How to Boost Libido: Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

Tips for both genders to boost their libido and improve the quality of their sex life

There are multiple ways you for boosting your sexual desire for your partner and improve your sex life. Enhancement of your libido is the key to healthy sex life.

Low libido is a problem many people complain about in today’s era. Moreover. healthy aging does not only mean that you have a number of friends. In addition, it does not confine to the walls of the gym, or how much healthy food you consume.

Healthy sexual life is an important part of graceful aging.

Your libido keeps fluctuating over time and that is normal. Furthermore, there are many factors like stress and hormone fluctuations that affect your libido.

Age, itself, is a factor, too. But, people have the choice to maintain healthy sex drives even if they are in their elderly years.

If you wish and desire to increase your libido, you have tons of options to choose from to do so.


Libido is another name given to the sex drive of both genders.

If you have issues with libido, it can be distressful and can affect your relationship. It is not a matter of embarrassment for you to reach out to a medical consultant. 

There are many factors that affect your libido. The factors affecting libido are broadly divided into three parts.

Causes of low sex drive in both genders

  • Biological
  • Psychological
  • Social

Tips to increase your libido and improve sex life

  • A healthy weight

Having a higher body mass has an adverse effect on your sex drive. In addition, studies show that an overweight person can affect your body’s confidence. This results in a lack of sexual performance and difficulties with sexual performance.

Along with other health benefits, you should take care of yourself to give your libido a lift too.

  • Manage anxiety and depression

It is difficult to have sexual desires when you are feeling anxious. Moreover, in clinical terms, anxiety is the worst factor for sexual dysfunction.

You can opt for several ways to manage anxiety and depression. These tips include different forms of therapy. Moreover, you can consume anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications. Furthermore, you can switch to natural modalities like meditation.

  • T levels

Your testosterone (T) levels are bound to decrease as you get older. Approximately about 2% of falls in T levels happen a year from your 30s onwards. Moreover, some men experience drop in T levels beyond this. This is common with men who have obesity and underlying conditions, like diabetes.

If you have a low sex drive, experience erectile dysfunction, or a decline in night-time erections, you should get checked with a Free Testosterone Blood Test. Furthermore, this blood test gives a measurement of both total testosterone and free testosterone.

  • Manage stress

A little stress in daily life is good. This amount of stress gives you motivation. You function well when you are faced with a challenge. But chronic stress, a kind of stress that persists over a long time, is extremely unhealthy and has the capacity to affect your sex life. 

Chronic stress is the major cause of high levels of cortisol. Cortisol inhibits testosterone production. Moreover, it reduces your sexual desire and arousal. Stress has the capacity to alter your cognitive state. It can take your focus away from sexual stimuli while intercourse with your partner.

Tension and worry can trigger anxiety and depression. There is a piece of evidence that depression leads to reduced sexual satisfaction

  • Sleep Quality

A good night’s sleep is key to healthy sexual life. It boosts your libido as you are at peace and your body has taken enough rest. Sleep disorders might lead to different health problems. Moreover, these problems include low libido and sexual dysfunction.

Work on your relationship with your partner

Having relationship issues is one of the most common factors of reduced libido. If you are in a relationship and have spent a long time with your partner, you might feel a degree of sexual dissatisfaction. In addition, unresolved issues lead to tension and result in a lack of sexual desire. 

Try to talk transparently with your partner. Explore your sexual experiences and explain to each other your preferences. This conversation can lead to a better understanding and you might find out where the problem lies. 

You can go for sex therapy together. There is always an option for couples therapy. Try scheduling date nights with each other. Moreover, spend a vacation together. In addition, indulge in intentional touching. The more emotionally you are intact, the better will be your intimate life with your partner.

Also you can try some of the top sexual enhancement pills for women and men to boost even more your sexual life.

Libido-Enhancing Foods

No food will instantaneously increase your sex drive. But, there is plenty of them that eventually affects libido. These food items are aphrodisiac foods. Moreover, these provide key nutrients to your body.

Types of foods good for libidos

Zinc-rich food items stimulate testosterone and stamina.


  • Oysters
  • Red meat
  • Pine nuts

Food items that boost stamina and circulation


  • Fresh produce
  • Whole grains
  • Legumes

High flavonoid foods prevent sexual dysfunction


  • Citrus
  • Peppers
  • Tea
  • Cocoa

Rule out underlying conditions

Low libido can also be the result of an underlying medical condition. These conditions can be diabetes or heart disease. Both conditions damage the blood vessels> moreover, these conditions reduce blood flow to the genitals. In turn, it gets difficult to get an erection.

Furthermore, Diabetes is responsible for causing fatigue. In addition, it is an added cause for lowering testosterone levels which reduces libido. 

  • Limit Alcohol and intake of other substances

Alcohol and recreational drugs have adverse effects on your sex drive. While alcohol gives you a feeling that it is enhancing your libido, it is actually a depressant. Alcohol provides an initial boost in your desire for sex that is temporary.

Alcohol affects parts of the body important for sexual function and drive. Moreover, it affects blood flow to organ function. 

Recreational drugs make you feel good for the moment. They make you feel that you have a higher sex drive at the moment.

  • Self-worth and pornography

People who are suffering from low libido go through low self-worth. When you have to go through low self-worth, you start comparing yourself to others. You find yourself not worthy.

In your social life, there are couples who boast about their sex lives and make everyone feel uncomfortable. When you start feeling that your sex life is not as great as others, your self-worth goes down, and that affects your libido.

Similarly, when you watch porn more than the safe limit, you fail to distinguish the line between reel and real sex. In addition, you start imagining their sex life to be true and in turn have the same level of expectations.

When you do not meet your expectations, your self-worth and libido fall. Moreover, it is important to remind yourself that what you see on the screen is not real.

  • Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health as advertised everywhere. But do you have the knowledge that it is equally damaging to your sexual wellness too? The more you indulge yourself in smoking, the more there is a possibility of erectile dysfunction.

When you smoke beyond limits, your arteries contract. Moreover, this indicates that you have poor blood flow or circulation to your penis. In addition, it gets to maintain an erection. So, it is better to quit smoking for better sex life.

  • Overtraining

When you go for training, make sure you do not overtrain yourself. Try to give rest to yourself and your body. If you do not do so, you are bound to struggle with low testosterone (in men) and estrogen (in women).

Lack of rest combined with sleep deprivation is enough to shoot your inflammation. In turn, it affects your heart health.

You should learn to stop sweating buckets in the gym, and give your body the time and space it needs to rejuvenate.

  • Passive lifestyle

If you are inactive, it results in lethargy. This lifestyle tends to reduce the blood circulation to your reproductive organs leading to low libido. Good blood circulation is very important to the clitoris among women. On the other hand, blood flow to the penis among men is important for a healthy sex drive.

Your heart takes responsibility for controlling and regulating blood flow in the human body. Moreover, high or low blood pressure and inflammation might affect blood flow to your reproductive organs.

Sitting id;e or being inactive is the new smoking. So, it is your responsibility to incorporate adequate activity to improve your libido.


Sex drives are meant to fluctuate naturally. But there are tons of ways to increase your libido when needed.

Moreover, try to go for these tips to feel and function the way you want to. Try to change your mindset before it takes over you.

Moreover, before gulping down chemical-laden pills and supplements with tremendous side effects, you should address the basics. 

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