. The Pediatric Registry was established by the Kidney & Urology Foundation of America to collect information on the diagnoses and demographics of children being screened for renal and urologic diseases. This information provides physicians with baseline data to better understand the prevalence and impact of kidney and urologic diseases among children.  The results of the Pediatric Registry have been used on grant proposals to the National Institutes of Health by member physicians to demonstrate the success of a multi-center pediatric renal registry.

Professional Conferences

As part of our commitment to professional education, the Foundation’s National Professional Education program develops significant physician and multidisciplinary conferences to foster discussion on issues of concern in the renal, transplant, and urology communities.  
All conference planning is driven by prominent physicians, allied medical professionals and thought leaders, all experts in their respective fields, who help create rich and focused curricula for medical caregivers, help facilitate discussion, and promote professional networking.  The ultimate goal of our continuing education programs is to provide the information and tools that can lead to improved patient outcomes.

Hospital Initiatives

Saint Barnabas Social Work conference PDF: Psychosocial and Ethical Issues in the Transplantation of CKD Patients

Look for upcoming multi-hospital initiatives

Research Fellowships and Awards /Organizational Support

To help sustain ongoing research sponsored by prominent medical institutions, KUFA submitted letters of support for two grant requests by Columbia University’s Center on Glomerular Diseases. The first, a glomerular disease study, was NIH approved and KUFA will assist ‘Columbia’ with the study protocol. The second application was submitted to the George M. O’Brien Urology Cooperative Research Centers program on the causes and development of benign urology disorders. This application has been submitted and results are pending.

In February 2017 KUFA submitted two letters of support for Columbia University for two applications for the APOLLO project- one for a Scientific Data Research Center and the second for a Clinical Center-which will look at the relationship between the APOL1 gene during transplantation outcomes in African American kidney donors.

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