Bodybuilding’s Secret: Everyone Should Know In 2022

The Secrets Of Bodybuilding You Didn’t Know In 2022

Being healthy is a state of keeping the body disease free and the mind stable. The best method to stay healthy is to stay physically fit. One can achieve physical fitness through proper food habits and exercise. In the modern age, fitness or keeping the body in good shape is a metric to check how efficiently one’s body functions when at work. There are various grounds why one should choose to live healthily and fit

But is building a body synonymous with a healthy lifestyle? Both don’t mean the same, but bodybuilding is also a form of exercise people do to stay fit. Anyone exercising isn’t bodybuilding, but anyone who is bodybuilding is certainly exercising. Bodybuilding is an extensive and rigorous form of exercise which helps develop one’s muscles for aesthetic purposes. It is different from powerlifting because bodybuilding, more like staying fit, focuses on the external appearance and not increasing one’s strength.

Through this article, let’s study what a bodybuilder’s favourite diet is, the options for food on a cheat day, the natural supplements that bodybuilders require, and some exercises that one must do regularly to become a pro bodybuilder. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

The Secret Recipe To A Bodybuilder’s Success – The Diet

As we know, bodybuilding requires an excellent balanced diet to develop a lean and muscular physique. There are two seasons of eating – one is known as the bulking phase, while the other is the cutting phase. Let’s learn about each stage.

Bulking phase signifies building up or gaining muscle. In this phase, bodybuilders eat a lot of high-calorie and protein-rich food to gain muscle. They also undergo a lot of weight-lifting training during this stage. The bulking phase may last from a few months to years. The cutting phase, as the name signifies, is the phase where the bodybuilder shreds the extra fat from the body. Over 12 to 26 weeks, one can achieve this by making ongoing changes to one’s diet.

Trainers recommend increasing the calorie intake by 15% during the first phase of bodybuilding. When the weight is constant, the daily number of calories one consumes is the maintenance calories. One has to reduce the number of calories or the maintenance calorie by 15% during the second phase. One should ensure not losing or gaining over 1% of the body weight during either of the two phases. 

Now, the macronutrient consumption part is again vital during both phases. Trainers recommend taking at least 30 to 35% of the calories from protein. Around 55-60% of calories are from carbohydrates, and 15 to 20% are from fat sources. For one’s information, fat contains nine calories per gram, and proteins and carbs contain four calories per gram. 

It is a gist or an overview of a person’s bodybuilding diet. One must take the guidance of a professional trainer to make a diet chart and get training details from the trainer.

Healthy Cheat Meals To Intake During Training?

During the bulking phase, many bodybuilders eat junk food. Sticking to junk food isn’t an excellent way to build a body, and a strict diet plan wouldn’t allow a bodybuilder to do so. However, the bodybuilding professional can consume ‘cheat meals’ a few days a month. Some of these meals include:

  • Cakes that contain small amounts of frosting are a great way of supplying the body with simple carbs. These cakes are fast-acting carbohydrates and help repair the muscles quickly and efficiently. 
  • If one follows a low-fat diet, one can consume pizza. Around two slices of pizza supply the body with around 500 calories. 
  • Sugar helps rebuild muscle glycogen and works against muscle breakdown. But unfortunately, many bodybuilding professionals gulp a can of soft drinks after heavy training.
  • Cheese delivers the body with protein and forms a part of the muscle-building plan. Swiss, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese are some well-known products among bodybuilders. Cheese also contains calcium and short-chain fatty acids, which do not get stored in the body as harmful fats.
  • Occasionally one can also consume alcohol because it contains seven calories per gram. Studies say moderate consumption of alcohol and wine keeps heart diseases away, and around 8 ounces of wine each day boosts metabolism.

Are There Natural Supplements?

Natural bodybuilding requires everything natural in the diet plan. There is an extensive collection of natural supplements that a bodybuilder regularly consumes, and the well-known ones are creatine, whey proteins, and BCAA. Let’s dig deeper into all three.

  • One of the best supplements for growing muscle and inculcating athletic performance in the body is the consumption of creatine. Scientifically proven to build muscle mass, energize the body, and cut off fatigue symptoms during training, creatine is a supplement that every trainer and bodybuilding professionals recommend.
  • Whey is a protein that contains all the nine vital amino acids the body requires during bodybuilding. Therefore, it supports excellent muscle synthesis, and one can digest it easily. During the second phase, whey protein also helps preserve the required mass. 
  • Leucine, Valine, and Isoleucine are amino acids that combine to form BCAA, also known as branched-chain amino acids. Besides taking it as a supplement, one can also find it inside meat sources and eggs. BCAA promotes excellent muscle gaining and reduces the chances of muscle soaring, which is a significant hindrance when following a disciplined workout routine.

The Must-Follow Exercises

There are many exercises that a bodybuilder does on a regular. Of course, each person has a different physique and requires a different workout plan, but these forms of practice are a must in every bodybuilding workout routine. So let’s check them out quickly.

  • The barbell bench press is the best workout for the chest. Many muscle groups work during the exercise: the pectoralis major, triceps, deltoids, lats, and core. 
  • Incline Dumbbell press helps build more muscle in the upper pec area and adds variety to the chest muscle exercises.
  • Pull-ups are a fantastic way to increase the strength of the back muscles and maintain body weight. Moreover, one can quickly do this type of exercise at home. 
  • The barbell row is among the most basic exercises that require the least amount of equipment. It helps increase strength and lift a heavy load.
  • The barbell shrug is a fundamental exercise that develops the traps and neck. It also helps strengthen the upper back and grip strength. 

Final Words

The short yet effective article on bodybuilding delivers extensive information on how to do bodybuilding and what factors to take care of when doing the same. We recommend one strictly follow the instructor and the trainer’s words because they are the best in their fields. So, are you all set to become the next amazing-looking bodybuilding professional? Hop onto the journey today.

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