GenF20 Plus Review : Customer Reviews, Ingredients, Pros and Cons


What is GenF20?

GenF20 is a natural HGH (Human Growth Hormone) supplement that can figuratively slow down the passage of time and help you healthily combat the symptoms of ageing. It can also show a serious positive impact on weight loss, muscle growth, recovery, and more.

Sold exclusively through the original website, GenF20 can naturally do anything that synthetic chemicals, steroids, and HGH injection can do in terms of muscle recovery or wound healing. Instead of following harmful methods like using steroids for leaner muscle mass, you can try the approach of supplements.

Without any side effects, HGH supplements offer benefits just like any HGH injections, and you would not need a prescription too. Taking the drug daily can fully activate your master gland that releases muscle-building growth hormones efficiently.

Though GenF20 can increase your ability to produce testosterone, it is primarily marketed toward people who want to build a leaner and stronger body. By targeting your anterior pituitary gland, it can also boost your sexual health, body metabolism, and energy levels. Better yet, it can save you from the nightmares of wrinkles and fine lines as you age.

Who makes GenF20?

Leading Edge Health is the sole manufacturer of the supplement GenF20 and NMN Genuine Purity. The wellness company has been in the industry for over 15 years, offering some of the best health products on the market. With dedicated teams in the sourcing, research, testing, formulating, and manufacturing stages, it strives to produce 100% safe and natural products for people looking for natural solutions to their health problems.

The company promises a collection of exclusive natural supplements that bring extreme satisfaction to their customers. Due to whatever reason, if GenF20 can’t bring the results you expected, you can easily contact the manufacturing company and send your package back, which will also get you a full refund.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of the drug for a longer duration, you can order 6 months of supply at one go to receive a huge discount and free shipping service. Every next order of the pills on the website will keep costing you less money but gives you the same results always. It is a great deal to be able to save money and reap all the benefits of buying and using Provacyl.

Since Leading Edge Health is the only manufacturer of GenF20 supplements, you should be wary about the dupes on e-commerce websites and local pharmacies. You must remember that the drug is available exclusively on the official website, and nowhere else.

In short, GenF20 is the name given to a drug formula that helps you combat the effects of low testosterone levels and provides you with multiple other benefits as you age.

Form of Consumption:

A single pack of GenF20 contains 120 capsules, which will be enough for a month. For best results, you can take a maximum of 4 tablets per day, two before lunch and two before dinner time.

GenF20 is also available as Alpha GPC oral spray, though it is a rather less-used form of consumption. When taken as an oral spray, you can take six doses per day at two times, three sprays before lunch and another three sprays before dinner. It is advised that you hold the content of sprays beneath your tongue for up to 30 minutes for best results.

Some studies might suggest the possibility of full potent results when both forms of the formula (capsules and spray) are taken together, but you must consult a doctor before you do so. Drug interactions with the GenF20 formula have not been recorded yet, but you can take advice from a medical health professional to be sure.

You must use GenF20 for a minimum of 3 months before you see any noticeable changes in your body and health. Each individual will begin to see the effects of the drug at various intervals, so it is better you wait your time before you conclude that it can’t bring you desired results.

Ingredients in GenF20:

GenF20 is formulated and manufactured by Leading Edge, a health company that has been supplying products to the supplements market for years. According to them, all ingredients in the drug are 100% natural and each of them was studied and tested carefully before including them in the formula.

The ingredients are a combination of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, herbs, and other natural products. All of them are clinically proven to act as precursors to HGH, stimulating their production in your body. You can also reap multiple other factors from most of the ingredients in GenF20, helping you achieve abundant health and wellness.

The official website of GenF20 lists out all the ingredients and below are most of them along with the information on how they can help your bodily functions.

  • Colostrum in GenF20 is full of antibodies that can help you increase your bone density and speed up healing. It is a fluid naturally released from lactating mothers and other animals. Research suggests that the IGF-1 in the fluid can stimulate HGH production and help you build lean body mass. According to the manufacturers, their product contains bovine breast milk (bovine colostrum), which is similar to its human form but includes more growth components. Richly packed with nutrients, it strengthened your immunity system and fights against common viral and bacterial infections.
  • Deer Antler Velvet is a substance extracted from immature deer antlers. It is known to be rich in glucosamine, which plays a crucial role in the rapid healing of joints, tendons, and ligaments in your body. The collagen in the substance, on the other hand, can maintain the good health of your skin and nails. Insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) produces HGH besides contributing to many other benefits.
  • Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) is an amino acid that can stimulate the hypothalamus part of your brain to make sure the pituitary glands release HGH. It can’t be commonly consumed from regular foods, but your brain can naturally produce it. In addition to this, GABA can also improve your sleep pattern, reduce stress, and lead to faster muscle regeneration. As it burns fat in your body, your blood pressure levels may decrease too. It also exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties as a bonus. Though not proven, a study suggests that it is possible that GABA can help in cancer treatments.
  • Astragulus root extract : The GenF20 formula includes Astragulus root extract. Also called milkvetch, the herb can enhance your capacity to absorb other ingredients in the formula when they enter your bloodstream. It is also known to be used in treatments for diabetes, the common cold, and other medical health issues. Though human research is yet to be done, several studies on the extract indicate its efficiency in hyping up your energy levels and contributing to the growth of body tissues. It offers good immune function and protects your heart health. Being rich in antioxidants, it can help your body get rid of toxins and alters the effects that come up with growing age.
  • Tribulus Terrestris : Like most ingredients in GenF20, Tribulus Terrestris helps in IGF-1 production in your body. It also enhances the release of aldosterone and maintains an optimum hormonal balance. Aldosterone controls the levels of salt and water in your bloodstream to achieve an optimum blood pressure level. The extract of Tribulus Terrestris also contains protodioscin, which is a steroidal saponin helping men improve their sexual health. Besides this, the three-in-one substance can build your lean muscle mass and help you stay energetic and efficient in bed with your partner.
  • phosphatidylcholine : Natural foods like eggs, soy, sunflower, and mustard contain phosphatidylcholine, which plays a crucial role in the emulsification of fatty acids. By helping you get rid of fatty cells in your body, it can aid in weight loss too. Similar to Astragulus root extract, phosphatidylcholine can enhance the absorption rate of other ingredients in the GenF20 formula when they enter your bloodstream. It is extremely safe and plays a role in lowering high cholesterol levels in your body. It can help in the treatment of certain skin issues like eczema.
  • pituitary powders : Bovine pituitary glands can be powdered to make pituitary powders, which are a part of the GenF20 drug. Such anterior pituitary powder will directly stimulate the pituitary glands to produce hormones at optimum levels and maintain the right balance. It doesn’t lead to any side effects too. You can also enjoy benefits like muscle growth and muscle recovery among many others.
  • L-arginine : The effects of hypogonadism include erectile dysfunction, decreased rate of orgasms, and low sex drive. It can be combated with the L-arginine ingredient in GenF20, which can amp up your HGH levels by increasing the blood flow. As a building block of proteins, it exhibits anti-ageing properties that can make you feel younger and let you be your best. It works in combination with L-glutamine, L-tyrosine, L-lysine, and L-glycine in supporting lean mass growth and naturally healing specific injuries.
  • L-glutamine might not be directly involved in the production of the HGH hormone, but it’s one of the essential amino acids to keep your body fit and maintain overall health. Like most amino acids, it is rich in antioxidants and fights against common health issues as a natural response. It can protect your intestinal wall, helping the digestive system do its work. More ever, glutamine can prevent you from high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. It even enhances your cognitive abilities.
  • L-tyrosine carries trigger signals to your hypothalamus, making sure dopamine is released. It focuses more on the growth and decline aspects of your mental functions. It stimulates pituitary glands to produce HGH and thyroid-stimulating hormones. Both of these hormones can maintain the optimum balance of other hormones. In addition to what HGH can do for you, tyrosine is good for your metabolism, cognition, memory, stress, depression, anxiety, and narcolepsy. Besides dopamine, it helps in the production of melanin, noradrenaline, and adrenaline which play a crucial role in keeping you alert, concentrated, and in good mood.
  • L-lysine : Just like tyrosine, L-lysine works together with L-arginine in increasing your ability to produce HGH in the pituitary glands. It is still one of the most powerful ingredients in the GenF20 drug formula. According to research, it plays a crucial role in the process of protein synthesis and immune functioning. This ability makes lysine important for muscle recovery and regeneration of body cells, both of which require ample synthesis of proteins. Its rich antioxidants can heal injuries and infections naturally. It also improves your skin and bone health. In addition, it shows calming effects on your brain, reducing stress and anxiety by blocking certain receptors that are responsible for stress levels.
  • L-glycine works more like a support system to L-arginine than as an independent compound. L-glycine and L-arginine as a combination can be ten times more effective in producing HGH than either one of them. Besides aiding in the production of HGH, it can keep your immune system strong and fight against common diseases, especially certain liver conditions.  It can improve your sleeping pattern and keep you energetic throughout the day.
  • L-valine is not produced by our body, unlike the other nutrients in the drug formula. The best source of L-valine is a healthy diet, but it is difficult for most people. GenF20 can be a good option in such options since it does more than produce HGH in your body. It improves your immune response, repairs muscle tissues after workouts and strenuous activities, and even reduces stress.
  • L-isoleucine is another amino acid, similar to L-arginine. It performs the same function as improving immune functioning and producing HGH and other hormones. It supports you to build lean muscle mass and can keep you away from certain common health problems that come with growing age.
  • L-ornithine is a powerful amino acid that functions in combination with L-glutamine. It is also a precursor to arginine and like other amino acids, it stimulates the pituitary gland to produce higher levels of HGH in your body. It is also important for reducing ammonia concentration in your bloodstream, which multiplies your endurance capacity for a long time. You will also benefit from a better sleep cycle, high energy, and a good mood no matter what you do throughout the day.
  • Chromium is one of the essential minerals for the human body. It is a common ingredient in most supplements, but some of them don’t include the type of chromium they use for the formula on the label. GTF Chromium in the GenF20 formula can actively burn fat and contribute to building lean muscle mass. Like most other ingredients in the drug, it also plays a role in the production of HGH. It can lower your cholesterol levels and increase your cognitive ability. It also gives you a good metabolism boost.
  • Besides the list of ingredients mentioned in detail, GenF20 also includes L-valine, L-isoleucine, and L-ornithine. All ingredients together in a per-day serving (4 capsules) contribute to over 4000mg of HGH precursors in your body.

Pros & Cons of GenF20:


  • GenF20 improves your sex drive, energy levels, and muscle tone. It even helps in your weight loss journey.
  • Clinical assessment of the dug suggests that it results in an increased production of HGH levels in men.
  • It is made up of 100% natural ingredients and doesn’t include any secret ingredients that are harmful to your body. It doesn’t contain any synthetic HGH.
  • There are no side effects recorded for the drug. It is completely safe for consumption.
  • The official website of GenF20 contains an extensive list of frequently asked questions to help customers understand their situation and the drug better.
  • The company offers a 67-day money-back guarantee for all their supplements including GenF20.
  • If you decide to order supplements worth 6 months, Leading Edge Health also offers free shipping services for you.


  • If you are thinking of taking GenF20 for weight loss purposes, it might not be as effective since the primary use of the drug is the production of testosterone in men. Weight loss is just one of the added advantages, but not the sole purpose of the drug.
  • Since the product doesn’t contain all vegan ingredients, it might not be an option for vegans and vegetarians.
  • GenF20 is exclusively available on the official website, so it might not be convenient for people who want to buy from retailers.
  • Though the drug is made as accessible as possible, some people might find it expensive with a tight budget.

How does the drug work?

GenF20 is a non-synthetic product that releases HGH in your body. The special enteric coating on each capsule allows all the ingredients to reach the small intestine of a human body for maximum absorption instead of getting digested in the stomach. The astragalus root extract, one of the key ingredients in the formula ensures active absorption of other nutrients, minerals, and amino acids in the drug.

After all the ingredients are fully absorbed, the pituitary glands receive a signal to enhance the production of Human Growth Hormones (HGH) in your body. This is achieved by active absorption of ingredients like pituitary powders, GABA, colostrum, L-arginine, L-tyrosine, and others.

While some ingredients in GenF20 help in the secretion of HGH levels, some ingredients like Tribulis Terrestris help in maintaining an optimum level of hormones in your body. The manufacturers carefully designed the product to have no side effects on users. Most of them found it useful to take the capsules along with the oral spray available in Alpha GPC (L-alpha glyceryl phosphorylcholine) form.

You can expect to see the results of the this HGH supplement at least after 3 to 4 weeks of consistent intake. It also means that your body needs a minimum of 3 weeks to notice the changes in HGH levels and respond to them. The manufacturing company lists all the benefits you will get from the product, all of which will happen after the said period.

The time period between noticeable results to significant improvements differs between individuals. You can’t expect to see all the benefits from the third week itself since no two benefits are the same. While the HGH levels can be increased within three weeks, toned muscles can take three months. You will observe anti-ageing effects after three months too.

No medicine can do its magic without a healthy and active lifestyle no matter how small or serious your health problems are. Supplements work best with a healthy diet, conscious workout regime, and active lifestyle. Since secretions happen better during sleep, supplements like Genf20 include ingredients that help you sleep better, keep you in good mood, and reduce anxiety and depression.

Side Effects of GenF20:

GenF20 includes 100% natural ingredients formulated in the safest ways with zero safety concerns. There are no extreme side effects of the drug and no clinical tests reported any side effects for the same.

However, if you are someone who is prone to allergic reactions and if your body interacts differently with any single ingredient in the GenF20 drug formula, you might face some minor issues.

  • The traces of colostrum in the capsules can cause gas, skin rashes, and nausea. It can also cause issues for people who are allergic to dairy.
  • GABA can upset your stomach and cause headaches You might also feel drowsy if you don’t maintain a healthy diet while you take the supplement.
  • GTF chromium mineral is found in trace minerals, but it can lead to irregular heartbeat, sleep cycle alteration, and mood changes. This can prove to be beneficial for some and problematic for others.
  • Since the formula contains many amino acids, in rare cases, your body might face gastrointestinal issues, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, gout, and some minor lifestyle issues.
  • A very few users reported mild headaches and light rashes, but it is more likely to happen in individuals who are highly reactive to certain ingredients they don’t consume on a daily basis.

From what side effects you might experience to what extent they can happen, it differs from individual to individual. Your experience of the benefits and side effects of GenF20 can be very different from someone else who is following the same dosage under the same diet.

Since you never know how your body might react to any specific ingredient in a supplement, you must consult a doctor for advice before you include testosterone supplements in your diet. It is also good to exercise caution.


“I only experienced high energy levels for the first few months and I thought that was all there is to GenF20. However, as I continued to take the supplement, I began to lose pounds and I fit into all my old clothes. Surprisingly, I stopped having nightmares too.”

“Muscle mass was shallow in my body since fat occupied most of it. Since I started taking GenF20, I have naturally built on a healthy and lean body mass. I also started experiencing increased sex drive from the second month itself.”

“There were many suggestions from family and friends that GenF20 is only a testosterone supplement. When I tried taking it, I could see many changes for good. My skin and hair health has developed a lot. I also experienced increased sex drive and high energy throughout the day.”

“I’m using GenF20 along with another supplement by Leading Edge Health company. It has worked wonders on my body and health. I lost all extra weight and gained healthy muscle mass. I can see almost all the benefits listed on the official website in my life. I feel so good about myself, being able to stay energetic all day, have a good sex drive, maintain a fit body, and be in a good mood.”

“Being a night owl, I had difficulties managing my work and personal life. I was always low on energy and had a bad mood on most days. I bought GenF20 for a month but didn’t expect that I would still be using the supplement. I was not much of a healthy person, but since I started using the capsules, I started paying attention to the kind of life I lead. I choose my food consciously and enjoy all the benefits the supplement has to offer me.”

“I have been taking sinus medication for a long time, but within a month of taking GenF20, I didn’t have to continue with my other medication. My overall health and wellness have improved too.”

Scientific Evidence for GenF20

GenF20 has an abundance of clinical data to support the validity and safety of the product. It is manufactured in a Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) facility that follows all standards and regulations set by the FDA.

Leading Edge Health company ensures the manufacturing and production of the high-quality supplement. Moreover, the official website shows all studies in all stages under their ‘Medical Proof’ section.

  • A controlled clinical trial in 2014 supports the combined usage of GenF20 capsules with oral spray for increased HGH levels in the body.
  • Though there is no significant result in weight loss, body fat percentage, and BMI in the short trial, researchers believe it is highly possible in the long term when following a healthy diet.
  • In another study, some participants were given 3000mg of GABA and others used a standard placebo. The GABA group reported a 200% increase in their HGH levels with resistance training.
  • When research was conducted on deer antler extract, it led to significant evidence that it supports anti-fatigue benefits since it is rich in IGF-1, IGF-22, and testosterone.
  • Multiple studies on the amino acids in GenF20 prove that all the benefits listed on the website are 100% true and safe.
  • In an animal study (rats) conducted in 2003, researchers recorded a significant increase in the production of growth hormones in rats that were given the astragalus root extract. They completed the study with no side effects, meaning the drug formula is entirely safe.
  • A 2017 study suggests that Tribulus Terrestris extract can enhance the growth of skeletal muscle mass and improve endurance while performing high-intensity workouts.
  • All studies conducted on the drug indicate why this HGH supplement is the best alternative to steroids and synthetic injections that artificially increase your HGH levels and give you the same benefits that GenF20 gives you naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does GenF20 really work?

Yes. You can go through the official website to read all about the product along with all ingredients. They also show scientific evidence, testimonials, and everything else you would possibly need to know before you decide to buy the product.

Should I take growth hormone supplements?

You should take a firm decision after consulting your doctor. They can help you understand and assess your situation by checking through all the problems you are facing. They also help you understand if your body will react badly to any of the ingredients in the formula. So, if your body needs HGH and you will benefit from the supplements, you should definitely take them.

Where should I buy GenF20 for the cheapest price?

You should not buy fake testosterone supplements from any sources. GenF20 is only available through the official website. You can also avail of the product for the best possible price on the website too.

Do I need a prescription to buy GenF20?

GenF20 is a hormone supplement that can be bought online from the official store without any prescriptions. However, it is recommended that you consult a health professional to go through your options and possible reactions before you include GenF20 in your diet. Rest assured, it is made from 100% natural ingredients and it is completely safe for regular consumption.

Is GenF20 the best testosterone supplement?

The best supplement is something that gives you desired results in the healthiest way possible, without any side effects and false promises. Since GenF20 checks all the boxes, it can be the best supplement for you.

Is GenF20 oral spray different from the capsules?

No. Both the capsules and the oral spray are the same, except for the Alpha GPC. Alpha GPC is only available in the oral spray, which can be used to complement the GenF20 capsule dosage for best results.

How long does it take to notice results?

It takes a minimum of three to four weeks before you start seeing any noticeable changes in your body. However, it is not guaranteed that it takes the exact amount of time for every individual. Some effects like weight loss and toned muscles depend on multiple other factors and take 3 months to be visible.

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