Pro Tips: How to Spice Up Your Sex Life if You’ve Lost That Spark!

Pro tips to ignite a spark in your sex life 

Everyone holds a desire to have a spark in their sex life. You can follow tips to do the same to bring that to your life.

Sex is not just for fun but for a healthy body and happy relationships. Though it is not the only way to build relationships, it is a significant part of your life. 

In any relationship, there comes the point when your sex life declines. It doesn’t matter if you are happy in your relationship with your partner. It can be due to many reasons, such as consistently having sex for months, making it monotonous, hormones, or stress levels at work. However, there might be a time in your life when you have a pillow talk with your partner, discuss things and go to sleep. 

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Though it might not have any impact, for the time being, it’s going to affect your relationship later. Many people go through this issue at one point in life. For example, sometimes there are chances you have sex needs, but your partner is not satisfied. 

If you are one of those feeling a dip in sex life or stuck in a rut, you are not alone. So let’s find out some pro tips to help you:

How good sex life essential for health and emotional well-being? 

Every orgasm released during sex simultaneously releases tons of Oxytocin hormones. Oxytocin, the love hormone, is both a neurotransmitter and a hormone. It is responsible for happiness and trust in your life. 

PhD sexual health expert Yvonne k. Fulbright says, ” Sexually active people take fewer sick days.” It means people with good sex life are emotionally happy and healthy. 

It is an integral part of maintaining a healthy and happy life. 

Laurie Mintz is an author of A Tired Woman’s guide to passionate sex, a certified sex therapist, and a professor of psychology at the University of Florida. She says, ” When sex is going well, you are getting it consistently without any significant problem; it accounts for only 15% to 20% of the relationship. ” 

However, there is a time when your life becomes monotonous, and you become sexually frustrated. It is common among couples, but these tips will help you ignite some sparks: 

Raw discussion for sex fact-finding about each other.

You will be surprised to know what your partner is expecting from you. Despite being in a relationship for years, people do not communicate their sexual needs. You will be surprised to find hidden sex fantasies of your partner. 

A study conducted in 2018, published at Confi LLC, found that men and women in the age group 18-25 have wild sex expectations from each other. These expectations will remain for years. So, couples should discuss their sex needs. 

You both can decide one night when you feel relaxed and comfortable to discuss. Share dos and don’ts of sexual fantasies. Explore different sex moves you can try. 

Read sexual or erotic books. 

Watching movies or videos together is common, but reading an erotic novel is a unique way to put you and your partner in a mood. You can arrange a beautiful setup post-dinner and read some chapters for your partner. Then, enjoy some wine, and you will see the magic and atmosphere becoming heavy. 

Books like Tropic of cancer, We love Sweet confessions: Erotic Fantasy for couples by Henry Miller. The iconic fifty shades of Grey by E. L James are perfect to set your mood. 

Books can help you and your partner to initiate sex, and you might want to try some fantasies given in the books. 

Become lovers again 

The beginning of any relationship is happy and exciting. But when you become used to each other, it’s like every other day for many people. The Author of ” Girl Sex 101″, Allison Moon, says,” Familiarity becomes the death of sex drive in a relationship. ” ” The more you become used to someone, the less exciting your sex life becomes.” 

If that’s the case with you, why not bring back those butterflies? Become those teenage lovers again and flirt shamelessly. Then, if not regularly, you can set a date and behave like an adolescent lover. 

Nikki Martinez, PsyD, professional clinical counsellor and psychologist, says, ” when people allow distance in intimacy, it becomes awkward with one another. However, every relationship needs intimacy, which can be as simple as cuddling or becoming affectionate towards each other. 

Complimenting your partner, going on random dates, flirting shamelessly anywhere and everywhere, etc. These are some ways you can bring back those days.  

Add games to your night. 

Do you enjoy playing football, basketball, or any other games? If yes, you might understand how exciting and challenging it can be —similarly, sex games. You can bring excitement and challenge to your sex life by adding fun to your nights. 

For instance, watch an erotic movie and challenge your partner to keep a straight face. Add your punishments or rewards for losing and winning, respectively. These games can be exciting and a new challenge for you both. Your partner will look forward to returning home to indulge in these games. 

Pick any board game, basketball, football, or game you like. Then, challenge your partner and make it X-rated to spice up more. 

Indulge in playful texting 

Do you text your partner every day with compliments or flirty texts? You might have done this at the beginning of your relationship. It’s time to bring it back. Surprise your partner with spicy quotes from your favourite X-rated movie. 

Or you can share some quotes from the iconic ” Fifty shades of Grey ”. Then, randomly text your partner in a day with flirty riddles to bring excitement and spark. 

Setting or role-play can be fun to let your partner know they are on your mind. Moreover, your partner will be excited to get home. If unsure where to begin, search for some flirty and x-rated riddles online and send your partner. 

You can also try seducing pictures while they are on their way home. To spice up the mood, become more creative with your flirts. 

Change location 

Same place, exact locations of sex at your room can bring monotony. It can become boring to do it every day at some place and in the same way. Sometimes all you need to spice up your sex life is a change of locations. 

These small things matter with time so that you can plan a small weekend getaway. Find someplace nearby to enjoy your time. If you are the wild one, why not try some unusual place? 

It’s not necessary to do it in a room or closed space. Try some adventure and challenge your partner with an exciting place. You might as well fulfil your long-term fantasy of sex at some usual location. And you know the best part? You can pretend you are dating. 

By the time you come back, you will see your mood change. However, don’t get caught in the adventure. 


Sometimes, your mood or sex drive is not the issue, but your metabolism is. Some couples face a lack of sexual fantasies and sex daily because their partner gets tired quickly. It can be both ways, men and women. 

Apart from being tired, your mood can be an issue. But what if there is no reason you don’t have a mood? Working out is the perfect solution for you. You might have heard this plenty of times, excessive help improve sex drive.

Working out daily will help tone your body and make you feel sexier. A study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that daily endurance training is related to men’s libido scores. 

Libido score is the sex drive or need for biotic sexual activity. It is expressed as sex-seeking behaviour. Less than 3 is loss of libido, 5-7 are moderate, and 8-12 are high. 

Moreover, you can spice up the workout sessions with your partner. It will not only build your relationship and can bring you both closer literally. You can try different exercises, such as weight lifting, Keebler, swimming, etc. 

Try sex toys as couples. 

Adding sex toys to your sex life is like a third party. Teasing your partner with these toys can bring spark and new elements that you might need. 

Multiple sex toys available for couples in the market can help you. Vibrating, penetrating sex toys can spark your sex life in minutes. In addition, you can look for some quality sex toys that are safe and healthy to use as couples. 


Dull sex life is a common issue among partners, but if you try a few things, you can ignite sparks again. These tips can help bring excitement to your sex life. 

However, sometimes excitement is not the issue. If you are having trouble or despite trying these tips, you find it challenging to improve your sex life. Consult a sexual therapist or sex coach. They can help you understand and work on your issues.

If you are not facing problems otherwise, happy with your relationship and partner, these tips can work wonders for you. 

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