Cardarine GW501516 Review : Ingredients, Working, Pros And Cons

Cardarine GW501516 Review

When it comes to athletic performance, terms like endurance, stamina and strength often go hand in hand. These things keep an athlete focused and driven to achieve victory. The drive to win is a major motivating factor for them and they are willing to do anything for it. Unfortunately, sometimes also resorting to unhealthy and unfair means.

With every victory, along with a sense of personal accomplishment, there is also an increasing pressure felt by the athletes. Since, they represent their team, their mentors and their country in front of the world, they cannot escape the overwhelming load of expectations that is put on their shoulders.

People look up to them and want them to perform at their maximum efficiency. In such situations they feel inevitably trapped in the dilemma of using performance-enhancing substances. However, to nobody’s surprise, these performance enhancing drugs do come with a price.

Momentarily, the thought of using such substances might look quite lucrative but in reality, the benefits might not be worth the possible risks. Sadly, it is highly unlikely for someone to take wise decisions when they are caught in the vicious circle of expectations and performance. This usually happens with athletes and body builders.

They use a number of substances to enhance their athletic performance and physical improvement. They are willing to push boundaries to become “super” versions of themselves. There are many performance enhancing compounds such as Cardarine (GW501516), human growth hormone, diuretics, androstenedione, creatine, erythropoietin, anabolic steroids and stimulants.

These substances are very popular in the health and fitness industry and it cannot be denied that they are quite effective but they do not come with a guarantee of safety. 


What is Cardarine :

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Cardarine belongs to a class of drugs called Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARMs). In simpler terms, this class of substances is also often referred to as metabolic modulators. This compound was considered a potential drug for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders, obesity, and diabetes. This synthetic compound, also known as GW501516, is believed to reverse metabolic abnormalities in pre-diabetic and obese patients, due to its ability to stimulate fatty acid oxidation.

Since Cardarine (GW501516) is a metabolic modulator, it modifies the metabolism of the body such that, instead of muscle or other carbohydrates, fats start getting utilized for energy. It helps to burn fat by increasing the glucose uptake by skeletal muscle tissues.

Cardarine mostly affects the cell receptors present on muscle cells, increasing the energy expenditure. The ability of Cardarine (GW501516) to positively impact endurance and stamina makes it an attractive option for the athletes and body builders. It is usually consumed by them with the hopes of increasing their athletic performance, and regulating their fat metabolism, to achieve a leaner looking body. Body builders usually consume this compound to increase vascularity and get a ripped look.

Cardarine (GW501516) was included in clinical development for the treatment of heart diseases but was set aside due to the adverse outcomes in an animal testing study. In this study, high doses of Cardarine were given to the mice which dramatically improved their physical performance but it also unveiled many adverse effects of this compound. This trial experiment showed the rapid development of cancer in multiple organs, therefore, its usage in humans was banned post this study.

The research report of this study gained a lot of popularity in the media which paved way for the black market of Cardarine (GW501516). This substance became an increasingly popular doping agent which led to the development of a drug test for it by The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Later on, Cardarine was added to the prohibited list due to its adverse side effects and illicit usage by the athletes.

The origin of Cardarine

Cardarine  (GW501516) was originally discovered during a joint clinical research between  the pharmaceutical giants GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Ligand Pharmaceuticals. This research collaboration began sometime in the 1990s and the discovery of this compound was published in the 2001 issue of the scientific journal, PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America).

In the years following its discovery Cardarine underwent several phases of clinical trials and other studies related to cardiovascular diseases, obesity and dyslipidemia and by 2007 the testing was discontinued altogether due to its adverse carcinogenic effects on mice.


How does Cardarine work on the body :

Being a Ligand-Activated Transcription Factor (PPAR Delta) makes Cardarine a suitable compound for the improvement of metabolic functioning and help the body maintain high energy levels. GW501516 has a unique mechanism of action as it increases the uptake of fat as an energy source by the muscle tissues, so that there is no muscle breakdown.

Due to this method of utilization of fat as fuel, more energy is released which ensures high levels of energy are always maintained in the body. This also accounts for various other metabolic benefits such as faster muscle recovery, maintenance of good heart health and an overall active circulatory system. Cardarine also affects mitochondrial function which enables the athletes to undergo long and strenuous training sessions without feeling burned out.

Primarily developed to treat obesity, cardiovascular problems, and metabolic issues Cardarine  (GW501516) regulates the oxidation of fatty acids in many tissues such as the muscular tissues (skeletal muscle) and the fat storage tissues (adipose tissue). This oxidation of fatty acids due to the action of Cardarine may help to reverse some metabolic abnormalities in obese and pre-diabetic patients by burning fat and increasing glucose uptake.

What is Cardarine used for :

Since Cardarine received its popularity as a performance enhancing drug it has some suggested uses;

  • Weight loss- Cardarine might be used as an effective metabolic modulator to manipulate the metabolism of fat cells in the body. Cardarine controls the oxidation of fatty acids. In this process stored fat in the body is used as the primary source of fuel instead of carbohydrates and muscle tissue. This process of oxidizing fat releases massive amounts of energy leading to an increased stamina and endurance.

If the energy levels are always boosted, athletes and body builders can undergo rigorous training for longer periods of time.  This increases the fat burning capacity of the body, while also helping with significant muscle growth. Moreover, initial trials on Cardarine (GW501516) have been to observe its efficacy on obesity. Due to the oxidation of fatty acids by Cardarine, less fat might be stored in the body.

  • Benefits for diabetics- Cardarinewas also examined for the prevention of type 2 diabetes. In this type of diabetes, the body becomes more insulin resistant and loses its ability to efficiently process carbohydrates. A clinical trial to study the effects of Cardarine (GW501516) on pregnancy induced diabetes (gestational diabetes) was also performed.

In this study, the rats with gestational diabetes had improvements in insulin and blood glucose levels. There was also less damage to the islet cells which produce insulin. Another study also found the effects of Cardarine on diabetic wounds. It was seen that the Cardarine accelerated the healing process of these wounds.

The studies have only been carried out on rats and mice; therefore, the findings cannot be directly assumed to stand true for humans. More research is required in the area to actually determine whether it works the same for humans or not.

  • May improve blood fat levels

Improving blood lipid levels was among the initial areas of research for Cardarine. This study was to monitor the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. A small human study was conducted to determine the effects of Cardarine on blood lipid levels.

The volunteers of this study received doses of this drug and results were recorded. It was found that Cardarine helped to increase the amount of good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood and decrease the number of triglycerides.

  • Sports performance-One of the major uses of Cardarine remains athletic performance which makes it a popular choice among endurance athletes and body builders. Its mechanism of action on fat in the body helps to release more energy which is extremely important for athletes to undergo long periods of training. Due to its fat loss effect, the athletes use it to get a more muscular physique.

What could go wrong when taking Cardarine?

One of the major concerns regarding the usage of Cardarine is that it is an illegal SARM. It cannot be bought legally over the counter or online. Moreover, apart from its legal status, there are other potential side effects that were observed in some clinical trials done on animals, some of which are as follows;

  • Carcinogenic effect– In the initial days of Cardarine’s discovery, some studies showed the development of cancer cells in multiple organs of mice and rats, when high doses of this substance were administered to them.

Such studies for Cardarine (GW-501516) have not been carried out in humans so it is difficult to conclude if high doses of this compound will produce the same effects in them. However, this substance is still on the prohibited list of WADA, so it indicates there might be some potential health associated with it.

  • Risk of Mutation due to destruction of degenerated liver cells– Due to Cardarine’s ability to destroy degenerated liver cells, the risk of mutation might increase. This is a positive thing with healthy people but can prove to be detrimental for people with liver disease.

When the proper functioning of the liver is compromised, Cardarine (GW-501516) can cause more damage to the liver by destroying certain cells. It might aggravate the existing health problems while also exposing such individuals to the risks of developing mutations which can increase the chances of cancer.

  • Brain cell damage: Cardarine (GW-501516) might increase the levels of Interleukin 6 which can cause cellular damage in the brain.
  • Damage to kidney and heart: – High doses of Cardarine (GW-501516) can increase the level of Nitric Oxide in the body. This can damage the arteries and cause hypertension, severely impacting the health of an individual.

What to use instead of Cardarine (GW501516)?

It is a known fact that Cardarine (GW501516) does not belong to the category of legal SARMs and hence, cannot be legally purchased or distributed. So, does that mean one can not reap its amazing benefits legally? Absolutely not!

There is a safe and legal alternative to Cardarine in the form of C-Dine 501516 by CrazyBulk. While Cardarine is a synthetic metabolic booster, C-Dine 501516 is a natural performance enhancer. It can provide all the benefits of Cardarine without producing any of its undesired side effects.

What makes C-Dine 501516 by CrazyBulk a perfect alternative to Cardarine?

Athletes and Body Builders swear by C-Dine 501516 due to its effective formula that is powered by natural ingredients which are safe and legal. It mimics the effects of the synthetic metabolic modulator Cardarine (An illegal SARM).

C-Dine 501516 helps to enhance athletic performance by stimulating fat burning, boosting endurance and promoting the growth of lean muscle mass. It helps to increase the stamina so athletes and bodybuilders can train for longer periods of time. C-Dine 501516 boosts metabolism which helps to build lean muscle quicker so the desired physique can be achieved.

What does each capsule of C-Dine 501516 contain?

The formula of C-Dine 501516 is powered by pure and natural ingredients. It is packed with minerals, vitamins and herbal superfoods that mimic the benfits of Cardarine. Each capsule of C-Dine 501516 contains-

  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to boost immunity, build collagen, reduce oxidative stress, promote tissue and muscle growth and repair, among other things. It is also essential for enzymatic synthesis of certain neurotransmitters. It is an important component for the formation of lean muscle mass and helps to burn excess fat.
  • Ferrous Fumarate: Iron is the basic component of red blood cells which facilitates the delivery of oxygen to the whole body. Lack of this fundamental element can negatively impact exercise performance. Iron is essential for metabolism due to its oxygen transportation function which in turn helps with muscle development and growth.

The body should receive iron adequately through food ad diet to promote muscle recovery and fat loss. C-DINE 501516 contains 16 mg of iron per serving.

  • Riboflavin: Vitamin B12 is a vital nutrient found in dairy, poultry, fish and meat. It is necessary for several physiological functions. It is essential for the nervous system and motor functions like brain muscle coordination. This vitamin helps to convert food into energy so the body can use it for several functions. Each serving of C-Dine 501516 contains 1.4 mg of vitamin B12.
  • B6 Vitamin: It is a water-soluble vitamin which helps to regulate and reduce excess body weight by stimulating the thyroid glands. Additionally, it curbs the cravings by inhibiting the hormones that stimulate appetite. Vitamin B6 is important for the regeneration of lean muscle mass after strenuous exercise.

The deficiency of Vitamin B6 can impair the body’s capacity to absorb sufficient amounts of amino acids needed for muscle regeneration. Vitamin B6 is an important component of C-DINE 501516.

  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A is crucial for muscle growth. It is essential for protein synthesis in the body which aids with muscle recovery and regeneration. Moreover, vitamin A increases testosterone production in males. It breaks down proteins during muscle repair which helps with the growth of new muscles. It also provides structural support to the muscles and stimulates bone growth. C-Dine 501516 contains 800 micro grams of vitamin A per serving.
  • Iodine: Iodine is vital for the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland. It facilitates protein synthesis and transfer of oxygen which is necessary for muscle growth. Since it directly controls the thyroid gland, it is also beneficial for weight reduction. Each serving of C-Dine 501516 has 105 mcg of iodine.
  • Chromium Picolinate: This mineral enhances insulin sensitivity in the body which helps to reduce blood glucose levels. It aids with weight loss by inhibiting the activity of ghrelin which is an appetite-stimulating hormone. Regular chromium supplementation might result in reduced cravings. Additionally, chromium also promotes muscle growth and maintenance. C-Dine 501516 contains 40 micrograms of chromium per serving.
  • Southern Ginseng: Native to the mountainous regions of southern China, this climbing vine boosts the neurological, immunological and the circulatory systems. Southern ginseng is an herb that enhances the link between the brain and muscles. This in turn promotes muscular coordination while also enhancing muscle development.

It improves stamina, strength and endurance by stimulating the activity of adrenal glands during exercise. This herb also reduces fat absorption which leads to weight reduction. Each serving of C-DINE 501615 contains 550 mg of southern ginseng.

  • L-Choline Bitartrate: Choline is an essential compound that is important for the maintenance of healthy metabolism.  Choline provides structural support to the cells as it is needed for the production of two phospholipids of the cell membranes. Its ability to emulsify and dissolve lipids and cholesterol in the body helps in the process of weight reduction. C-Dine 501516 has 400 mg of choline per serving.
  • InnoSlim: With its stimulant-free formula InnoSlim® promotes weight loss by increasing the oxidation of fat and reducing the absorption of glucose. This unique combination contains Panax ginseng and Astragalus which helps to promote healthy metabolism. C-Dine 501516 contains 250 milligrams of InnoSlim per serving.
  • Capsimax: Capsaicinoids are natural components of red chili peppers and Capsimax is the concentrated extract of this compound. It is helpful to promote a healthy appetite and helps to burn fat by generating heat in the body. Each serving of C-Dine 501516 contains 100 mg of Capsimax.

How to use C-Dine 501516?

  • Dine 501516 is a legal SARM and should be used as a daily supplement. Supplementing a healthy diet and a consistent workout regimen with C-Dine 501516 can do wonders for the body. The producers of C-Dine 501516 advise to follow its correct cycle to obtain maximum benefits.

The daily recommended dosage of C-Dine 501516 is 4 capsules before the first mean every day. These capsules should be taken with water ideally 20 minutes before having breakfast. C-Dine 501516 works best when the correct dosage is taken without any skips or misses.

About performance enhancing drugs :

 As the name suggests, performance-enhancing drugs are special chemical substances used by athletes and body builders to increase endurance, stamina and improve physical appearance. The usage of performance-enhancing drugs is also commonly referred to as doping. Several types of compounds come under the umbrella of performance enhancing drugs, some of which are listed below-

  • Anabolic steroids – A form of steroid (a synthetic version of hormones produced by the adrenal glands) taken by some athletes to increase muscle mass and strength. These compounds are also known as anabolic-androgenic steroids as they mimic the male sex hormone, testosterone which is responsible for the development of muscles and other secondary sexual characters like facial hair, deep voice etc.

Testosterone can be taken in its natural as well as synthetic form to increase performance. Besides inducing muscular growth, anabolic steroids may reduce muscle breakdown that occurs during strenuous workouts, which makes these substances a popular choice among athletes.

  • Designer steroids – A dubious form of anabolic steroids, designer steroids are synthetic components that can go undetected in the current day drug tests. As the name suggests, designer steroids are specifically designed for athletes to enhance their performance through illicit practices. Since, designer steroids have no approved medical usage, they are not tested or regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

To enhance their performance abnormally, athletes and body builders take these synthetic steroids in doses much higher doses which can cause several side effects like enlarged breasts, infertility, prostate gland enlargement, baldness, shrunken testicles, increased body hair, severe acne, liver abnormalities, etc.

  • Androstenedione – The adrenal glands, ovaries and teste produce a hormone called androstenedione which is converted to testosterone and estradiol (a form of estrogen). This compound is popular among athletes and body builders for its ability to enhance endurance and aid with quicker muscle recovery. However, these claims are not scientifically proven and administration of Androstenedione as a performance enhancing drug is deemed illegal in the United States. It can be legally obtained through prescription only.

Like all synthetic performance enhancers, androstenedione too comes with its own set of side effects such as acne, reduced sperm production, breast enlargement, male pattern baldness, and damage to blood vessels and the heart increasing the risk of strokes.

  • Human growth hormone – This hormone has an anabolic effect in the body which suggests that it might be helpful for muscle growth. Human growth hormones are prescription only substances and if taken irresponsibly, it can cause several side effects like, joint ache, muscle fatigue, diabetes, vision problems, cardiomegaly, poor glucose regulation and hypertension.
  • Erythropoietin – Erythropoietin is a hormone that is used in the treatment of kidney disease induced anemia as it increases red blood cells and hemoglobin in the body. It also helps with the efficient transport of oxygen to the muscles which makes it a popular performance enhancing drug among endurance athletes.  This use of this substance was common in the 1990s.

Erythropoietin is also said to have contributed to eighteen deaths due to its abuse. If used inappropriately, this compound can increase the risk of heart stroke, heart attacks and artery blockage in the lung (pulmonary embolism).

  • Diuretics – A class of drugs that can alter the balance of electrolytes (fluids and salts) in the body are called diuretics. This disrupted balance might cause dehydration and can lead to loss of water weight from the body. Athletes prefer this effect of water wight loss from the body. Since diuretics can change the balance of fluids in the body, they also dilute the urine.Hence, these substances are also used as masking agents by the athletes to help them pass the drug tests.

Diuretics predispose athletes to many adverse effects, some of which are, dehydration, dizziness, muscle cramps, Potassium deficiency and drop in blood pressure.

  • Creatine – Along with performance enhancing drugs, certain nutritional supplements like Creatine are also very common among athletes and body builders. This substance is available over the counter and it comes in the form of powders and pills.

Creatine is naturally produced by the body that helps muscles in energy release. It is said to help the muscles make more adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is commonly called the energy currency of the body. This increased production of ATP with the help of creatine helps to provide quick bursts of energy during intense physical activity. There are some side effects associated with usage of creatine, some of which are; stomach cramps, muscle cramps, weight gain etc.

  • Hormone and Metabolic Modulators- As it might be clear from the name, compounds classified as “hormone and metabolic modulators” modify the effects of hormones. In other words, these substances can accelerate or slow down certain enzyme reactions, impacting the body’s metabolism. Cardarine is a popular metabolic modulator used by athletes and body builders to enhance performance, increase muscle mass and overall endurance.

FAQs :

Is Cardarine legal?

Due to the illicit usage of Cardarine and the results of clinical trial on mice and rats, this compound remains controversial regarding its safety and benefits. As of now, there is no update regarding the legal status of Cardarine, hence it still remains on the WADA list of banned things.

Why was Cardarine banned?

Due to the adverse effects of Cardarine, it remains a banned substance on theWADA list till date. Even though, the black market for this compound exists in some places, it is still illegal to buy, sell, own and consume Cardarine.

Does Cardarine cause cancer?

The clinical trials for Cardarine carried out on mice and rats resulted in the growth of cancer cells in several organs when high doses were administered. However, this study is not conclusive to determine whether Cardarine is carcinogenic for humans or not.

How long does Cardarine take to show results?

Cardarine is a highly potent performance enhancing drug, hence it doesn’t take long to see its results. The effects of Cardarine can be seen as soon as within a few hours of taking it to a few days before results start to show up. It all depends on how the body reacts to this substance.

For how long can Cardarine be taken?

Since Cardarine is a metabolic modulator, it is not meant to be used for long durations. It is used by athletes and body builders in cycles of bulking and cutting where they grow and tone their muscles over a period of time. However, Cardarine is banned and cannot be sold or bought legally anywhere.

What are the warnings about C-Dine 501516?

Dine 501516 is a legal and safe SARM. It is manufactured by a highly reputable supplement brand , CrazyBulk. This supplement is used by many athletes and body builders for fat loss and lean muscle mass growth. Since C-Dine 501516 is made up of completely natural ingredients, there are no major side effects and warnings for it.

Who should stay away from C-DINE 501516 ?

C-Dine 501516  is not meant for individuals below the age of 18 years. Moreover, it is specifically designed for athletes and body builders who have a very active lifestyle.

What to consider if I want to discontinue using C-Dine 501516?

C-Dine 501516 is a legal SARM that should be taken for a full cycle of two to three months. This cycle should not be interrupted by missed doses or overdoses as it might not produce the best desired results. C-Dine 501516 should only be discontinued if the full cycle is complete. It is not recommended to stop using C-Dine 501516 midway. After the cycle is complete, the consumption of C-Dine 501516 can be stopped.

Conclusion :

It is incredible how Cardarine, originally discovered as a potential drug for the treatment of diseases related to the heart and metabolism, made its way into the world of performance enhancing drugs.

The several health benefits of this compound, like weight loss, improved blood lipid levels, enhanced performance etc., make it a lucrative choice among athletes and body builders alike. Although the benefits were studied in clinical studies, there is very little human testing evidence regarding this substance which raises many questions around its safety.

One of the most dangerous side effects observed was the rapid growth of cancer cells in rats and mice which again points to the safety of Cardarine (GW501516).

The benefits might look attractive because of the quick gains, but due to the lack of human trials, questionable safety, and unknown side effects, Cardarine is probably not worth the risk.

Although, black markets for Cardarine (GW501516) do exist, but even then, it is extremely difficult to obtain this drug. People have seen quick results but the risks highly outweigh the benefits of this compound. Thus, it remains banned in several countries making the consumption and possession of Cardarine illegal.

Moreover, better alternatives like C-Dine 501516 are easily available which mimic the effects of Cardarine and do not produce any adverse side effects. C-Dine 501516 is a legal alternative to Cardarine. Therefore, a consumer looking for a substance similar to Cardarine will have to look no further as they can safely try their hands on C-Dine 501516 to achieve a great physique.

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