Chia Seeds And Weight Loss: How It Works And The Dosage Per day!

As they say, big things come in small sizes and that is very true with Chia Seeds. These tiny gluten-free seeds are packed with not only nutrients and fibres but also proteins and minerals which are essential for your weight loss. 

Be it buying food or a task as simple as switching on the fan or something as big as meeting a new partner, you get everything in a few clicks or swipes in today’s modern age. All this new age technology is making your lives easy but at the same time, it is also inducing laziness to a large extent. All of this leads to an increase in obesity levels among many. Apart from this, a significant factor contributing to the increasing obesity cases all across the globe is processed and packaged food. The consumption of these food items has increased due to their quick and easy nature. 

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The increasing rate of obesity has given rise to a lot of weight loss, methods, diets, exercises, workout plans and routines. The Internet is filled with tips and tricks to help you lose those extra kilos. The latest social media sensation is Instagram and it is overflowing with weight loss tactics. One such tactic is the consumption of Chia Seeds.

Before knowing their innumerable perks let’s know what exactly are chia seeds

What are Chia seed

Salvia Hispanica is a desert plant which originated in Central America. Chia seeds come from this plant. They are small oval-shaped and are considered to have numerous health benefits. These are edible seeds that are also called Salba Chia. They were also grown in Mexico so Chia Seeds are also called Mexican Chia. They have a slightly nutty flavour and do not have any particular taste. 

How to use Chia Seeds to lose weight 

One of the major reasons for weight gain is overeating. Chia seeds have high fibre content and hence they can keep you full for a longer period of time. They also contain protein which satiates your appetite and prevents you from overeating.  Owing to their health benefits, chia seeds have also been called ‘superfood’. According to many kinds of research and case studies done by scientists, chia seeds have proven to be highly effective in weight loss. 

Here are various ways in which you can consume Chia Seeds

Gulp them down or chew them down with water


Just add a spoonful of chia seeds to a cup of water and let it soak, either for a few hours or even overnight. These seeds become swollen in water and even germinate. Drinking this water full of germinated chia seeds is very healthy. 

This is one of the most simple and quick ways to consume chia seeds. If you want you can even squeeze in a few drops of lemon in it for a sour-sweet taste! 



Everyone loves smoothies! They are beverages packed with great taste and health merits. Chia seeds complement many kinds of smoothies and add to their health benefits. Apple, banana, strawberry – you can pop the fruit of your choice in a blender and blend it to make a paste. Empty it in a glass. Add your favourite nuts to this mixture and top it with chia seeds. Your smoothie with chia seeds is ready to relish! If you want you can even add milk or yoghurt to this mixture, blend it and then add chia seeds. 

Make a tasty pudding of chia seeds


Here’s one of the ways of making a simple chia seeds pudding – Just add 3 to 4 tablespoons of chia seeds in a small jar full of milk (full fat). You can use almond milk or coconut milk or any type of milk, based on your preferences. Stir this mixture well and keep it in the refrigerator overnight. The next morning this mixture will turn into a thick pudding which you can relish. You can also add honey, berries or nuts of your choice to make this healthy pudding mixture even tastier. 

Use chia seeds as a healthy salad dressing 


Salads are great for weight loss and if you team them up with chia seeds the health benefits of salads just multiply! 

The classic way to use chia seeds in your salad is just to sprinkle them on top of your bowl full of fresh ready salad. 

Another interesting way is as follows – Pour some orange and lemon juice in your blender, pop some berries in the mixture and make a smooth puree. Add some salt, olive oil and a spoonful of chia seeds to the mixture and blend it again. Allow the mixture to sit for a few minutes and your delicious Chia seed salad dressing is ready! 

Have chia seeds in Oatmeal


If you are on your weight loss journey then oatmeal is a nutritious and healthy breakfast option and adding chia seeds to this will just make it healthier! 

Here’s a simple way to make it – pour some milk into a pot and add a cup of oatmeal, a few spoons of chia seeds and some cinnamon powder. Heat the pot and bring this mixture to a boil. Stir occasionally. That’s it – your chia seeds oatmeal is ready. Pour the oatmeal into a bowl and garnish it with some berries and nuts and enjoy the dish!

Chia Seeds Tea


Having chia seeds in tea makes it a great refreshing and healthy beverage. Pick any tea leaves of your choice and add them to boiling water. Boil the tea leaves for a few minutes and then strain the tea. Allow this tea to cool down for a few minutes or an hour and then add chia seeds to it. If you add chia seeds to hot tea they’ll clamp in the mixture and it’ll be weird to have tea with chia seed clamps. Refrigerate the chia seeds tea overnight and have it chilled. You can also add ice cubes or lime juice to make this chia seeds tea more groovy. 

Chia seeds tea is a great beverage for weight loss. 

If you are following your weight loss routine make sure you include chia seeds in your diet, they also help regulate blood sugar levels which proves to be great assistance while losing weight. These seeds are also rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Hence they also help in keeping depression, inflammation and heart disease at bay! 

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