Ginseng Panax: Benefits, Uses, Working, Dosage And Treatment

Ginseng Panax

Herbal medicines have always been used for the treatment of various diseases as it helps in the overall functioning, growth, and development of the body using its natural ingredients. Ginseng Panax is one of the important herbal medicines used commonly in Korea, China, and other Asian countries for the enhancement of immunity of the body, treatment of erectile dysfunctions, improvement of cognitive functions, and so on. Ginseng Panax is a natural medicine that is available for the overall development and functioning through the enhancement of immunity systems and improvement of cognitive functions. One of the specific functions provided by this herbal medicine is its use in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is suggested by doctors to take this medicine in minimal doses for a particular period of time not more than 6 months to ensure that there are no side effects for the same. Panax ginseng amazon products are made available to people to ensure easy access for any person across the world.


Herbal medicines help in the overall development of the body and can be used to stay away from any kind of sickness. The use of herbal medicines was more during the earlier days when plants and roots of medicinal value were used to treat diseases without any kind of medicines. The medicines made from such effective plants ensure effective treatment for the enhancement of various systems in the body. As natural ingredients or products always help in the development of health, Ginseng Panax is definitely the best herbal medicine that can be taken by a person of any age.

Functioning of the immunity-providing medicine- How does it work?

Panax Ginseng can be described as an immunity regulator or herbal medicine that enhances the functioning of the whole body including the improvement of sexual functions. The Panax Ginseng benefits sexually where it helps in smoothening the muscles of the genital area resulting in effective functioning concerning the same. The effect of this herbal medicine varies based on the person depending on the dosage of medicine consumed in a day and the impact it has on the body. The Panax ginseng dosage has to be properly used as per the prescription of the doctors for effective results without any side effects. The natural ingredients used in the manufacture of Panax Ginseng enhance its effect on the functioning of the body where it also helps in lowering the blood sugar level along with cholesterol levels which is one of the essential needs in any person, especially old people.


The ingredients used in the production of Ginseng Panax have a huge neuroprotective effect in addition to the enhancement of the immune system in the body. Ginsenoside is the important ingredient used for the manufacture of Ginseng which ensures that the functioning of the body is carried out in a proper manner. Certain traces of vitamins can also be seen in Ginseng which is useful for human health. The ingredients used in the manufacture of Ginseng Panax include:

  • Ginsenosides Rd

It is a neuroprotective agent which helps in the improvement of cognitive functions and enhances the immediate responses with the increase in the stimulation of the body.

  • Ginsenosides Rb1

This ingredient which is extracted from the root of Panax Ginseng helps in the enhancement of memory and the thinking process where the neural system functions are improved along with the efficient development and functioning of the brain.

  • Ginsenosides Rg1

It is one of the important ingredients used for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases which helps in improving cognitive functions along with boosting energy.

  • Polysaccharides

The use of polysaccharides helps in the enhancement of the neural system and it is considered a potential neuroprotective agent which also has biological properties for the immune-regulation.

  • Amino Acids

One of the major constituents found in Ginseng is the amino acids which include neutral amino acids, acidic amino acids, and basic amino acids that help in the structural development and enhancement of the functioning of various systems in the body.

  • Volatile oil

The volatile oil present in ginseng helps in the enhancement of stimulations resulting in immediate reactions and improvement of metabolism in the body.

  • Salicylic Acid Amine

The main function of salicylic acid amine is the regulation of the antioxidant mechanism which promotes growth and development in the body.

Prosof Ginseng Panax:

  • Ginseng Panax helps in boosting energy which acts as a stimulant useful for the effective functioning of the whole body.
  • It helps in the enhancement of the immune system providing immunity to the person and giving the capability to fight against various diseases and sicknesses.
  • Another important effect of consuming Ginseng medicine is that it smoothens the muscles in the genital region resulting in the better functioning of the genital organs and preventing any kind of erectile dysfunctions.
  • It is considered an adaptogen that helps to reduce various problems of stress, anxiety, tension, etc, and stimulates the body’s function to fight against such problems.
  • The improvement of the cognitive function is another function of Ginseng medicine where the memory and thinking process is enhanced along with immediate responses as it stimulates various parts of the body resulting in overall development.
  • It increases the response to sexual stimuli in both genders and it helps to improve the sexual desire in females who have issues regarding sexual activities.

Cons Of Ginseng Panax :

  • As Panax Ginseng is taken by mouth, it will be harmful to the body if it is taken for a period of more than 6 months as there are certain risk factors concerning the consumption of the same.
  • The problem concerning sleep is one of the common side effects seen among those who take Panax Ginseng medicine where it has been said that the patients face trouble sleeping during the time of consumption.
  • It is not suggested by the doctors to take Panax Ginseng during the time of pregnancy as the chemicals present in the medicine can cause certain birth defects which can affect the baby.

FAQs :

  1. What is Ginseng Panax good for?

Ginseng Panax is a herb that is commonly found in China, Korea, etc it is utilized for various medicinal purposes as it helps in the overall improvement of body functions and health. This species of the plant comes under herbal medicines in which the root of the plant is used as the source of Ginseng. Ginseng Panax is good for the development of the immune system and helps in reducing any kind of stress, tension and anxiety by providing relaxation to the whole body. The immunity boost obtained through the consumption of this medicine helps in fighting various diseases and sicknesses providing a strong functioning body with effective immunity and resistance. It is also good for the treatment of sexual dysfunction in men focusing on specific functions for the overall development and growth.

  1. Does Ginseng make you hard?

One of the functions carried out through the use of Ginseng is the regulation of the erectile dysfunctions caused in men as it promotes an ingredient called nitric oxide which helps in the erections by relaxation of the muscles in the penis. As it helps in the overall relaxation of the body, it can be seen that it also smoothens the muscles for resolving the issue of erectile dysfunction. Even though there are other ways to regulate erectile dysfunction, the use of Ginseng is suggested as it is a natural process that can be used for the treatment of erectile dysfunctions.

  1. Does Ginseng work like Viagra?

When Ginseng is compared with Viagra which is one of the medicines used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, it can be seen that both Ginseng and Viagra work in a similar manner where it focuses on the relaxation of muscles, especially in the genital region and enhance the blood flow for the effective function of the genital organs. Viagra is a prescription medicine that is to be consumed as per the suggestion of the doctor. The functioning of both medicines is almost similar where it can be seen that Viagra is a specific medicine for treating erectile dysfunction whereas Ginseng also helps in the enhancement of immunity of the body and boost energy in addition to providing treatment for erectile dysfunction.

  1. What is the difference between Ginseng and Panax Ginseng?

While dealing with Ginseng it can be seen that there are two types of ginseng referred to when the word Ginseng is used. In addition to the Korean ginseng which is thecommon name of Panax Ginseng, there is another product called Panax quinquefoilus which is an American Ginseng having similar ingredients or chemicals present in it. If the differences are seen, the nature of the American and Korean Ginseng, functions and main ingredients present in each is entirely different as American Ginseng has a cool and relaxing nature whereas the Korean Ginseng is warmer and has a stimulating nature.

  1. How much Panax Ginseng should you take a day?

As Panax Ginseng is consumed through the mouth, it is suggested to consult a doctor before taking it as it varies from one person to another based on the condition of the body, health of the patient, reaction of the body to new medicines or ingredients, allergic reactions and so on. In general, it is suggested to take around 200-400 mg of Ginseng extract in a day and if it is taken in a raw manner then 1-2 gms of the raw root can be consumed daily. It is always better to start at lower Panax ginseng doses if you are new to the medicine as it will help to understand any side effects or other issues that may arise and then it can be increased later as per the need and advice of the doctors.

  1. How long can you take Panax Ginseng?

There are certain ginseng risks that have to be kept in mind while taking Panax Ginseng as it may result in problems like headache, dizziness, stomach issues, and so on if it is consumed for a long period of time. Hence it is better to consume it for 6 months and not beyond that as it will have a negative impact on the functioning of the body. The doctors prescribe Panax Ginseng for the patients for a maximum of 6 months only as it might be dangerous to consume beyond that point. The period of taking it will change based on the dosage suggested to each person and hence it is always safe to consult a doctor and then start taking it in the right amount for the appropriate period of time, based on the health conditions of the individual.

  1. What is the best Panax Ginseng?

One of the best Panax Ginseng supplements available with other Panax ginseng amazon products is the HealthyHey Nutrition Panax Ginseng Extract which is suggested by most doctors and experts as it helps in the enhanced development of stamina and strength of the person. In addition to it, it focuses on the reduction of anxiety and stress resulting in the improvement of mental focus and helping in increased cognitive functions. The regulation of the immune system is another important characteristic of this supplement giving the strength to fight against various diseases and sicknesses.

Conclusion :

In this present society, due to the increase in diseases, it can be seen that the immunity of the people has reduced to a great extent resulting in frequent sicknesses and other health problems. Herbal medicines like Ginseng Panax which is naturally found in the environment help in the increased immunity of the person and give the strength and energy to stay strong against diseases. Panax ginseng benefits for males with problems of erectile dysfunction by relaxing the muscles in the genital area. Such effective functions provided through this herb help in the overall development and growth of the individual. The proper utilization of herbal medicines in the required amount helps in the proper functioning of the body without any negative impacts.

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