7 Surprising Foods to Boost Your Sex Drive and Improve Your Love Life!

Top Surprising Foods to Boost Your Sexual Life

The secret to a great sex life may lie in what you eat. Oysters & chocolate are examples of aphrodisiacs that are known to stimulate sexual desire. But doctors say there is a tonne of additional foods, some of which might surprise you and increase your libido.


According to Marta Montenegro, nutritional reproductive lifestyle specialist at IVFMD, who speaks to Bustle, dietary consumption is essential for maintaining a good libido. 

Refrain from eating too many items heavy in simple sugars, saturated fats, and simple carbs because doing so will cause your energy levels to drop quickly.

Best Food That Enhance Your Performance

Particular dietary practices may raise your chance of health disorders impairing blood flow, especially if it concerns sex. Montenegro asserts that you will require healthy blood circulation if you want to maintain that “in the game” sensation. 

It should be simple for the blood vessels to expand, she claims. In addition, as sex may involve more physical endurance, you should also be in excellent cardiovascular health.

You may be aware that fatty meals like a burger, chips, & pizza urge you like to lie down more than you want to remove your clothes. However, you may not be aware that nutrient-rich diets may also significantly increase your libido.

Boost Your Sexual Life

Psalm Isadora, a renowned yogi and sex expert from Marina Del Rey, claims that having incredible sex is a way of life. First, however, you must create a schedule and take steps to make it happen, such as going on date nights, decorating your bedroom with romantic touches, and watching what you consume.

Isadora adds that in addition to eating a healthy diet, you may also choose particular foods that, when consumed when you want to be in the spirit, might increase blood flow or testosterone.

What is for supper? Here, your plate will have seven unusual yet nutritious items to pique your interest and that of your date.

 1. Apples

The chemical quercetin is abundant in apples. This flavonoid-type antioxidant might provide a range of health advantages.

Quercetin has an impact on sex in the following ways:

  • ED treatment
  • increasing blood flow
  • reducing prostatitis symptoms

Review of 2016 At levels larger than 500 milligrams each day, quercetin could successfully reduce blood pressure, according to a dependable source.

Sexual dysfunction could result from high blood pressure because damaged blood vessels reduce blood supply to the sexual organs. So one reason for ED is this.

In reality, according to a 2016 report by Trusted Source, men who ate more fruit had a 14% lower incidence of ED. It could be because they contain flavonoids.

High blood pressure in women, especially if it causes exhaustion, might impair libido & decrease interest in sex. In addition, the body’s reaction to sexual activity may be impacted by lower vaginal blood flow.

Generally, eating foods high in flavonoids will enhance your overall well-being and maintain your sexual life in good shape.

 2. Beets

Beetroots are a nutritious complement to any diet since they are high in vitamins and antioxidants. They also include a lot of dietary nitrates, which implies they may improve your sexual performance.

Vasodilation, a process caused by dietary nitrates, causes the blood vessels to dilate and enhances blood flow. It improves muscle contraction. To improve performance, some sportsmen utilize nitrates.

Some research

According to a reliable source, even one dosage of beet juice, or doses spread out over some days, may boost people’s performance during intermittent, high-intensity activity with brief rest intervals.

Beetroot juice’s dietary nitrate, according to ResearchTrusted Source, may be able to lower blood pressure. According to the experts, both those with hypertension and those with normal blood pressure could benefit from this.

Theoretically, these same systems may also assist you in having more energy and blood flow during sex while enhancing your heart’s general health.

3. Avocados

Avocado is popular in cuisine because of their adaptability. Additionally, it contains a lot of vitamin E, promoting solid nails and skin.

Potassium, monounsaturated fats, and vitamin B6 are all abundant in avocados. Both a healthy heart & strong circulation are necessary for a happy sexual life, and they assist in encouraging them.

Avocados’ inherent advantages also aid in preventing arterial damage. For example, men with heart problems are twice as likely to experience erectile dysfunction.

Researchers discovered in one study that eating avocados lowers the incidence of metabolic syndrome, a recognized risk marker for erectile dysfunction. Men suffering from metabolic syndrome are over twice as likely to get ED as the regular populace.

With their simplicity and adaptability, avocados may be used in any cuisine. For example, for breakfast, try spreading some avocado over toast. You may also use it on a burger, salad, or with tortilla chips and salsa.

4. Watermelon

A summer meeting with watermelon is usually anticipated with excitement. However, you may not be aware that watermelon has benefits beyond just cooling you down.

To effectively handle stress, watermelon has vitamin B5. High stress levels could lead to both men’s and women’s libido declines; thus, it is a positive thing that does not happen often.

The body will also release cortisol after an orgasm once you are in a sexual mood due to decreased stress levels. Again, more so than before, this aids in lowering stress levels. 

One of the finest fruits for boosting libido is watermelon, which also contains additional B vitamins that aid in enhancing sexual endurance and increasing vitality. In addition, watermelon functions similarly to natural Viagra because it is a vasodilator, which helps to enlarge blood vessels.

5. Salmon

You can find Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon known to be very good for the heart.

The pink-fleshed fish, along with sardines, tuna, and halibut, may help maintain the health of your body and your sexual life.

Based on a 2017 assessment by Trusted Source, omega-3 fatty acids assist in reducing the clogging of your arteries with plaque. Your internal body blood flow is encouraged as a result.

Maintaining the circulatory system healthy lowers the chance of developing certain illnesses that affect sexual performance.

Omega-3 fatty acids are said to lower triglycerides (fats) in the bloodstream and modestly lower the risk of cardiovascular disease incidence, according to a comprehensive Cochrane review published in 2020.

Iron, Vit D, vitamin B12, and protein are all abundant in fish. Zinc is also a component.

6. Pine Nuts

Zinc is a mineral abundant in pine nuts and is linked to increased sexual desire. Nearly 50 males, ranging in age from twenty to eighty, were tested by Wayne State University scientists to determine their testosterone & zinc levels. They concluded that zinc could be crucial in controlling blood levels of testosterone. While other factors affect a man’s libido, testosterone is a significant contributor. 

Erectile dysfunction and decreased sex drive can be caused by insufficient testosterone. Increased testosterone can thus be beneficial. Increased consumption of zinc is one approach to do this.

Do you know another excellent nut that would increase libido? Pistachios. An improvement in erectile function was shown in Turkish research on 17 males who consumed pistachios for three weeks.

7. Fatty Fish

Isadora claims that omega-3 fatty acids, which are abundant in fish like tuna, salmon, & mackerel and that are also produced in the brain after an orgasm, increase dopamine levels. Preferable than a pill would be a delicious piece of grilled salmon. Thus very good for health and in terms of its health benefits.


Even though some meals can increase hormone levels & keep your heart rate up, improving your sex life via nutrition is not always possible. However, many individuals believe that enhancing their nutrition would boost their sexual drive, their capacity for having sex, and the enjoyment they derive from it.

While studies suggest a possible connection between certain meals and good orgasms, people looking for the greatest food for sex must ensure they follow a balanced, cardio diet. You might experience an improvement in libido by regularly including these items in your diet.

Not to forget that most meals that boost libido and sexual desire are often good choices in the long run. The dietary selections you make daily build up over time, even though they might not appear to be a big deal.

You may alter your eating habits such that they support your efforts to increase libido rather than working against them. Maintaining care of yourself this way would give you a longer and more fruitful sexual life. So, start incorporating the best ten libido-boosting foods into your everyday diet.

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