SlimCrystal Reviews: Is It Legit? What to Know Before Buying Slim Crystal!

Slim Crystal

Shed the extra pounds, heal your mind, body and soul with the SlimCrystal!

Going on a weight loss journey is a huge commitment one makes, and to be successful in it, people want to do everything possible to achieve the desired results. Apart from the mainstream or the traditional ways of weight loss, many people have started turning towards alternative wellness rituals to heal and enhance all aspects of their bodies.

One of the prevalent alternative healing rituals by which people try to achieve their body goals is using crystals. Many people who believe in the power of crystals prefer this method for weight loss and many other ailments, disorders and other health and wellness problems.

What is crystal healing?

Slim Crystal

Humans are considered dynamic, electromagnetic organisms with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy flowing through their bodies at all times. Crystals also have a field of energy that can influence and direct this energy surrounding human beings for better health and overall spiritual well-being.

Crystal healing is not new to human civilization. Instead, it is an ancient practice used for centuries as an alternative healing technique. Some stones have particular energies, and crystal healing practitioners claim they can directly impact a person’s physical, mental and emotional health.

The history of Crystal Healing

Most major ancient human civilizations have used or at least have a description of crystal healing in their sacred texts. For example, the ancient Egyptians used these energy stones for protection and recovery. In addition, the Indian scriptures have explained these crystals’ healing properties and usage in depth.

Other historical civilizations like the Chinese, Greeks and Romans have also used crystal stones for healing, medical treatment and protection in battles and wars.

Why is crystal healing becoming popular in modern times?

It would be erroneous to say that crystal healing is now widespread. It is a significant part of our inherited wisdom from our learned ancestors. Going back to natural ways has always been and will always be in our nature as human beings because we have lived close to nature since time immemorial.

However, in modern times, or over the past few years, to be more precise, pseudoscientific wellness trends and techniques have become quite popular. Pseudoscientific practices like salt therapy, past life regression therapy and crystal healing have occupied significant space in people’s lives, and many swear by these therapies.

It is not uncommon now to see videos of crystal healing methods on social media or to hear about the latest habit adopted by a coworker/friend as part of their self-care routine, which involves crystal healing. One might even come across people incorporating innovative crystal healing products like SlimCrystal.

How does crystal healing work?

Advocates of crystal healing believe that the healing stones are conduits for earth’s healing energy when used with the right intentions for the right things. Crystals work by emitting positive, energizing, calming and uplifting vibrations that help to achieve a peaceful state of mind and a rejuvenated physical state of being. It, in turn, positively impacts a person’s focus and overall well-being.

There are different crystals for different ailments. In addition, every crystal is unique in its effect on the mind and body. The vibrations of healing crystals arise from how their atoms and molecules interact, producing energies that affect humans in their energy field.

The basic idea behind crystal healing is that these crystals interact with the body’s energy fields, restoring balance. The healing crystals are generally more popular for focusing and concentration, but many believe they are handy for physical ailments, illnesses and weight loss.

Do healing crystals help with weight loss?

Healing stones are not only famous for their aesthetic value but also their healing energies. For example, followers of pseudoscience believe that certain crystals help to control the appetite and boost the metabolism so that fat loss can occur.

According to the believers, the energy of the healing crystals can motivate a person to make healthier eating choices and help them to fight junk food cravings. To reap the benefits of these healing stones, one can either wear them as jewellery, use them as an embellishment or a décor piece, or use innovative products like SlimCrystal.

Although no scientific claims back up crystal healing, some dieticians still think these crystals have a placebo effect on the mind which can keep an individual motivated to achieve their weight loss goals. However, “the real benefit is the belief that the crystals are doing something”.

Moreover, this pseudoscientific technique is quite unconventional compared to other alternative therapies. Still, there is no harm in trying this method as it is remarkably non-invasive and harmless.

How can healing crystals help to lose weight?

The placebo effect is the primary and most agreeable reason for the efficacy of healing crystals for weight loss. Unfortunately, many disregard the placebo effect because it does nothing material. However, the psychological impact it can have on an individual is usually ignored when talking about the placebo effect.

Let’s first understand the famous placebo effect to discuss the placebo effect produced by healing crystals. The placebo effect occurs when a group undergoes a “fake therapy” but still experiences improvements in their condition and symptoms because they believe the “fake medication/therapy” is doing something for them.

The mental assurance they receive from this “fake therapy” keeps them psychologically grounded and makes them worry less about their condition. As a result, they are better able to relax and their situation, which worsened because of all the unnecessary stress they were under, starts getting better too. 

It can also be understood in the case of healing crystals. If a person wants to lose weight and use crystal therapy, they feel assured that these healing crystals will give them the mental and, in some cases, even physical support to remain motivated on their weight loss journey.

People using healing crystals for weight loss will make healthier and smarter diet choices and try to maintain a balance between their mind and body by being more mindful of their overall well-being.


How to incorporate crystal healing in your weight loss journey?

With the advancement in technology and the evolution of the health and wellness industries, many unique and innovative products have come into the market. One such product that fuses crystal healing therapy and healthy weight loss habits is SlimCrystal.

What is SlimCrystal?

SlimCrystal is a unique product founded on the principles of ancient crystal healing practices. This carefully crafted product is a crystal bottle that fuses the concepts of crystal healing and mindful weight loss.

The makers of SlimCrystal claim that this bottle helps to create “slimming water’ which can be highly beneficial for people who need some motivation in their weight loss journey. The selective combination of crystals in the SlimCrystal bottle charges the water with healing nutritional properties. When consumed by individuals produces effects like weight loss, better digestion and enhanced energy levels.

Moreover, the manufacturers of SlimCrystal also claim that the crystals in this bottle purify the water and can help achieve and maintain long-term youthfulness. SlimCrystal bottle has a combination of 9 healing crystals that have various benefits and are helpful for weight loss.

Who is the creator of SlimCrystal, and how was it created?

SlimCrystal water bottle was created by Michael Bishop, who was part of a group that researched and investigated the properties of crystals. He was among the many who struggled with weight loss and wanted to use his knowledge of healing crystals to achieve the same. He put his ideas to the test through SlimCrystal.

Bishop chose nine healing crystals based on their therapeutic properties and started drinking water that was charged using them. In two weeks, he observed that the crystal-purified water had helped him lose 3 pounds without significantly changing his diet. In the coming two weeks, he lost 4 pounds, making this weight loss experiment successful.

The positive results he experienced motivated him to replicate these results further in a larger group. He made a test group of 212 overweight men and women who were more than the age of 40 years. One-half of the group drank 3 litres of water daily, while the other half only drank SlimCrystal-infused water.

The portion of the group that drank SlimCrystal-infused water lost around 5 to 7 pounds after a month, while the average weight loss of the other part was only 0.7 pounds. This controlled trial showed a stark difference between the average weight loss values.

This positive result in weight loss among a small group of people led to the creation of SlimCrystal.

How Does SlimCrystal Work?

SlimCrystal works by altering the structure of the water present in the bottle. Therefore, its properties change when the water is exposed to the crystals in the SlimCrystal bottle. As a result, the water is purified and is charged with the healing energies of the crystals.

Each crystal in the SlimCrystal bottle imparts a unique therapeutic property to the water and makes it free of pollutants and contaminants. In other words, the water contained in the SlimCrystal bottles becomes super water with slimming properties.

An independent lab test found that the regular tap water inside SlimCrystal underwent structural changes. Within 10-14 minutes, the water in SlimCrystal acquired a hexagonal structure which reduced the acidity and increased the oxygen content of the water.

The water quality increases and becomes more beneficial than regular tap or filtered water. Other known methods can charge water with therapeutic properties apart from merely cleaning it. These methods are exposing water to UV or natural heat, magnetizing water through vortexing or storing water in gemstone water bottles like in the case of SlimCrystal.

The weight loss benefits of SlimCrystal come from 9 crystals with slimming properties. In addition, these crystals are believed to have the power to induce metabolic changes, which lead to weight loss.

The primary mechanism of action of SlimCrystal is introducing metabolic changes that help to reduce weight healthily and naturally. In addition, it is also reported that SlimCrystal helps to increase overall oxygen levels, which is extremely important for weight loss.

The benefits of SlimCrystal are not just limited to weight loss, the healing properties of the crystals also help to get rid of a wide range of ailments. In addition, SlimCrystal is an easy and convenient product that provides results within a week of its usage.

The crystals with slimming properties work by reducing hunger pangs and controlling unhealthy cravings while promoting healthy metabolism and eliminating toxins from the body. In addition, these positive effects of SlimCrystal help to improve digestion which further contributes to fat loss.

Benefits and advantages of using SlimCrystal

Among the numerous advantages of using SlimCrystal, some are summarized below-

  • SlimCrystal helps lose weight without requiring intense physical activity or significant dietary changes. The crystal-infused water from the SlimCrystal bottle passively contributes to the fat-burning process.
  • The SlimCrystal bottle supports a healthy and improved metabolism, strengthens the immune system and enhances the functioning of the digestive system
  • The crystals’ healing properties in SlimCrystal help eliminate depressive factors like stress, anxiety, and mood swings.
  • SlimCrystal can also work towards improving the sleep cycle and preventing insomnia which can lead to many mental disorders.
  • SlimCrystal helps to remain motivated while keeping energy levels boosted. It helps to keep the inspiration levels high so one does not get distracted on their weight loss journey.
  • SlimCrystal can also help to manifest optimism and a positive attitude towards everything so every task can become accessible and achievable.
  • The powerful energy fields of the crystals in SlimCrystal help to improve blood circulation throughout the body.
  • SlimCrystal supports detoxification and helps to balance hormones
  • The SlimCrystal bottle helps to enhance positive vibrations in the surrounding, providing a feeling of fulfilment and contentment.
  • SlimCrystal is a no-hassle product which is very easy to clean and maintain.
  • One can be assured of the quality of SlimCrystal, as this healing bottle is manufactured at a GMP-certified facility in the USA
  • SlimCrystal can be used by people of all ages and is equally effective for everyone.

Side effects of SlimCrystal

  • SlimCrystal is an entirely safe and natural product which does not produce any adverse effects that can harm anyone. However, since every crystal has its energy field, it might be too powerful for some people.
  • If anyone experiences any adverse side effects with the SlimCrystal bottle, they should stop immediately and resort to traditional weight loss methods.

What makes SlimCrystal so unique and compelling?

To gain maximum benefits from SlimCrystal, it should be used regularly and religiously. It will not only reduce obesity but will also help to heal the mind, body and soul holistically. In addition, the users may also experience added benefits like improved digestion and strengthened immunity.

The combination of crystals that make SlimCrystal such an effective product is-

  • Moonstone- Moonstone has been used for personal development and improvement in strength for ages. It is stress reliving stone associated with self-discipline and good luck. It is believed to maintain prosperity and love in personal relationships.
  • Amythyst- This exquisite gemstone is a natural sedative that calms the mind and rids the body of unwanted toxins. Amythyst provides emotional and spiritual protection. It is beneficial for overcoming mental anxiety and helps to eliminate any addictions. It enhances awareness and elevates consciousness.
  • Carnelian- This is a mighty stone associated with sexuality, vigour, vitality and improved fertility. It also promotes better joint health and is beneficial for the kidneys. When the body’s vital functions are in order, weight loss automatically happens.
  • Clear Quartz- This energy-enhancing crystal strengthens the immune system and improves focus and concentration simultaneously. This stone is excellent for keeping the spirits uplifted.
  • Sodalite- This healing stone can induce metabolic changes in the body, which help achieve weight loss. It protects the body from harmful radiation by absorbing toxic electromagnetic waves. Sodalite is also believed to cure gastrointestinal problems and throat issues.
  • Citrine- This crystal is associated with creativity and artistic expression. The bright colours of this stone impart positivity and mental support to the user. It brings wealth and happiness into one’s life.
  • Green Aventurine- This stone is known for its natural healing properties. It is a bringer of love, prosperity and calmness. It provides inner peace to the internal mind and is also helpful for overcoming financial difficulties as it is believed to attract wealth.
  • Red agate- This crystal is especially beneficial for women as it helps to relieve menstrual cramps. It also provides relief from stomach aches. Pregnant women receive unique benefits from using this stone as it attracts positivity and protects the user.

How to use and maintain SlimCrystal?

Drinking 3 litres of water from a SlimCrystal bottle daily is recommended for maximum weight loss benefits.

The maintenance of SlimCrystal heavily depends on its usage. The bottle should be used regularly to keep the stones activated so they can aid weight loss. Moreover, it is crucial to give regular hygiene utmost importance when using SlimCrystal as the healing stones are susceptible.

If not cleaned regularly, the crystals in SlimCrystal might lose their healing properties over time. Therefore, it is advised not to put SlimCrystal in the microwave or boil the bottle. SlimCrystal bottle is dishwasher safe. 

Pricing of SlimCrystal

 Each SlimCrystal bottle is available at $117, along with shipping charges

 The customer can get good discounts if 2 SlimCrystal bottles are bought together. The discounted price of 2 SlimCrystal bottles is $197 with free shipping and handling charges.

The SlimCrystal bottles come with a 60-day warranty, which can be availed in cases of discrepancies. In addition, people unsatisfied with SlimCrystal can benefit from a complete refund on their purchase.


Gifts Inclusive in Slim Crystal

The SlimCrystal bottle comes with three inclusive gifts. (No added charges)

  • Gift # 1 – Slim Over 55 Program

This program is designed for both men and women who wish to reduce weight but are new to fitness. It is appropriate for people of all ages.

  • Gift # 2 – Healthy Fat Loss Desserts Cookbook and Videos

It is a best-selling book with over 35 mouthwatering weight loss recipes that can help one lose without compromising on the taste. The recipes are sugar-free and do not contain unhealthy fats.

  • Gift # 3 – 57 Secrets to Reverse Ageing

This book provides tips to slow down the signs of ageing. In addition, it contains secrets to looking ten years younger than the actual age.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is SlimCrystal Bottle safe?

SlimCrystal Bottles only contain natural crystals that are entirely safe for human use.

2. How to use the SlimCrystal Bottle?

Individuals should drink 2 to 3 litres of water from the SlimCrystal bottle daily for 3 to 6 months to achieve the desired weight loss results.

3. What is the best way to clean SlimCrystal?

The inner glass chamber of SlimCrystal, where the crystals are present, should be hand-washed using water and liquid soap. All other parts of the bottle can be washed in the dishwasher.

4. Do the crystals in SlimCrystal lose their efficacy with time?

The crystals will not lose their powers as they are natural pieces taken from the earth.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it can be concluded that SlimCrystal is a safe and innovative way to lose weight for people who need more mental motivation and spiritual support. It helps to rejuvenate the mind and the soul while helping to achieve the desired body goals.

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