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Premature Ejaculation or Rapid Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation or Rapid Ejaculation is when a man cannot hold his erection time for satisfying sexual interactions. Almost 40% of men were facing PE, a widespread sexual dysfunction among males.

The research and statistical studies have found that 1 in 3 men experience this sexual dysfunction at one point. PE is occasional in some instances, whereas it is chronic in other cases.

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Premature Ejaculation can be daunting and stressful to men bringing different challenges. It can plague the entire sex life of an individual. N number of people are looking for solutions to not cum so fast. Fortunately, specific treatments are available to help men last longer in bed. 

The treatments include premature ejaculation pills, which help delay ejaculation and avoid getting orgasm too early. We will brief you on the four best premature ejaculation pills in the below-mentioned details. The mentioned products are non-chemical, non-toxins, entirely safe and 100% effective PE pills, which even get recommended by doctors also.

No wonder men consider PE or any sexual dysfunction a “Taboo Topic” to discuss. No matter how society has broken down the taboos and beliefs of the past, it will always be difficult for a man to discuss his sexual dysfunctions. This subject matter will bring shame and embarrassment to him. 

We understand the concern, and here we have brought some important information about the common problem of Premature Ejaculation and its medical solutions. 

Premature Ejaculation (PE) is an uncomfortable condition for men who cannot hold onto their erection long enough before he ejaculates. 

Is Premature Ejaculation a disease?

It is a disease categorised under “Male Sexual Dysfunction”, in which a man orgasms and ejaculates very soon. However, the problem does not allow the man to enjoy his complete sexual intercourse experience. 

Men with PE have a few characteristics like; Ejaculation in a minute, inability to control Ejaculation during penetration, avoid doing sex due to the negative feeling of premature Ejaculation. This problem can be both associated with an individual for a temporary and long-term period. 

Individuals dealing with premature ejaculation problems need an appropriate and immediate approach to correct treatment. The professionals will recommend medicine for long-lasting in bed according to the degree and type of one’s problem. 

Numerous men facing PE problems stated that they could not be satisfied, even when their partners had orgasms in bed. This embarrassing moment affects their psychological and self-confidence level, though. 

This malfunction can happen because of pathological and even psychological reasons. For example, maybe an older injury affects them, or a genetic problem (DNA) is causing PE in men. 

If anyone is facing a premature ejaculation problem, it’s normal and acceptable. In the further discussing details, we will tell you about the last longer in bed pills now available. It will help you to complete your sexual intercourse experience with your partner. Understand the briefs and learn about the mentioned medical solutions: 

Best Supplements For Premature Ejaculation

Performer 8
ProSolution Plus 
ProSolution Gel
Vigrx Delay Wipes

Performer 8

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It’s an energising and robust pill that acts as an “elixir to sexual renewal” for all men who feel tired or weak during sexual intercourse. In addition, performer 8 has supplement nutrients that help to overcome sexual dysfunctions like early Ejaculation, lack of sexual mood or erectile dysfunction. However, these prominent premature ejaculation pills allow more satisfaction during sexual interactions. 

The pills are highly enriched with herbs and nutrients, which help promote better male sexual health and deal with dysfunctions from the roots. You can use this medicine for the best support to your manhood naturally and discretely. It is a great supplement to reclaim sexual energy and stamina once in for all. 

Ingredients Used In Performer 8: 

There are natural and clinical backed safe ingredients used to make the magical supplement; which are: 

  • 3000MG of Muira Puama Extract

A study showed that people taking Muira Puama for two weeks received good signs in bed and improved their erection problems. Among 262 people tested with the ingredient, 51% called up with an improvement and 62 had an increase in libido. 

  • 500MG of KSM-66 Ashwagandha

Clinical tests have been made on KSM-66, which showed improved sex desires, increased testosterone, low cortisol levels and better sexual performance. 

  • 12MG of Ferrous Bisglycinate

It is a unique form of iron, which is easier to digest and improvise natural blood flow. It helps to keep you harder for a long. 

  • 30 MG of Maca Root Extract

This is found in Andes Mountains in Peru and is considered a documented and natural aphrodisiac to improve sexual desires and stamina centuries ago. 

  • 6000 MG of Panax Ginseng

In a study, 45 men were given 900MG of Ginseng for eight weeks. It showed improvement in erectile dysfunction, stiffness, maintenance and penetration without changing their diet and habits. 

  • 1000MG of Barrenwort (Horny Goat Weed)

The researcher showed an improvement in blood flow to cure firmer erections with the specific ingredient, also known as icariin. 

  • 300 MG of Pine Bark Extract

2% of men showed improved sexual function and satisfaction with Pine Bark Extract. However, around 45% of men with diabetes showed up more improvement. 

  • 600 MG of Glucuronolactone

 It’s a compound that helps in reducing oxidative stress and keeps the blood vessels secure. Even in the study, the combination decreased around 40% of the blood vessel and supported healthy blood flow. 

  • 30 MG of Grape Seed Extract

Studies earlier showed that grape seed extract increases nitric oxide levels and keeps blood thicker to give a fuller feeling to man. 

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Pros And Cons

  • Enhancement In Energy and betterment in Male Fertility 
  • Improvement in Strength and Physical Fitness 
  • Better quality and quantity in Sperms
  • Helps to deal with Male Sexual Dysfunction (Premature Ejaculation) 
  • Quality Satisfaction and Strong Erection
  • Well, there are no such problematic side-effects or cons of performer 8 because of the high-quality natural ingredients used in the product. Still, a few risks are associated, like insomnia, increased heart rate, headache, high blood pressure, hypertension, hypertension, dizziness, nausea, mood swings, etc.


ProSolution Plus 

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ProSolution Plus is an effective and natural pill that helps improve a man’s sexual health and intimacy drive. In addition, it helps enhance stamina and performance in bed. The formula of unique ingredients is united to make this pill, which fights against premature Ejaculation (PE.) Doctors even recommend the treatment of ProSlution Plus to men with PE. 

This supplement is formulated to offer vitamins, minerals and botanicals to man’s body, which helps to alleviate PE problems naturally. Therefore, men dealing with poor libido, performance anxiety, no control over Ejaculation and erection quality problem should choose this ultimate medical treatment to cure their issues.

ProSolution is the best medicine for early discharge and gives positive results within 30-60 days. So it is time to get your potency back through natural supplements with no harsh side effects. 

ProSolution is a high leading natural libido pill and tested medical solution to improve sex drive & performance in bed. This pill has known for being the top pick natural virility supplement to enhance desires, sexual health, stamina and satisfaction. It is a perfect formula with time-tested nutrients and herbs.  

It is a supplement to be taken daily. Most often, the suggested dosage of ProSolution Plus is 2 in a day. Therefore, positive outcomes will gradually come. Moreover, the PE issue will get cured in 3-6 months with possible results.  

Ingredients Used In Prosolution Plus:

This doctor’s approved and clinically tested pill is made with several ingredients, which are: 

  • Tribulus Terrestris:

It is a traditional Chinese herb which people have used long ago as an aphrodisiac. Studies revealed that; this ingredient relaxes down corpora cavernosum and helps increase intracavernous pressure. It helps men with erection difficulties naturally. 

  • Withania Somnifera

This ingredient plays a vital role in enhancing the blood flow to the penis significantly. An Italian study in 2003 stated that Withania Somnifera helps to increase nitric Oxide and relax Corpora Cavernosum. As a result, it increases the blood flow for a larger erection.  

  • Asparagus Adscendes

The magical ingredient helps relieve stress and inflammatory conditions. Stress can trigger PE issues. Consuming this ingredient will help in curing premature ejaculation problems. 

  • Mucuna Pruriens

It’s a tropical legume containing L-DOPA, a precursor to the neurotransmitter L-Dopamine. According to laboratory studies, this ingredient is proven helpful for erection frequency and sexual activity. 

  • Asteracantha Longifolia

 Studies have shown that this ingredient will increase the attraction towards female partners.

  • Curculigo Orchioisdes

The highly recommended ingredient is better to improve your sexual frequency and reduced hesitation. It helps in meeting the desired sexual performance and increasing erection quality. 

  • Asphaltum

It is also called Shilajit, which is a mineral wax highly recommended in Ayurveda treatment. This ingredient helps in curing sexual dysfunction and premature Ejaculation. 

Pros And Cons :

  • Better Robust Erection in Size, Quality and Duration 
  • Improvised Libido In Man and more stamina in bed.
  • Helps In Dealing With Premature Ejaculation with excellent sexual performance and satisfaction.
  • It is a 100% natural nutritional supplement with high-quality ingredients infused. Therefore, it does not have any side effects. Still, some adverse effects you might see in some cases include allergic reactions, gastrointestinal disorders, insomnia, headache, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc. 
  • Ensure that men on anti-diabetic pills, anti-hypertensives or anti-depressants should avoid these pills. 


ProSolution Gel

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ProSolution Gel is the quick answer to all your erection and sexual problems. It is a perfect solution for a rock-solid erection, thick appearing penis, building super-stamina to perform well in bed and to bring intense orgasms. 

This gel-based formula is an excellent substitute for pills and heals sexual dysfunctions. It is an easy-to-use fast-action gel which is safe and edible. 

The gel improves the capability of man to control his erections and critical moments of Ejaculation. One can apply this gel as a substitute for premature ejaculation pills. 

If someone is struggling in their sex life, they should give a chance to this gel and other over-the-counter last longer in bed pills to improve the condition. So do not choose those sticky, cheap drugstore lubes. 

Instead, upgrade your performance with medicine for long-lasting in bed. This specialised formula will help boost nitric Oxide and deliver herbal concentrates to penile tissues for possible results. 

ProSolution Gel is a magical substance that delivers ultimate power to men. Finally, doctors recommend a solution to enhance performance in bed. 

Blood rushes to your penis, and you will get high-quality satisfying erections. Men can hope for a lasting and ultimate secret male power in bed, all thanks to ProSolution Gel. 

You do not need to get those expensive prescribed vitamins to make you last longer in bed because here you have this fantastic gel-based solution to all sexual dysfunctions and PE.  

Get the fantastic effects of L-Arginine on Erectile Dysfunction. L-Arginine is an amino acid utilised by the body to make nitric Oxide. Later, the Nitric Oxide dilates with blood vessels, improving the flow of blood to the penis and improving the quality of erection. In addition, it will enhance the hardness and improvise the quality of your orgasms. 

When the man applies this gel-based formula over the penis, the penile tissues will absorb it and affect improving the quality of erections. Moreover, one will be able to control on his erection after applying this secret male power gel. 

That is why; ProSolution is made with L-Arginine. Instead of opting for expensive drugs, it is the best alternative. It will give instant results with no risks or side effects. 

Other ingredients are also included in ProSolution Gel than L-Arginine: amino acids, vitamins, herbal concentrates, aphrodisiacs, etc. The sexual health experts have chosen all these ingredients to add to the gel to help men achieve a high level of satisfying sex life with no risks.   

If we talk about its usage, one needs to apply the gel over the shaft of the penis. Gently massage it and then have its mind-boggling effects in bed immediately. 

Ingredients Used To Make ProSolution Gel:

This excellent gel-based formula is composited of several ingredients:

  • L-Arginine

It’s an amino acid which helps to increase nitric Oxide. The substance helps to improve blood flow through blood vessels, which allows the penis to get increased blood flow for better-quality erections. 

  • Aloe Vera

It’s a skin-soothing botanical substance which helps the penis skin to penetrate evenly and quickly. 

  • Bearberry Extract

It is an astringent herb which men have been using for centuries in the treatments associated with the urinary tract. Bearberry extract helps to increase the fluid, which improves the erection quality and turns it harder. 

  • Algae Extract

It is an active ingredient in the gel, which helps in even better penetration. It gives a genuinely sensational and gliding feel after applying the gel over the shaft of your penis. 

  • Mango Butter

It acts as a lubricant, which is considered an aphrodisiac. The ingredient has improved sex drive and performance in bed for centuries. 

  • Menthol

Menthol helps to warm and stimulate the genitals, which helps to increase the staying power. You can keep going to bed as long as you want. 

  • Vitamin C

In recent studies, it has been found that vitamin C is great at improving sex drive. It helps with the recovery time during intercourse, hardens the erection and boosts the male’s stamina in bed.  

Pros And Cons :

  • Improves the erection hardness and stays for longer than expected.
  • Improve the strength and endurance of men in bed.
  • Enriched Ejaculation at the right time and repeat in sexual intercourse.
  • Improvement in blood circulation and sex drives.
  • Dynamic sexual orgasms while making love.
  • The ProSolution Gel is made with healthy and 100% natural ingredients; therefore, it does not carry any side effects. However, like other prescribed premature ejaculation pills and substitutes, it might have some discomforts like; headache, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, high blood pressure, etc. 
  • If you are already on prescribed medications for any medical problems, consult with the concerned person or doctor before taking them. 


Vigrx Delay Wipes

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Get your confidence back in bed with Vigrx Delay Wipes. It’s time to bring fire in you once again with these dynamic wipes. It does not matter whether you are dealing with occasional premature Ejaculation or a permanent one; these wipes got you covered to cure the problem. You will get the confidence back in the right way here. 

Premature Ejaculation (PE) is the natural beat of everyone’s sex story, which devours confidence. You will get the natural texture and immediate active capacity in bed with Vigrx Delay Wipes.

Eliminate stress from your nights and enjoy mind-boggling sex with your partner. There is no need to worry about PE when you have the support of these wipes. The product offers easy and clean application. Moreover, they provide instant actions in bed with extreme sexual encounters. 

These wipes are discreet and easily portable, so your partner will never know about your secret. You do not need to carry a big bottle or tube for erection problems. These wipes are convenient; you can take them in a pocket or wallet. Vigrx Delay Wipes will solve every man’s problem with PE once and for all. 

Multiple so-called PE solvent wipes available in the market might numb your penis. However, those harmful wipes also cause numbness inside your partner. Thankfully, you have the prominent solution here: “Vigrx Delay Wipes.” 

The product is made with 100% natural ingredients, and there is no harm. It will desensitise your penis so that you will be able to control erection and Ejaculation. The recommended product is made with natural ingredients. It is a 100% safe alternative to stay in bed whenever you need or want to. Moreover, the man will feel extra stamina to satisfy them with extreme orgasms.   

If one purchases the product from the official website, they can get a refund within 67-days of purchase (excluding the shipping charges.) We will return the containers with a refund guarantee, even if the clients have already opened two containers.

We guarantee no going back once you have used these wipes. The product will add magic to your sex life and give you the potency to enjoy it with immense satisfaction. 

Vigrx Delay Wipes will take the man to an extent and make him capable of standing under any circumstances in bed. It’s going to be a secret weapon for every male. After using the ultimate product, you will be amazed and get high-quality sex time with your partner. 

Ingredients used to make Vigrx Delay Wipes: 

Vigrx Delay Wipes is known for being the best men’s sexual health product all over around. It will dull the sensations and give a lacklustre sex experience to both man and his partner. 

Our researchers have sourced the globe to find a righteous combination of ingredients to make this fantastic product for long-lasting stamina and performance in bed. The elements used to make this product will help to increase sexual energy and pleasure. 

Two main ingredients play a vital role in Vigrx Delay Wipes, which are:  

  • Zanthoxylum Oil

It is distilled from a tree known as winged prickly ash. Men have used it for centuries, with antifungal and healing properties. The numbing effects include in this product make a perfect suit.

  • Peony Extract

 Peony Extract is also known as the “Queen of Flowers” by the Ancient Greeks. This ingredient has been used for centuries for its benefits its medical properties. Several advantages are associated with Peony Extract, including PMS and soothing nerves. 

In addition, it helps improve blood circulation and brings some powerful anti-oxidant effects to males. This magical ingredient brings additions to the formula, which the experts have used to create Vigrx Delay Wipes. 

Pros And Cons :

  • Helps in improving the erection control 
  • Regain the control on ejaculation period and boost up self-confidence.
  • Excessive quality ejaculation with quality improvement at the right time
  • Satisfaction in sex with no stress and inflammation 
  • This product is made with 100% nutritional and natural ingredients, so this does not carry any harmful side effects to males. On the contrary, it might bring some discomfort after usage, like dizziness, headache, neuromuscular problems, etc. Do not overdose on the wipes; otherwise, you will have extensive side effects. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Vigrx Delay Wipes work?

Vigrx Delay Wipes has 2 vital ingredients which desensitise your penis to control erection and Ejaculation. It will give you a long-lasting experience in bed with ultimate pleasures. It will increase sexual stamina with its natural proprietary formula. It can work quicker than other premature ejaculation pills. 

Why Use Wipes Instead Of Sprays or Liquid? 

Men can carry these wipes easily compared to sprays or liquids. They are small and very convenient to carry in a wallet. Instead of carrying those bulky bottles, you can use them anytime and anywhere without letting anyone know about them. 

How To Use Vigrx Delay Wipes? 

You can carry the wipes in your pocket or wallet. Open the packet, wrap the wipe around your penis, and stroke the glans and corona sulcus area. Do it repeatedly for 20-30 seconds in the back-and-forth motion so that the lotion in the wipes will spread all over your penis. Once the skin absorbs all the lubricant of wipes, then it’s good to go to bed with your partner. 

Which Performer 8 Package Is The Right Fit?

Some people have experienced the best results from performer 8, like thicker blood flow, strength, extreme stamina, fuller-feeling erections, etc. Most folks consider 90 days or 180 days course of pills to deal with their problem. 
However, even the 30 days course of drugs will start giving many benefits to individuals. Most often, it is recommended to take nearly three months of medications. You will see positive results after taking the premature ejaculation treatment. 

When do the Positive Results Start Appearing?

The positive results of signs’ appearance vary from person to person. It depends upon habits, genes, environmental factors, etc. There are some cases where the positive results appear on the very same day, and within a few days, you will feel like it never happened to you.  

Does ProSolution Guarantee For Positive Results?

Absolutely yes, that’s the very first benefit of consuming ProSolution Plus. It is a high-quality product that guarantees risk-free benefits within 30-60 days. If someone orders the product from its official site, the company guarantees a 67-day money-back guarantee. 
Rest, we guarantee to provide strength and potency to your sex life. Countless men jumped into the ProSolution medication treatment after understanding its true potential. 

When Will The Man See Its Results? 

The consumer is allowed to see its positive results within 3-4 weeks after consuming this remarkable natural supplement. This product is formulated to build up and settle in your system slowly. The likely outcomes of your premature ejaculation problem will appear in 3-6 months.
You need to understand that results are cumulative. 
Therefore, one has to consume premature ejaculation pills constantly to gain life-challenging benefits. We guarantee you will receive a far better sex life than you thought with extreme satisfaction with the continuous consumption of the ProSolution Plus supplement. 

Is It Safe To Consume ProSolution Plus? 

ProSolution is a well-tolerable and powerful pill that helped countless men improve their sex drive and sexual dysfunction. The product is made with natural ingredients, which men have taken for thousands of years. However, it delivers the potential to men for improving their sexual health. 

 Is It Different From Other Premature Ejaculation Pills?

Yes, the ProSolution Gel is different from other Premature Ejaculation Pills. Undeniably, the gel will work better for men suffering from PE. 
Meantime, the ingredients used in making the gel-based solution are a bit different. That is why; we can claim it to be different from other pills. But, coming on to the results, this has super-cool result deliverables for men who have used it with no risks. 

How Does ProSolution Gel Work?

Well, this works by improving the sex drive, helping in penetrating, increasing the erection hardness, enhance in the blood flow through the penis, etc. It delivers the same results and works the same as other PE pills do. There is no such difference associated with gel. Meantime, you can find out the difference in its ingredients. 

 Are there any side effects males will receive from ProSolution Gel? 

As we have already said in the information mentioned above, there is no harm in using ProSolution Gel before having sex. However, you might feel slightly different, like headaches, high blood pressure, and dizziness. The side-effects occur because of the effects it led on you while making out.


Premature Ejaculation is a significant problem for almost every man nowadays. Taking 100% premature ejaculation pills is an ideal choice to opt for. The above-stated solutions to PE are 100% natural with no side effects. You can get these supplements without a prescription. 

The purpose of these supplements is to support men physically and increase their stamina for better performance in bed. In addition, these solutions will deal with all your existing sexual dysfunctions. 

However, the products like Performer 8, ProSolution Plus, ProSolution Gel and Vigrx Delay Wipes – are all preventive measures you can use before having sex with your partner. Our advice is to take practical steps to cure the problem. On the contrary, make sure to give attention to your health and prevent things that trigger these conditions. 

The Performer 8 and ProSolution Pill both are best as premature ejaculation pills, which we recommend to males above 35 years to consume. Besides all this, PE is not a disease but a problem that can occur to anyone. Therefore, stay focused on a healthy body from an early age to prevent further issues like PE.  

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