Testoprime Reviews: Ingredients, Pros, Cons and Science Behind Its Working! (August Update)

testoprime review

What is Testoprime

Testoprime is a health supplement which aims to increase the levels of testosterone in men. The supplement is made from all natural ingredients having bioactive phytochemicals which stimulates the body for enhancing the production of testosterone.

Testosterone is an important hormone for the men because it is responsible for the all men characteristics which include muscular body, hoarse voice, strength & vigor, stamina & drive and competitive  aggressiveness.

The production of testosterone is maximum during childhood and adolescence and starts to decline after the age of 30. After the age of 30 the levels of testosterone declines at the rate of 1% every year.

For Whom Is Testoprime Meant For 

Due to the reduced levels of testosterone men gradually start losing all the drive and vigor, which happens to be quite hard for them. At such juncture Testoprime supplement ought to be the excellent choice before them.

Testosprime should be taken by men over 18 and is particularly advised for the middle aged men who refuse to get themselves bogged down. Such aspirants can take Testoprime for increasing their fitness, energy levels and other aspects of healthy life.

Sometimes even younger men suffer from testosterone deficiency. Such men also can take the supplement under the advice of a doctor.

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The signs of low levels of testosterone 

  • Chronic tiredness
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of energy
  • Low levels of libido
  • Reduced feeling of well being
  • Lack of concentration and focus
  • Depressed feeling
  • Irritation 
  • Unpredictable mood
  • Muscle waste
  • Increase in belly fat
  • Weight gain for no reason
  • Memory loss
  • Mild anemia
  • Reduced hair in the body
  • Osteoporosis
  • Sudden increase in body-fat
  • Infertility
  • Breast development

How Does Testoprime work

Testoprime supplement contains highly potent natural ingredients which are scientifically selected and blended in such a manner so that the combined effect of all the ingredients can be directed to the enhancement of the levels of testosterone.

Some ingredients of the health supplement Tetsoprime triggers the body’s mechanism of testosterone production thereby enhancing the levels of testosterone in the natural process. 

One such ingredient is D-Aspartic Acid. This amino acid works in increasing the production of Luteinizing Hormone as well as follicle stimulating hormone, which in turn triggers the body’s own process of testosterone production. Some other ingredients such as Green Tea Extract works by inhibiting the body’s own process of breaking down the testosterone. 

For example our body produces DTH which binds with the testosterone with the aim of breaking it down. Green Tea Extract by inhibiting the process, enhances the levels of testosterone in an indirect way.

Other ingredients are included to enhance the energy level and improve cognitive functions. This will motivate the users to do more hard training with improved focus and concentration. 

Hard training enhances the production of testosterone and hence the users get an increased level of testosterone with all the added beneficial effects.


The ingredients in the health supplement Testoprime

D-Aspartic Acid2000 mg
Ginseng Panax8000 mg8000 mg
Ashwagandha Extract668 mg
Fenugreek800 mg
Green Tea Extract4000 mg
Pomegranate Extract360 mg
Vitamin D360 mg
Vitamin B65.6 mg
Vitamin B58 mg
Garlic Extract1200 mga
 Zinc40 mg
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Science Behind The Excellent Results of Testoprime

To truly understand the science of working of the health supplement Testoprime we have to analyze the contributions of each ingredient one by one.

We find that the manufacturer of the supplement Testoprime has done a great job in selecting the potent natural ingredients for their supplement. One must salute them for this.

The next tricky affair was the proper blending of the ingredients in most perfect scientific proportions. Let us find how the manufacturer of the product has fared in all these.

Coming to D-Aspartic Acid, this is an amino acid and the amino acid occurs naturally. When ingested D-Aspartic Acid goes to enhance the production of one hormone called Luteinizing Hormone or LH. 

Luteinizing hormone is responsible for the production of testosterone. It also produces another hormone called follicle hormone which helps in the production of testosterone. 

Thus we see that by including this important ingredient how the supplement goes to enhance the production of testosterone. Enhanced levels of production brings stronger, bigger and leaner muscles to the users of the supplement.

Panax Ginseng is a well known traditional herbal medicine which has found its use among the people of China since antiquity. When modern science tried to explore its contents they found that Panax Ginseng contains huge amounts of antioxidants. 

What was selected by the tribals through trial and error, is now being established as having many therapeutic values. We all know that antioxidants play a great role in the body by eliminating free radicals. 

Because of different reasons our body produces free radicals which are very harmful. Free radicals give rise to oxidative stress and may also cause damage to the tissues and even to organs of the body. 

By reducing the oxidative stress in the process of eliminating free radicals Panax Ginseng helps in enhancing the energy levels and fighting fatigued conditions. 

This motivates the users to train hard. We all know that the levels of testosterone are increased when the aspirant resorts to strenuous exercises. 

As and when the levels of testosterone increases all the energies and drive of the bygone days come back.

Ashwagandha Extract has been picked up from the treasury of the ancient Indian system of medicine called Ayurveda. 

It has been used for centuries to remedy conditions related to low levels of testosterone such as decreased stamina, sluggishness and lack of energy. 

The ingredient is also used for digestion related issues. It improves and strengthens the digestive process. Clinical trials have confirmed that Ashwagandha can increase testosterone levels.

Fenugreek also falls in the category of traditional herbs. Researchers have found that this particular herbal medicine is capable of enhancing the rate of metabolism and can help improve stamina. 

In this way it helps the users to work hard and do all the stressful work of day to day life.

Then comes the Green Tea Extract. Lately this bioactive phytochemical has become extremely popular all over the world due to its anti-aging properties. 

However when modern science tried to find the botanical bioactive chemicals in the ingredient, to their surprise they found an important compound in it called epigallocatechin gallate. 

Now why at all such compounds are useful! Researchers have found that epigallocatechin gallate binds to DTH. DTH helps in the body’s own mechanism of breaking down the testosterone. 

By inhibiting the DTH from breaking down of testosterone Green Tea Extract helps to sustain the free testosterone levels.

So the sum total effect of consuming green tea extract along with the supplement is enhancing the levels of testosterone.

Pomegranate extract is a conventional fruit extract having lots of vitamins and minerals. The reason for including this ingredient is the presence of polyphenol. Researchers have found that polyphenol works as an antioxidant. 

We know that antioxidants reduce oxidative stress which is the cause of many ailments. We also know how harmful the free radicals are. 

So by including Pomegranate Extract the manufacturer has shown what importance they give to the elimination of free radicals. It also enhances energy level and fights fatigue and tiredness.

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin which is known to improve bone related issues. Vitamin D is a must for strengthening the muscles as well as improving bone health. 

Modern medicine has found some more beneficial effects of vitamin D. Vitamin D improves cognitive functions, immunity response and metabolism. It also enhances the production of testosterone.

Zinc is an essential trace mineral which means that our body needs a small amount of zinc. To understand the reason for selecting this trace mineral we have to know some simple body mechanisms. 

We know that testosterone is a predominantly male hormone whereas estrogen is predominantly a female hormone. Sometimes a portion of the testosterone of males gets converted into estrogen. 

In this conversion of testosterone to estrogen a hormone named estradiol plays a significant role. Zinc blocks this conversion of testosterone into estradiol, which is one major form of estrogen.

Also green tea Extract which is also one of the main ingredients of the supplement contains EGCG. EGCG carries the trace mineral zinc to the place of occurrence where testosterone gets converted into estradiol.

Here we can find how intelligently the designer of the formulation of Testoprime has blended the right ingredients with an aim of enhancing the testosterone levels. 

Vitamin B6 is one important vitamin of the group vitamin B complex. It helps in maintaining the level of testosterone in the body. 

It is good for muscle heath and bone strength. Vitamin B 6 is also prescribed for improving cognitive abilities. It helps in enhancing the energy levels and fights chronic tiredness.

Vitamin B5 helps in converting the excess fat into energy which the body can use. Vitamin B5 also has effects in increasing the levels of testosterone.

Garlic Extract has many beneficial effects on the body. It regulates blood sugar level and helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases. It also regulates blood pressure levels and controls cholesterol.

According to a report of the American Cancer Society, garlic has a beneficial role in fighting as well as preventing cancer. It is an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent.

Garlic also works as an antioxidant eliminating any free radicals from the body.

Piperine extract is a bioavailable compound which helps in the absorption of the other ingredients of the supplement. 

Thus when you go through the above discussion we find that all the ingredients of the supplement have been selected with a concerted purpose behind them. 

It can be easily understood that the synergic effect of all the ingredients will be phenomenal in enhancing the levels of testosterone.

Also the quantity of D-Aspartic acid which is the core ingredient of the supplement has been provided with a remarkable amount of 2000 mg which is quite high when compared to the other testosterone boosting supplements on the online market.

The supplement has also been provided with a sizable quantity of other ingredients which can be seen in the list of ingredients of the Testoprime, above.

Beneficial effects of taking Testoprime regularly

Increase in testosterone level

The prime beneficial effect of taking the health supplement Testoprime is phenomenal rise in the levels of testosterone.

Recent studies on testosterone consumption in a controlled study on selected men in the age group 18 years and above have shown a 44% rise in the levels of testosterone.

Attainment of bigger lean muscles

Testosterone is the principal male hormone which provides the males with strength and vigor. As the levels of testosterone increases the results are reflected in the enhanced muscular strength and composition.

 The users will start getting and regaining all the lost glamor. Some studies even suggest a boost to the level of 138.7% in the strength of the muscles.

Faster rate of recovery

With the enhancement in the levels of the testosterone the rate of recovery after strenuous training is also increased. So the users will not have to suffer from muscle pains after hard training. 

Some ingredients which are included in the supplement also help in this direction. Vitamin B complex can be cited as an example of the ingredient which is very useful in improving bone density and relieving muscle cramps.

Enhanced energy levels

The supplement contains ingredients some of which are aimed to enhance energy levels. Also with the increase in the levels of testosterone the metabolism of the body is boosted up providing more and more energy to the users of the supplement Testoprime.

 With more energy the users will be able to exert more and more and do hard training. We all know that as the extent of weight training increases, the production of testosterone also increases. 

This is the body’s inherent reaction to weight exercises. With the enhancement of testosterone levels all the associated benefits of enhanced testosterone levels can be enjoyed.

Assisting weight loss

Some ingredients of the health supplement Testoprime are skillfully added so that the excess fats can be burnt out and converted into useful energy. Green Tea Extract can be cited as an example. 

Green Tea Extract acts as a thermogenic ingredient producing heat in the body. The heat melts away the stored fat and converts the fat into fat providing energy to the users. 

In this way by using the supplement Testoprime the users will be able to shed extra weight. By using Testoprime regularly 16% fat can be reduced.

Increase in endurance levels

Endurance is one of the vital criteria for successful weight training. It has been found in clinical studies that Testoprime can increase the levels of endurance by 92.2%.

Increased blood flow 

Ingredients have been added to the supplement Testoprime which triggers the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide in the bloodstream enhances the blood flow by widening the blood vessels. Enhanced blood flow enables more oxygen to reach the muscles helping in its growth.

Improved cognitive behavior

Testoprime has been found to improve the cognitive functions of the users. Brain controls the secretion of all the hormones through the pituitary gland. 

When the functions of the neurotransmitters of the brain become more alert, the hormonal secretions get harmonized, resulting in superior metabolic activities. 

With enhanced concentration and focus the users of the supplement Testoprime will be able to perform better in physical exercises as well as mental activities. Also Testoprime reduces stress and improves mood.

Side effects of Testoprime

The Testoprime health supplement which primarily targets enhancement of testosterone is made from natural and tested ingredients. As such there is no reported case of any harmful side effects of the supplement.

However people who are not comfortable with high doses of caffeine intake may feel some uneasiness by taking the supplement regularly. But such uneasiness generally disappears after some time of use.

Pregnant and lactating mothers are advised to consult their physician before starting the supplement. Also people with medical conditions too should consult doctors prior to using the supplement.


Pros of Testoprime

  • It is made of natural ingredients 
  • Can be bought over the counter
  • No side effects
  • It is free from allergens such as soy, gluten, egg, nuts, dairy and grains
  • No fillers and additives are added 

Cons Of Testoprime

  • Men below the age of 18 cannot take it
  • People who are uncomfortable with caffeine may dislike taking the supplement

FAQ For Testoprime

How safe is Testoprime?

Testoprime is safe for all adult men who are over the years of 18. Testosterone ingredients are all natural which have been used by the ancient people for centuries without any side effects. Further it is safe for the modern day people who are prone to allergies. The supplement is free from soy, dairy, gluten,nuts, grains, fillers and additives.

It may not be safe for the people who are on testosterone therapy as the levels of testosterone may increase beyond the safe limit. It is always safe to consult the doctor before starting the supplement to be on the safer side.

How much is the response time of Testoprime?

Every man is unique, having a unique constitution. So the response is bound to be different for different persons. Our observation has found that on an average the users of the supplement feel the difference within a few weeks of taking the supplement regularly. These differences are surely due to the increase in Testosterone levels.

The symptoms of enhanced levels of testosterone are high levels of energy, stamina, drive and libido. The users also find an improved level of cognitive functions. Many users ask what should be the choice of my package. To this it can be said that a 3 month’s package may be the best bet for the starters. The advantage of the package is that you will not need to break the consumption while availing attractive discounts for bulk purchase. 

Secondly continuous use of the supplement without  break will result in a good amount of enhancement in testosterone levels. 

What are the doses of Testoprime?

The prescribed dose of Testoprime supplement for boosting testosterone levels is 4 capsules daily before breakfast. The capsules are to be swallowed along with sufficient water.

For whom is the supplement Testoprime meant for?

The prime purpose of the health supplement Testoprime is to increase the levels of testosterone. We know that testosterone is the most important male hormone. Testosterone production starts in the male body right from childhood. During childhood and adolescence the production of testosterone goes on increasing. But after attaining the age of 30 the production of testosterone starts declining at a rate of 1% every year. The effect of low levels of testosterone is felt only after the age of 40.

As such the Testoprime supplement is meant mainly for such men with low testosterone levels. But it can be taken by all adult males above the age of 18 years. Men of middle age and elderly men would need the supplement on priority. Unfortunately some younger men also suffer from low testosterone. 

They can take the help of the supplement to regain youthful energy and drive. Men with high levels of testosterone should not take the supplement as it will increase the testosterone level more than the upper safe limit of testosterone. 

Does it require a prescription for purchase?

No. The supplement is made of ingredients which are natural and tested. For such bioactive phytochemicals no prescription is required during purchase as per the rule of authorities.

Is it possible to take Testoprime along with other prescription medicines?

Answer: generally Testoprime do not interact with other medications. But to be on the safe side it is advisable to take the advice of medical professionals before starting to use the supplement

Is there any risk free buying option with Testoprime?

For a few buyers of Testoprime who may be apprehending some negative or no results, the manufacturer of Testoprime offers one risk free buying option. The manufacturer of Testoprime offers lifetime money back guarantee for the users who are not satisfied with the supplement even after using the supplement for sufficient days.

Such users may get back their purchase cost by returning the empty containers to the customer care officials of the company.

Why should I trust the claims of Testoprime?

You are free not to trust the manufacturer’s claims about the product Testoprime. But looking at the twelve natural ingredients and their beneficial effects on testosterone enhancement, the experts in the field of medical science have recommended its use for getting rid of the effects of low testosterone levels. The blending of the ingredients is also done in an intelligent way keeping in mind a holistic approach of getting back energy, stamina and drive.

Secondly clinical results on real men have been carried out which have confirmed the effective results of the supplement. Thirdly the manufacturing process is done under FDA approved facilities and certified by GMP. It is free from all types of allergens. No unnecessary additives and fillers are added to the supplement. 

Concluding Remarks

From the above elaborate discussion covering various aspects of the testosterone booster supplement Testoprime, we conclude that Testoprime is an excellent health supplement which can enhance the levels of testosterone.

The target users of the supplement Testoprime are all men above 18 who have symptoms of low levels of testosterone. The supplement is particularly meant for the middle aged and elderly men who inadvertently suffer from low levels of testosterone.

Before starting the supplement the users should consult their physicians. People with high levels of testosterone and people who are on testosterone therapy should refrain from taking the supplement.

The company provides a risk free buying option of lifetime 100% money back guarantee.

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