5 Best Metabolism Booster Pills And Supplements To Boost And Burn The Extra Fat


Which are the supplements – What you want to know prior to their purchase.

For anyone not familiar with the biology of the human body, as the person grows older the metabolic rate is slowing down.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that the older we get the harder becomes to lose weight, while it is always easier to gain weight, as the body creates fat and stores it in the body.

However, this should not create any stress.

Nowadays, there are special all-natural nutritional supplements aiming at stimulating your metabolic rate at any age, even with no regular exercise.

This article presents a collection of the top five (5) metabolism boosters, based on your own reviews and experiences.

These are 100% natural weight loss pills that with their careful and specially selected composition aim at the “vigilance” of your metabolism and the burning of body fat.

There are many benefits of using a metabolism booster.

In addition to the obvious (weight loss from stored fat), it also offers a significant energy boost/fight against fatigue (physical, mental and spiritual)/mood improvement/boosting self-confidence/appetite suppression.

Currently, the market is full of weight loss supplements, nevertheless, not all of them capable of real benefits.

The choice of active ingredients, the dosages to which the ingredients are added, the cost, the manufacturer and the scientific support of a supplement, are factors determining its true value/effectiveness.

Our List of the top five (5) metabolism boosters

1) PhenQ The number one choice for everyone wishing to eliminate the extra kilos permanently.

2) PrimeShredTop bodybuilding and athlete selection

3) LeanΒean Effective weight loss for women only

4) Instant Knockout CutTop metabolism booster for 24 Hour fat burning

5) PhenGold Combination of metabolism booster and appetite suppressor

The top five (5) weight loss supplements and their action

1) PhenQ


The number one choice for everyone wishing to eliminate the extra kilos permanently


  • Contains a large number of calorific components enhancing the metabolic function to the maximum.
  • Increases fat burning, even from the most stubborn parts of the body.
  • Strengthens the body energetically so that it does not feel exhausted.
  • Effectively suppresses appetite with Nopal cactus.
  • Supported by a variety of scientific research.
  • Balances blood sugar levels.
  • It is ideal for people who exercise.
  • Promotes muscle reconstruction in the body.
  • Prevents the formation of new fat cells.


  • Contains caffeine and may (for some people) cause side effects (sleep disorders, nervousness, headaches, nausea).
  • It is not the cheapest supplement (however, neither the most expensive).

Why choose Phenq

  • PhenQ is currently the best metabolism booster (non-prescription, with 100% natural composition) worldwide.
  • It is aimed at men and women, and with various mechanisms of action supported by strong natural (clinically tested) ingredients assisting in the achievement of permanent weight loss, even from the most stubborn fat stores in the body.
  • The PhenQ supplement – according to its users – works for most people, providing visible physical benefits.
  • In the PhenQ’s formula, you find many ingredients, each with its own unique reason for existence.

Visit Phenq Official website for more Ingredients and Working!

α-Lacys Reset, Capsimax (a mixture of active thermogenic ingredients: caffeine, piperine, vitamin B3 and capsaicin), picolinate chromium, nopal cactus and L-carnitine are all-natural ingredients promoting enhanced metabolic function and ultimately weight loss.

The patented ingredient α-Lacys Reset is a blend made from alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine promoting fat burning and weight loss.

The alpha-lipoic acid – according to scientific data – affects body weight and BMI, while helping to significantly reduce waist circumference (a reduction that can reach up to two (2) cm).

In addition, capsaicin is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory ingredient increasing fat burning and promoting its conversion into valuable energy.

L-carnitine in turn enhances the fat burning process, transporting fatty acids to the mitochondria.

Caffeine is a known stimulant natural ingredient to help you stay active and fully functional throughout the day, from morning to work until late at night in your workouts.

Enhances metabolic function and intensifies the fat burning taking place in the body throughout the day.

In addition, it helps to prevent the recovery of lost weight effectively, thus helping you not only to gain the ideal weight, but also to maintain it.

Chromium picolinate helps to control blood sugar and fight cravings.

Vitamin B3 promotes the production of beneficial energy and fights the feeling of exhaustion so that you do not feel overwhelmed by weight loss.

Finally, we should not miss mentioning the Nopal cactus.

It’s one of the key ingredients in a PhenQ supplement, as it creates a feeling of satiety so you have a complete control over your appetite and therefore your meals (and of the calories consumed daily).

It also controls blood glucose levels and soothes cravings for unhealthy snacks.

Who should avoid PhenQ?

  • People who are sensitive to caffeine (or stimulants in general) may experience side effects from using PhenQ due to caffeine contained.
  • At PhenQ, you find caffeine both in the Capsimax blend and as a standalone ingredient.
  • In addition, people taking antihypertensive drugs should avoid using PhenQ, as they may have a cumulative effect on chromium.

PhenQ – Summary

PhenQ is undoubtedly one of the best metabolism boosters on the market and one of the most effective weight loss supplements (for men and women).

Its clinically tested ingredients aim at weight loss in five (5) different ways: metabolic boost – fat burning – appetite suppression – energy stimulation – mood improvement.


2. PrimeShred – Top bodybuilding athlete selection


  • Boosts metabolism and activates the burning of body fat.
  • Charges the body with energy.
  • Reduces stored fat in the liver (with the niacin contained).
  • Promotes muscle stimulation.
  • Protects muscle tissue from damage.
  • Suppresses appetite and helps control weight.


  • Contains a high dose of caffeine (225 mg per daily dose).
  • Contains tyrosine that may react with other medicines. (Consult your doctor before administration).

Why select It

PrimeShred is a supplement ideal for men and women exercising regularly and wishing to achieve a perfect and flawless body, without a trace of fat.

It is also an ideal choice for people suffering from fatty liver disease or those prone to develop the disease.

Active ingredients (all of natural origin and excellent quality) such as niacin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 enhance metabolic function and fat burning, even in vital organs (such as the liver).

Nevertheless, PrimeShred is not just another booster of metabolic function; instead, it fights thickness in many different ways to achieve maximum benefits for the user.

With ingredients such as green tea extract, capsaicin, green coffee extract, but also many other powerful caloric fat burning ingredients, it promotes appetite suppression/energy boosting/improvement of psychology/increase of motivation/muscle rebuilding.

According to a scientific study on vitamin B6 in relation to weight loss, it turns out that it can reduce liver fat from eighteen point three per cent (18.8%) to sixteen point seven per cent (16.7%), (even if it is not visible on the scales in an overall weight loss).

Vitamin B12 – in addition to many antioxidants & anti-ageing benefits – promotes good mood, calmness and positive psychology to motivate you to achieve your goal.

Who should avoid the use of PrimeShred

This supplement also contains high levels of caffeine to help stimulate the organism and its optimal athletic performance this is why it is advisable to be avoided by people with caffeine sensitivity.

Furthermore, as already mentioned – due to the tyrosine contained in the ingredients of PrimeShred, special care is recommended by people who take medication.

PrimeShred – Summary

PrimeShred is a supplement for “champions”, a very powerful supplement offering professional action and extreme fat burning and body drying.


3. LeanΒean – Effective weight loss for women only


  • Eliminates (more effectively than most supplements) appetite and controls cravings.
  • Contains a high amount of glucomannan creating a strong feeling of satiety and satisfaction.
  • It is specially designed only for women wishing to lose extra kilos.
  • Helps control hormones leading to increased body fat deposition.
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Works as a powerful metabolic function booster, even if you do not exercise regularly.
  • It is ideal for women with an appetite control problem.


  • May interact with medication. Inform your doctor.

Why select it

LeanBean is the best eight-loss supplement for women.

Especially for women and ONLY for women, struggling to lose weight and trying to balance their hormones and the deposition of fat in their body.

For women who cannot control their appetite entering a healthy diet.

For women who feel weak and without energy whenever they try to start a diet.

For all the women feeling that a diet is a lost cause from the beginning, having no motivation and confidence.

LeanBean is designed to match the way a woman’s body works.

The way women’s brain responds to food, but mainly the way it metabolizes it.

The main ingredient in LeanBean is glucomannan, an indigestible carbohydrate absorbing water and swelling (multiplying its volume), so occupying most of the stomach and creating a feeling of satiety, preventing the consumption of unnecessary calories to be stored in the body as fat.

With a quantity of three (3) grams of glucomannan per daily dose, LeanBean is undoubtedly one of the most powerful appetite suppressant supplements found in the market, especially for women.

At this point let’s note that three (3) grams of glucomannan is a quantity recommended by European Union (EU) health regulators for an effective weight loss supplement, is the maximum safe amount for effective weight loss!

Another reason to select a weight loss supplement like LeanBean with such an enhanced amount of glucomannan is the important prebiotic properties offered to the organism.

It feeds and nourishes the beneficial species of gastrointestinal bacteria that regulate the balance of the immune system, the production of neurotransmitters and the metabolic rate of the organism.

However, why is this so important? Let’s see below.

Improved balance and healthy functioning of neurotransmitters can relieve stress and hence the cravings creating problems to most women.


Who should avoid the use of LeanBean

Women taking the Narrow Therapy Index (NTI) should avoid LeanBean supplementation because of its high glucomannan content.

The film glucomannan forms on the stomach as well as on the walls of the intestinal tract can reduce the absorption of the medicine administered and charge your health.

LeanBean – Summary

LeanBean contains ingredients specially selected to work effectively for the increased needs of the female body.

They effectively promote the regulation of appetite, the suppression of cravings and the strengthening of the motivation leading you to success.

4. Instant Knockout Cut – Top metabolism booster for 24-hour fat burning


  • Contains a very strong dose of thermogenic ingredients for maximum fat burning.
  • Accelerates the metabolism to the maximum.
  • With the glucomannan contained, it effectively controls the appetite and the cravings.
  • It is a favorite supplement of men wishing to achieve the perfect cut.
  • Contains zinc that enhances men’s health.
  • Promotes the protection and prevents damage of muscle tissue with the piperine contained.
  • With vitamins of the B vitamin complex supports the health of neurotransmitters.


  • It is preferred mainly by men (and not by women) due to its very strong formula ingredients.
  • High doses of glucomannan may reduce the absorption of your medication (in case of medication administration).

Why select it

Instant Knockout Cut is one of the most powerful fat burners for men who follow regular exercise, aiming to dry the body from excess fat and rebuild lean muscle mass, assuring that the muscle mass will be maintained and will not have damage and losses.

Instant Knockout Cut relies on two (2) very powerful action mechanisms to beat the fat:

– appetite control

– and increased fat oxidation

Looking for reasons to select Instant Knockout Cut?

Let me help you out

  • L-theanine provides on the one hand a sedative effect and on the other a strong stimulating action, mobilizing the metabolic function and enhancing the fat burning.
  • B vitamins (vitamins B6 and B12) enhance the production of neurotransmitters. This is very important as neurotransmitters regulate mood, control stress levels and help you gain control of your appetite and the foods consumed|in quantity and quality.
  • With the Instant Knockout Cut also preventing the accumulation of body fat and increasing the rate at which your body burns fat, you achieve much faster and more visible results on the scales.
  • Capsaicin and black pepper naturally help effectively in this. Their strong caloric action enhances metabolic function and puts “fire” in body fat, increasing the burning of glucose and fat for energy, while enhancing insulin sensitivity and offering strong anti-inflammatory benefits to the body.
  • Laboratory studies show that piperine increases carbohydrate and fat metabolism and promotes effective weight loss from stored fat. At the same time, it enhances the production of antioxidants and offers anti-ageing action.

Who should avoid the use of Instant Knockout Cut

Here – in the case of Instant Knockout Cut – as with LeanBean, due to the large amount of glucomannan contained, people taking NTI drugs, as it may reduce their absorption by the organism (and therefore their effectiveness), do not recommend it for use.

Instant Knockout Cut – Summary

Instant Knockout Cut is aimed at both men and women wishing to have extreme results of fat burning and body drying.

This is why it is mainly preferred by men and to a lesser extent by women, as it contains a very strong and dynamic formula of ingredients assisting you loses weight.

Ideally, the supplement is used in combination with regular physical exercise for maximum benefits.

It is a favorite supplement of bodybuilders as it ensures a perfect cut, without affecting your muscles as a collateral loss.

This is why the strong protective/antioxidant ingredient of the supplement – piperine – takes care of that, giving an extra boost to your effort, preventing muscle damage.


5. PhenGold – Combination of metabolism booster and appetite suppressor delivering results


  • With strong natural ingredients (such as caffeine, green tea & green coffee) enhances metabolic function 24 hours a day (even during sleep).
  • With the ingredient Rhodiola, it strengthens motivation and boosts self-confidence, so you feel more focused on your goal.
  • Charges your body with energy so you never feel exhausted or tired during the day (from morning to night).
  • Provides support of thyroid hormones with an ideal amount of tyrosine.


  • May have a cumulative effect with thyroxine. In some cases, it can even make the severity of an overactive thyroid worse

Why select it

PhenGold is the ideal supplement for weight loss and “reactivation” of a dormant metabolism, especially for those finding it difficult to get into a program and adopt a healthier lifestyle (exercise/diet/sleep).

With a very large (250 mg) amount of Rhodiola extract, the PhenGold supplement dramatically increases the production of dopamine and enhances the mood, motivation, psychology and self-confidence of the user.

Then, tyrosine – an important amino acid, plays a catalytic role for thyroid hormones (which in turn play a catalytic role for metabolic function) and for the hormones dopamine and adrenaline.

It is worth mentioning that the hormone dopamine enhances motivation by greatly increasing the level of effort intended to apply for achieving the goal set.

In addition, it then provides a sense of satisfaction and reward for the results achieved, while it increases self-confidence.

Therefore, it also acts as a deterrent to the desire for sugar and unhealthy snacks, while suppressing the tendency to overeat with psychogenic motives (the so-called rewards and emotional satisfaction meals).

Finally, the green coffee extract found in the fortified ingredients formula of the 100% natural weight loss supplement PhenGold, adds extra benefits to the already significant benefits of caffeine and L-theanine.

The strong fat-burning action of PhenGold ingredients can reduce the amount of adipose tissue in the liver and significantly improve the health of the user.

In addition, green coffee bean extract prevents the increase of body fat by inhibiting the function of fat cells.

In other words, it promotes permanent weight loss and a healthy and stable body weight (with no fluctuations) and improves insulin sensitivity and general liver function.

Who should avoid the use of PhenGold

PhenGold – as mentioned above – contains an ingredient called tyrosine. On the one hand this ingredient offers significant benefits (boosting the production of your thyroid hormones and dopamine), but on the other hand, it can have a cumulative effect with a thyroid drug and increase excessively (and to a dangerous degree) the thyroid hormone or dopamine levels.

Therefore, if you have hypothyroidism or take Adderall, it is best to avoid supplements containing the tyrosine ingredient such as PhenGold.


PhenGold – Summary

PhenGold is an innovative weight loss supplement aiming at activating and speeding up metabolic function with a range of natural premium ingredients boosting energy, promoting the production of dopamine and adrenaline, while helping you burn excess fat (not just fat in various spots of the body.

Not only those covering the muscles, but also the points surrounding your vital organs and located inside your liver).

The use of the supplement is strongly contraindicated if you suffer from thyroid disease and receive relevant treatment.

Market guide for top metabolism boosters

Several factors led us to make this list of the top five (5) metabolism boosters.

We clearly put emphasis on your own reviews (reviews of users of these supplements), also targeting a number of other important factors, such as high-quality ingredients to boost metabolic function (according to scientific data, rather than speculation).

Nevertheless, let’s see in detail these factors contributing to the choice of our top five (5) and you should take seriously into account for your own future choices of nutritional supplements.


An effective supplement to achieve real weight loss benefits should include top-quality ingredients.

In the case of non-prescription weight loss pills, we refer to one hundred per cent (100%) natural ingredients, of excellent quality, being selected based on scientific data.

Each ingredient should be able to deliver real benefits on its own and synergistically with the other ingredients in the mix.

Properly studied dosages are required to do this.

Dosages, which offer benefits, but no side effects.

Clinical Trials in Humans

It is important that a supplement has passed the clinical trial stage.

In this way, its effective ability is ensured, while at the same time its “misuse” is prevented with many unpleasant side effects.

However, it is much more important that these clinical trials be performed on humans and not on animals.

The reason is simple.

A human clinical trial can be clearer, more accurate and reliable for the action (positive and negative) of a product.

Benefits: Advertised vs. real ones

Every company can make endless promises in order to advertise and eventually sell its product.

However, how many of these promises are fulfilled in reality?

It is therefore very important that a supplement be able to fulfil the promises made in its ads.

People want results, not just promises.

Side effects

If you wanted a product with endless side effects, you would have selected a chemical fat burner and not a natural nutritional supplement.

It is therefore very important that the ingredients of such a supplement are all-natural and of excellent quality.

It is also important that they be given in the appropriate (scientifically permissible) dosages so they work without, however, a risk to the organism and its proper functioning.

A good company should report any possible side effects of its product to protect users.

Web page

A website is everything for an advertised product.

The website of a top slimming nutrition supplement should be up to date, detailed and with real meaning and message.

No need for false information, exaggerations and fanfares, but real information about the product, in a useful and clear way.

User Reviews

Positive user reviews are the best confirmation that a product is effective.

From the reviews posted by the various users, you can have a clearer view of the supplement, as it really is and not as advertised.

Money and security

Nobody wants to “throw” money in the trash.

Therefore, when you buy a nutritional supplement you expect it to deliver everything promised.

The purchase price, therefore, determines to some extent whether this product is affordable to potential users.

Large companies are even used to offering affordable shopping packages, promotions or discount coupons to facilitate the purchase by their customers.

The leading companies also offer a money-back guarantee to offer their customers a sense of security and safety for the purchase to make.

Metabolism – what it is

Metabolism is a natural organic function, involving almost all of the organism’s natural processes, despite the fact that most of us (mistakenly) think that it only deals with those functions involved in the conversion of food into energy.

Therefore, let’s clarify a few things.

Metabolism is a term that actually includes all the chemical reactions taking place in our organism.

These chemical reactions are what secure our own lives, determining the function of the organism and keep it functional.

Nevertheless, the word “metabolism” is often used to describe “metabolic rate”, not being the same.

“Metabolism” means all the chemical reactions ensuring life in the organism, while by the term “metabolic rate” we refer to the number of calories burnt on a daily basis.

The higher the metabolic rate, the more calories we burn, so the easier it is to lose weight.

Conversely, the lower the metabolic rate, the fewer calories we burn, so the harder it is to lose weight.

The basic metabolic rate is the calories that each organism needs for its functions at rest.

This rate varies among persons and is determined by a large number of factors.

The basal metabolic rate is about sixty (60) to sixty-five per cent (65%) of an organism’s total energy expenditure in a twenty-four (24) hour period.

Gender, age, general health, physique, and even various genetic factors affect our metabolic rate.

A “dormant” metabolism means easy weight gain and extremely difficult weight loss.

Metabolism boosters – Conclusion on their usefulness

As it is easily understood, metabolism usually refers to the calories needed by our organism, i.e. the energy balance between the food consumed and that burnt daily in our lives.

This equation also determines our final body weight.

However, the diet plays a decisive role in whether and how functional our metabolism is taking into account all nutrients, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, fiber and phytochemicals.

In other words, we are talking – not only about the number of calories consumed daily – but also about the quality of those calories.

The lack of only one vitamin important for the organism could actively affect the metabolism and slow it down by up to thirty per cent (30%).

Therefore, a top metabolism booster (non-prescription) contains a number of natural ingredients promoting weight loss, while at the same time enhancing its natural metabolic function (boosting its overall health) to deliver all its biochemical processes to the optimal degree.

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