ColonBroom Reviews 2023: Is Colon Broom Worth It & Legit?

Colonbroom review

Colon Broom | A thorough review of the weight loss and health supplement

Does it work? Which are the ingredients contained? Is it dangerous? What should you know about its action?

How does the bowel affect weight loss?

In case you don’t know, the bowel plays a key role in body weight and determines how easy (or difficult) it is to lose weight.

This is also the reason why the natural nutritional supplement ColonBroom emphasizes on bowel health.

The bowel is like a small “community” of various microorganisms.

The composition of all these organisms living in the bowel ultimately determines how the organism manages the food received.

I mean how it stores it in its stores, how it uses it for energy production and how well it metabolizes it.

The role of the bowel? Crucial.

Bowel bacteria are what – according to scientific studies – lead to obesity and the development of metabolic disease.

Not everyone’s bowel flora is the same, so one person’s way of losing or gaining weight is never the same as another person’s.

Obese or diabetic people present a completely different picture in their bowels from people of normal weight.

The different types of bowel bacteria seem to have a completely different effects on appetite and metabolism, naturally affecting body weight too!

Any changes occurring in the bowel flora have an impact on the general health and physical condition of the person.

It has been shown that specific changes in the bowel flora can increase the rate at which the organism absorbs fatty acids and carbohydrates.

This essentially means more calories stored as fat (and thus an increase in body weight and body fat percentages), that is someone with poor bowel flora can eat the same amount of food as someone with a healthy bowel, but excrete more calories and gain more weight.

Recent research sounds the alarm. The health of the bowel plays a decisive role in the individual’s risk of serious diseases (such as obesity and diabetes).

However, bad bowel bacteria directly contribute to the development of metabolic syndrome, due to triggering increased insulin production (leading the organism to insulin resistance), resulting in inflammation of the hypothalamus (then leading to leptin resistance).

Modern life plays an important role in this situation.

Poor nutrition and increased stress in everyday life are factors leading to the development of bad bacteria in the bowel and therefore many health problems in the person.

What is ColonBroom ?


Therefore, if you too are struggling to lose weight and you find you have no control over your appetite.

If stress and sadness often lead you to eat unhealthy snacks.

If you have bowel problems (constipation, diarrhoea, irregular bowel movements),

then, you definitely need a supplement like ColonBroom.

The reason is that Colon Broom is a supplement containing plenty of beneficial fiber (from the psyllium plant).

As you know, fiber is a basic building block of a healthy diet and a good gastrointestinal function.

They also promote a healthy body weight and help to lose extra kilos.

Nevertheless, this is not the only benefit of the ColonBroom supplement.

It is a safe and effective way to boost your overall health and enhance your wellness, while you are and feel more beautiful in your everyday life, healthier, more energetic, more psychologically uplifted and motivated.

Don’t forget that an abnormal gastrointestinal function has a direct impact (among other things) on a person’s mood and psychology.

Imagine now that trillions of bacteria live inside the bowel.

Most of them play a decisive role in our health in different ways each.

With the natural supplement Colon Broom you experience a significant improvement in your bowel flora and by extension in your general health.

Bloating, gastrointestinal issues, poor sleep, lack of energy, poor mood and decreased motivation are often due to the growth of such bad bacteria in the bowel.

Colonbroom works as an organic but powerful “cleanser”, improving the health of the bowel and therefore the general health of the person.

However, what exactly is ColonBroom?

ColonBroom is a dietary supplement and not a pharmaceutical preparation, not intended to treat serious diseases or health conditions.

Its composition is one hundred (100) per cent of natural origin and aims to support bowel health and by extension the general health of the individual.

The positive changes in your daily life promised by the ColonBroom supplement are based on its natural and scientifically supported composition.

The Colon Broom supplement formula is of high quality, manufactured by Max Nutrition LLC to all safety and quality standards, in FDA-approved facilities.

The Colon Broom supplement is prepared in the form of a powder easily mixed and quickly absorbed by the organism providing immediate benefits.

It works as a natural colon cleanser using a very large number of healthy plant fibers that (among others) promote weight loss and appetite control.

This powerful fiber supplement reduces any inflammation in the digestive system, helps relieve gastrointestinal upset, promotes healthy bowel movements and helps achieve and maintain healthy body weight.

ColonBroom is a quality supplement made in the USA.

Only natural ingredients of the highest quality are used for its preparation.

The ingredient formula of the Colon Broom supplement is scientifically supported, ensuring real health results, in every organism.

It is a supplement whose composition is based on plant fibers.

It is vegan and keto-friendly.

It does not contain gluten and GMOs (genetically modified organisms) either.

It does not contain any artificial colors and fragrances, artificial sweeteners, or any other fillers.

Its use helps in a completely natural and organism-friendly way to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle.


The supplement and its company

Colon Broom supplement – as mentioned above – is a top-quality nutritional supplement manufactured by Max Health Nutrition LLC in an FDA-approved facility in the United States, a proof of high quality and reliability.

During this year (2022), it has been recognized as one of the best supplements for the natural “cleansing” of the colon and its use is even recommended by specialist doctors to improve intestinal health.

Company data – Communication

Max Nutrition UAB

Company code


Registered address: Lvovo 37-101, LT-09307, Vilnius, Lithuania

Postal address: Antakalnio str. 17, LT-10312 Vilnius, Lithuania


Phone: +1 (203) 872-9584

Reason for trusting the company

Max Health Nutrition has a proven record of accomplishment in the field since 2008, particularly known for its nutritional health supplements, specializing in general health in natural ways.

The ColonBroom supplement has a perfectly reasonable (and affordable for everyone) retail price of USD68 per package.

Each pack ships free and is equivalent to thirty (30) days of treatment.

How Colon Broom Supplement helps

ColonBroom is a nutritious blend of natural ingredients, a healthy product with plenty of vegetable dietary fibers enhancing good bowel function and promoting weight loss.

The specially selected ingredients of the supplement help to fight many digestive system malfunctions, such as irregular bowel movements, problematic bowel movements, pain and cramps, digestive problems, the sensation of bloating and “gurgling” of the bowels.

The Colon Broom supplement essentially helps you achieve and maintain a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, to acquire healthier eating habits (as it effectively regulates appetite due to the abundant fiber) and to strengthen your organism’s immunity.

In addition, with ColonBroom you experience significantly less bowel pain and have smoother and more regular bowel movements.

Nevertheless, to achieve all these important benefits, consistency and patience are required.

What this means.

In any case, don’t expect miracles. You will not gain all the benefits from the very first use of the supplement.

There are certainly significant health benefits noticed from the very first doses.

However, to see a more “in-depth” improvement in your health, you should have patience.

Taking the supplement should be done on a daily basis with absolute consistency (according to the instructions of the manufacturing company) and for a sufficient period of several months.

It should be noted that ideally the supplement is administered for long periods (even permanently), without any risk whatsoever to the user’s health or organism.

Which symptoms do indicate a greater need for use of Colon Broom supplement?

As stated earlier, ColonBroom is not a medicine intended for use only by people with specific health problems, it is a natural nutritional dietary supplement enhancing completely naturally bowel health and promotes a healthy body weight.

However – possibly – some people may have a greater need for such a supplement, to “solve” some of their digestive dysfunctions.

Such problems are long-term constipation or diarrhoea, irregular and problematic bowel movements, pains, cramps, stomach bloating or constant lack of energy and problematic ability to focus.

Another extremely common symptom reflecting a problem with the bowel microbiome?

An extremely weakened immune system.

Therefore, if you get sick quite often or if you find it difficult to recover from a virus, then you may have an increased need for a health supplement like ColonBroom.

According to his company, ColonBroom, it has effectively helped more than one hundred thousand (100,000) people solve the gastrointestinal problems that plagued those in their daily lives improve their quality of life & enhance their overall health.

This clearly implies a more elevated mood and psychology.


Colon Broom – Key Ingredients

ColonBroom has included in its formulation several nutrients promoting bowel health and healthy body weight.

Finally, let’s look in each of the supplement’s ingredients in detail.

  • Rice Hull

The most nutrients of rice (especially for the bowel and its smooth functioning) are found in its husk.

Rice husks (extremely rich in beneficial fiber) have been used as a natural remedy for diarrhoea in both traditional and alternative medicine.

Another reason many choose to consume them is due to the assistance provided for reducing gas and fight bloating.

They also prevent serious diseases (such as stomach ulcers) and promote good bone & teeth health.

Something that few people know is that rice husks are an excellent source of vitamin K.

They help in proper blood clotting and inhibit the growth of a bacterium causing gastritis and peptic ulcer.

Rice husks are also a unique detoxification component of the body. They reduce inflammation and help smooth digestive function.

Rice husk binds to toxins in the digestive tract. This action reduces inflammation and speeds up digestion.

  • Silicon Dioxide

Silicon is an essential ingredient for the production of valuable collagen.

Collagen plays the role of connective tissue throughout the body and is also a key building block for healthy & glowing skin, strong and beautiful nails, and certainly, healthy joints and bones.

  • Citric Acid

Citric acid is another ingredient found in the ColonBroom supplement offering significant health benefits.

The reason is that this natural component of citrus fruits aids digestion by breaking down food into smaller (and more manageable) particles.

However, this is not the only action it has on the organism.

Citric acid also stimulates the release of bile from the gallbladder, which promotes the body’s breakdown of fat and thus weight loss.

In addition, citric acid together with sodium benzoate inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria in the body and protects the general health of the individual.

It improves bowel function and effectively fights constipation.

It has even been scientifically proven to work as a natural treatment for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Finally, citric acid also helps to break down carbohydrates, increasing the body’s available energy.

  • Psyllium Husk Powder

One of the most important ingredients in the ColonBroom supplement is undoubtedly Psyllium Husk Powder, an important & very healthy fiber, a soluble dietary fiber absorbing a large amount of water and fluids when it enters the stomach, causing it to expand and multiplying its volume.

In this way, it causes a strong feeling of satiety and helps to control the person’s appetite.

In addition, it helps fight constipation and diarrhoea and enhances regular and smooth bowel movement, while at the same time improving overall intestinal health and reducing pain.

There are even quite a few people using psyllium husk as a natural method of treating haemorrhoids.

It effectively relieves pain and reduces the flare-up of haemorrhoids.

Psyllium husk contains a very beneficial mucus, which entering the gastrointestinal tract covers its walls thus forming a protective film.

It is thought that psyllium husk can also provide significant relief to people with chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (including Crohn’s disease).

  • Crystallized Lemon

Lemons – as you know – are an amazing source of vitamin C.

Nevertheless, apart from that, it is also a very good source of important trace elements such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron.

In addition, they offer significant amounts of calcium, copper, zinc and manganese, as well as niacin, riboflavin, thiamin and folic acid.

Lemons – like all citrus fruits – are also rich in powerful antioxidants (flavonols and anthocyanins).

These antioxidants prevent free radicals from damaging cells and negatively affecting DNA.

They offer anti-ageing action and are an important element of beauty and health for the organism.

Crystallized Lemon (Crystallized Lemon) is a natural compound assisting drastically in reducing body fat and weight loss.

It also improves the functioning of the digestive system and promotes overall health and bowel function.

  • Stevia Leaf Extract

Stevia leaf extract is a natural sweetener, but at the same time, it also offers many important health benefits to the body.

Here is an example.

It helps to reduce blood pressure levels and blood sugar levels.

It is low in calories and ideal for those trying to control their weight but cannot resist eating sweets.

  • Sea Salt

Sea salt is the last ingredient in the ColonBroom supplement and an ingredient with a very broad range of health benefits, initially used as a natural remedy to maintain blood pressure at normal levels.

It also contributes to the overall health of the digestive system and promotes its smooth functioning.

It acts as a laxative and immediately relieves constipation.

Those who aim to detoxify their body & lose weight use it.

How should ColonBroom be administered? (Instructions for Use)

ColonBroom is a natural supplement in easily digestible powder form with an amazing (and very pleasant) strawberry flavor.

A very important ingredient standing out in its composition and undertaking the most serious and difficult task of ensuring good intestinal health, the Psyllium Husk, is extremely rich in vegetable dietary fibers.

It takes care of the “cleansing” of the intestine from all harmful elements and toxins, regulating bowel movements and improving their quality, promoting easier bowel movements, and certainly, favoring a correct and healthy body weight.

However, the fact that Colon Broom is an all-natural nutritional supplement (without any chemical elements) in any way does not mean that it can be used recklessly.

The company – for the correct and mainly safe use of the supplement – has given clear instructions for use.

According to them, the ideal way to take the supplement is one (1) or (2) times a day (depending on the individual body and its requirements).

For optimal results, it should be administered on an empty stomach.

The reason is that the enhanced composition of the supplement in this way promotes better the cleaning and detoxification of your entire digestive system but also of your body in general.

The administration should be done with a glass full of water, to help the “work” of the plant fibers in the stomach and intestine.

Will I have any side effects?

In general, the Colon Broom supplement has not been associated with to serious side effects.

However, its fiber-enhanced composition may cause some problems at first for some people.

Therefore, there is no need to panic if you notice some changes in the first twelve (12) to seventy-two (72) hours after consuming the supplement.

This is due to the changes that this particular supplement creates in the intestinal flora.

However, if you experience serious side effects, you should immediately discontinue use and consult a doctor.

For most people, these side effects are not serious and go away after a while.

Is ColonBroom safe? – Conclusion

Surely, every time you use a new dietary supplement, some questions arise.

At first, you will always wonder if it is effective.

Then the question arising is whether it is safe, especially if it is for long-term use.

This is why we definitely have to state that we found from our research about ColonBroom is that it has a completely safe and active ingredient formula that uniquely defends intestinal health and the smooth functioning of the digestive system.

ColonBroom is completely safe and one hundred (100) per cent effective.

It is created with natural herbs and without artificial additives.

It is one hundred (100) per cent vegan-friendly, lactose-free and gluten-free.

Colon Broom – Purchase

You can purchase the original and genuine ColonBroom health supplement only through its official website.

Do not trust third-party sellers.

Most likely, they are promoting fake imitations of the supplement, possibly ineffective or even dangerous.

ColonBroom – Price

What pleased us when researching the Colon Broom supplement website is that it is a very worthwhile product, with an enhanced and scientifically supported formula of ingredients, yet available at a perfectly reasonable and affordable price.

Especially, compared to other nutritional supplements in the same category, Colon Broom and its company offer an extremely affordable price so everyone can “invest” in a more functional digestive system and stronger health.


Available in three (3) packages:
  • One (1) bottle of Colon Broom, sixty (60) servings, at the price of USD64.99 USD per bottle.
  • Three (3) bottles of ColonBroom, one hundred and eighty (180) servings, at the price of USD35.99 USD per bottle.
  • Six (6) bottles of ColonBroom, three hundred and sixty (360) servings, at the price of USD27.99 USD per bottle.

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