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Not being able to perform sexually can affect a man’s physical as well as mental health leading to depression and other physical issues. This is caused by low levels of testosterone.

Performer 8 is a product made of natural ingredients and is clinically proven. It helps to increase the T-levels to solve the issues and give a healthy sex life.

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What is Testosterone

Testosterone is a prime hormone, present in both men and women, performing different functions and having distinct effects on the bodies of both genders. The number of functions this hormone performs in men surpasses the number of functions it carries out in women, hence it is more important for the male body.

Testosterone overlooks the production and formation of red blood cells which are extremely crucial for the immunity and functioning of the male body.

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The decline of testosterone causes testosterone imbalance, the reasons are many, let’s discuss them in detail.

As mentioned above, testosterone is majorly responsible for male libido, sperm count, fertility and physical strength in men hence it is considered to be a major contributor to maintaining the sexual health of men. Various problems arise when the levels of testosterone drop due to many reasons such as stress, age, injury or trauma.

Testosterone is produced in the testes so if there is an infection in the testes or some injury, that causes the decline in the levels. The levels may also drop due to certain metabolic disorders and even during the chemotherapy treatment for cancer. It has also been observed that excessive consumption of alcohol is also one of the reasons for the decrease in testosterone levels. Some acute and chronic diseases also result in the decline of testosterone in the male body.

Apart from all the reasons mentioned above, inflammations also dip the levels of this hormone, inflammations could be in the lungs or various other organs. Weight gain can be an issue in men, the root cause may be some thyroid-related issues or various other reasons such as lifestyle choices. Obesity and thyroid disorder can decline the measure of testosterone in the male body.

Excessive use of anabolic steroids also hampers testosterone. AIDS and kidney failure can also result in a decline in the levels of testosterone. An injury to the head can also cause hormonal imbalance and reduce the amount of testosterone. Sleep apnea is a disorder in which, multiple times the breathing completely stops and then resumes during sleep,  this condition can also reduce testosterone levels.

Hypothalamus is a gland situated in the brain that regulates the production of many hormones. There are conditions in which the development of this gland gets stunted. The syndrome is called Kallman syndrome. Kallman syndrome causes a decline in testosterone levels.

Another syndrome that affects the levels is called Klinefelter, it is also called XXY syndrome. It is a genetic defect of a kind. In this condition a man is born with an extra X chromosome, hence the name.

In many such scenarios where the levels decrease, men opt for various ways to increase their testosterone levels and opt for supplements which are meant to improve the levels through androgen replacement therapy popularly known as testosterone replacement therapy.

Finding the testosterone levels in the body through a blood test

A simple blood test is used to find out the levels of testosterone in a man’s body. Usually, the test is done in the morning as that is the time, generally, when the testosterone levels are at their peak. Testosterones are either attached to proteins or travel freely, a testosterone test measures both of them to understand and calculate the testosterone levels in the body.

There might be a need for multiple tests to just be sure of the levels and the measurement. The normal level of testosterone in an average male is 300 to 1000 nanograms per decilitre. Drugs may affect the results hence most of the time men are instructed to not consume any medicines or tonics before giving the test.

Effects and symptoms of low testosterone level

Testosterone is a male hormone and the decline in it has many effects on the masculine physical appearance of the man. As we discussed before, it is responsible for bone mass, muscle mass, as well as fat distribution hence a lower quantity of testosterone, can cause obesity and increase body fat. It also results in a weaker physique which means a man with a low testosterone level might see a decline in the strength of his bones and overall body.

Testosterone is also commonly known as the sex hormone which is responsible for the sex drive and male libido, these two things are highly get affected and decline to a considerable extent when the levels of testosterone reduce. Low testosterone levels may also further lead to infertility. Studies have found that erectile dysfunction also can be associated with lesser production of testosterone.

Men whose bodies have experienced a dip in the production rate of testosterone also experience emotional changes. They might suffer from anxiety, depression or unpredictable mood swings. They might also suffer from irritability. This emotional turmoil may also be the after effect of reduced sex drive and fatigue.

Reducing levels of testosterone also disturbs your sleep cycles which may lead to insomnia which may lead to having low energy and perturb all the other activities & daily functions. The decreasing hormone can also result in sleep apnea, which, as discussed above is a critical medical condition where your breathing becomes irregular while you are asleep and may disturb the oxygen levels your body gets during your sleep.

The effect of low levels of testosterone

Intercourse has been an important activity in a man’s life since ancient times. Having a healthy sex life is very vital. Studies have suggested that good sex life also boosts your immunity and physical strength. It is good for lowering your blood pressure if in case you have high blood pressure problems. Intercourse is a good form of physical movement or exercise and helps maintain your heart rate as well. It also helps in improving your sleeping patterns and blesses you with good sleep and a night of sound sleep is extremely necessary for a healthy body. These were some physical benefits.

Good sex has many psychological effects on the mind as well. If a man has a healthy sex life, he can be happy as sex releases various happy hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. These hormones also reduce stress to a very large extent. By leading a life with minimal stress a man can keep mental problems like anxiety and depression at bay.  Due to active and healthy sex life, people also have happy marriages as having physical and sexual chemistry is one of the vital needs of married life.

Lower levels of testosterone affect all of this by affecting a man’s libido and sexual drive. This might rise to marital issues and problems as well. Lower levels of testosterone as we discussed also decrease fertility which might make it difficult for the female partner of the man with this issue to conceive. This might also add to the marital difficulties and be a hindrance in leading a happy life.

As we discussed the sexual drive and the libido is affected by reducing levels of testosterone and this might also affect a man’s confidence and create self-esteem issues as well as stress and anxiety. Some men get treated very late as they are shy to approach the doctor with such issues. This late treatment deepens the problem further and can lead to severe issues like problems with erections.

Ways to treat and deal with lower levels of testosterone

The condition where a man has low levels of testosterone is called male hypogonadism. This condition can be treated with proper therapy and some natural treatments.

The levels of testosterone usually decrease due to growing age but if someone suffers from this problem at a young age they can take necessary natural measures such as maintaining weight and exercising. Young men are also encouraged to eat a proper nutritious and healthy meal to get rid of the low testosterone level issue because what the body intakes have a major impact on the levels of this hormone. Stress management is a must as stress has adverse effects not only on the mind but also on the body and in turn on testosterone levels. Stress also leads to overeating or stress eating which results in weight gain. Increasing weight can affect the production of testosterone. Vitamin D is known to be a natural testosterone booster hence men with male hypogonadism need to make sure they get enough amount of sunlight and a natural form of vitamin D. As sleep is another factor that affects the levels of this hormone in a man’s body, enough sleep is a must to keep the levels at the optimum limit.

All these are some of the natural methods. These methods may not be very effective in all age groups and with people having severe problems. For instance, avoiding obesity and problem rising through it with the help of diet and exercise is always advisable though this method is not recommended to older people as they may not be able to strain their bodies with strength exercises and other strenuous physical activities.

It is always better to consult your doctor before going ahead with any kind of treatment be it natural or clinical.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The hormonal levels usually decrease when the testes do not produce enough testosterone.

In such cases, people having very low levels of the T hormone are recommended testosterone replacement therapy. In this therapy, the doctors try to increase the testosterone levels with help of proper prescription of pills and tablets or patches and gels that are applied to the skin. Another method to increase the T levels in the body is injection commonly known as testosterone injections. These should be taken only from the professionals.

Tablets, pills, patches or gels need to be taken for months at regular intervals as directed by the doctor. Injections are needed less often as compared to the other means used in testosterone replacement therapy.

The duration of the therapy usually depends on the severity of the issue and the levels of testosterone produced in the body.

Though testosterone replacement therapy is practised often it has many side effects

If you are going through this treatment, you may have to constantly keep checking your blood to study the effects of the therapy on the levels of testosterone in your body.

This treatment may have adverse effects as many chemicals are used. It may make your prostate grow in size and also may give you many acnes, it may also cause sleep apnea and may lower the fertility of your body. It also has the potential of creating blood clots and increasing the number of red blood cells. There are many types of this therapy hence the ill effects or risk factors vary based on the testosterone replacement therapy chosen.

So one might ask what is a better solution to this problem, what would give good results and help reduce the issue of having low levels of testosterone.

The answer is – Performer 8.

Performer 8

It is a herbal supplement which works wonders in not only increasing the levels of testosterone but also in increasing the sexual drive, libido, confidence, vitality and strength. As Performer 8 is a herbal supplement it is safe and can be consumed without prescription. It has been formulated by experts utilising years of research in the relevant fields such as male nutrition and male sexual drive, libido etc.

The ‘8’ in the name indicates that it is 8 times beneficial to overcome the problems that arise due to lower levels of testosterone and also the numbers represent, 8 different ways the product is beneficial for any man.  It is often called the male enhancement supplement as it enhances the well-being of the man by taking care of his sexual health and libido. These two factors are crucial facets of a man’s life. Low levels of testosterone can be harmful to a man’s body and hence it is necessary to take measures to solve this problem Performer 8 not only solves the problem but also proves to be beneficial in many ways.


The 8 ways in which Performer 8 is beneficial

  1. It reinvigorates & re-energises the sexual drive and capacity.

Many men face the problem of losing their erection during intercourse due to various reasons. It could be stress or anxiety or even performance pressure. Some of them also suffer from premature ejaculation. These capsules can help to avoid that paving way for obstacle-free intercourse. It also helps the individuals to focus on the act so that their mind does not generate any stress or anxiety concerned with the act. It helps the man to satisfy his partner with better energy and drive.

  1. It makes the carnal cravings and motives soar

Due to low testosterone levels, sexual desires and drives hit a low point. The person experiences a lower libido and this might affect his sexual life and health. The Performer 8 capsules have special ingredients to increase the desire and natural craving for intercourse.

  1. Make the testosterone levels rise

Testosterone levels drop in many men due to various reasons such as age, weight and many others. The lower levels of testosterone can make the man lazy, and weary and also reduce his sexual drive. The decreased T levels can also make him fall prey to anxiety and depression. Performer 8 decreases all of these issues by increasing the levels of testosterone in the body. It provides you with more energy, strength and a stronger sexual drive to move ahead with your desires.

  1. Prevents or rather rules out premature ejaculation

During sexual intercourse, at times, men ejaculate or finish up way too early. This happens to many men and that makes them nervous, and anxious and also might dampen their confidence and spirit. Performer 8 has this unique formula that helps men to last longer during sexual intercourse. It also helps them to handle and manage their erections in a much smoother and better way. This also assists men in arriving at the climax with their partner rather than way before their partner.

  1. Better and bigger erections

It is all about the right mindset, energy and the right amount of blood for the sexual organ. The correct formula and the right ingredients of Performer 8 make sure that the erections are better and bigger with a good girth. This helps in the maximum pleasure of the partners involved in the intercourse.

  1. Boosts and enhances the sexual focus

The sexual drive kind of decreases posts 40 due to ageing issues. Men are not ready to indulge in any sexual activity quickly or immediately. It takes a lot of effort for most men to be aroused and ready for intercourse. The lack of focus could be due to many reasons such as lower levels of testosterone or stress or even anxiety or many distractions. Performer 8 is packed with many natural and safe ingredients which nullify all of these obstacles. It makes the mood and provides a feeling of relaxation and increases the healthy desire for intercourse.

  1. Increments the volume of the ejaculation (semen) and motility

Performer 8 has been clinically backed by scientists, the natural ingredients prove to be extremely beneficial to increasing the volume of the semen, along with the increment and rise in its concentration and motility. Customers have felt more intense orgasms and thus achieved a better climax.

  1. Performer 8 increases confidence and also upgrades self-esteem

Issues like low sexual drive, premature ejaculation and erectile problems have a major effect on a man’s confidence as well as self esteem. Performer 8 helps in nullifying all these issues and problems. Increased sexual appetite & drive helps a man to make his partner happy or be ready for intercourse. All this gives him a confidence booster and also improves and upgrades his self-esteem.


Performer 8 Ingredients

Here are the trustworthy and natural ingredients that are used to make the super beneficial capsules of Performer 8

  1. Pine Bark Extract (300 mg)

It helps in better blood flow which proves to be beneficial in rectifying the issue of erectile dysfunction. Many studies and research have stated and proved that the extract of the pine bark consists of antioxidants. These antioxidants act as a shield for the sperm and prevent it from getting damaged due to external factors. Thus this extract proves to be highly beneficial in treating infertility issues in men. This also helps in enhancing and reforming sexual satisfaction and function. Some diabetic people face issues in experiencing sexual satisfaction, the extract of the pine bark helps such people achieve carnal satisfaction and also improves and enhances their sexual function. Performer 8 uses this extract from pine bark to make a good formula to solve the issues through the capsules.

  • Glucuronolactone (600 mg)

The natural compound of glucuronolactone is known to reduce mental stress and fatigue helping improve the sexual performance of a man. It also is known to decrease oxidative stress. It thus protects the blood vessels from getting damaged which results in a better blood flow. This improved blood flow helps in better erections and also helps to reduce erectile dysfunction. Glucuronolactone is also known to increase performance during intercourse and it also increases capacity and stamina. It is also a good mood enhancer and energy booster thus rendering a better experience during intercourse.

  • Grapeseed extract (30 mg)

Nitric oxide is an element present in the blood. Its quantity can affect the flow of the blood. Extract of the grapeseed is known to increase the levels of nitric oxide present in the blood resulting in increased and improved blood flow. This rise in the flow of blood results in better erections. It makes the penis feel fuller, firmer and thicker. It also has antioxidants that serve to reduce the harm caused by free radicals and also lessen the stress caused by oxidation. It also promotes muscle growth in the required region for a better erection.

  • Muira Puama Extract (3000 mg)

Extract of Muira Pauma is known to enhance erection and sexual drive as well as libido. Many studies have proven that consuming Muira Puama has made men develop better sexual energy and stamina. It also improves and uplifts the fertility levels of men. It balances the hormones to improve the sexual drive, fertility, libido and stamina.

  • Ashwagandha (500 mg)

Ashwagandha is a vital ingredient used in making Performer 8 capsules. It is used in the form of KSM 66 which is a patented formula. Cortisol levels need to be regulated to ensure stress free intercourse. Stress induces performance pressure and anxiety. Ashwagandha can manage the stress and cortisol levels thus preventing performance anxiety or stress. Due to the regulation of cortisol, the sexual drive is increased, and the libido is enhanced resulting in a great sexual experience and better performance. It may also increase the levels of testosterone in the body helping to improve sexual energy even further.

  • Ferrous Bisglycinate (12 mg)

Iron is very important for having longer arousals. The deficiency of iron can have an impact on erections, a person with less iron may have an erection for a short duration of time. Ferrous Bisglycinate is a special kind of iron which is digested better than the normally available regular iron. As it provides iron, it improves blood flow and renders longer erections. It also helps in the production of new blood cells. All of these benefits lead to longer erection and better sexual experience.

  • The extract of the Maca Roots (30 mg)

It is a natural aphrodisiac. It is also the herb that is usually used to bring about an increment in the carnal strength, capacity and also sexual energy of a person. It is found in Peru in the Andes Mountain and has been used for centuries to treat the issues regarding low sex drive, poor erections and premature ejaculation.

  • Panax Ginseng (6000 mg)

Studies and research have shown that Panax ginseng is a great natural remedy for a low sexual drive or low libido. It also is known for increasing sexual desire and enhancing sexual performance during intercourse by making the erections last longer and preventing premature ejaculation.

  • Barrenwort which is commonly known as Horny Goat Weed (1000 mg)

It improves the blood flow resulting in firmer erections and the increased blood flow may also result in improving the production of testosterone which further enhances sexual performance. Horny goat weed has extremely beneficial flavonoids.

Performer 8 is all about treating the underlying root cause of the issue with the help of the ingredients mentioned above. All these ingredients work wonders for boosting and enhancing testosterone levels and solving issues which are an outcome of having low T levels.

Performer 8 working and benefits

The salient features of this capsule made with naturally beneficial ingredients are as follows

  1. A very effective formula which is natural is utilised in creating the Performer 8 capsules.
  2. All the components of these capsules are very effective and natural, as in they are extracted from nature. The ingredients are also approved and favoured by science.
  3. The company gives a 100% money back guarantee that too for a lifetime!
  4. The product is very cost effective as compared to the other products or treatments available in the market.
  5. You do not need to go through the hassle of a monthly subscription or monthly payments for this product, you have to pay only once.
  6. The ingredients utilised to make Performer 8 capsules are not genetically modified using various DNA manipulation or genetic engineering techniques.
  7. It is profitable and favourable for any age so men of all ages can easily use and reap the benefits of Performer 8 capsules.
  8. The results obtained and achieved by these capsules are very real & visible and can be experienced and felt thus making the pills super efficient.
  9. Performer 8 is a vegan product and also does contain soy or gluten hence the consumer doesn’t have to worry about any allergies or other effects.
  10. The shipping is free all across the world and the company also gives a lifetime guarantee.

How to consume Performer 8 capsules

Performer 8 is an extremely user-friendly product and the capsules are very easy to consume. The company recommends that the Performer 8 capsules should be taken daily as that would render the best results. The capsules are formulated and created in such a way that they can be consumed daily and are completely safe for daily intake.

3 pills need to be taken daily, these Performer 8 pills can be swallowed effortlessly. It is ideally desirable to consume the pills 3 times a day with your 3 meals. These capsules are very light on your stomach as well as your digestive system and that is the reason why you can eat the pills even before your meals or on an empty stomach.

As we discussed above, so now you know that the performer 8 capsules are made of natural ingredients with natural components. These ingredients are also supported by scientific research. All of this makes it safe for daily consumption and if taken daily the pill can work its magic by improving the T levels and helping you to reduce the effects of low levels of testosterone. The daily intake increases the sexual drive, libido, and carnal capacity and it also supports longer and firmer erections and prevents premature ejaculation. Thus making intercourse more pleasurable.

Summary and conclusion

Performer 8 is a safe and natural product which can be used daily to enhance your hormonal health by improving your testosterone levels. It has helped many people to improve their sexual health and get rid of anxiety or depression caused by poor performance.

To have a great sex life and perform to your best abilities order Performer 8 capsules today!

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