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Having a good sex life is very vital for a man not just because of his carnal needs but for his overall physical and mental health. A healthy, intimate and passionate carnal life contributes to keeping a man physically healthy and mentally stable. It also adds up to his intellectual, psychological and emotional well-being. Besides that, it maintains his strength and assists in managing his weight. Having a healthy sex life also ensures a healthy heart rate and has numerous other health benefits such as burning calories and lowering blood pressure.

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Testosterone is the hormone which is extremely crucial for men to have a healthy sex life. Even though testosterone is present in both genders, it is often referred to as the male hormone as it performs more functions and crucial functions in a man’s body. Normal and healthy levels of testosterone ensure passionate and intimate intercourse for a man and his partner.

Most men usually produce enough testosterone, but at times it is also the case that the body produces too little testosterone. This particular condition is called hypogonadism. Sometimes this can be treated with regular therapy with a doctor’s prescription and careful monitoring of the situation.

The fluctuating levels of testosterone can affect everything in a man’s body, right from the reproductive system and sexuality to his muscle mass and bone density. In some cases, it also plays a vital role in certain behaviours of a man.

There are many reasons why the production of testosterone reduces in a man’s body. Increasing age is one of the top most reason. As a man grows old the production of testosterone from testis reduces which may lead to a decrease in the levels of this male hormone. Extreme weight loss or extreme weight gain can also affect the levels, besides that metabolic disorders and treatments like chemotherapy for cancer can also cause a considerable decrease in the levels of testosterone in the body.

How low testosterone levels Can Effect Men’s Body:

The Endocrine System

The endocrine system of our body is the place that consists of glands which produce hormones. The hypothalamus, which is located in the brain orders the pituitary gland exactly how much testosterone the body needs. The pituitary gland then passes this message to the testicles. Most of the testosterone is produced in the testicles, but some of it also comes from the adrenal glands.

During the time of puberty, testosterone is the main hormone responsible for the development of particular male attributes like a deeper voice, beard, stubble, moustache and body hair. Testosterone is also known to promote muscle mass and bone mass. It is primarily responsible for being the force behind the sex drive and libido in men. By the age of 20, the testosterone level production is at its peak, and by the age of 30, it is natural for it to drop by about one per cent each year because as we mentioned before in this article, age is one of the vital factors that can lead to the drop in the levels of testosterone produced in the body.

The Reproductive System

At puberty, when testosterone production is at its peak, the size of the testicles and penis grow at a natural rate. The testicles produce a steady stream of testosterone and also produce a fresh supply of sperm every day, lower levels of testosterone affect this.

Men with comparatively low production of testosterone are more likely to experience problems like erectile dysfunction (ED). The lower levels of the male hormone – testosterone can also lead to infertility in many men as it reduces the production of sperm. Infertility can result in being the root cause of many issues and problems in the marital life of a man and for unmarried men, it can also affect their romantic and carnal relationships. All of this may adversely affect his emotional state and hamper his confidence to a large extent.

The Sexuality

Puberty is the time that marks the peak of the male hormone called testosterone. And with it, there is a growth in the testicles, the penis, and pubic hair. Other attributes of the body change too, like that deepening of the voice, and the muscles and body hair grow. And along with these changes, there also comes a growing sexual desire.

For males, the infamous theory of “use it or lose it” carries some truth to it. A man that has lower levels of testosterone carries the possibility to lose his sexual desire. Regular sex, sexual stimulation and sexual activity can also cause testosterone levels to rise. Longer durations of sexual inactivity can also drop the levels of testosterone, which may further result in erectile dysfunction.

Lower levels of testosterone also affect a man’s performance in the bed as it causes shorter erections or erectile dysfunction too in some cases. It may also lead to premature ejaculation which doesn’t make the intercourse long lasting or fulfilling.

However hard you try, with the body’s natural functions, there still remains a gradual drop in a male’s testosterone levels after the age of 30. The question here is, why should there be? Why can’t one still be active and on the go even in their 30s? With the help of Prime Male, you can have that energy every moment of the day.


Studies and some research show that sleeping patterns and testosterone levels are somewhat connected. The body releases the most amount of testosterone during sleep and low levels of testosterone affect the sleeping patterns. This may ultimately lead to severe sleep deprivation problems or insomnia. Research has found out through many case studies that the quality of sleep degrades due to the lower production of testosterone. It is also found that lower levels of testosterone increase the cortisol levels in the body which results in shorter sleep time. One should avoid sleeping in the afternoon to have a better sleep at the night. Besides, that one should remove all the distractions and reduce or eliminate screen time before sleeping. Lower levels of testosterone are also known to cause sleep apnea which is a problem where breathing is very irregular during sleep. The amount of oxygen a person gets while sleeping reduces to a considerable extent if the person suffers from sleep apnea. 

Effects of low testosterone on the emotional state of a man

Low levels of testosterone may result in many problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and poor performance in intercourse. It may also lead to the reduction or loss of sexual drive as well as libido. Being below par at all of the things mentioned above can lead to anxiety, performance stress, tension as well as depression. Apart from controlling various functions within the body hormones also have an effect on the brain. Testosterone is one such hormone which also affects the brain. Studies have found that certain cells in the brain have testosterone receptors and these are responsible for changes the mood. Men with low levels of testosterone are reported to have unpredictable mood swings and at times even anxiety and depression. The level of testosterone is seen to decrease as men age. So old men suffering from male hypogonadism are said to be having male menopause. Low testosterone levels also cause emotional taxation in various ways in men showcasing the symptoms. Lower T levels also may put a man’s married life or even his romantic relationships in turmoil and this definitely adds up to stress and anxiety and can lead to severe depression.

All about PRIME MALE capsules

Pirme male – Listed in Top 5 Testosterone Boosters on the market

The main goal of Prime Male is to help men above the age of 30 lead a normal, and healthy lifestyle by giving them the right boost of vital nutrients and also an easy-to-digest format. Formulated with the best and most thorough research, Prime Male is also designed to stimulate a man’s body levels of natural testosterone when it starts to show a steady decline.

One thing the readers need to be aware of is that Prime Male, though being a male hormone booster contains only natural supplements. There is absolutely no addition of synthetic products to make the product more effective. The ingredients used in the making of Prime Male are in the majority of vitamins and minerals which usually occur in our everyday diets. This almost nullifies the chances of experiencing any kind of side effects after consuming the product.

According to the manufacturers of Prime Male, a majority of consumers will be able to experience positive results within a time span of two weeks after using this product. However, Prime Male is not a magic pill, that will give any outstanding results. One will have to pair the use of it with regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet to see the maximum of its results.

A thing to note about Prime Male is that the product is manufactured in a place that follows all the rules and guidelines approved by the FDA very strictly. Research on this product has also shown that the majority of people that have used and consumed this product have experienced positive results.

Important Note – Anyone suffering from pre-existing medical conditions is advised to discuss the consumption of Prime Male only after consulting with a doctor. Men who are under the age of 30 should refrain from using Prime Male. Visit official website for more guidelines.

How Does Prime Male Testosterone Booster Work?

There are many reasons that contribute to the less production of testosterone in a male’s body after the age of 30. Prime Male is a product that works by helping or rather increasing and regulating the process of natural secretion of testosterone in a male body. It carries out this task of regulating or increasing levels of testosterone by eliminating and removing all kinds of obstacles and barriers that come in the way of natural testosterone production which may develop after a certain age.

For example, men who have less amount of zinc in their bodies, or who suffer from zinc deficiency are often subjected to reduced levels of testosterone in their bodies. Prime Male is a product that aids in situations like these, by correcting this imbalance and helping men to lead a healthy life. With the kind of constituents, it is made of, Prime Male helps to correct the balance of many other things in the body. These also include LH (Luteinizing Hormone), prolactin, estrogen and SHBG (sex-hormone-binding globulin)

Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in particular is the kind of hormone that is required to increase the male body’s testosterone levels. What prime Male does is target the production of this particular hormone by using specific amino acid combinations. Prime Male uses D-AA-CC amino acid which then sends signals to the brain which stimulate it to produce more of the luteinizing hormone.

Ingredients used in Prime Male that make it so effective.

  1. Luteolin
  2. Bioperine
  3. Boron
  4. Zinc
  5. Vitamin D3
  6. Nettle Root
  7. Vitamin B6
  8. Vitamin K2

Visit official website for complete ingredients list.

Red Ginseng Extract

Red Ginseng is a herb that grows naturally in Korea and has been used there for centuries. It is an aphrodisiac. Red Ginseng Extract is said to have numerous health benefits like increasing energy levels, improving erectile dysfunction and also boosting one’s immunity. Red Ginseng is also known to be a very effective and very strong antioxidant. According to certain research and case studies, Ginseng is also considered to be a natural remedy for impotency issues as well.

Some other studies prove that Ginseng is also considered to be working exceptionally well in the task of boosting a man’s libido. Men who took a regular dose of Ginseng for about eight weeks were reported to have improved sexual performances as the quality of their erection became better in terms of time duration. It also increased libido.


Even though a man has high testosterone levels, there are chances that he might still experience the symptoms of low testosterone. This is mainly because the levels of testosterone are usually bound to compounds like that of SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin). Now when the body produces testosterone, these rather complex elements are broken down, and magnesium is the main element that triggers this action.

Hence, taking supplements that are rich in magnesium can also help to boost the overall process and the accumulation of testosterone in the body and thereby improve overall physiology too.

D-AA (D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate)

This particular amino acid is one that also acts as a neurotransmitter. It also plays a vital role in a man’s body and the production of testosterone. A study carried out on 23 men over a period of 12 days found that they were taking D-AA regularly and showed an increase in their testosterone levels.

In Prime Male, D-AA comes with some highly soluble substances called calcium chelate, which also makes it rather easier for the body to completely absorb it all.


Luteolin is a flavonoid which often occurs in fruits and vegetables naturally. This flavonoid restricts the action of a compound called aromatase, which is usually responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen.


The centre capability of Bioperine is to reinforce your body’s ability for retaining different supplements. It is ordinarily gotten from dark pepper seeds. Prime Male contains a protected sort of Bioperine that assists with supporting the enhancement’s accessibility in the body.


Prime Male also contains boron, a mineral that (among others) assists with building bulk and more grounded bones and works on the creation of testosterone. A genuinely ongoing review uncovered that men who took boron consistently encountered an expansion in their testosterone levels. What’s more, boron is handily consumed by the body, making this a strikingly effective enhancement.


This is one more essential structure block in the body’s testosterone creation process. A few examinations have affirmed that there is a relationship between testosterone levels and zinc consumption. To place this in another manner, an expansion in your zinc admission will probably cause an expansion in testosterone levels. Prime Male assumes a part in assisting with expanding the body’s zinc levels, which thus helps testosterone creation.

Vitamin D3

This is one more of the male body’s significant testosterone building blocks. Tragically, it’s obviously true that a large number of men don’t get enough or adequate quantity of vitamin D. The justification behind this is that it comes from the sun — and many people these days are basically excessively occupied to carve out an opportunity to loosen up and go outside and absorb the beams of the sun. This is the most compelling motivation why such countless men experience the ill effects of lack of nutrient D3. In such a manner, Prime Male might assume a significant part, since it isn’t simply said to help nutrient D3 levels however, all the while, it might likewise invigorate the development of testosterone.

Nettle Root

Nettle root works in the same way as magnesium. It assists with the arrival of the testosterone that is regularly limited by sex-chemical restricting globulin (SHBG) so it opens up for use by the body. Apart from that Nettle root may help obstruct and additionally stifle the development of estrogen by the male body.

Vitamin B6

Your body can’t simply make testosterone out of nowhere, it needs the right fixings to do this. One of the most critical testosterone building blocks is the chemical known as androgen. Furthermore, vitamin B6 assumes a significant part in helping androgen creation. When androgen levels have been expanded, the body is animated to begin creating more elevated levels of testosterone. Aside from that, vitamin B6 additionally accompanies added medical advantages. It, for instance, additionally assists your body with engrossing magnesium and zinc all the more productively. What’s more, it assumes a vital part in supporting your resistance.

Vitamin K2

All alone, nutrient K2 can’t actually be known as an effective testosterone supporter. As a matter of fact, it will most likely not do a lot to further develop t-levels though when taken related to nutrient D3, it conveys wonderful outcomes

Tribulus, Selenium, Damiana, Muria Puama

All these ingredients are very natural and enhance the sexual drive and libido. Tribulus Terrestris is a natural testosterone booster and increases sexual desires whereas Selenium is an essential mineral having antioxidation properties that protect the sperm from impairment.

Compounds from Damiana can work as sex hormones and Muria Puama rectifies low libido problems and erectile dysfunction.

In the event that one can make one derivation from the above rundown of fixings, it’s that the producer plainly doesn’t just toss an irregular rundown of enhancements together to make it look great. All of these fixings were appropriately explored, not just in regards to how it chips away at its own but also in how it works in mix with different fixings.

Various perks and benefits of Prime Male capsules

These capsules primarily assist men with working on their lower sex drive which is the result of low production of testosterone.

At this stage, perusers ought to maybe filter the past segment once more, especially, taking everything into account. This is the main sex chemical tracked down in your body. Its motivation is to set off sexual craving, sexual dreams, sexual considerations, and so on. We trust the more testosterone in your body, subsequently, the more grounded your sexual longing will be.

It is by supporting the body’s testosterone levels that Prime Male can upgrade sexual execution and further develop libido. As your testosterone levels increment with your consumption of these capsules, there will normally be a perceptible expansion in your drive.

Mind-set upgrade

Prime Male might assist clients with conquering sleepiness and exhaustion. It might likewise assist the client with bettering adapting to ongoing emotional episodes. Over the long haul, you are probably going to encounter positive feelings and true serenity progressively.

Clearness of psyche

Energy depletion and sluggishness can both hinder your mental capacities. It is in every practical sense, difficult to think plainly when you are continually feeling tired. Prime Male resolves this issue by guaranteeing that you feel not so much drained but rather looser. This, thusly, works on the lucidity of the brain.

Can Slow down the Aging system

No one jumps at the chance to age, yet sadly, it’s a relentless regular interaction. Since somebody is progressing in years, in any case, he doesn’t need to look 75 at 45 years old. It might in any case be feasible to hold that energetic appearance as you become older as a result of Prime Male’s testosterone-helping properties.

Building slender muscle once more

An extremely disheartening result of losing testosterone is the reduction of the bulk of muscle mass that commonly goes with it. For some individuals, this is a fairly discouraging encounter. Since Prime Male might work on your body’s creation of testosterone, you could before long have the lean muscles related with a lot more youthful individual once more.

It assists you with consuming fat all the more effectively

More than one of the fixings found in Prime Male can assume a positive part in supporting your muscle versus fat’s digestion. As a result, this may assist you with building a superior characterized and more slender body. However, we need to qualify this assertion: To get this advantage from Prime Male, you should continue to resolve consistently and not consume a two-pound bar of chocolate and three pounds of sugar consistently. All in all, follow a solid eating regimen.

Instructions to Use Prime Male

Prime Male is an exceptionally bioavailable tablet that ought to be taken with a glass of water. Begin by cautiously perusing the directions prior to utilizing this item. As per Oxford Languages, as cited by Google, bioavailability alludes to the extent to which medication or other substance that enters the circulatory framework and when brought into the body can make a functioning difference. This implies that Prime Male will be immediately caught up in your circulation system and that you will start to encounter the impacts very soon. Take just a solitary pill at once, more times each day.

What are the Side-Effects of Prime Male?

It is improbable that you will encounter any serious secondary effects subsequent to utilizing this item. Assuming that you do, these impacts will presumably be gentle. Probably the most normally detailed secondary effects include:

  • Mood swings
  • Pain in the head
  • Irritated stomach
  • Loose bowels

These ought to clear up following a little while. On the off chance that they don’t, quite involve Prime Male for a couple of days and talk with your primary care physician prior to attempting this supplement once more.

Who Should You Not Use Prime Male?

As ought to be genuinely clear from the name, ladies ought not to be utilizing this item. The explanation is that it supports testosterone levels, which is really great for guys, however, in females, it could prompt emotional wellness issues like melancholy.

As referenced before, Prime Male is fundamentally intended to be utilized by guys beyond 30 years old. That is on the grounds that 30 is, much of the time, the age when men of honour begin encountering a drop-in testosterone level.

While men in their twenties who want to help their moxie and energy levels could in any case profit from this item, it ought not to be utilized by guys more youthful than 18.

Prime Male ought to likewise not be utilized by individuals who experience the ill effects of prior ailments before they have talked with their primary care physician.

Salient Features of the Prime Male pills

These pills are super safe!

Getting to the basics, Prime Male is a product that is made with natural ingredients and it is listed in top 4 test boosters by our expert editors. With no addition of any kind of synthetic products like any other chemicals or even steroids. And as for the safety of the product for its users, Prime Male is put through some very strict quality check procedures which makes it perfectly safe for use.

Prime male works wonders for you and your sexual health

Prime Male is a totally and completely legit product. Not only does it have all the required certifications, but it also strictly adheres to all the FDA standards for any other kinds of supplements of this kind. And on top of this, Prime Male is also a totally natural product, as it uses only the ingredients available in nature and does not use any kind of chemicals, which makes it perfectly safe and a product with no side effects. It is very useful and enriching for all men and enhances the levels of their male hormones. It boosts virility. It also enhances the sperm quality and leads to stronger erections which last for a longer time.

It doesn’t work the same for every person but surely is effective for everyone using it

Every person has a different build and different reaction time, thus the results of Prime Male may not be the same for everyone. The outcomes of Prime Male will primarily be dependent on your routine, like the kind of diet you have, and the amount of exercise you include in your daily routines. But to be on the safer side, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor before you start using Prime Male. It is highly recommended that users of Prime Male should exercise regularly and follow a healthy and balanced diet for better outcomes.


As we discussed earlier, Prime Male capsules are made with thoroughly researched techniques using clinically proven natural ingredients. The pills are formulated using the latest technology and methods backed by science. The research and development team used their expertise in choosing the right concoction of the nutraceuticals after minutely and scrupulously studying the factors affecting the male hormones and their reduction. Post all of this research the team finally zeroed down on the ingredients utilised for manufacturing the Prime Male capsules.

Now you know all about these marvellous capsules. So go and purchase the Prime Male capsules now and enrich your performance and experience not in bed but also in life!

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