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kidney functionality, Diseases and treatment options

Kidney and its functions The humans have two kidneys located by the two sides of the spine just below the rib cage. The kidneys are small in size and shaped ...

Chronic kidney disease (CKD), diagnosis and treatment

The kidneys Every human body has two kidneys. Each kidney is of the size of a clenched fist weighing approximately 150 grams, shaped like beans. The kidneys ...

Can stem cell therapy cure chronic kidney disease?

Quite a sizable portion of the world population are affected by kidney diseases such as chronic kidney diseases or chronic kidney failure. The developed ...

Kidney diseases, its conventional treatments and latest path breaking scientific approaches

Importance of kidney   Kidney forms a vital organ of your urinary tract. In humans we have two kidneys located on two sides of the spine. Its job is to ...

Can testosterone therapy show signs of remissions in chronic kidney diseases?

What is CKD Our kidney is a vital organ which continuously and silently removes the wastes from the blood by filtering, the waste substances then are passed ...

Does testosterone have any role in Chronic Kidney Disease ( CKD ) or in the functioning of the kidney of men as well as women?

In order to find the association of testosterone with CKD, data has been taken from the Bi-directional Mendelian randomization study using the UK Biobank. ...

KidneyUrology Foundation Hiring Endocrinologist To Test The Behaviour Of Testosterone Levels on Kidney Effected Patients

Sometimes it is really hard for us when we are trying to search for a disease or the symptoms related to it over the internet, the reason being simple as there ...

Tips For Women To Gain Muscle At Home

History has proven that women, too, can lift the weight and look good while doing it. During the 1nineteeth century, bodybuilding women were popular in ...

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