Kerassentials Review: Working, Ingredients, Benefits, Pros And Cons

Kerassentials Review

Kerassentials is a promising product that is relatively new in the market. Monsoon is lovely, but you might have had bad experiences with fungal infections, especially in your nails. If you are someone who maintains hygienic nails and toenails, you might want to know more about why Keraessentials is booming on the market within a short time.

Capsules and powders take time to be digested and absorbed, which is the case for most supplements. However, skin supplements like Kerassentials are easy to use and they give instant results. They provide moisturization to the skin around your nails and toenails, helping you maintain proper skin hygiene. The natural formulation of the product makes it a suitable product for individuals of any age.


What is Kerassentials

Keraessentials includes a powerful combination of 9 natural oils and skin health-promoting vitamins. The potent blend targets nail ailments and fights fungal infections. It also rebuilds damaged skin and nails to maintain their good health. Since the supplement is available in the consistency of oil, it helps in easy application and effective skin nourishment.

If you are struggling with fungal attacks, toenail itching or foul smell of nails, Kerassentials can work on its own to improve your condition. Since it is a part of your skincare routine, you don’t have to worry about an intense workout routine or a strict diet. You need to pay extra attention to your body as it ages since it gradually loses its ability to absorb and utilize the nutrients you get from your food sources.

It is recommended that you consult a medical health professional if you contract any fungal infection or notice any symptoms. However, it is also important to be able to deal with such situations and take immediate action. Owning a bottle of Kerassentials oil helps you take any precautionary measures as a part of your treatment. You can make sure the infection does not spread further and reduce the symptoms.

How does It Work – What the Reviews Say?

Fungal nail infections are a common concern. Your nails turn brown and bacteria build colonies that further the infection. It makes your nails weak and they break easily. Bad nails mean bad health too since you use fingernails for a lot of purposes. Your toenails are more exposed to dirt and pollution, making them vulnerable to fungal infections.

Kerassentials work to eliminate such problems with your nail health. The formula has long-term anti-fungal properties, which means you don’t have to go through a fungal infection again. Conventional treatments don’t work because they don’t target the resistance built by your skin and nails. Kerassentials, on the other hand, targets fungus that has built resistance to various medications you took over time and defeats the infection to never occur again.

Once your nails start to grow again after the infection, they grow healthier, stronger, and fungus-free. The potent ingredients in the supplement promote healthy regeneration of skin cells, designed to work for anyone above 18 years of age who is suffering from fungus-infected nails or skin problems.  


Kerassentials oil is a combination of different antibiotics, made with the goodness to be effective for a long time. All ingredients in the product are 100% natural and safe with zero side effects. The formula includes different natural oils, vitamins, and other potent ingredients, mixed in the right amount to provide your nails and skin with nutrients and nourishment. The product is manufactured in a US-based CGMP (current good manufacturing practices) facility as per FDA guidelines.

Here is a list of ingredients and how they make Kerassentials the best product to treat fungal infections:

  • Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is one of the most beneficial compounds for your skin and nails. It is popularly used in cosmetics and skincare products. It can protect your nail keratin and maintain its good health. Though this is its main purpose, it can naturally ease eczema, menstrual cramps, anxiety, and insomnia. Several studies support the claims on lavender has anti-fungal and curative properties, making it a useful ingredient to treat fungus and infections. It can also prevent hair loss, which is a common side effect of fungal infections on your skin or in your nails. Its anti-inflammatory properties ensure the recovery of damaged skin and prevent infections to attack again.

  • Organic Flaxseed Oil

Organic flaxseed oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties and it boosts your natural skin immunity by nourishing it with nutrients.  Fungal infections often lead to oxidative stress and free radicals on your skin that have bad consequences, but flax seed keeps your skin as soft and healthy as ever given its anti-ageing qualities. It also helps you control your appetite and aids your weight loss plan, though not directly. Omega 3 fatty acids in the flax seed oil support heart and brain health besides promoting your skin and nail health. Once you get rid of the fungus, the oil can improve your resistance to infections and your nails grow stronger.

  • Sweet Almond Oil

Similar to most oils in the Kerassentials formula, almond oil protects your skin and nails from fungal infections. Almonds are rich in nutrients and their oils can offer impressive benefits to your heart, skin, and hair. It contains vitamin E, which keeps your skin hydrated and supple. Almond oil can reduce cellulitis and treat your stretch marks easily. Besides all the advantages it offers you, almond oil can regulate your blood sugar levels, aid in body detoxification, and promote weight management.

  • Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a wonder ingredient in a wide range of products across industries. With strong antifungal and antiseptic properties, it can effectively treat nail fungus. It has been a part of medicinal treatment by aboriginal people to cure skin problems, colds, and coughs for centuries. It has an abundance of terpinene-4-ol, a compound that can easily kill bacteria and fungi. In addition to promoting your nail and skin health, it can heal wounds and show impressive results.

  • Lemon Grass Oil

Lemongrass oil is an effective antifungal remedy to make sure the toenail fungus doesn’t attack you the second time. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory compound, which promotes your skin and nail health. It has been a part of natural remedies for a long time and it is used in soaps, skincare products, and aromatics. Its strong citrus aroma is an added advantage. It is also known to have calming effects on your body, which is why it is famous in aromatherapy.

  • Manuka Oil

Manuka oil is rich with healing agents to cure any oxidative stress or free radical damage on your skin. Fungal infections are known to get ugly, but Kerassentials includes antioxidative ingredients like Manuka oil to make sure you don’t fall prey to fungus frequently. It can restore your skin and nail health efficiently and quickly.

  • Aloe vera

Aloe vera is an impressive ingredient in a wide range of products you use every day. It has immense healing powers due to its anti-fungal, anti-ageing, and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also protect you from acne and scars. With the right dosage of Kerassentials, aloe vera can protect you from any high-resistant fungi. You can enjoy perfect skin nourishment and moisturisation with its medicinal properties. Aloe vera contains polyphenols, which fight the formation and growth of dangerous germs and fungi. It can help you with itching, irritation, redness, and swelling of your skin too. You don’t have to worry about toxic moisturisation due to aloe vera since other ingredients in Kerassentials make sure your nails and skin stay dry and sage from humid environments.

  • Clove Bud

Clove bud has been part of medicinal treatment forever, owing to its antibacterial, healing, and antiseptic properties. It is one of the primary ingredients in the Kerassentials formula, which promotes your nail and skin health. Like most oils in the formula, clove bud takes care of the damaged skin and reduces inflammation. In addition to fighting fungal infections, it can also treat multiple other skin conditions caused due to infections.

  • Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a staple food in households, especially the ones that try different oat bowls and puddings. It is rich in antioxidants and promotes the recovery of your nails from fungal infections. It also promotes skin and nail health even after you got rid of the fungus. Chia seeds can naturally protect your skin, even from harmful sunrays and light.

  • Undecylenic Acid USP (5%)

Undecylenic acid is an unsaturated but beneficial fatty acid, which provides you with a wide range of health benefits. It is used in the Kerassentilas for its antifungal properties and it can also protect your nails. It can also fight fungal infections in your scalp and prevent them from happening again.

  • DL-alpha-Tocopherol

DL-alpha-Tocopherol is similar to Vitamin E but it is more stable. Its stability offers efficacy to all the benefits you can reap from the compound. It can protect you from yellow nail syndrome, peeling, and cracks. If you have cracked cuticles or dry skin problems around your nails, it is the best choice of nourishment. It also has anti-ageing properties to gift you hydrated and nourished nails and skin.

  • Isopropyl Palmitate

Isopropyl palmitate is used in the Kerassentials formula to target the fungus in your nails from the roots. When you get rid of the deeply rooted fungus, it not only treats the infections but makes sure it does not happen again. It also promotes your nail and skin health.

  • Polyethylene Glycol

Though inactive, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) provides a suppository base to the Kerassentials formula. It is used as a surfactant to reduce surface tension and increases spreading properties. It also acts as a plasticizer, a colourless and nonvolatile liquid used to promote softness and flexibility in the product.

  • Other Ingredients

Kerassentials formula also includes many more ingredients like mineral oil, canola, walnut oil, menthol, camphor oil, and jojoba oil. All of them are integrated into the formula with the only goal of treating your fungal infections and promoting your nail health. Each of them has its own set of properties that offer you a wide range of benefits through the product. You can also check out the official website or the product label for more information on the ingredients used in the formula.


Dosage and Safety Guidelines

Kerassentials is available in an oil consistency, making it easier to apply the formula to your nails and skin. A 15 ml bottle of Kerassentials lasts for around 30 days. You can apply it a minimum of 4 times daily, twice in the morning and twice in the evening. You can use an enclosed brush applicator to apply the oil onto your nails and a cotton swab to make sure the solution reaches the cuticles

To obtain the best results, you can use an emery board to file the surface of your nails and increase the absorption rate of the formula. You can notice instant results and you don’t have to worry about a second occurrence of the fungal infection. Since all ingredients are completely natural and organic, there can’t be any possible side effects.

However, you must stick to the recommended dosage since overdosage can lead to negative consequences on your skin like redness, irritation, swelling, rashes, and pain. It is also helpful to follow some usage guidelines as following for your own safety.

  • The emery board to use to file your nails should be disinfected and cleaned so it doesn’t bring back the fungal infection when you file your nails next time.
  • Make sure you don’t bring your fingers near your face after applying the oil to them. Wash your hands with soap and water after some time.
  • If you are pregnant or lactating or have certain skin conditions, it is best you don’t use Kerassentials oil for your fungal infections. You can consult your doctor and follow any alternative treatments like anti-fungal tablets.
  • If you are applying the solution to your toenails, make sure you don’t walk barefood post-application. It can further increase your risk for infections.
  • Maintain good hygiene of your feet and hands. Avoid sweaty feet and build-up of dirt in the nails.
  • If you don’t see results in a few days, don’t stop using the product. Use the solution consistently and be patient to get rid of the fungus-infected nails. According to the official site, using the oil for 4 to 6 months can bring the best results.

There is limited research on the product but anecdotal evidence of the supplement suggests the efficiency of the Kerassentials oil. It might be oil to treat fungal infections, but you still need proper advice on your diagnosis and health situation. You must consult a doctor if you are not sure of anything regarding the infection, dosage, etc. It helps you ward off any possible side effects and ensures the safe recovery of your fungus-infected nails.

Pros And Cons :

Every product on the market has a lot to offer depending on their purposes, but there are downsides to them all. Some might lead to serious side effects and some might just result in minimal discomfort. Kerassentials is made up of 100% natural ingredients and it is available as an oil, so there are not any serious side effects except if you are prone to allergies. It helps to know what is going to happen when you start using a new product that is relatively new in the market and has limited scientific evidence. Here is some information to help you understand more about the product.


  • Promotes healthy skin and fungus-free nails naturally
  • Enriches, hydrates, and nourishes your skin and nails with superfoods
  • Regeneration and development of new skin cells post the fungal infection
  • Targets highly resistant fungus with potent anti-fungal ingredients
  • 100% natural, safe, and organic ingredients in the formula
  • Cleanses the body and prevents infections
  • Takes care of nail keratin and chipped cuticles
  • Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and anti-ageing properties
  • Protects you from acne and scars
  • Improves immunity of your skin
  • Packed with essential vitamins and minerals to bring effective results
  • Prevents yellow nail syndrome and athlete’s foot
  • Cures peeling, cracking, irritation, and damage to your nails and skin
  • No pesticides or synthetic components
  • Easy to apply on the nails since it is in oil form
  • Immediate results
  • Zero side effects
  • The formula is scientifically tested and proven


  • Minors, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers better not use Kerassentials
  • Exclusively available on the official site (not easily available in general pharmacies)
  • Possible side effects if you overdose on the product
  • If you are prone to allergies, you should crosscheck since the product contains certain allergens
  • Kerassentials is not widely applicable for all kinds of infections
  • Not advisable for people with any skin conditions
  • Possible drug interactions, so check with a doctor before you use the product

FAQs :

How to tell if toenails have fungus?

You can check for a few signs to know if your toenails have a fungal infection. If your nails are thick, discoloured (yellow-brown), brittle, ragged, distorted in shape, or smell foul, it might indicate a fungal infection in your nails. These symptoms can occur one or more at a time, but it can’t always mean an infection. They are also more or less similar to fingernail infections. In any case, you must consult with a doctor before you self-medicate or use any skincare to treat the infected nails.

What is the fastest home remedy for fungus-infected nails?

Tea tree oil has gained immense popularity in the last decade. It is a popular home remedy for skin infections, but you can’t mistake it for proper treatment. Though it is a viable option, you should take advice from a doctor before you follow any home remedies. In emergencies or less serious situations, you can dab a few drops of tea tree oil onto your nails two times a day. You can also mix a few drops of oil with water and soak your feet.

What is the best fungal nail treatment?

Kerassentials is the recent wonder treatment for fungus-infected nails. It is easy to use and gives the best results. To be able to deal with all kinds of situations, it is good to be aware of alternative treatments. Antifungal tablets like terbinafine and itraconazole are the two most effective medicines to treat nail infections caused due to fungus. You can take these medicines once or twice a day for a few months to make sure the infection doesn’t attack again. There is a high possibility of a repeated attack if you stop taking medications too early. Though it is an effective treatment, some people might be uncomfortable taking medicines for that long, which is why Kerassentials oil has boomed up on the market in no time.

What happens if you leave the fungal infection untreated?

If you leave a fungal infection on your nails unnoticed and untreated, you will experience severe pain in your feet and fingers. Your nails become thick and distorted, making it difficult to do the bare minimum with your fingers or toes. It can further lead to athlete’s foot, which is a severe case of fungal infections in toenails. When you don’t treat the infection for a long time, it can spread to your skin causing severe skin problems that are difficult to get rid of. Though it is best you should consult a doctor if you see any symptoms of infections, it is helpful to have a few tricks by your sleeve. You can keep Kerassentials at home to take immediate action against any fungal infections.

Are fungal infections contagious?

Yes, fungal infections are contagious. They are most likely to occur on your skin or in your nails, which also increases your possibility of sharing the infection with the infected. Even if your immune system is strong, fungal infections can be easily contracted. You can prevent that from happening by maintaining good personal hygiene. You can wash and scrub your feet daily twice and you must wash your hands when you go out or come in contact with unhygienic environments. Following precautions can take you a long way and protect you from contagious infections. It gets easier if you follow them as a part of your hygiene routine which also reduces your worry about possible occurrences of fungus.

How to disinfect shoes from fungus?

When your toenails have a fungal infection, it can be difficult to walk around in shoes. You will also need them to be fungus-free to make sure you don’t contract the infection just after you get rid of it. The best way to disinfect your shoes from fungus is to use a UV sanitizer. You can also pick one that is made especially for shoes. Your other options are to use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda or vinegar when you want to get rid of fungus from your shoes. It is helpful to soak your footwear in the sun for a while too.

Where to buy Kerassentials for the lowest price?

You can buy Kerassentials from its official website, where they are available exclusively. The exclusive listing has other benefits like authenticity, membership discounts, offers, and a refund policy when you shop on the Kerassentials site. If you are thinking of getting the product for the lowest price possible, you might want to check their package options, like a basic pack, popular pack, and best value pack, each of which has its own benefits. They also have a full refund policy, making it easier for you to choose a pack of Kerassentials. The official website has all information you need to take pick out of all the available product packages. You can also read a lot of information that helps you understand more about the Kerrasentials oil.

Is it possible to self-treat fungal infections on nails or skin?

You might be able to follow a good and effective skincare routine to prevent any possible fungal infections, but it is not advisable to treat any such issues by yourself. Fungus might be common, but if not taken seriously, it can turn bad quickly. The problem with self-treatment is that you hear multiple home remedies from different people and you never know what works right for you. Some can just give you bad and ugly reactions. If you are someone with decent knowledge about how your body or skin works and what fungal infections are, you can work on a self-treatment that you are 100% sure of. In any other case, it is always best to consult a doctor for advice and diagnosis.

Why do you get toenail fungus?

Fungal infections are caused due to various types of fungi like yeasts or moulds that tend to build up in certain environments. If your nails (toenails and fingernails) have tiny cracks or if the skin around your nails is not taken care of, it can invite germs from fungal colonies to enter your nail and result in an infection. In other words, unhygienic conditions can often lead to fungal infections, which is why you should maintain proper nail care. You can clean and scrub your feet to make sure they are dry yet moisturised. You can also clean the dirt in your nails to prevent fungal infections.

Is Kerassentials FDA-approved?

Yes, the Kerassentials formula is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is also manufactured in a GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility in the United States (USA). In addition to this, the product has also received multiple third-party certifications, awards, and an impressive percentage of positive reviews to support its claims to treat fungal infections. By applying the oil four times a day, the natural formula of the product helps you maintain fungus-free nails and skin.

Conclusion :

If you are diabetic, had a recent nail surgery, have problems with your blood circulation, have ringworm on your foot, or if you have a weak immune system, you are highly likely to be attacked by a fungal infection.

However, with proper care and cleanliness in your body and in your surroundings, you can decrease your chances of contracting the fungi. One of the tips to prevent the problem include keeping your hand and feet dry and clean at all times.

You can keep your nails short and healthy, visit a nail salon to maintain hygiene, carefully dispose of nail clippings, and keep away from clippings of others, especially if they had a history of fungal infections.

If you are not sure of your situation or if you are thinking of a solution by yourself, you must consult with a doctor for diagnosis and advice. It only takes a few weeks to treat your fungal infection with antifungal and antibiotic medications if the situation is serious. It might not be a dietary supplement, but Kerassentials oil is still a supplement you take to maintain skin hygiene and skin health.

The scientific evidence on the product is relatively new, so there is not enough backup for each ingredient of the formula and each benefit it offers. Anecdotal evidence, however, suggests that Kerassentials is the best product to treat fungus-infected nails.

Just because you are not ingesting it and you are just applying the formula to your skin, it does not guarantee a 100% risk-free and effective treatment. The results vary between individuals and health history. Side effects depend on your health status too, which is why you must consult a doctor to make sure you will not have any possible side effects like rashes, drug interactions with your other medicines, itching, etc.

If you are struggling with skin and nail problems including fungal infections, Kerassentials is worth the investment. The interesting thing about the product is that you can use this as a part of your skin or nail care.

You can use the formula for the health and nourishment of your nails even when you don’t have any infections. It allows you to prevent them in the future. You don’t even have to worry about the risks of buying the product since you can avail of the 60-day money-back guarantee.


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