LGD 4033 Review: Ingredients, Health Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects And More

lgd 4033 review

Many of us wish to have a lean and fit body. There are also many others who wish to have a muscular and heavy body. In order to achieve the bulky and muscular body, bodybuilding enthusiasts go on various diet regimens, and intense workout sessions.

In addition to that, they also supplement their diet with elements such as protein and other supplements that may help them achieve the results quicker.

In many cases, bodybuilding enthusiasts take up the popular muscle building supplement that is Ligandrol. Although there isn’t scientific evidence to prove anything Ligandrol has been used to enhance athletic performance, to increase energy output and accelerate the development of muscles etc.

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About Ligandrol :

It is basically used by athletes and bodybuilders to increase their muscle mass at a quicker pace.  Ligandrol is a chemical element that can be classified as a selective androgen receptor modulator or SARM.

 SARMs have been under keen attention of late from bodybuilding enthusiasts and also from the medical and scientific community. It has been under experiments to determine if it can be used to get rid of muscle wasting and bone diseases.

It is widely believed by bodybuilders and by other people, that SARMs are safer in comparison to steroids. However, there is no conclusive evidence to prove this.

In the manner of the typical functioning of SARMs, Ligandrol binds itself to androgen receptors in the bones and muscles selectively. This is also one of the reasons why scientists speculate that Ligandrol should not adversely affect organs such as the liver, prostrate and sebaceous glands, or lead to the decrease in production of natural testosterone.

Additionally, it shouldn’t be converted to estrogen because it is non steroidal. However, all of these are speculative in nature and they do not have scientific or clinical evidence backing them. Customers have also noted that it is more beneficial than MK 2866, which is another SARM.

It is used by bodybuilders for four particular reasons including getting rid of stubborn fat, developing muscles, retaining lean mass whilst cutting.

This dietary supplement is also used against a process called muscle wasting. It also does not have an aromatising component which makes it possible for muscles to not retain any water. Since it is a SARM it works only on a particular location and therefore does not interfere with other organs.

While there can be some benefits of SARMs especially for bodybuilders and while it can show you quick results without the dangerous side effects of anabolic steroids, SARMs also have a few drawbacks that make them less than ideal.

Cons and Side effects of Ligandrol

  • If you increase the dosage of Ligandrol without consulting your physician then you may experience side effects of headaches and nausea.
  •  It can also cause exhaustion and lethargy in your body.
  • If your body does not produce sufficient testosterone naturally Ligandrol may lead to testosterone suppression.
  • It has also been banned in professional sports.
  • The FDA does not approve it and has claimed that it can potentially lead to liver toxicity, increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and adverse effects on blood lipid levels.
  •  The research on Ligandrol 4033 is not sufficient by any means and there are no conclusive studies on it.
  • There’s also not enough evidence or data to determine what side effects it may cause; the long term effects of Ligandrol 4033 are yet to be determined.

For all these reasons, it seems wise to hunt for alternatives to Ligandrol (LGD-4033). After our research we have come up with:

Ligan 4033 by CrazyBulk

Like other SARM alternatives, Ligan 4033 is constituted only of natural substances that work to stimulate testosterone production in your body in a safe manner. This is usually done by bodybuilders through artificial steroids. However, steroids are neither legally available without a prescription, nor are safe to use. Therefore the all natural alternative to steroids such as Ligan 4033 is booming.

Ligan 4033 therefore is an alternative to Ligandrol LGD 4033 which would reduce muscle wasting risk of osteoporosis but also promote muscle growth. However, the latter is only sold on the black market and can be risky.

Ingredients of Ligan 4033

There are six ingredients that make up this composition. They include:

  • Vitamin D3 (5 mg) –  It helps in the production of hormones such as testosterone, and ensures good heart health and immunity, among others. Vitamin D deficiency leads to a reduction in testosterone levels in the and hence this ingredient is crucial for enhancing testosterone levels.
  • VitaCholine (1000 mg) –  VitaCholine is an improved form of the crucial vitamin choline, and it helps with production of energy, both physical and mental. It also increases your productivity and stamina in the brain and the body. Vitacholine also helps in proper organ functioning, thereby improving your overall health.
  • Beetroot extract 10:1 (1600 mg) – Beetroot contains inorganic nitrates, which increase the production of nitric oxide in your body and thus help you to do more intense workouts in the gym. The 1600 mg of beetroot extract makes up for 400 mg of beetroot.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (150 mg) – Caffeine is used as a stimulant which produces energy and helps you focus on your exercises. It is very stimulating and it does lead to an increase in the body’s metabolism.
  • Schisandra (10:1) (150 mg) –  Schisandra extract is present in Ligan-4033 in a 10:1 ration, that is 150mg of Schisandra in only 15 mg of Ligan-4033. This is a herbal extract that helps with recovery, fat burning and muscle mass.
  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (800 mg) – This helps in muscle recovery meaning that it will help you work for extended periods of time and subsequently, repair your muscles and your joints quickly so that you can achieve less painful and more enhanced results. Methyl Sulfonyl Methane plays a crucial role in the helping you quickly recover from a workout.

 Ligan 4033 ensures that the damage that you cause to your muscles and your joints while doing extra intense exercises is repaired. It reduces the inflammation caused during stress and oxidative stress caused by exercise makes your workouts more effective and better.

Benefits of Ligan 4033

  • Ligan 4033 mimics the effects of its chemical compatriot, however, without the side effects.
  • It is a safe alternative for people who are health conscious, and who wish to increase their muscle growth. It isn’t particularly important for people who wish to increase their durability and make sure that they don’t suffer from painful workout sessions.
  •  It also simultaneously speeds up the fat burning capacity of your body which is how you obtain lean muscle.
  • It helps increase testosterone levels and also improves athletic strength and stamina.
  • It helps build muscular strength and also helps recover from exercise fatigue.

Cons of Ligan 4033

  • It is an experimental medication and hence needs to be consumed with caution.
  • A post cycle therapy (PCT) might be required for this supplement.

  How does Ligan 4033 work?

  • Long sessions of workout causes muscle damaging, which in turn leads to an inflammatory reaction. Taking Ligann 4033 helps in speeding up the recovery process by reducing inflammation and the oxidative stress caused by exercise
  • One of the ingredients of Ligan 4033 is beetroot extracts, which are known to be one of the best known booster sources of nitric oxide
  • Vitacholine has been clinically proven to assist with lipid metabolism, a process which involves undesirable fat burning, along with a supplementing of energy to the body throughout the day
  • Caffience and beetroot extract are both known to enhance performance, (caffiene bring a popular pre-workout) and hence Ligan 4033 also plays the role of  a pre-workout supplement and a testosterone booster.

  Pricing and Guarantee

Ligan 4033 is available to buy on the mnanufacturer, CrazyBulk’s official website. The product is available in different packagings and prices:

All of these products have free shipping included. CrazuBulk also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all purchases made on the comoany’s website, regardless of what package you choose.

Ligan (LGD) 4033 Dosage :

  • It is recommended that you use Ligan (LGD) 4033 for about two to three months to notice an improvement in your vitality and mood as well as your ability to concentrate and your body’s ability to grow lean muscle mass.
  • You’re supposed to take it 20 minutes prior to breakfast.
  •  The recommended dosage is four capsules Ligan 4033 alongside a glass of water.
  •  It is generally recommended that you start with the 5 mg dose, and if you’re able to tolerate it, then progressively increase the amount until you reach 10 mg per day.

Ligan 4033 Side effects :

 Ligan 4033 is a legal and safer alternative to its steroid alternative. If anabolic steroid hormones could lead to side effects such as liver damage, enlarged prostate, and baldness etc, Ligan 4033 shows no side effects. However, one must keep in mind that this is an experimental medication and that there are no conclusive studies to demonstrate its efficacy.


The fitness market is flooded with steroids and supplements which are harmful for the body and have many side effects. In light of that, Ligan 4033 gives the consumers a perfect alternative, not only with regards to its effectiveness but also that it is a much safer product to consume. Ligan 4033 leads to an improved muscle growth and strengthening in just a few weeks of consumption.

While it is always recommended to consult your doctor before taking any of these supplements, Ligan 4033 is a safe antibiotic for enhancing muscle strength and increasing the levels of testosterone in your body.

LigaBulk by Brutal Force :

Buy Liga Bulk From Official Website At Lowest Price

Brutal force has become one of the most trustworthy manufacturers of bodybuilding supplements that are neither anabolic steroids nor synthetic SARMs, but made up of entirely natural and safe ingredients meant for bulking, cutting, and building strength. Their Supplements offer the same benefits that steroids and SARMs do but with entirely natural ingredients.

All of the ingredients in LigaBulk by Brutal Force are recognised by the FDA as safe and they do not get disqualified from sports. It is a legal alternative to Ligandrol and claims to help bodybuilders gain strength and bulk quickly.

 Ingredients in LigaBulk by Brute Force :

LigaBulk is made up of ingredients that encourage the growth of muscles and improve testosterone levels to give you a certain kind of body result.

  •  Methylsulfonylmethane: This plant based chemical is more often than not produced in a lab. However, it is found naturally in many living things, including plants, animals and humans. The purpose of the ingredient is to encourage and accelerate the repair in muscle injuries and promote its growth.

It is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties and has been used to relieve Joint Pain historically. MSM is also known for its antioxidant qualities and it is used by several people after exercises, as it boosts immunity and protects them against various illnesses.

  • Vitamin D3, or calcium iodide: Vitamin D3 is one of the most important ingredients required by our body. It is necessary not just for bone health and bone muscles, but primarily is important for the production of testosterone. Vitamin D is also one of the ingredients that most people are deficient in.

Although it is a naturally occurring substance in our body, many people do not get enough vitamin D because they do not get enough sun exposure. Vitamin D3 thus is an important ingredient here as an increased production and testosterone would mean increased ability to burn fat effectively.

  • L-leucine:It helps in the synthesis of protein and hence provides strength.
  • Powdered Summa Root: Used primarily for its anti-inflammatory properties, Suma root has also been known to help sex hormone levels. In a study conducted on mice, it was observed that it may boost your testosterone levels and an increase in testosterone levels will not only help you be more energetic but also enrich your sexual health.
  • Powdered Ashwagandha root: Ashwagandha is used in this supplement to assist in building lean muscle mass and also in lowering blood pressure. According to studies Ashwagandha has been known to assist in enhancing muscle strength, preventing muscle damage, reducing excess fat and enhancing testosterone levels.

However, these benefits have been observed in about 500 to 600 mg of ashwagandha per day when D-Bal contains about only 200 mg of it.

  • Hyaluronate: which is also known as hyaluronic acid basically works in the manner of a natural fluid that surrounds the various joints in one’s body. It is mainly helpful in reducing muscle cramps and muscle pain after vigorous exercises and workouts.

In a study conducted over a period of 12 months, it was observed that hyaluronic acid improved the quality of life in patients who suffer from osteoarthritis.

LigaBulk benefits :

 The all natural ingredients with which Ligabulk is made promises users the body that they desire. These ingredients have several advantages for the body without the negative side effects of chemical compounds found in SARMs.

  • Lean Muscle muscle growth. LigaBulk is an effective way to increase lean muscle mass in your body. It has been used by bodybuilding professionals as an important dietary supplement to gain weight in the right places without increasing the fat percentage in the body.
  •   Enhanced endurance and stamina. If you feel weak post workout sessions and are looking to enhance your stamina and strength LigaBulk is an effective way to do it. It hurts bodybuilders to ensure that they do not reach a point of staleness in their training.

They are able to break through the plateaus in the supplement that can help them lift more, train harder without having to worry about injuries. As the product helps in repairing muscle injuries at an accelerated pace, which leads you to work for longer hours and gain better muscle growth.

  •  helps in fat loss. The ability to lose fat while simultaneously maintaining muscle mass is a difficult task. But LigaBulk helps achieve precisely this; it helps your body burn fat easily without allowing the catabolic agents in the body to break down proteins. This can simultaneously also improve your mood and energy levels.
  • improvement in mental health. It has long been known that forming exercises and working out helps in improving your mental health. However, studies have lately concluded that bodybuilding in particular is related to increased serotonin levels.

Who should use LigaBulk?

 LigaBulk is a great choice for people who are looking to bulk up their bodies. This can range from bodybuilders to athletes. It is a great alternative to both anabolic steroids and SARMs.

 Side effects of LigaBulk :

 Since LigaBulk is composed of entirely natural substances, there have been no documented side effects yet. its ingredients are FDA approved, entirely safe and natural. Before taking any supplements, athletes should consult their trainer and doctor. It is also important that everyone that users use the product at their own discretion after investigating the list of ingredients and determining whether or not they’re allergic to anything.

LigaBulk dosage :

LigaBulk is a dietary supplement that is supposed to help you achieve the body that you desire. However, it is not meant to be consumed on its own but works alongside a good exercise programme and diet that is suitable to the workout regimen. The Capsules are supposed to be consumed with water.

The users are supposed to take three capsules 20 minutes before the first meal of the day. The capsules are to be taken on days that they’re working out and also on days that are non workout days. In order to see optimal results, users are recommended to use the capsules for about two months at a minimum.

Where can I buy LigaBulk?

LigaBulk can be purchased from its website Only. the manufacturers do not sell their products in stores and do not distribute it by any other means. Users can check out the website of Brutal Force to look for any information.

 Is there a money back guarantee?

 Brutal Force, the manufacturer of LigaBulk, offers a 100% money back guarantee that is valid for up to 100 days. If the user claims to not be entirely satisfied with LigaBulk, they can return unused and unopened bags within 100 days of receiving the order and they will receive 100% refund of the product price without the shipping charges.

However, this offer does not apply to opened bottles and to one bottle orders. Users can apply for money back for the money back guarantee by contacting the customer service team of brutal force.

 What does it cost?

 One bottle of LigaBulk by  Brutal Force costs about $59.99. It contains 90 capsules. The website offers a discount on the purchase of three bottles of Ligabulk where buying three bottles would cost a total of $119.98 only. In addition to free shipping on this purchase you will also get a free bulking and cutting with your course.

LigaBulk Review

 LigaBulk is one of the most popular high quality supplements that can work as a good alternative for both anabolic steroids and SARMs. While it is a little pricey, its price is comparable to other companies offering similar products.

One limitation of the product is that there hasn’t been any conclusive research or clinical study on the product itself determining its efficacy. It has only been tested on individual ingredients. Therefore, results can’t be promised. However, it does seem very promising based on the reviews.

The website displays that the product has received four and a half stars based on 211 user responses. It seems to be a good supplement for those who are looking to enhance their energy, muscle growth and improve their muscle recovery without having to resort to science. There are discount offers if you buy a larger order and they also offer a money back guarantee.

FAQs :

What does Ligandrol  LGD 4033 do?

LGD 4033 was created by Ligand pharmaceuticals to serve the therapeutic purpose in dealing with osteoporosis and other bone dissolving conditions. Its function is to recreate the performance of the anabolic hormone called testosterone so that it can help combat the deterioration of muscles and bones that one experiences in medical conditions, such as osteoporosis and muscle wasting.

What does LGD 4033 do to your body?

 LGD 4033 has shown some significant and promising results from the research conducted so far. Although the research is non exhaustive and not conclusive, anecdotal reviews have reported that Ligandrol 4033 helps you in building lean muscle mass in a shorter duration of time.
It also helps you in the recovery and healing of your muscles and bones and it also has the ability to reduce fat in your body. It primarily works on your muscles and bones and makes sure that they are enhanced in strength and capacity.

Does Ligandrol 4033 increase testosterone?

Ligandrol 4033 has been known to cause a slight decrease in the production of testosterone and other hormones. However, this depends on the person and may not be significant.

 Does LGD 4033 cause liver damage?

 The manufacturers recommend a particular dosage of LGD 4033 for a certain duration of time. If you exceed it, you may experience certain adverse side effects. However they do posit that if you take Ligandrol 4033 within the recommended doses, you will not experience any damage to your organs, including your liver. However, prolonged usage can cause adverse effects.

Is LGD 4033 Good for bulking?

 LGD 4033 Or Ligandrol is widely used by bodybuilders of all stripes in the process of bulking and cutting to to enhance their muscles and gain lean muscle mass. It is a SARM that binds to certain androgen receptors with high affinity thus making it suitable as a muscle building agent. However it is also illegal for athletes.

How effective is LGD- 4033?

Upon usage, the Ligan 4033 turned out to be a safe supplement. Apart from having a favourable pharmacokinetic profile, it also ended up increasing body mass in a short time, without altering the prostate-specific antigen. To have a more comprehensive idea on the efficacy and health outcomes of Ligan 4033, there’s a need to conduct longer and more detailed randomised trials.

What is the safest SARM?

We are generally cautious about attaching a word like ‘safe’ with SARMs, given how little testing has been done on humans with that product. In that scenario, Ligan 4033 from Ligand Pharmaceuticals is probably the safest option available, due to the several testing studies that have been conducted on the product’s effect on humans. However there are plenty of side effects 

How effective is Ligan 4033 for Bodybuilding?

Ligan 4033 is an effective and safe supplement as it has been designed to provide your body with all the benefits that steroids have, while at the same time have no harmful effects of steroids. Ligan 4033 pushes the natural rate of your body’s muscle growth, assists in the achieving of lean muscles, increases your durability and strength, and is a perfect training partner.
It not only has the property of enhancing muscle growth, but at the same time also takes part in the burning of fat, which in turn is essential if one has to build lean muscle, Logan 4033 has been praised by many users as being helpful for their fitness growth, and in speeding up muscle growth.

How long does it take to see results with Ligan 4033?

After a continuous consumption of Ligan 4033 for two weeks, you can notice changes in the body. It doesn’t alter with your prostate-specific antigen and leads to an improved body muscle mass in a short span of time.

What does Ligan 4033 do?

Ligan 4033 works just like other SARMs, where it binds to androgen receptors and activates them in bone and muscle tissue. Androgen anf hormones are also important in the male sexual development, and hence the benefits of it are enjoyed by athletes and people interested in gaining mass.
The presence of androgen receptors help increase the efficiency of anabolic activity, and helps in the strengthening of muscles and bones.

What is the refund policy for Ligan 4033?

Keeping in mind that consumers might not experience the same level of satisfaction that the company promises, CrazyBulk provides a 60-day money-back guarantee for all its products which have not been opened yet. If the product has been opened and partially consumed, the consumers are not eligible for a refund for the same.
However, users can return the unused bottles of the supplement to the company within 2 weeks of receiving the order, and in original packaging, to be eligible for a full refund.

Is CrazyBulk a steroid?

No. CrazyBulk is an American company which makes anabolic steroid-free supplements aimed at fitness or legal steroids. These supplements can show results similar to anabolic steroids without the associated side effects and health risks.

 Is Brutal Force reliable?

 Brutal Force is one of the many companies offering supplements for bodybuilding. They are one of the most reliable and well-known legal steroid alternatives on the market that offer a wide range of bulking supplements.

Is CrazyBulk a good company?

CrazyBulk can certainly be said to be one of the most trusted brands offering supplements for bodybuilders and athletes and those interested in strength and weight training.
The crucial thing about the supplements offered by CrazyBulk is that they are legal and a safer alternative to anabolic steroids which are illegal and can cause serious damage to your health and life.

Are there natural SARMs for bulking?

CrazyBulk’s Bulking Stack is composed of four SARMs including OSTA 2866, LIGAN 4033, TESTOL 140, and IBUTA 677. These work towards increasing your muscle size in half the time, improving the protein synthesis in your body, speeding up your muscle growth and recovery and thereby helping you achieve the body type you have always wanted to. These SARMs are composed of natural ingredients only and are a better alternative to their steroidal counterparts.

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