How to Reduce Weight for Teens?


Suppose you are a youngster and want to reduce your weight as fast as possible. I have some guidelines for you below.

  • Determine Healthy and To-Do Goals

It is essential to reduce weight and stay healthy at every age. However, it is equally necessary to maintain realistic body weight as per your height and age. So, if you are a teenager and want to reduce weight, you must start eating a portion of healthy and balanced food.

However, on your track to reduce excessive body fat, which is highly important for teens, you should focus on improving your health, not only on weight loss. As a teenager, you have to set your daily goals, which implies that, apart from studies, you have to focus on physical exercises.

This schedule helps you diminish your body weight and keeps your mind fresh and active for your studies. In addition, eating healthy and leafy foods along with a proper exercise plan can help you reach your goal of losing weight fast.

The most important note for teenagers is: never stop eating food and stay on a diet, which most girls in their teenage do. Putting a halt on eating may lead to weakness which is why it is recommended to keep on the diet to be fit.

Hence, you can make a proper diet chart and follow it strictly.

  • Make Your Principles and Rely On It

There is a well-known idiom: “Early to Cot and Early to Rise.” Adopting this phrase in your lifestyle can also help you lose weight fast. For example, waking up early in the morning inbuilt enthusiasm and energy in your mind and triggers your body organs to work smoothly.

Sleeping and waking up on time make your body’s schedule perfect. Losing weight is not only a target but maintaining your fitness in your teenage is equally essential. A healthy diet and perfect daily routine followed by regular exercise can reduce your weight at ease.

Just make sure you follow your routine daily and permanently. Make this your habit and see the results. For example, some research states teenagers need at least 9 hours of sleep, which is more than adults.

Therefore, you should ensure you get enough sleep to keep your weight modest.

  • Limit Your Sweetened Drinks

Everyone loves to drink soda, cold drinks, juices, chocolate shakes, etc. However, you are unaware of how harmful and fatty these beverages are. These drinks are loaded with excessive sugars. Hence if you want to lose weight, avoid overconsumption of added sugars.

Experts in their report state that kids who consume a lot of added sugar may gain weight and have a higher chance of developing certain diseases like acne, fatty liver problems, cavities, and diabetes. It is also stated that teens inherit such habits from their parents or family members. Hence, the family also plays a vital role in helping their kids reduce their weight.

The research conducted by NDDI states that ideally, people should take less than 10% of their daily calories from added sugar. No need to leave such drinks at all, but you can prefer taking them once a week or once in two weeks. This schedule will also help you to improve your willpower.

  • Fill Your Day with Physical Activities

Engage yourself in daily physical activities. For instance, most of you ask your mothers to do things for you. It makes you lazy. You will automatically lose weight when you stop giving such orders and do your work yourself. 

More movement and less laziness can shed your weight instantly. Your muscular mass increases with increased physical activity, which helps your body burn extra calories. To keep physically fit, try to indulge in different sports activities.

You can also choose hobbies like hiking, walking, biking, yoga, running, playing cricket or badminton, dancing, and swimming to make yourself active. Being active helps you with proper blood circulation, which will hook up your mood and prevent you from getting depressed.

  • Adopt Regular Yoga Habits

To stay healthy, you should start doing yoga daily. As per the current lifestyle scenario, yoga and meditation are immensely important. In addition, it would be best if you did yoga asanas to avoid many diseases affecting your body.

Yoga is the best way to lose weight and is highly effective for all generations. Yoga offers excessive power to fight off physical and psychological changes in your body. It is the most robust approach to providing inner peace to your body.

You can try aerial yoga or a mixed workout instead of traditional yoga if you find it monotonous. However, being a teenager, you should attempt yoga asanas under an expert’s guidance.

  • Rely Mostly on Green Veggies

Vegetables are the combination of minerals, nutrients, Vitamins, and fibers that your body needs daily. These mixtures are essential to keep you healthy and allow you to reduce weight faster.

Research shows that eating vegetables can help adolescents achieve and control their weight.

Vegetables and fruit intake keeps your stomach full and offers proper satisfaction. Maintaining a constant appetite throughout the day reduces the likelihood of overeating.

Teenagers, in particular, need to ensure they obtain the necessary daily allowance of nutrients when trying to reduce weight. Failure to do so can have an impact on their development.

  • Never Skip Your Meal but Eat it in Portion

Teenagers frequently make the mistake of skipping meals in the hope of losing weight. However, this tendency compels individuals to consume more because they are already starving.

The study conducted by NCBI reveals that kids who skip a meal are more likely to be weighty than those who routinely eat it.

Other than this, if you wish to reduce your weight, you should eat your meal in portions. For example, despite eating a heavy meal at once, you should divide a single feed into two parts and have it in a gap of 2 hours.

  • Try to Make Small Goals First

In the excitement of losing weight, don’t make challenging goals difficult for you. Instead, try to make small and realistic targets with which you can quickly move for extended periods. Since making minor alterations in your routine can give you more possibilities.

During your teenage years, you have to focus on your studies too, so if you make a drastic change in your lifestyle, your studies will be affected. Hence, small changes can maintain your weight and daily chores as well.

  • Stay Hydrated

According to research cited by the Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation, 37% of humans mistakenly believe they are starving when they are genuinely dehydrated. However, people can prevent the illusion of being hungry by staying hydrated.

To make yourself psychologically satisfied with fullness, you should drink a glass of water beforehand eating your meal. Because 70% of your body is weight made of water, if you keep yourself hydrated enough, you will not feel like starving.

Hence you will eat less and gain less. Make a strict rule of drinking one glass of water after every hour. It will build your habit of drinking water regularly and keep yourself maintained.

  • Never Miss Your Breakfast in the morning

Morning Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That stimulates our body for a whole busy day. If you are skipping your breakfast daily, then you better don’t. Avoiding breakfast is also an important reason for obesity in teens.

Most teenagers avoid eating healthy breakfasts, and when they starve, they rely on fast food. It leads to weight fluctuation in their bodies. You should have your breakfast within 60 to 120 minutes of waking up.

A healthy and well-proportioned breakfast includes balanced fiber, protein, and healthy carbs. A healthy breakfast in the morning initiates your metabolism and helps you lose weight faster.

What Not To Do While On Track To Lose Your Weight

Not to try the below few things while trying to lose weight.

You should never use weight loss supplements or pills to reduce weight as there has been a trend of weight loss supplements and medications on social media these days.

It is advised not to rely on these supplements to lose weight fast. Weight loss supplements often contain ingredients that cause side effects to your body, like diarrhea, bloating, or dangerous health issues. You can take the help of home remedies to lose weight fast, but that is also under the observation of your mother or father.

Also, you should not say no to your favorite dishes as, being a teenager, you should enjoy your life and not restrict yourself from eating any of your favorite foods.

If you love to drink chocolate milk, go for it but make a schedule of drinking once in 15 days. Making all sweets prohibited will increase your desire for them. Making healthy decisions most of the time is essential for long-term success.

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