Primegenix Testodren Review: Testodren, Ingredients, Benefits, Side effects, Pros, Cons and FAQ’s

Testodren Review

Testodren Reviews: In this article we are going to discuss about the Testosterone, Its Importance, TRT, Its side effects, Testodren product, Its Ingredient, Benefits, Side effects, Pros & Cons, FAQ, Concluding Remarks.

Are you in search of some medicine which will help you regain your declining youth? Are you scared of side effects of testosterone replacement therapy? Find your solution in this article.

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Man’s search for the wonder drug

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A large segment of middle aged and elderly people are finding their receding youthfulness a devastating setback in their life. Without energy, drive and stamina life is tasteless and unhappening. They think that it is useless to live such a hopeless life.

This phenomenon is nothing new. For centuries men have been struggling with this natural phenomenon of declining testosterone levels and the associated impact of it on youthful energy and libido. 

The effect of testosterone on the man’s vitality was known even to Aristottles. But for a long period of time in the history of medical research segregating testosterone from men’s bodies and  using testosterone for rejuvenating youth could not be found. 

Only in the year 1935, one researcher named Earnest Lacquer was able to isolate the hormone and that too from the testicles of bulls. Once the researchers could isolate the testosterone it took not much time to prepare the synthetic variety of it in the laboratory. The synthetic testosterone came into existence in the same year.

Then started the men’s long journey towards extending the youth. Medical professionals started treating men suffering from hypogonadism by injecting synthetic testosterone in the year 1950. Use of testosterone for regaining lost vitality of middle aged and elderly men has come to stay as a therapeutic mode.

As soon as the effect of synthetic steroids or testosterone came into the knowledge of high performers in the field of bodybuilding and athletics, there started a rush for using this therapeutic mode to their advantage.

The result of this enormous demand resulted in the discovery of anabolic steroids during the 50s and 60s. The results were astonishing. The strength, stamina, drive, muscle size, focus, and concentration increased beyond expectations. The performances got a significant boost.

Very soon a number of harmful side effects came to the knowledge of sports authorities leading to the banning of such anabolic steroids for international competitions. Gradually the anabolic steroids started disappearing from the market. The last vestige of the anabolic steroid was in the illegal market.

What is testosterone and why it is so important

The role of a hormone made in testicles for all the men’s characteristics was known to the medical experts since antiquity. In the past it was mainly considered as a strong sexual hormone. castrating oxes to extract more and more work without any sexual diversions was practiced long into the past. 

Also the hormone was considered as the one which is responsible for the differences in the characteristic features between males and females. However modern science has been able to find that testosterone exists both in men and women, but for women the amount of testosterone present is quite small.

The production of testosterone in men starts right from childhood and increases to a peak level of production through adolescence up to the age of 30. After 30 the production of testosterone in men starts declining at a rate of 1% every year.

But the signs of declining testosterone only start appearing after the age of 40. But for the middle aged and for the elderly people the symptoms of testosterone deficiency can be pronounced. Some live with the symptoms while some others want to get rid of these.

Symptoms of testosterone deficiency

The symptoms of testosterone deficiency can be quite embarrassing. The people with low levels of testosterone find life dull and uninteresting, devoid of pleasure and meaningless. The youthful drive, vigor, libido suddenly starts vanishing. 

Some common symptoms of low levels of testosterone are:

  • Sharp decline in sexual urges
  • Reduced levels of energy
  • Depressed feeling
  • Increase in belly fat
  • Gain weight without reason
  • Mood fluctuation
  • Reduction in bone mass
  • More repair time of damaged muscles after workout
  • Lowered confidence
  • Lingering pain in muscles and bones
  • Reduced hair in the body
  • Sharp reduction in libido
  • Lower cognitive functions

Testosterone levels in men decline due to aging. But there can be other causes of low levels of testosterone too. We have given below all the possible causes of testosterone deficiency.

  • Testosterone levels declines slowly with age
  • Injury to the testicles
  • The signs of testosterone deficiency are prominent during old age
  • Cancer patients who receive chemotherapy or radiation therapy may have reduced levels of testosterone
  • Tumor in pituitary gland
  • A few health issues may also contribute towards low levels of testosterone. Such health conditions are chronic kidney diseases, AIDS, substance abuses, liver diseases etc.
  • Infectious conditions
  • Overweight and obesity
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • High blood pressure
  • High levels of cholesterol
  • High sugar level

Procedure for measuring the levels of testosterone

For knowing the testosterone level there is a simple blood serum testing method. There are controversies regarding the time of taking the blood. Scientists have found that the levels of testosterone vary widely with the time of the day. The highest levels of testosterone are found in the morning.

This is the reason why the doctors will always prefer to do the test early in the morning.

What are the safe limits

By observing the men with different testosterone levels and their symptoms the medical professionals have been able to come to a decision regarding the range of testosterone levels which can be considered to be safe for the men.

The safe range of testosterone levels is 280 to 1100 ng/dl. This range may vary slightly depending on the laboratory where the testing is being done. Your doctor will be able to judge the safe level for you looking at the symptoms.

Testosterone levels may also become abnormally high for some people which is not at all safe. This may be caused due to some abnormality in the adrenal glands. Though such patients are rare, they will need treatment to bring the level of testosterone down within the safe limits.

Low levels of testosterone do not always need treatment. Many people with testosterone levels hovering near 300 live a happy and enjoying life. Doctors will take note of the problem only when there are symptoms. When the testosterone levels dip below 150 ng/dl, you may require treatment.

What is Hypogonadism and its treatment options

Hypogonadism is the name of the medical condition when the testosterone levels are found below the safe limits. When the patients with symptoms of low levels of testosterone are tested low in the testosterone levels, the doctors will try to find out the exact causes of testosterone deficiency and then start the treatment procedure accordingly. 

When the doctor finds no other conditions for the low levels of testosterone he may think of testosterone replacement therapy or TRT. For TRT the doctor generally gets very selective. He will look for all possibilities of avoiding the therapy.

He will go for testosterone replacement therapy only when the testosterone levels are very low and the patient is finding it hard to cope with the symptoms. There are reasons why most doctors are septic in prescribing TRT. 

Once decided the administration of synthetic testosterone can be given in various ways as given below:

  • Orally to be swallowed with water
  • Administered through intramuscular injection deep inside buttock or thigh muscles
  • Applying gels on skin
  • Applying skin patches

TRT has a good result and the patients start getting all the beneficial results within a short time. But the problem with this therapy is that as soon as the therapy is withdrawn all the signs of low levels of testosterone come back. As such the therapy needs to be continued lifelong. Secondly the therapy produces a number of side effects.

What are the side effects of testosterone replacement therapy

  • Swelling of body, face and ankles
  • Oily skin
  • Testicles may be shrinked in size
  • Those having prostate cancer may get aggravation
  • Sperm volume may reduce
  • Sleep apnea
  • Blood red cell production increases. More amounts of red blood cells cause the possibility of clotting of the blood.
  • Enlarged breast
  • Heart issues

Considering all the above problems related to testosterone replacement therapy it is not advisable to undergo TRT for normal aging related testosterone deficiency. 

Who should undergo testosterone replacement therapy

People who are under severe symptoms of testosterone deficiency and unable to lead a normal life without replacing the testosterone only are considered for TRT. The doctor will test the blood for testosterone levels a number of times at different times of the day to establish the levels of testosterone.

He will try to rule out all other reasons of testosterone deficiency such as injury to testicles, abnormality in pituitary glands, medical conditions etc. he will rather prefer to treat other conditions than to go for the therapy.

However if he finds no other way out then only he will go for the therapy under strict guidance and follow up.

He will try to convince the patients to try natural ways of increasing the levels of testosterone such as weight exercise, resistance exercise and workouts, healthy diets, healthy lifestyles avoiding stress etc.

The alternative way to safely increase the testosterone levels

Modern science has been able to bring to many people a safe and simple way of increasing their testosterone levels and enjoying the fruits of nature. You will be able to realize the importance of this simple safe and natural health supplement in increasing the levels of testosterone when you go through the above analyses. 

Such innovative health supplements are made from blending many potent natural ingredients and are categorized as testosterone booster health supplements. We will discuss one of the top ranking supplements called Testodren.

What is Primegenix Testodren

testodren review

Testodren is a top ranking best testosterone booster natural supplement. The supplement is manufactured using natural ingredients. Most of the ingredients are selected from the treasury of nature which have been used by our ancestors for centuries. Unfortunately we have forgotten all those golden treasures which were there in the traditional systems of medicine in  the different corners of the world.

Some researchers have undertaken this job of investigating our old knowledge bases which were developed based on years of trial and error. In this way all such natural ingredients are tested ingredients.

However the researchers did not rely on saying. They proceeded to do scientific testings to find the exact way of the working of the ingredients. They could find the substances in those ingredients which are responsible for the results. They also found the methodology of working of those substances.

After finding the ingredients they researched to determine the exact scientific amounts of the ingredients which have to be blended with other ingredients for getting the best results. Many studies were conducted on real participants to determine the effects of each ingredient. They have carried out tests on people to see the results of the final product before the product has been given on the online market for the consumption of the customers. The product Testodren has passed all such stringent procedures before the supplement has been offered for the public consumption.

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What benefits will you get by consuming Primegenix Testodren regularly

  • All your chronic tiredness, fatigue and feelings of sluggishness will be eliminated
  • With increase in the testosterone levels you will feel highly energized
  • Increase in muscle size and strength
  • Improved performance in gym and in athletes
  • Improved cognitive abilities
  • Higher focus and concentration
  • Improved mood and motivation
  • High levels of confidence
  • An increase of 72.87% in the levels of testosterone within 12 weeks

Science behind the claims

The manufacturer of the testosterone booster supplement Testodren relies greatly on a single ingredient. The name of the ingredient is Trigonella Foenum Graecum. This is a patented compound which has been patented in the USA. The compound is made from the natural herb Fenugreek.

500 mg of the patented compound Trigonella Foenum Graecum is added to the supplement.

What is Trigonella Foenum Graecum

The common name of the ingredient is Fenugreek. This herb is cultivated widely in Asia and in the Mediterranean region for various uses in traditional system medicines. In the Indian system of medicines called Ayurveda the seed as well as the leaf of the plant is used for the treatment of diabetes.

The phytocompound in the ingredient which has been segregated and studied mostly is called 4-hydroxyisoleucine. Studies have confirmed that the use of this compound increases the secretion of pancreatic insulin.

Another clinical trial has found that the compound also improves FBG without causing any side effects. Other beneficial effects of the ingredients are found in treating respiratory problems, fever, hypoglycemia, hypertension etc.

Fenugreek extract has been reported to be antimicrobial, antiviral, hypotensive, antiinflammatory, antioxidant and antitumor.

The ingredient of testosterone booster supplement Testodren

In one aspect the testosterone booster pill Testodren occupies a unique place in the world of testosterone boosters. It is that the supplement Testodren contains only a single ingredient. This USA patented ingredient is named Furosap. More info here.

Furosap has been declared as a proprietary ingredient which is made by enhancing the power of the herbal plant Fenugreek. So the company relies greatly on this single ingredient Fenugreek for increasing the levels of testosterone.

After getting the Fenugreek extract the substance is further enriched by adding the extract with another 20% protodioscin. The secret of the testosterone boosting supplement depends to a great extent on the process of enrichment of the Fenugreek extract.

Enriching Fenugreek extract with protodioscin through a particular process strengthens the testosterone production ability of the body. We know by now that Fenugreek was widely used by the ancient people of Asia for treating many issues such as enhancing libido, treating inflammation, regulating the levels of sugar and to reduce menstrual pain in women.

Scientific blind clinical studies have been able to confirm that by the use of the supplement of which enriched Fenugreek extract is the only single ingredient, testosterone levels increased significantly. The unique process of enrichment carried out by the manufacturer is said to strengthen the particular substances which aids in the body’s natural process of testosterone production.

The dose of Furosap which is the name of the enriched variety of Fenugreek extract is 500 mg. We find that this amount is the approved amount for the consumption of Furosap. Also the company takes special care to see that the quality of the plant Fenugreek is the best available in the world market.

The Fenugreek plants used by the company are planted in the USA. All the supervisory and controlling features have been included in the quality control measures of the company so that the plant remains free from allergens.

The clinical test carried out on 40 participants who were given Furosap confirmed that with an increase in the levels of testosterone, the participants also had an increased energy levels, improved gain in lean muscles and sharp improvements in cognitive functions.

testodren alternatives

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About the manufacturer of Primegenix Testodren

The testosterone booster supplement Testosterone is manufactured by PrimeGenix which is a quite well known manufacturer of testosterone increasing health supplements made from natural ingredients.

We find that the company already has two very popular health fitness supplements on the online market. The company works in the exclusive field of lean muscle building, improving the body composition and enhancing the level of testosterone.

Side effects of Testodren

Fenugreek which is the only ingredient in the supplement Testodren. Fenugreek leaves and seeds are consumed by a vast mass of Asia and the Mediterranean region. There are no reported side effects of the ingredient when consumed regularly up to 3 years.

Rare but possible side effects can be diarrhea, digestive issues, bloating and gas. Some sensitive people may also face allergic reactions.

People with diabetes have to take the supplement with care. Fenugreek lowers the levels of blood sugar. Hence there can be a risk of too low a level of sugar when consumed along with diabetes medicine.

Fenugreek also has an effect on blood clotting. As such the patients who are using medicine for blood clotting may have increased risk of bleeding due to under clotting of blood.

Pros & Cons of Primegenix Testodren


  • 100% natural ingredient
  • No side effects
  • No additives and no artificial ingredients
  • The company offers a risk free purchase option
  • The manufacturing facilities are approved by FDA
  • The ingredients and the product are GMP certified
  • Trustworthiness of the product is enhanced when e know that the product is manufactured in the USA and the single ingredient Furosap is also patented in the USA
  • Reviews are positive


  • You can buy the product Testodren only from the official website of the company
  • The elderly men may have a slightly more response time
  • The product is expensive when compared to other testosterone booster pills on the online market


Are there any side effects of Testodren testosterone booster?

Testodren is a testosterone booster heath supplement which is made from a single patented ingredient called Furosap. Furosap is made by enriching Fenugreek Extract by mixing it with a special chemical through a secret process. The trick of the supplement lies in the process by which the extract is enriched.
For making the extract only the seed of the Fenugreek plant is used. Fenugreek is a popular herbal plant which is grown in Asia and in the mediterranean region. The plant leaf and seed have been used by the ancient people for centuries to treat many health issues. So the herbal plant is a time tested medicine without causing any side effects.

Further the manufacturer of the testosterone booster supplement Testodren takes all the care to see that the ingredient is sourced from the right and the best place. In fact the ingredient Furosap is made through a process from the seed extracts of fenugreek plants which are grown in the USA only.

The plants are grown under strict supervision so that only organic fertilizer is used and the plants are grown without any pesticide. Also the plant seeds are GMP certified.

No additives and no fillers have been added to the supplement. Further the supplement is free from all sorts of allergens such as soy, gluten, dairy, nuts, sugar, egg etc.

With the above notes it is clarified that there is no chance of any side effects by consuming the supplement Testodren as per the instruction provided with the package.

Who are the target customers of the testosterone booster supplement Testodren?

Basically the supplement Testodren is prepared to help increase the levels of testosterone in people who are deficient in the levels of testosterone.

The testosterone which is a dominantly male hormone is found in large amounts in men. Testosterone starts producing in men from childhood and continues throughout the adolescence period when it reaches its peak production.

But after the age of 30 the testosterone production starts declining at the rate of 1% each year. The effects of low levels of testosterone are felt after the age of 40 in men. This is nature’s rule and system of controlling reproduction of healthy offsprings.

The middle aged as well as the elderly people suffer from a number of health problems attributed to testosterone deficiency. Modern medical science has devised therapy to replace testosterone levels.
Testodren is one such supplement which is made from natural ingredient Fenugreek for boosting testosterone levels. So the supplement is for the men who are in the middle or later period of their life.
The supplement should not be consumed by younger people unless advised by a doctor. The younger men already have a good amount of testosterone naturally. By consuming the supplement the levels of testosterone may surpass the safe limits resulting in harmful side effects of high levels of testosterone.

It may so happen that some younger men face testosterone deficiency due to some medical condition. In that case they should consult a doctor who will be the best judge in deciding the course of action for such people.

what are the doses and how the supplement is to be taken?

the dose of the testosterone booster supplement Testodren is quite simple. The users are to take one capsule daily. The capsule contains 500 mg of Furosap which happens to be the recommended dose of Furosap.

The capsule can be taken any time of the day and there is no fixed time of taking the capsule. However it is prudent to take the capsule at the same time of the day regularly. Some advice is to take the capsule in the evening so that you get much time for the body to absorb the capsule fully. In the morning you get all the benefits of the capsules rendering you fresh and energetic.

By the morning you are fully motivated for the hard weight training.

Where are the pills to be bought?

Testodren pills are available only at the official website of the manufacturer. Buying from the official website of the manufacturer is advantageous because the customers will be able to avail lots of discounts and other facilities provided by the manufacturer.

The company offers discounts on bulk purchase. Risk free buying option through which the customers can get 100% refund of the purchase cost in the rare case where the customer is not satisfied with the supplement.

After how many days the beneficial effects will be felt?

the response time of the supplement or any supplement for that matter varies from men to men. Each individual is unique. The response time depends to a great extent on the medical condition, constitution, regularity, diet habit, exercise etc.

However on an average it has been found that most users get an improved feeling within 2 weeks of taking the supplement regularly. Hoever for getting the fullest effects of the supplement the medicine must be taken continuously for a period of 3 months at the least.

There is no harm continuing the medicine for a longer time as the supplement is harmless even for consuming for a pretty long time. Rather by continuing the supplement as a diet you will have to benefit from sustaining the increased levels of testosterone which would provide you with all the benefits of youthfulness.

Concluding remarks

From the above detailed discussion regarding the testosterone booster supplement Testodren we find that Testodren is a popular and effective testosterone booster supplement for men.

We have also discussed the importance of testosterone in increasing the performance levels of men. Testosterone also enhances the energy level, drive, stamina and libido of men. Though the men below 40 rarely find any lack in the levels of testosterone, but after 40 most men get symptoms of testosterone deficiency.

Luckily medical science has come up with the idea that by replacing testosterone it is possible to restore the lost vitality of men. Testosterone replacement therapy came up. But due to a number of side effects the therapy is not favored by most men.

The idea of testosterone replacement caught the imagination of the medical men in the alternative medicines. They have designed a formula which would trigger the natural process of the body to produce testosterone. Further the formula is based on 100% natural ingredients.

In the case of Testodren the ingredient is only one which is made from Fenugreek. Fenugreek is a herbal medicine which has been used by the ancient people for centuries. So the ingredient is time tested and safe.

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