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Incredible Tips to boost your sex drive after 40

With time, everyone notices changes in their body as well as behaviour. Although you become wiser, your body loses its active movements like in your 20s. There are changes in ageing that are problematic for both men and women, but they are normal. 

Among all these changes, you will see a difference in your sex life. However, after a few years of life, changes in the sex drive of people can vary. While some people can be active, some might experience dry spells. 

During the later part of your life, it is not uncommon for couples to experience a lack of sex drive and instability in sex life. The everyday stress and changing hormones can put sex on the back seat. 

These years are generally more thoughtful and less exciting in life. But this might have an impact on your health as well as your relationship. However, the good part is you can work on your sex drive and reignite the spark. 


Why do couples have low sex drive after 40? 

People believe that sex becomes less important after 40; your career, and family become your life. These constitute a significant part of your life after 40, but sex is also essential. 

According to American Medical Association data, in the last decade, 85% of women above 40 are still on it. The majority of women consider sex important even after 40. 

If you work on a few things and implement a few tips, you can achieve better sex life and bring back your relationship.

After getting sex consecutively till 35 years of age, sex among men and women becomes monotonous. Moreover, it is typically reduced by 1% every year for men. As a result, men become more inclined towards work and commitments. 

While, women on the other hand, have sex fantasies between the age of 27 to 45. If you face issues with your partner, it’s better to have a talk rather than an assumption. You can also approach a sex coach or consultancy to help you both. 

 There are a lot of tips you can go for to boost your sex drive after the age of 40. You can implement these tips: 

Manage stress and anxiety 

Yes! Stress and anxiety play a crucial role in your sex drive. Many people after 40( some even younger) are stressed about work and other commitments. These things lead to depression and anxiety. High-stress levels can be a cause of low sex drive and libido. 

According to the research “Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men-A Review of the Prevalence and Risk Factors”, published in 2017, it is reviewed that practical dysfunction in men has a relation to depression and anxiety. 

You can work on your stress and anxiety with activities like a good sleep cycle, regularly exercising, a nutritional diet, making time for your hobby, and consulting a therapist. 

You must talk with your partner if you are facing such an issue. Sometimes, your partner cannot catch on to your depression; they might think of it as work stress. So, communicate with your partner and work on your anxiety. 

Facts about sexual turn on 

Both men and women in their forties face hormonal changes. These declines in hormone levels can impact the ability to turn on early. 

According to a licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist, Shannon Chavez says, ” Both Men and Women have to deal with hormonal changes in their forties which cause a change in sexual arousal, and comforting during sexual activity.”

Lot of Libido Boosters and Sex Pills for Women are availale online and in pharmacies. These can help face hormonal changes and libido issues.

” Change in hormones might boost the stimulation during sexual activity. Which means an increased focus on sensual pleasuring to get aroused.” 

Try wild fantasies

Couples in 40 have access to sex more than others. So you have the permission and motivation to try different things. But the lack of metabolism or libido restricts you. 

To improve your sex life, try your long-term wild fantasies. This will help you add space to your relationship. As a result, you will feel more alive and connected with your partner. 

Bring out your bucket list of fantasies you always wanted to try. Please discuss with your partner these fantasies, and know their fantasies. Then, you can decide what and where you want to go. Rather than hesitating, make efforts to improve your sex life. 

Spend more alone time and go on dates.

After their forties, couples are often inclined to their families, careers, commitments, and kids. They do not find time to spend some moments alone. Even if they do, it’s mostly about career and family at home. 

Romance, flirting, and sex life takes a back seat. The more you push your romance back, the boring your sex life becomes. So it’s crucial to find some time alone away from family and work stuff. 

Go on dates once in a while, arrange small weekend getaways, or you can plan some exotic holiday once a year. However, if you cannot go far away, try somewhere near. 

The goal is to spend some time alone away from home. 

Share household chores with your partner. 

When you are sexually frustrated, it’s easy to rush into sex. First, however, it’s essential to connect with your partner and become cosy. 

If you are doing household chores more than your partner, changing it can benefit your sex drive. Both partners helping with household chores can work for sex drive. How? 

According to a study published in Socius: sociological research for a dynamic world in 2018, there is a relationship between household chores and sex drive. In addition, researchers found that sharing household chores, especially dishes, is linked to sex drive. 

It means you will not resent each other when you feel more like equals in your relationship, less like a maid. It will help you restate your fun and comfort during household chores under the sheets. 

New experiences in the bedroom 

It’s easy for people to indulge in the same routine and follow the same methods. But these things become boring and monotonous. After forty, your sex life is already declining; following monotony will not help. 

According to a study published in 2019 in the Journal of Sex research, the more you are open about experiments with your partner, the more Sexual encounters you experience.

Whether changing positions, changing locations, or experimenting with fantasies, you can set the mood right. Explore some new positions or experiments in sex, keep an open mind and do experiments together. Trying new positions, fantasies, or experiments like reading erotic novels such as ” Fifty Shades of Grey ” can bring excitement. 

Focus on your diet and supplements 

Sex life is directly related to your body’s health. The change in hormones after forty brings different changes to your body. Lack of sex life after forty can have various reasons. One of them can be an adequate diet and nutrients. 

Therefore focus on your nutritional diet; you can add some supplements to your daily intake. Consult your doctor to get supplement recommendations. Add citrus fruits to your diet. 

You might not know, but citrus fruits can boost your sex drive naturally. According to a study published in 2002 in the journal Biological Psychiatry, individuals with a high intake of citrus fruits tend to have more sex life. 

Citrus fruits like grapefruit, oranges, etc. should be in your diet. A healthy diet will always benefit your sex life and overall health. 

Indulge in foreplay 

Focusing more on sexual experiences like foreplay can boost libido. It can help you increase your desire for sex. You can enhance more time in foreplay, touching each other like using sex toys, kissing, and oral sex. 

More foreplay can stimulate the sex drive and bring excitement when you use some games. But, penetration alone after your forties is like you are done with your work. It has become ordinary and boring for couples. 

To Spice up your sex life, you can bring more focus on foreplay than actual sex. Increased foreplay will increase stimulation and arousing feelings among couples. Thus, you can bring changes to your sex life.

Reduce your bad habits 

Believe it, people with bad habits have an incredibly low sex life. They tend to get frustrated quickly. Habits like too much alcohol, smoking, poor diet, etc. affect sex life. 

If you are in your forties, it’s time you reduce your alcohol intake and smoking. With time, it’s better to quit. Not just for your health but also your sex drive. Habits like alcohol and smoking have an impact on libido scores. 

You will slowly notice the time you ditch your bad habits, and you experience a boost in knowing your sex drive. As a result, you will have a better sex life, health, and overall well-being. 


After forty, it is common for couples to have a poor or dull sex life. Although, due to many reasons, focusing on reducing these issues can help; you need to give each other time. Couples are always busy with careers, family, and commitments. 

Communicating and spending more time with your partner is like the initial phase of the relationship. Implementing these ways to improve your sex life can help you. 

However, if you find your sex drive extremely low, it can be a sign of some health issues. You can consult your doctor to diagnose problems. You can also consult a sex therapist or sex coach to help you. 

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