Tea Burn Review: Customer Reviews, Working, Benefits, Pros And Cons


Most of us have been worried about our weight at one point or the other. Often we have specific areas in our body whether it is the belly, thighs or our hips, where we notice excessive fat and wish to lose it. Unhealthy lifestyles and polluted environments have led our diets to become inept and more unhealthy.

This is why there are so many products on the market targeting weight loss. One of the most ancient ones is tea, known for caffeine as a primary fat burning ingredient.

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What Is Tea Burn:

Tea burn is a natural fat burning tea supplement which aids in weight loss and helps boost all round metabolism of the body. This weight-loss product is tea based and promises multiple benefits like boosting immunity, improving mental and physical health, and inhibiting hunger, thereby helping in losing weight.

It’s a powdered supplement that you mix with your tea, and that helps you get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. It’s 100% natural and does not contain any colors, preservatives, or any kinds of stimulants. It’s a patent-pending supplement and because of its all natural ingredients, it is safe to use by all.

Tea Burn is a weight loss supplement that claims to be a 100% safe and sourced from all natural, patent pending formula that can be combined with a tea to enhance both the speed and efficiency of your body’s metabolism. In essence, it claims to eliminate fat from the problem areas of your body without you having to go on strict diet regimens and workout routines.

Tea burn’s official website does not reveal the full list of ingredients and it is quite difficult to find the ingredients section. However, according to the sources cited on the website, we were able to find out the list of ingredients used in the Tea Burn supplement. According to the manufacturers, Tea Burn is composed entirely of natural ingredients, vitamins, herbs and minerals that work towards helping you lose weight and gain strength.


Ingredients :

A more in depth study into the ingredients used in the Tea Burn supplement has revealed the following list of ingredients:

  1.  L-Theanine: it works towards helping you build a stable mental health. It helps the body in getting rid of anxiety, stress or discomfort and listlessness. It has also been used in cancer treatment and simultaneously builds better immunity, focus and concentration. In addition to all this, it works against the side effects of caffeine and neutralizes the anxiety and increased heart rate that caffeine causes you.
  2.  Caffeine: It is one of the most important ingredients used in the Tea Burn supplement. Caffeine is a good natural ingredient used for increasing energy and focus. It trains your brain to work with more alertness and concentration. However, consuming caffeine in large quantities may cause side effects resulting from caffeine overdose. Caffeine has also long been known to have a natural advantage of burning fat. This is why so many people around the world consume caffeine either in terms of tea, coffee or cocoa. It works by accelerating your metabolism and therefore helping your body burn excessive fat even while you’re at rest.
  1.  Green tea extract– Green tea is one of the ingredients that has long been used as a health boosting supplement. It is known for helping you lose weight and functions by targeting fat cells and it also ensures that your cardiovascular system, cholesterol, blood pressure level and everything inclusive of the heart and the brain is maintained. Green tea has also been known to help you focus more. One of the most significant characteristics of green tea is its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant traits. In particular, the antioxidant EGCG that is found in green tea helps not only in preventing inflammation in the body, but also fights excessive fats and toxins.
  1. L-Carnitine: L-Carnitine is something that our bodies naturally possess and produce via the kidneys, liver and the brain. It is used to help your body use the fat that is stored in your body as energy. It also generally enhances your metabolism.
  1. Chromium: Chromium is typically used as a remedy for diabetes because it encourages the body to deploy insulin in the correct way. Thus promoting healthy hormone levels and accelerating weight loss. It also simultaneously decreases your appetite and thus helps you lower your food intake. if the sugar levels in your body are stable, then you will not feel as much food cravings.
  1. Coffee extract: This is also an ingredient that promotes weight loss. It simultaneously ensures that you maintain healthy blood sugar levels, cholesterol, blood pressure and its particularly antioxidant characteristics helps the body fight or remove toxins. The particular element that is influential here is chlorogenic acid, often found in green coffee beans which functions as a pertinent antioxidant.

How does Tea Burn actually work?

People try a lot of different things in their pursuit of losing weight. One of the most popular of these things is tea. Tea is a natural detoxifier, helps burn fat, and has an energizing property. People experiment with green tea and lemon tea and many other different kinds. While they might work for some or over long periods of time, they’re not all effective alone. This is where Tea Burn becomes extremely useful.

By adding a daily dose of Tea Burn powder to your green/lemon tea, you not only increase the tea’s capacity to burn fat, but the added vitamins and minerals in tea burn help charge your bodily metabolism and improve your overall health. The supplement works in three different ways:

  • First, it helps fight the issues that make your metabolism slow. A poor bodily metabolism is an invitation to accumulated fat and loss of energy. By boosting your body’s metabolism, Tea Burn powder not only makes you more energetic, but actively aids in the fat burning process of the body.
  • Secondly, the powder along with the goodness of tea, helps in melting stubborn felt that has accumulated in your body over time.
  • And finally, Tea Burn slows down hunger and reduces your appetite, thereby limiting the amount of fat you consume over your day.

How does Tea Burn change regular tea into “Super Tea”?

 The manufacturers of Tea Burn claim on the website that Tea Burn when added to another beverage such as tea transforms it into super tea because tea burn pouches contain a lot of herbs, vitamins, minerals amino acids, and other natural ingredients that enhances your metabolism and immune system while also helping you reduce weight and become more active.

Tea Burn makes drinking tea several times more rewarding because it makes it more healthy and beneficial to your body. The manufacturers claim that drinking Tea Burn, along with tea will help you see noticeable differences in your body if you do it regularly for about three to four months.


Benefits of taking Tea Burn :

Apart from being a 100% natural fat burning supplement that is safe for all, it has also been reviewed by users as being an effective fat burning supplement. The absence of preservatives and stimulants already makes it a better alternative than its competing weight-loss supplements.

Another great thing about Tea Burn is that its benefits are not just limited to losing weight and it aids a multitude of bodily functions. Adding the powder to your tea turns it into a super tea which enhances the benefits of both the supplement and the tea. The health advantages of this product are:

  • It boosts natural metabolism of the consumer’s body, and thereby making the fat burning process easier and faster.
  • Regular usage of Tea Burn supplement helps users sustain higher levels of energy and keeps them charged up throughout the day. Tea Burn contains green tea extract and coffee extract which are natural stimulants to boost energy levels.
  • Accumulated body fat is one of the biggest problems that comes with obesity and what plagues everyone who is on a journey of weight loss. When you mix the Tea Burn powder supplement with your morning tea, it targets the regions of your body which contain layers of stubborn fat, and stimulates the melting and burning of that fat.
  • One of the biggest reasons for obesity and weight gain is the consumption of unhealthy food which contains large amounts of fat. Tea Burn powder puts a pause on your food cravings and inhibits your hunger, and therefore prevents you from adding more fat into your body, and helps lose weight faster. This it does by slowing down the digestion process and making you feel full for a longer period of time.
  • Tea Burn also has polyphenols and antioxidants, which have the property of boosting immunity of the user, making them generally more physically mentally healthy and focused
  • Tea Burn powder also has benefits that helps improve your cognitive ability and keeps your more sharp and focused
  • Apart from all this, the Tea Burn powder supplement along with the benefits of tea it is consumed with, helps maintain blood pressure under control and prevents the risk of stroke and other heart-related diseases. Many users of the product have written reviews claiming that the product has phenomenal benefits of regulating blood pressure.
  • The Tea Burn supplement, with the help of chromium, provides assistance in controlling blood sugar levels. By lowering blood sugar levels and balancing insulin resistance, it reduces the risk of diabetes and other problems that accompany high blood sugar levels.
  • Apart from the plethora of benefits Tea Burn provides to your physical health, the supplement also aims to improve your mental health. Regular consumption of Tea Burn will function as your natural caffeine which will keep you focused and provide clarity to the work you do.

Tea Burn Side Effects and Disadvantages :

The Manufacturers claim that Tea Burn is incredibly safe. However it is recommended that people under the age of eighteen pregnant women or breastfeeding women do not use it. In addition to this, people who are under prescription for other drugs and medicines should not take Tea Burn without a consultation with the doctor and must always inform the doctor about the supplements that they are taking so that there isn’t a conflict between two drugs.

Another disadvantage of Tea Burn is that the discounts on it are only valid for a very short period of time. Additionally,  the manufacturers do not promise the same outcome for everyone. Therefore, individual results may differ depending on your body. Another disadvantage of Tea Burn is that it can only be purchased through its official website and is not available on other online shopping websites or through private retailers.


The packaging of Tea Burn is designed in a way that one bag contains 30 strips of the powdered supplement. The general recommended dosage of Tea burn is one strip per day. It is recommended to mix that singular packet with your Tea Burn with your tea, which doesn’t alter its taste and flavor, but adds immensely to its health benefits. It’s an inert powder which dissolves effortlessly into your beverage.

As it has the properties of boosting energy and improving metabolism, it should ideally be consumed with your morning cup of tea. It can be taken before, after, or with a meal. You can also take Tea Burn with juices, water, or smoothies if you do not like/or consume tea.


How much does it cost?

If you are wondering where to buy Tea Burn, you can purchase Tea burn at its website, www.teaburn.com.  It cannot be purchased through private retailers. Tea Burn comes in boxes of 30 pouches each which will last you for a month. One pouch or box containing it comes at $69 In addition to shipping costs.

The website also offers separate discount offers from time to time and the customer must check out the official website in order to find out the latest discounts and deals. One disadvantage of the website is that you have to bear the shipping expenses yourself.

If you have done your thorough research and would like to purchase the product however, the three month and a six month bundle pouches are much more advantageous in terms of pricing. Therefore, the more Tea Burn you purchase, the more you save.

Do the manufacturers offer a Money back guarantee?

Whenever consumers invest in supplements that claim to have a myriad of benefits, they’re naturally always skeptical about getting scammed and losing all their money. Not only are they concerned about the efficacy of the product, but also about the shipping process, given that it’s sold by a company which is not very popular.

Keeping all these concerns in mind and prioritizing the satisfaction of consumers of Tea Burn, the company offers a generous 60-day full money back offer. Until after 60 days of placing the order, the customer can claim a refund on the product.

Upon regular use, if the consumer feels that they’re not getting the benefits that the product promises, they can reach out to the customer care and ask for a refund. The process of processing the refund does not involve any investigation, and the refund will be initiated right away. The customers have to return the leftover packages, the shipping cost of which they’ll have to bear themselves, and upon receiving the package, the refund will be processed.

One important point to note here is that this money back guarantee is only applicable if you purchase the product from the company’s official website. If you buy your Tea Burn from amazon or any other external retailers, you are not eligible for this 60-day money back guarantee. And also that if you request for a refund post 60 days of your placing the order, your request shall be denied right away and the further grievance shall not be addressed by the company.

Who should stay away from it?

As has already been mentioned, the Tea Burn supplement is not advisable for pregnant women, breastfeeding women or children. In addition to this, you must speak with your physician if you’re already on a prescription drug and worry about it interfering with tea burn, although there hasn’t been any reported cases or studies of tea burn interfering with prescribed drugs.

Moreover, if you suffer from a predisposed medical condition, you must be very cautious before you decide to take Tea Burn. It is advisable for people with illnesses to consult their physicians before they decide to add Tea burn to their regime. Only a doctor’s advice can help you make the decision on whether or not to add Tea Burn to your regime.

Lastly, only adults are recommended to take Tea Burn because anyone under the age of 18 is still in a developing phase and Tea Burn may impose unnecessary stress on the development. Therefore you must wait until you are an adult to start using this product.

Are there any other dietary restrictions that you must follow while consuming Tea Burn?

 It is always advantageous to have an active and healthy lifestyle where one is conscious of what they are consuming and work out enough to keep your body agile and fit. However, Tea Burn does not require you to go on strict diets or get into intense workout routines. It is merely recommended that you eat a nutritious diet and keep your body active.

Who is the creator of Tea Burn?

In judging the legitimacy of a product, an important indicator is the legitimacy of its manufacturer. The weight-loss supplement Tea Burn has been created by John Barban. He was also the founder of Java Burn, which is a coffee based fat burning supplement, and he is quite well known for the same. The company also has an official website, which contains its contact details and the office address. It’s based out of the USA, but ships its product internationally too. In the interest of transparency, the company also enlists all the major ingredient and manufacturing details on its official website.

Customer Reviews

Although the manufacturers of the product claim that this weight loss supplement is effective and has many other health benefits, the real test of the product only comes from the reviews provided by the consumers of the same.

What we gather from the overall reviews is that consumers of Tea Burn have been fairly satisfied with it, with regards to its fat burning qualities. While not all customers have experienced the many other benefits that the company claims, they have, in essence, benefitted from it in their journey of losing weight. None of the customers, who reviewed the product upon use, said that upon three months of using this product, they have experienced significant progress in weight loss.

Not only were they impressed by how it made their tea taste, they also said that their hunger was decreased. While this customer did not see any drastic improvement in their metabolism or energy levels, they said that Tea Burn accomplishes what it claims to do.

Another customer, was was reviewing the product was 20 days of usage noted that the supplement had helped them with constipation and they could already see some loss in the fat around their stomach area. In around 20 days, this customer had already lost four pounds, and was really excited to see the results at the end of six weeks.

A third reviewer of the product, who was reviewing it upon 2 months of usage reported a noticeable improvement in their energy levels, had lost 6 pounds by the end of 2 months, and experienced a gradual improvement in their overall health. Suffering from diabetes, this customer used to feel lathargic and lazy, and were disappointed and disheartened with their body and themselves. Not only did Tea Burn improve their overall health and helped in fat loss, it also contributed to improving their relationship with themselves and their body.

A fourth customer differed slightly from the previous 3, and upon a month of usage hadn’t experienced any significant change in their weight. Neither did the product improve their metabolism and their energy levels. However, they had purchased the three month course, and were willing to finish the entire course rather than coming to a conclusion now and returning the product.

We see that the affect Tea Burn powder supplement has on people is subjective, and is heavily influenced by their respective bodies and health status. While most people did experience an improvement in their weight loss journey, the product did not stand too strong on all the claims the company made about it’s added benefits. In summary, the product received better than average reviews, and is worth giving a try.


FAQs :

 What does Tea Burn contain?

Tea burn is an all natural, patent pending product that is flavourless and enhances your tea on multiple levels. It contains ingredients such as caffeine, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, such as L-theanine and L-Carnitine, among other ingredients that not only enhance the advantages of the tea or beverage that you’re consuming, but more importantly, helps you lose weight at a quick rate. It has several natural ingredients that work to burn fat including green tea extract and caffeine.

 How does Tea Burn, burn fat?

 First, teas in themselves contain an ingredient called catechins that enhance your metabolism and aid your body in the process of breaking down fats at a quick pace. Simultaneously, the caffeine in teas help your body burn calories and increase your energy levels and focus. While these two ingredients in teas help you lose weight, Tea Burn contains several other ingredients that precisely target the problem areas in your body. L-Theanine which is an ingredient in Tea burn has been proven through research studies to reduce body fat percentage in your body. In addition to this green coffee bean extract has also been shown to target fat loss as discussed in the article. caffeine and EGCG work together to enhance metabolism and to effectively break down fat.

 Does Tea Burn help lose weight?

 As discussed the ingredients L-theanine and L- carnitine  sourced naturally as one of the primary ingredients of Tea burn target fat storage in the body. L carnitine  functions by helping the body burn fat to produce energy. Another ingredient is green tea extract, which has plenty of antioxidants.  it is also beneficial for weight loss so is one of the primary ingredients, caffeine.

What is the shipping process like?

 The manufacturers website will ship your order to the address that you provide via a premium carrier such as UPS or FedEx. If you’re located in Canada or the United States, your order can be delivered within five to seven business days. Whereas international orders may take a little longer, say eight to 15 business days in addition to custom clearance time. you can also opt for a rush shipping.

Does Tea Burn work with other beverages?

Absolutely tea burn can be combined within other beverages that may enhance the benefits. However, in and of itself Tea burn contains a naturally sourced,  patent pending formula that is manufactured to work in synergy with tea to create a bodily environment most suitable for fat burning.

Is Tea Burn safe?

The manufacturers claim that Tea Burn is absolutely safe, natural and effective. They write on their website that 1000s of people have consumed tea burn regularly without having borne any side effects. Tea burn is exclusively manufactured in the United States, In a facility that is FDA approved and has been awarded the GMP certificate. They claim to use the most sterile, strict and precise standards. In addition to this, the manufacturers posit that tea burn is 100% Vegetarian, gluten free natural and non GMO. However they do warn that  people with a predisposed medical condition should consult the doctor before consuming it.

What can I drink to lose belly fat?

 There are several teas that you can drink by combining them with Tea burn. Combining teas with tea burn enhances the beverage and helps you lose fat and target the problem areas in your body.

Is Tea Burn a scam or is it legit?

Tea Burn’s website claims that it is a 100% legit  product created by John Barban. He holds a specialisation in physiology, nutrition and biology and has been a leading expert on metabolism.

Is Tea Burn available on Amazon?

Tea Burn is currently not sold on Amazon and can be purchased at the manufacturer’s website, www.teaburn.com at a discounted price.

How much weight can you lose by consuming Tea Burn?

While this is a vital question for somebody who is seeking weight loss, it is hard to accurately predict a number as multiple factors including environmental and genetic ones determine the effect that the product can have on you. However, the manufacturers claim that you notice a significant fat loss.


Tea Burn is a product that offers to tackle the growing problem of obesity in a cost effective and easy to use solution. It claims to be one of a kind of product that swiftly helps burn fat using all natural ingredients in a period of months. While the manufacturers do not disclose the complete list of ingredients, the ingredients that we have come across have been scientifically researched to work on burning fat.

However, there has been no conclusive scientific study on the product itself. Additionally, Tea Burn claims to be safe and free from side effects but comes with warnings for underage people, breastfeeding or pregnant women or people with underlying medical conditions. Overall, it has received decent reviews and can be a wonderful product if it works, as it claims to do on the website. The good thing is that in the event that it does not, the manufacturer guarantees a 60 day refund policy.

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