How To Lose Weight With PCOS?

Having Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) causes hormonal imbalances and metabolism problems and leads to weight gain.

No need to worry!

I have some unique tips and tricks for you to lose weight despite having PCOS. Let us check out those tricks below:

1. Limit Carb Intake

Carbs majorly influence your insulin levels. Hence limiting your carb foods can help you manage your PCOS. Approximately 70% of women suffering from PCOS experience insulin resistance which occurs when their cells fail to recognize the impact of the hormone insulin.

A balanced amount of insulin in our body manages energy levels and blood sugar. Unfortunately, with the increase in insulin level, body fat increases, resulting in instant weight gain. It happens mainly in the woman having PCOS.

A 3-week diet of 40% carbs and 45% fat was followed by obese women with PCOS and insulin resistance in one research, followed by a 3-week diet of 60% carbs and 25% fat. During each phase, a 15% protein intake was used.

Maintaining the blood sugar levels consistent, the lower-carb, higher-fat stage saw a 30% decrease in insulin levels. Hence, a less crab diet can decrease your insulin level, especially in a woman with PCOS, thus helping to reduce body weight.

2. Rely on a Balanced Amount of Protein

Protein can stabilize your blood sugar level and offer you reasonable satisfaction after eating food. In addition, protein intake keeps your tummy full for a more extended period resulting in weight loss by reducing cravings and managing hormones that process the feeling of hunger.

In a research, 57 PCOS-afflicted women were tested by giving them either a high-protein diet with more than 40% of calories from protein and 30% from fat or a typical diet with less than 30% fat and 15% protein. The study with the above diet shows that women with high protein intake lose approximately 9.7 pounds in six months.

Hence, if you are suffering from PCOS and want to lose weight fast, I will suggest increasing your protein intake. A few high protein intakes are dairy products, nuts, eggs, kinds of seafood, and meat. Thus, a high protein diet can actively decrease weight, majorly in PCOS women.

3. Say Yes to Fermented Food

Enough amounts of gut bacteria play a vital role in maintaining weight and metabolism. However, many studies report that women with PCOS possess weak gut bacteria than other women. Hence, women with PCOS must include fermented foods to improve healthy gut bacteria.

Some fermented foods include sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir, etc. It implies, Consuming probiotic-rich meals or taking a probiotic pill may help your gut bacteria, which will help you lose weight.

4. Avoid Added Sugars and Processed Intake

Another essential trick to lose weight for women with PCOS is to limit unhealthy foods. Unfortunately, added sugars and processed diets also increase blood sugar levels, further enhancing the possibility of insulin resistance, a significant cause of obesity.

The study reveals that PCOS women face an instant hike in their sugar level after having sugar-based products than ordinary women.

Hence, it is better for women with PCOS to avoid processed and added sugar foods like cakes, fast food, candies, and cookies. It will gradually reduce your weight.

5. Avoid Over Eating

PCOS women in research frequently try diets and are three times more likely to experience eating disorders. Good eating habits, contrary to overeating, are a fast solution in these cases. In addition, it brings awareness about psychological senses in the body, like the feeling of hunger and fullness.

However, overeating destroys this feeling of understanding whether you are still hungry or filled. Thus, avoiding overeating will reduce weight fast, even in women with PCOS, especially those facing eating disorders.

6. Adequate Fibre Intake

An adequate amount of fiber foods can bring weight loss fast, especially in women with PCOS. The Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for fiber in the United States is around 25 grams daily for women.

However, American women only consume 15–16 grams of fiber daily. Another study mentioned that fiber intake is inversely proportional to insulin resistance, belly fat, and total body fat in PCOS women. However, it is not valid with average women.

Research performed on 57 women with PCOS reveals that plenty of fiber intake is directly connected with reducing weight. Hence, if you are suffering from PCOS and experiencing weight gain, then make sure to increase fibrous food by an average of 15 grams daily.

7. Rely on Healthy Fats

Including enough healthy fats in your meal gives you a feeling of fullness, fights severe symptoms of PCOS, and reduces weight. A low-fat diet (55% carbs, 18% protein, and 27% fat) was compared to a higher-fat diet (41% carbs, 19% protein, and 40% fat) in a trial over 30 women with PCOS.

In eight weeks, the higher-fat diet shed more fat than the lower-fat diet, decreasing lean body mass, including belly fat. Although they are high in calories, introducing unsaturated fats to meals can increase stomach volume and curb hunger.

It will eventually reduce your overall calorie intake for the day. Some unsaturated fats that can reduce weight fast in PCOS women include nut butter, olive oil, coconut butter, and avocado. In addition, coupling healthy fat with a protein source can further enhance the satisfying impacts of snacks and meals.

8. Regular Exercise

Exercise is an evergreen approach to losing weight, whether you are experiencing PCOS or not. But yes, PCOS women must exercise under the expert’s observation. In a 12-week research, 16 women with PCOS lost 2.3% body fat compared to 6.4% in the control group while engaging in 45–60 minutes of cardio three times per week.

Despite losing less fat than women without PCOS, the exercise program did help PCOS patients lose belly fat and improve their insulin sensitivity. In addition, weightlifting has also been demonstrated to benefit PCOS-afflicted ladies.

In one study, 45 PCOS-afflicted women lifted weights three times per week. In 4 months, they reduced testosterone and blood sugar levels, acquired lean body mass, and decreased belly fat. Hence, weight loss exercises and cardio help reduce weight and upgrade insulin sensitivity in PCOS women.

9. Never Skip Meals

Prolonged dieting may cause your metabolism to slow down. Even though fasting is likely to result in narrow weight loss, the body adjusts to this restriction over time by burning fewer calories overall, which can result in weight gain. Rather than restricting your calorie intake, eating whole foods and avoiding unhealthy intakes is better.

For instance, a study involving over 600 individuals revealed that increasing the consumption of whole fruits and vegetables while lowering the intake of added sugars, refined grains, and processed foods may assist promote weight loss without calorie restriction. Hence, never go on dieting. Instead, include whole, unprocessed foods that help in weight loss.

10. Go for Sufficient Sleep

Your sleep schedule plays a vital role in your health. Women with PCOS generally experience disturbance in their sleep, for instance, insomnia, plenty of daytime sleepiness issues, and sleep apnea.

Sometimes lack of sleep causes disturbs hormones that cause a feeling of hunger resulting in a heavier diet throughout the day and cause weight gain. Poor sleep schedules are directly associated with an increased rate of obesity or being overweight.

People who slept for fewer than 5 hours a night had a considerably higher likelihood of being fat, according to a study of 18 research.

The study also showed that a reduction in body mass index (BMI) of 0.35 kg per square meter was linked to each hour of more sleep each night. Furthermore, studies have connected fat loss with higher-quality sleep. Hence, women with PCOS should strictly focus on their sleeping time to maintain weight.

11. Stress Management

Stress is said to be a significant issue for weight gain. However, people who manage their stress can easily manage their weight. It is because your adrenal glands produce the hormone cortisol, which is released in response to stress. Therefore, weight gain and insulin resistance are connected to high cortisol levels.

Your likelihood of gaining belly fat rises as a consequence of ongoing stress. A dangerous loop results when abdominal fat causes inflammation and prompts your body to produce more cortisol.

These are the scientific facts that I am discussing to make you understand the ways that help you lose weight with PCOS. In addition, you can use techniques like yoga and meditation and spend some time with nature to reduce cortisol levels.

12. Proper Medications

It is a fact that yoga can cure any disease if done correctly and regularly. However, scientifically, you cannot cure PCOS, but you can reduce its symptoms through medications.

Medication frequently functions best when combined with other lifestyle modifications like regular exercise and a nutritious diet. Medication that is commonly administered includes:

  • Weight Management
  • Blood Sugar Medicines
  • Birth Control Pills

Hence, proper medicines followed by a practical lifestyle and intake can help PCOS women maintain weight.

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