Natural Remedies to Last Longer in Bed: You May Know!

Natural Remedies that offer you a long-lasting experience

When having personal time with your partner, your mind is the most anxious thinking about your performance in bed. Moreover, everyone wants to feel the experience for as long as possible.

Stamina is responsible for helping you stay longer in bed and gain satisfaction in your sexual intercourse with your partner. However, there are many things to use other than just consuming aphrodisiacs to increase your performance in bed.

You need to ensure that your body is fit and healthy for the different activities you perform. You need to have a good sex life. In addition, staying longer in bed does not mean it has unattainable goals.

Below are some natural ways and tips that help in boosting your stamina. These tips improve your endurance in bed and help you last longer with your partner.

Some natural remedies to last longer in bed and enhance your performance.

Consume vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are loaded with potassium. Potassium is responsible for enhancing stamina.


Bananas have α-amino acid. The name of this α-amino is tryptophan. Tryptophan is responsible for enhancing your mood. In addition, this fruit helps in increasing the production of feel-good hormones called serotonin.

Bananas also can increase libido in both genders. Moreover, eating bananas is advisable before indulging in sexual activity with each other.

Furthermore, bananas increase the testosterone level in men. It is because the fruit comes packed with potassium.

In addition, it provides ample energy for the act as it is rich in carbohydrates. The fruit also provides its assistance in proper blood circulation in the genitals.

Bananas also have two more vital minerals – manganese and magnesium. Moreover, these two minerals are of utmost importance for prostate health in men.

Gooseberry Juice

Gooseberry juice contributes largely to sexual health, which is unknown to many.

The mentioned juice has vitamin C. Vitamin C is required for sperm production in men who suffer from Oligospermia. Oligospermia is a clinical term for low sperm count. In addition, this boosts libido in men and helps them last longer in bed.

Due to the presence of zinc and iron, this juice enhances sperm quality.

It is known to improve sexual vigour and masculinity.


Strawberries possess high zinc content and glucose concentration. Moreover, they contain healthy fats and folic acid that promotes energy.

Strawberries metabolize proteins quickly and stimulate muscle mass. In addition, the fruit also possesses Vitamin B6. It stimulates reproductive organs and helps in enhancing the T-hormones.

Cut down on processed sugar intake.

Sugar is indeed a source of increasing energy. But, when the sugar buzz fades away, it can immediately affect your sexual performance. Also, the sugar slump reduces your stamina.

No smoking

Smoking has a drastic effect on sexual health. If you smoke, your arteries get hardened. As a result, you will experience reduced blood flow to the penis. Knowing that a healthy heart is vital for proper erection in men is essential.

Those who smoke have higher chances of getting erectile dysfunction compared to non-smokers.

No alcohol

Cutting down alcohol content is essential. It feels that it increases libido in both genders. But, in reality, that increase in libido is temporary. It drastically affects your performance in bed. It affects your stamina and reduces your time in bed. Alcohol is a form of depressant harmful to sex drive.


Stamina is the fundamental part of your act if you want to last longer in bed. Moreover, endurance is equally important. Kegel exercises help in having control of the bladder. Also, it maintains erections longer.

Try Kegel exercises for improved pelvic floor strength. These exercises are responsible for enhanced sensitivity. Moreover, they help in stronger orgasms in women. In addition, these exercises display lower symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men.

Glute bridge exercises enhance your hips, buttocks, and abdomen. These exercises build endurance in these muscles. Moreover, the muscles must be strong in these areas as they engage in sexual intercourse.

Medicine ball push-up exercises are excellent for building a solid core. They do a great job for the upper body. They help you to support your body weight efficiently during sex for a long time.

Planks are responsible for building your back and core muscle strength. In addition, planks help improve stamina and strength.


Lasting longer in bed is an acquired and learned behaviour. When you are about to climax, you should distract yourself. Moreover, this will help you to gain control. In addition, you can have a longer sex time in bed.

Focus more on foreplay and your partner

Foreplay increases the intimacy between you and your partner. To have the best results, you need to enjoy the period of your foreplay. In addition, foreplay stimulates a sensation in the body and helps release feel-good hormones.

It leads to a proper connection between you and your partner. Furthermore, you enjoy each other’s company, and thus this results in a long time in bed.

Be aware of your surroundings and what your partner desires. Mindfulness is an essential aspect of sexual intercourse. It allows you to imbibe awareness of your surroundings and act accordingly.

Do not compromise your sleep.

According to the University of Chicago researchers, men who had less than 5 hours of sleep had low levels of testosterone. A tired body and mind are anxious if not given rest. In addition, this drastically brings down your performance in bed. Lasting longer becomes out of the question.

Lack of proper sleep impacts how you perform in bed.


Yoga asanas like the cobra pose (bhujangasana) and paschimottanasana are responsible for increasing blood flow to the genital area. It, in turn, increases your sex time in bed.

Eat aphrodisiacs

A considerable number of food items increase stamina in both genders. Food items like bananas, oysters, eggs, and avocados have vital vitamins and minerals. Moreover, these elements increase libido in both genders.

Zinc-rich food is good for regulating stamina and testosterone. Likewise, legumes and whole grains act as stamina boosters. In addition, high flavonoid foods such as peppers, tea, cocoa, etc., successfully prevent erectile dysfunction. 

Manage your anxiety 

Anxiety is the enemy of your sexual desires and stamina. You have no alternative but to keep your anxiety at bay. Moreover, people with stressful routines, caring responsibilities, and other priorities often perform poorly. The couple fails to last longer in bed due to anxiety. In addition, it is said that anxiety has the worst effect on sexual desire or libido.

Explore locations

People often do it in the exact location over and over again. In this way, the dynamic becomes stale. Moreover, to keep the spark, you should try something different. Moreover, intimacy has nothing to do with being confined to the bedroom. There are lots of other locations you can explore to get intimate with your partner and add a spark to your sex life.


Masturbation helps in preventing premature ejaculation. If you masturbate just before intended sexual intercourse with your partner, you can delay your orgasm and last longer during sex with your bed partner.

Maintain optimal weight

If you have an issue with premature ejaculation, it is essential to maintain a moderate weight. Moreover, this will improve your performance in bed.

According to a 2017 Trusted Source study, people with three or more of the following conditions can have problems with premature ejaculation:

  • High blood pressure
  • Low levels of “good” cholesterol
  • Waist circumference > 40
  • High blood sugar levels
  • High blood triglycerides

Obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes are significant causes of erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, it becomes crucial to treat the underlying problem.

Your diet

If you make specific dietary changes, it is deemed to help you delay ejaculation.

As per Werthman, a group of specific foods tends to increase the level of testosterone in your body. An optimum level of testosterone is necessary for healthy erectile function.

Certain food items like fenugreek (a herb) increase the level of testosterone. In addition, fenugreek possesses compounds called Testofen.

Final Thoughts

Remember that the issues related to stamina are different for different people. These issues include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and infertility. The tips mentioned above are designed to assist both genders who face difficulties with tiring too quickly during intercourse.

Moreover, these tips find the root cause of the lack of stamina holding them back. In this way, you can improve your performance in bed.

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