6 Best Ways to Boost Sexual Stamina and Last Longer in Bed

When we say as a man grows older, his libido or sexual drive decreases, it won’t be something new to you. However, most men in their 60s or 70s often struggle with this issue. And we are not just making this up on our own; according to various surveys, this data has been confirmed. 

The key reason behind this problem is the decrease in testosterone levels in human male bodies. As a result, the most visible symptoms are the penis taking an exceptionally prolonged time to get completely erect, erectile dysfunction in which they cannot hold the erection for long, and lack of firmness. 

Although all of these are physical conditions, being unable to live a good sex life can be pretty depressing.


According to one of the surveys, approximately 20% of divorce cases happen worldwide because of unhappy sex life. And you would be surprised to know that the reason behind the lack of sexual stamina in the majority of the cases is not age but lifestyle. 

People who are heavy drinkers, obese, suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure can fail to have the optimum stamina in bed. But does that mean there is nothing to look up to? Absolutely Not! We have found some of the best ways people have used for ages to increase their sexual stamina and last longer in bed.

Amazing Tips To Boost Your Sexual Stamina And Last Longer

1. Appreciate the benefit of Masturbation

Masturbation is not something that you do simply for pleasure. You can even use this to increase your stamina in bed. 

Every man needs a refractory period. Now, this term may be new to you, so let us explain! The refractory period refers to the time you need after you reach orgasm for the first time and get yourself for round two. 

This period varies from one person to another. For some, it may take a few minutes where they can indulge in a second round and reach another orgasm, and for others, it can even take a day. The second case is specifically applicable to people who are older or are suffering from some sexual ailments. 

How does Masturbation help in all these? Everything, when done in excess, can have a negative impact. For example, people who are addicted to masturbation reach orgasm very quickly. That is called premature ejaculation in medical terms. In these cases, they fail to satisfy their partners and cannot get the complete experience of the same.

However, for normal healthy individuals, one of the best hacks to increase your stamina in bed is to masturbate just a short while before having sex. This way, you get a standard refractory period that ensures you can last a bit longer before cumming in round two. 

But you need to remember that if you masturbate too close to having sex, you might hamper the whole experience. In this scenario, you may stay in the refractory period for too long, which may not be something your partner might want. 

2. Improve Your Lifestyle

We have already mentioned above that one of the reasons people lack stamina and cannot last longer in bed is unhealthy life choices. Let us elaborate on that fact here in detail. 

People who smoke cigarettes have a very high chance of getting cancer. But one of the facts that many of you might not be aware of is that people who smoke tend to develop erectile dysfunction, which highly affects their sexual life, compared to non-smokers. 

According to one of the surveys conducted by BJU International, they showed an increase in severity of ED or Erectile Dysfunction problems as the conducted studies among non-smokers, moderate smokers, and chain smokers. 

Chain smokers not only have erectile dysfunction but also have a low sperm count. So it directly impacts their personal lives when it comes to having a baby by the couple. 

To get rid of this problem, there is a straightforward solution: quit smoking. There are various ways of doing it, based on how often you smoke. First, consult a doctor or a medical practitioner to help you with this problem of smoking. 

3. Get a good sleep for a better sex life

We do not appreciate the importance of getting a night of good sleep. However, one of the statistics shared by the CDC stated only 65% of adult Americans get a long sleep duration of at least seven hours a night. 

There could be various reasons behind not getting a sound sleep. The health problems that come with improper sleep include obesity, depression, anxiety, hypertension, etc. All these problems have a direct impact on your sex life. 

Insufficient sleep can even result in erectile dysfunction. To help with this problem, you can try some sleeping pills prescribed by your doctor. However, without directly switching to medications, you can try other methods like yoga, deep breathing, etc. 

Most of the time, they work like magic and will start showing the benefits within a few days of regular practice. Pranayama and meditation are also great options to have a more extended sleeping period. 

4. Give importance to Foreplay

Most of us cannot fathom the importance of Foreplay. Even though the ultimate goal of having sex is to aim for the orgasm, Foreplay is equally essential. Most men do not want extended Foreplay, but most women do. 

You will not believe us when we say this only 18% of women get an orgasm from intercourse alone. It might sound like a weird fact, but it is unbelievably accurate. But your partner does not need to belong to that percentage if you indulge in some excellent foreplay. 

The Foreplay can include touching, kissing, and even oral sex. With clitoral stimulation, the women can reach orgasm faster and have a better sexual experience. 

You can also try using some sex toys or indulge in role play to spice things up. In this way, you not only get an extraordinary sexual experience but also make it exciting and fun for you and your partner. 

5. Exercise for a better sex life

We know exercising is vital to lead a healthy lifestyle. But did you ever realize it can also help increase your stamina in bed and help you last longer? 

Exercises can also help you to increase your flexibility. If you are willing to try some new positions or some role-play techniques, having the right amount of flexibility is essential. If you do not have that, you might end up hurting yourself, or it may hamper your sexual performance. 

Some workouts include standing hamstring stretch, reclining bound angle pose, triceps stretch, lunge with a spinal twist, etc. You can do this under the guidance of a proper gym trainer to get the best results. 

Apart from increasing flexibility, exercises can also help you improve your stamina. There are some specific exercises that you must follow if you wish to last longer in bed. The point is that when you have a more robust physique, you can endure more and continue to last longer in bed. Some of the workouts which you can try include:

  • For triceps: bench press and triceps pull down or push down
  • For biceps: bicep curls and bent over row 
  • Pectoral: chest dips and push-ups
  • Abdominal: Sit-ups and planks
  • Lower back: Bridges and superman extension
  • Glutes: Squats and hip extensions

Apart from the ones mentioned here, there are multiple other exercises as well, which you can do after consulting with a professional trainer. 

6. Try Herbs

Herbs have played a significant role in improving the sex life of individuals not today but for centuries. People in Asian and African countries utilize herbs for dealing with various medical conditions, which include even sexual ailments as well. Some of them have recently gained popularity in Western countries, and companies are using those in multiple supplements for sexual enhancement. Some of the herbs that you can try include:

  • Damiana: To increase libido and stamina
  • Guarana: To increase energy along with the sexual desire
  • Maca: For enhancing the sex drive
  • Ginseng: To deal with problems of ED
  • Catuaba: Acts as an aphrodisiac 
  • Lycium: To increase the levels of testosterone in your body
  • Ashwagandha: Specifically for women to increase their sex drive. 


Sex is something that both you and your partner should enjoy and should not only be a mere pathway to producing babies. A healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, and regular exercise should be your secret to great sex life. 

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