Burn Evolved Reviews: Ingredients, Pros, Cons And Working

Are you unable to shed fat in spite of a healthy diet and hard training? Then you must read this article regarding dietary supplements made of natural ingredients, which will melt your excess fat naturally.

There are two aspects which have made dietary supplements for reducing stubborn fat popular. One is the economic environment due to globalization and liberalization. This new economic environment has compelled a high amount of mobility, breaking the conventional lifestyles.

The result is high intake of junk foods, high calorie cold drinks, alcohol and other abuses. Unregulated lifestyle has given birth to sleep apnea, stress and other issues.

The other aspect is health consciousness among the vast populace necessitated due to the need of presenting oneself before the audience for the sake of earning livelihood.

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People are trying hard to get rid of the accumulated fat by restricting foods and resorting to hard training. But in spite of all the above some fats refuse to part with. But with the advent of scientific research in the field of health related issues, new dietary supplements have been developed.

These dietary supplements are made by blending natural potent ingredients in perfect scientific proportions with an aim to burn the fat. The principle is to stimulate the body’s natural process of shedding the fat. Hence there is no risk of any harmful side effects.

But the point is how to select the right supplement for your needs. The online market is overcrowded with such dietary supplements each claiming to be the best. In this article I have tried to give you a glimpse of a popular supplement named Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved.

About the manufacturer of Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved.

The developer of the fat burning supplement Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved is Sculpt Nation. The company is based in the USA.

The company has a range of health products to their credit. But the main focus of the company seems to be sports supplements. To name a few of their popular products, there are Test Boost Max for boosting the level of testosterone, Turmeric Black, HGH Boost and many more.

One aspect of the company which has taken social media by storm is the aggressive marketing strategy of the company. Just look at the terminology used for the product names. Even the names evoke interest about the products: Burn Evolved!

Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved is the flagship product offered by the company Sculpt Nation. The product has been able to attract huge traffic creating a deep interest in the fat burning supplement.

The marketing strategy of the company also involves recruiting a dedicated team of distributors. Obviously the distributors will try to increase their sales volume by incentives. It is quite possible that most of the reviews might be biased. The customers have to be aware of the predicament.

What Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved Claims

  • The potent ingredients are so blended that the supplement triggers thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is an accepted mode for melting the fat by producing heat.
  • The next claim of the company is that the supplement can help the body to increase the Brown Adipose Tissue ( BAT ). Contrary to the white fat which is found in plenty in adult bodies, the BAT quickly gets converted into energy reducing the fat while providing the body with useful energy.
  • Some ingredients which are purposefully included in the supplement help in suppressing the appetite. Getting a full feeling the user will have no desire to take more food. Thus the calorie intake will be curtailed helping the shedding of excess fat.
  • The ingredients included in the formulation can mobilize the stored fat and burn them out. Some body fats, particularly the visceral fats in the abdomen, are very stubborn and refuse to melt away in spite of dedicated weight loss regimes.
  • This claim is a tall one. It is really tough to dislodge the fats from around the internal organs of the abdomen and get them released into the bloodstream for subsequent burning the fats into useful energy for the body.
  • The result of all the above is weight loss, lean muscles, improved waist to hip ratio and improved cognitive functions.

How Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved Works In The Mirror Of Science

In the first encounter the claims of the company seem to be overstated. The claims are really too good to believe as true. Questions arise whether we have any scientific basis for claiming that dietary supplements can increase BAT simply by including some potent natural ingredients? The company has not yet provided the customers with any sort of scientific evidence how they are going to enhance the brown adipose tissues. I could find none from my Google search.

I expect that the company would come up with more transparent views regarding this aspect of their claim. But it is true that the adipose tissues are quickly converted to energy thereby shedding excess fats. BAT has attracted the attention of the scientific community as a remarkable way to shed extra fat from the human body.

The other important claim that the ingredients will trigger thermogenesis for melting away the fat, does have scientific basis. Many potent natural ingredients have been scientifically proved to be able to stimulate the thermogenesis process inside the body producing more heat. The heat melts away the fat. The ingredients are also capable of increasing the rate of metabolism which also burns the fat shedding extra weight.

Some traditional ingredients are capable of dislodging the stubborn abdominal visceral fats. I will examine the potent ingredients which are able to accomplish the claim.

The Ingredients Found in Burn Evolved 


This is a popular ingredient used in most fat burning supplements. We are in the habit of caffeine intake when we take tea, coffee and dark chocolates. Even some high performance drinks use concentrated caffeine in high quantities for short time performance enhancement.

One of the beneficial effects of caffeine is working on the nervous system thereby increasing alertness and quick energy.

Caffeine has a thermogenic effect in the human body. By triggering thermogenesis it helps in burning fat to some extent.

Caffeine also boosts the rate of metabolism thus helping more fat to burn.

The only negative aspect of caffeine is its side effects when consumed in large quantities. High doses of caffeine intake may cause insomnia, jittery, gas, bloating and even anxiety.

People sensitive to caffeine may find the supplement too hard.

Yohimbine Hydrochloride

This ingredient is the bark of an African Tree called Pausinystalia Yohimbe. The traditional medicine which has been used by the native Africans for centuries, has also passed the scrutiny of modern science. The ingredient has been found to work on the neurotransmitter called noradrenaline, inhibiting its action. The result is increased flow of blood and increased levels of adrenaline. Thus the metabolism is enhanced resulting in fat burning.

This action of the ingredient has also been confirmed by many clinical studies. But the studies have also indicated that the ingredient may cause some side effects such as high blood pressure and anxiety.

The side effects can get more severe for some when we consider the high doses of caffeine in the supplement.


EGCG is known as epigallocatechin-3-Gallate. The ingredient is available in green tea leaves of a particular tea plant called Camellia Sinensis. It is a rich source of catechin which is a flavonoid.

Due to the presence of the flavonoid green tea has become a popular beverage all over the world. Originally the drink was a popular beverage among the Asian countries, especially among the Chinese.

Studies have confirmed that green tea drinks enhance metabolism and burn fat. It is a popular weight loss drink.

The only negative point with green tea drinks is that the ingredient is hard to get absorbed in the body. The developer has included Cayenne Pepper for enhancing the bioavailability.

Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract

This is a seed which has a history of export business from India to the Western countries. It has a chilly taste. For centuries the ingredient has been used by the Indian people for treating many ailments.

Modern scientific analysis has found that the ingredient contains capsaicin compounds. Due to this compound the pepper extract triggers thermogenesis and thereby helps the body to burn fat.

The ingredient also works as a bioavailable ingredient helping the other ingredients in the supplement to get absorbed.

Grains of Paradise Seeds

It is collected from a native African plant called Paradise. This ingredient has been used by the natives for centuries to treat many ailments.

Being thermogenic it boosts metabolism and helps burning fat.

Side Effects of Burn Evolved

The supplement formulation depends heavily on caffeine. Caffeine is a well known agent for weight loss. It helps in increasing metabolism and also triggers thermogenesis. Both these effects create more heat in the body melting extra fat. But huge doses of caffeine have many side effects. The people who are able to tolerate huge doses of caffeine by resorting to hard training will find the supplement helpful in shedding extra weight. But many people who are not comfortable with heavy doses of caffeine may find the supplement uncomfortable.

Where to buy Burn Evolved

The product can be bought at the official website of the company sculptnation.com.

Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved is covered by a 100% lifetime guarantee. So the product can be bought risk free meaning you can get back the purchase cost if you are not satisfied with the product at any time.

Natural ways of burning excess fats

  1. Resistance training helps in shedding fats. Studies have shown that by continuing with resistance training, 1.46% of body fat can be melted within 4 weeks. This is a good way of shedding even the visceral fats.
  2. Consume a high protein diet. Protein helps to suppress appetite and enhances burning of fats.
  3. Sufficient amount of sleep is a nice way to lose weight. Studies have shown that sleeping less than six hours a day is linked with the risk of obesity among women.
  4. Include some healthy fats which may help in losing weight. Source of healthy fat can be olive oil, nuts etc.

Concluding remarks

With the above detailed analysis regarding the ingredients which are included in the supplement Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved, the concluding remarks can be arrived at.

  1. The fat burning dietary supplement is manufactured by Sculpt Nation which is based in the USA. The company has many other health supplements which are also popular on the online market. 
  2. The company resorts to aggressive sales promotion strategy which evokes apprehensions regarding the quality of the supplement. Creating a dedicated team of distributors raises doubt about extensive incentivization creating apprehension about available positive customer reviews.
  3. The claims seem to be somewhat similar to fairy tales. At least one claim which says that the ingredients of the supplement are capable of increasing the brown adipose tissues, is not well supported by scientific evidence. Such unscientific promotional aptitude is not well taken.
  4. It is true that during childhood the levels of brown adipose tissues are extremely high. Such fats are easily melted to provide additional energy during childhood. This is nature’s arrangement to provide the children with more ready energy so that they can do activities in ways to learn the laws of nature for survival.
  5. As we grow up the amount of BAT declines. No scientific method is known which can enhance the BAT in place of white fats, as claimed by the developer of the fat burning supplement Sculpt Nation Burn Evolved.
  6. But all other claims such as stimulating the body’s natural process of fat burning by invoking thermogenesis and boosting metabolism are supported by scientific studies. Most of the other popular fat burning supplements also utilize these bodily processes to shed extra fats.
  7. The list of natural ingredients are quite balanced and the blending of the ingredients are backed by scientific research. The supplement is expected to give good results when supported by healthy dietary habits and hard training.

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