Nugenix Thermo Review – Does This Thermogenic Supplement Works?

Nugenix Thermo Review

More and more people are suffering from weight-gain and obese syndromes. More and more people are conscious of the condition, trying to find some way out. To exploit the situation, the online market is flooded with weight-loss pills. In this article I have tried to find the usefulness of Nugenix Thermo weight-loss pills.

About the company behind Nugenix Thermo supplement:

I find that the company who developed the health supplement is Adaptive Health having offices at Charlotte, NC, USA ( HQ ) and West Valley City, UT, USA.  They are having 15 products which include testosterone boosters and men-vitality-products.

What Nugenix Thermo claims:

Nugenix Thermo Review

It is claimed that the product contains ingredients which help in burning fat by enhancing metabolism and by triggering thermogenesis. The users will be able to reduce fat, get bigger lean muscles and enhanced energy levels.

The company claims their product Nugenix Thermo as a “ extreme metabolic accelerator”.

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The science behind their claim:

Our body contains brown fat which has more mitochondria compared to the white fat. The mitochondria plays a vital role in burning the fat and converting it into useful energy.

Of late the brown fat which is also known as brown adipose tissue ( BAT ), has attracted the attention of the researchers. Many researchers are trying to harness the fat burning property of the BAT to enhance the weight loss process.

Thermogenesis is the body’s natural process of getting energy through burning the fat. The thermogenesis is controlled by the Central Nervous System. 

Humans expend their energy by the following three processes:

  • Basal Metabolism
  • Physical activities
  • Thermogenesis due to food

The thermogenesis which is induced by diet constitutes 8 to 10% of the total energy expenditure. If the weight-loss pills are scientifically designed to trigger diet induced thermogenesis ( DIT ), less energy gets stored and hence such dietary supplements can affect weight reduction.

Metabolism is the complex process through which our body converts food into useful energy. Higher rate of metabolism also produces thermogenesis causing burning of excess fat.

So the claims of the brand do have some scientific basis.

Ingredients In Nugenix Thermo And How They Act 

  • Vitamin C 17 mg
  • Niacin 16 mg
  • Chromium 200 mcg
  • Morosil Sicilian Red Orange Extract 400 mg
  • Caffeine Anhydrous 154 mg
  • Cayenne Extract 100 mg
  • Coleus Forskohlii Extract 100 mg
  • Green Coffee Extract 75 mg
  • Coffee Berry Extract 50 mg
  • Ginger Extract 50 mg
  • Guarana Extract 50 mg
  • Green Tea Extract 50 mg
  • L-Carnitine 30 mg

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is an antioxidant which helps in eliminating free radicals. Studies have found that vitamin C has an inverse relationship with body mass. It has also confirmed that people with sufficient amount of vitamin C have been able to oxidize more fat after training compared to those with low vitamin C


Niacin is a vitamin B complex which is a vital group of vitamins which help in fighting fatigue, reduce muscle cramp etc. it also triggers thermogenesis. But there is no conclusive evidence that it helps in weight reduction. Niacin dilates the blood vessels and increases the blood circulation reaching more and more oxygen to the muscles during training. In this way it will help in getting lean muscles.


Chromium is a useful mineral which increases the metabolism for synthesis of carbs, fat, glucose as well as insulin. It helps in developing lean muscles improving the shape and the composition of the body. But it remains that chromium plays only a small part in weight loss. 

Sicilian Red Orange Extract:

The supplement manufacturer adds this ingredient due to the presence of some compounds such as anthocyanin in it. The compounds in the ingredient do have a beneficial effect on obesity. 

Anhydrous Caffeine:

Caffeine is a well known stimulant having thermogenic properties. It also helps in enhancing the rate of metabolism. The other indirect effect of caffeine in reducing weight is its appetite suppressing effects. Studies also suggest taking a higher amount of caffeine for better results. 154 mg of caffeine anhydrous has been included in the supplement Nugenix Thermo which is quite an effective amount. People sensitive to caffeine may find it troublesome.

Cayenne Extract:

The ingredient contains capsinoids and capsaicinoids which are beneficial for the body. The hotness which we feel after consuming pepper is due to these compounds. The ingredient stimulates thermogenesis thereby helping lipolysis. The ingredient can help in reducing weight by triggering thermogenesis as well as higher metabolism rate.

Coleus Forskohlii:

It’s basically a mint plant having medicinal uses. Whatever limited research is available, the ingredient has beneficial effects such as hunger-suppression, giving a fullness feeling, burning fat etc. It may have a weight-loss effect.

Green Coffee Extract:

The coffee which we drink is made from roasted coffee beans. In the process of roasting, many beneficial effects of the coffee beans are lost. The raw form of the green coffee beans contains large amounts of antioxidants, polyphenols and caffeine. Recent studies have confirmed that the ingredient has a significant effect in reducing weight including the stubborn belly fat.

Extract of whole coffee berry:

This ingredient extracted from the whole coffee fruit contains a large amount of antioxidants and other substances which are beneficial for the health. It enhances energy and fights fatigued conditions. The user can exert more effort in bodybuilding exercises and burn calories. With the addition of this ingredient a further addition is done in caffeine amount. Further addition of caffeine on account of whole coffee berry extract is 35 mg.

Ginger Extract:

Ginger extract is good for digestion. Good digestion means an improved metabolism enhancing the thermogenesis process. In this way it helps in burning the fat.

Guarana Extract:

Guarana again contains caffeine adding more caffeine to the supplement. The ingredient delivers the caffeine to the body at a slow rate. 10 mg caffeine is added further.

Green Tea Extract:

Green tea contains caffeine and with its addition another amount of caffeine gets added to the supplement. Green tea has EGCG and other substances which help in enhancing the metabolism as well as thermogenesis. Thus the ingredient aids in reducing weight. Green tea is a well known fat burner and is used by many people all over the world.


The ingredient finds uses in many health supplements. It helps in boosting energy. It is also widely used as a nootropic substance improving cognitive abilities. Its inclusion in the supplement is a wise choice as improved mental faculty has a significant effect in increasing metabolism and causing thermogenesis of brown adipose tissues.

How Effectively supplement Nugenix Thermo Works?

  • The weight loss supplement Nugenix Thermo works by stimulating thermogenesis and enhancing metabolism.
  • There is a strong scientific basis that both the above two processes may result in reduction of weight by burning fat.
  • Many of the ingredients which are included in the supplement such as caffeine, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, L-Carnitine etc have properties which triggers thermogenesis.
  • Some other ingredients have been included to improve energy and reduce fatigue. This is a good choice as it will enhance the general well being. The users will be able to do training for extended periods of time thus shedding more fat.
  • The supplement depends to a great extent on caffeine. Though caffeine has a weight loss property, it may be too heavy for sensitive people.
  • The health supplement Nugenix Thermo may provide some relief reducing fat. But their claim is overstated. The users must not expect miracles after using the supplement.
  • The website of the company has failed to provide sufficient customer reviews. So I could not know the reactions of the users of the supplement. Whatever reviews are available provide a mixed response, some are bad while some are praising.
  • Good number of ingredients in the supplement are sugar regulators. The users will not feel sugar crash and he will not have hunger-craving. 
  • The doses are very simple. The users are to take two capsules one time a day. If it is hard on an empty stomach, you should take the capsules after morning breakfast.

Nugenix Thermo Pros and Cons


  • The developer of the health supplement Nugenix Thermo has many other health supplements on the online market
  • The company is based in the USA
  • The blending of the potent ingredients are good
  • Some users have given good reviews


  • Extensive amount of caffeine is provided which is going to be heavy for many users. The people who are on hard training may be able to absorb the extra dose of caffeine.
  • Some customer reviews are very negative
  • Too much dependence on caffeine for weight loss


1) How to take the supplement Nugenix Thermo?

Two capsules are to be taken after breakfast. Though the capsules may be taken in an empty stomach, it may be hard on the stomach. It is prudent to take the capsules after taking food.

2) Possible side effects of Nugenix Thermo?

The website of the company does not hint at any possible side effects. But looking at the ingredients I presume some side effects which may occur after consuming the supplement.

The caffeine intake after taking two capsules of Nugenix Thermo is going to be 198 mg. Probable side effects of high intake of caffeine are insomnia, stomach upset, sudden burst in energy, aggressiveness, gas, bloating etc.

Not much is known about the ingredient coleus forskohlii. Possible side effects can be increased heart beat, flushing, headache etc. some people may not have any problem at all. But it will be wise to take the advice from your doctor before starting the supplement.

3) Where to buy the capsule Nugenix Thermo?

It is best to buy the supplement from the official website of the product.

Comparing Nugenix Thermo With Other Weight Loss Supplements 

The one thing by which the supplement differs from the other health supplements is its high caffeine content. If you are on a healthy diet and doing exercises under the guidance of a trainer, the supplement can be a good option for weight loss. The high amount of caffeine will boost energy and enable you to do hard training for a longer time. It also improves cognitive abilities such as concentration, focus and lifted mood.

But the negative point with reliance on heavy doses of caffeine is that the body adapts to it. As a result the beneficial effects of caffeine may be short-termed. This may be the reason why some users find no beneficial effects.

The gym-goers who have developed a tolerance of caffeine may like the supplement Nugenix Thermo. The people who are trying to shed weight but are not on training may find the supplement hard due to the presence of high amounts of caffeine in the supplement.

How safe is the health supplement Nugenix Thermo

The supplement Nugenix Thermo is made from all natural ingredients. Broadly there are no side effects of the supplement. Some may find issues regarding tolerance of the ingredients, but most of the users will find it safe. Common after effects of the supplement Nugenix Thermo are stomach upset, bloating, gas, headache etc.


The health supplement Nugenix Thermo contains a blending of ingredients which will stimulate the body’s natural process of thermogenesis and also enhance metabolism. This will have a positive result when the users will continue to do hard training. The heat dissipation after heavy workout will have a great effect on shedding extra fat when supported by the thermogenic ingredients of the health supplement Nugenix Thermo. The non gym-goers who are wishing to have lean muscles shedding excess fat, may find other health supplements for their purpose which are slightly soft with less or no caffeine.

The users may try the supplement Nugenix Thermo without expecting miraculous results. But the supplement will surely give some results and help you shed excess fat. 

Too much caffeine content is a point of worry. It would be better if the company made the formulation with a moderate amount of caffeine. The supplement may not suit people with less caffeine tolerance.

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