How To Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

Exercising is not the only way to lose weight. Having proper food, sleeping well, quitting alcohol and putting away all those sugar loaded food items help you lose weight faster than you would think! 

Imagine having to squeeze in your clothes because they have become tight, imagine having to shop a few larger sizes than before to fit in, imagine feeling heavy while doing day-to-day chores – it sounds depressing, isn’t it?

For being healthy, having the right weight is extremely important. Those extra kilos bring a lot of hardships and problems with them, not just the physical ones but also the emotional and mental ones. If you are overweight your body faces many challenges. There are high chances that the extra accumulated fat may hamper the functioning of your heart and cause cholesterol problems. No matter how young or old you are if you have excess weight and accumulated fat you are at high risk of having cholesterol issues such as blocked arteries or veins which cause heart attack! 

Those extra pounds put intense pressure on your bones and this may lead to bone weakening. Obesity is also the major cause of osteoarthritis in many people. Needless to mention, problems regarding bones are mostly painful and they tend to hamper your day-to-day routine. 

Maintaining a healthy weight also helps you to sleep better and also regulates your internal bodily functions and keeps up the hormonal balance. Obesity is also known to cause body image issues which may lead to low self-confidence, a lot of stress, depression or anxiety. You need to watch and maintain your weight not only for your body’s external well-being but also for the proper functioning of your internal organs and bones. It is not just about the way look it is about how you feel and most importantly it is about being healthy. 

Every time somebody talks about losing weight, the primary scenarios that come into their minds are either about lifting weight by hitting the gym or sweating it out on a cycle or treadmill or doing endless cardio exercises or a lot of yoga. 

What if we say that there are ways in which you can not only reduce your weight but also maintain it without indulging in heavy exercising?!

Yes, you read that right! Read on to know all the ways in which you could lose weight fast without exercise

Water – Drinks loads of it! 


Water is extremely essential for our body. Keeping yourself hydrated can reduce many physical issues. Drinking loads of water keeps you full and this results in preventing unhealthy snacking. You should try and drink loads of water before your meals, this will keep your tummy full. Thus drinking more water also assists in preventing over eating. Besides all this water renders your body a huge support in curbing cravings. Every time you get an intense craving to have some unhealthy food item or junk just drink a glass full of hot water, this practise keeps you full and also curbs your craving. It also keeps you skin healthy and keeps dental issues at bay. Try to adopt the habit of drinking warm water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. It eases bowel movement and helps you to keep your tummy clear for the day. 

Say no to packaged food

no-to -packed-food-for weight-loss

Packaged food contains a lot of sugar and excess of sugar not only increases weight but it also can make your body suffer from various other ailments. Besdies sugar, trans fat is highly found in the packaged food which is not good for your body and makes you put on weight. The artificial colors or additives added to this pre-packaged food may cause some serious harm to your health. These food items also contain a large quantity of unnecessary carbs and fat which add on to your weight. Snacking and munching on packaged food frequently may have adverse effects on your internal organs as well. 

Bid adieu to Sugar


Sugar is high in calories and it has very little nutrients but owing how it tastes it has a huge fan following. People find it very difficult to resist sugary foods such as cakes, pastries, ice creams and the list goes on and on. Because of its high calorie content, excess consumption of sugar makes you increase weight rapidly. So if you want to reduce weight faster you’ll have to reduce your sugar intake by a considerable amount. The most effective ways to reduce your sugar intake is by not buying or buying very little quantity of items containing sugar. It is easier to keep off it when you do not see it. Decrease you sugar intake and you’ll see how fast you lose weight! 

Say hello to more protein


Go to any dietician or nutritionist, when you ask them about your weight loss queries and issues they’ll definitely suggest consumption of sufficient amounts of protein. It is one of the very vitals things you require in your weight loss journey. Protein satisfies your hunger and takes a longer time to digest. In this way protein helps to keep your tummy fuller for a longer duration of time which might support you in reducing unhealthy snacking. 

Now a days protein is available in various forms and food items so it is not necessary that you need to eat kilos of chicken to obtain protein. You can consume it through various protein bars, protein shakes or various other types of protein snacks. 

Reduce your carb intake


When you eat carbs they get converted to glucose in the body which then gets converted to energy that your body requires. If you consume excess of carbs then excess of glucose is generated which gets stored in various parts of your body as body fat and this increases your weight. Hence, reducing you carb intake, especially refined carbs can be a big booster in losing weight fast. A low carb diet helps you to shed those extra pounds sooner. So do not consume a lot of breads or pastas because these items have tremendous amount of carbs. Giving more preference to cutting bad carbs entirely from your diet will prove extremely beneficial in your weight loss journey. 

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Fix your meal time

Having a fixed meal time helps your body to understand the food clock and digest the food better. For instance, during the whole day if you eat 3 times a day at an interval of four hours between your meals, make sure you stick to that and do not eat anything in between your meal time or snack time. You can also eat 4 times a day but make sure whatever you want to eat be it snacks, fruits, proper meals and much more, you eat it in those 4 meals and nothing in between them. This helps in digesting the food better and in turn increases metabolism. Increased metabolism is a primary factor that helps you decrease weight faster. This method of eating your meals also reduces your calorie intake as get to train your body and brain to eat only in those specific intervals, so you automatically start consuming less food. 

Portion control is a must

The predominant cause of most of the people putting on weight is – overeating. The moment we find delicious food of our choice be it burgers or pizzas with extra cheese or many other fatty & oily dishes we tend to eat to our heart’s content rather than to our stomach’s content. Such kind of hogging and over eating makes you put on weight like nothing else. Eating large meals slows down your metabolism as you take a longer time to digest it. Larger meals may also result in bloating and other problems. Hence it is very necessary to follow the portion control methods sincerely. 

Eating food in a larger plate makes you eat a lot of food and take second helpings. Try eating in smaller plates. These food filled tiny plates give you an illusion of eating a lot. These small sized plates also prevent you from taking second servings which in turn prohibit you from over eating. 

Drink these fat-cutter drinks on an empty stomach in the morning


  1. Lemon and ginger in warm water – Both lemon and ginger have magical properties that speeds up your weight loss process. Ginger has compounds that improve digestion and curb your appetite whereas lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C and is also known to crush your appetite. 

Procedure – Peel a ginger and cut it in pieces. Add these pieces in a pot of boiling water. Then strain the hot water in another glass to remove the ginger pieces and add few spoons of lemon juice to it. Drink the mixture hot.

  1. Lemon and honey in warm water – Pour some lemon juice and few drops of honey in warm water and drink this mixture on an empty stomach in the morning. Lemon juice as we discussed helps to suppress your appetite and honey detoxifies your body and prevents you from getting bloated. 

These drinks ease your bowel movement and increase your metabolism, thus helping you to lose weight faster. 


Your body is constantly at work along with your digestive system which is also working non stop. As you keep loading your tummy with all kinds of food items your digestive system tries to work on it. It does the task of converting the food into the energy your body requires for day to day activities. Hence it requires rest which is provided by fasting. When you fast, your body uses up the extra stored fat to produce energy. Hence fasting is a good way to lose that extra fat and in turn lose weight. 

Have fruits and nuts for snacks 

We all love snacking. If you are on your weight loss journey, your choice of snacks is very important. If you snack on packaged food like chips or crackers or sugary cereals and many others, you’ll put on kilos of weight. Hence you should switch to healthy snacking  options such as fruits and nuts. Fruits provide you with various minerals, vitamins and nutrients as well as natural sugar. Nuts such as walnuts, peanuts, almonds and dates are also very healthy for your body and fun to munch on. Replacing unhealthy snacks with healthy snack options will definitely help your decrease those extra kilos faster. 

Concentrate on your food while eating

We are surrounded by multiples devices around us such as our phones, tablets, TVs and laptops. All these devices have a lot of entertainment options such as the umpteen number of streaming services or several apps. People tend to delight themselves with all these entertainment options while having meals which takes their concentration away from food and focuses it on the screens of these devices. When you do not concentrate on the food that you are eating you tend to over eat. You do not realise that your stomach is full and you take second and sometimes even third helping. So you should concentrate on your food while eating so that you eat sufficient amount required for your body. 

Chew your food 

Remember when we were kids our elders always asked us to chew our food (32 times)? there was a reason for that. When you chew your food properly it converts into a fine paste which is easily slides down through your throat and gets easily digested. Besides that, chewing food increases the time you require to finish you meals and this makes you eat less. So chewing food more and properly also helps in portion control. 

Sleep Well


Sleeping well reduces stress and energises you. Following a healthy sleeping pattern helps in weight loss and also in maintaining your weight in the future. Sleeping helps your body to rest and keeps stress away. Stress free life is a great catalyst in helping you to lose weight and also prevents you from stress eating. If you sleep early on time you can also avoid snacking late in the night. 

Cut down your alcohol consumption 

Alcoholic beverages contain loads of calories which can add up to your weight. Besides that you also tend to eat or snack a lot while drinking which again proves to be a factor in increasing your weight. So better cut it down all together. This will help you lose weight faster.

So now you know how to lose weight, so go ahead and follow all these steps and see how your lose weight easily without exercising! 

Stay healthy! 


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