7 Natural Things You Should Be Doing to Improve Your Sex

Natural strategies to enhance the quality of your sex life

Libido is a term given to sexual desire or the sex drive. Many factors, internal or external, affect your libido. In addition, these factors might affect your hormone levels, your medications, or your sleep habits.

The quality of sex life varies between individuals. It is not necessarily a problem if your sex lie is not extraordinary or your sex drive is slow. But, if a person wants to boost their sex life, they are free to try a range of effective natural methods.

This article presents the best ways males and females can increase their libido through natural methods.

Natural ways to boost the quality of your sex life

Sexual desire decreases with age. But both genders desire to increase their sex life without any medications. Natural ways come to their rescue.

Manage your anxiety

Anxiety is the enemy of your sexual desires and sex life. Therefore, it would be best if you keep your anxiety in check. People with stressful routines, caring responsibilities, and other priorities often have low sexual desires. In addition, it is said that anxiety has the worst effect on sexual desire.

A study in 2017 revealed that most erectile dysfunction in males is due to anxiety.

Moreover, you can find several ways to fight anxiety. You can try therapy. In addition, you can go for anti-anxiety pills or turn to natural things like meditation.

Self Confidence

It would help if you felt good about yourself. Your partner is not responsible for boosting your self-confidence in you. Moreover, your self-image is in your hands. So try to make yourself feel better and have a reasonable opinion.

Self-confidence prevents you from having a poor self-image. In addition, try to shift your attention from your flaws to your qualities. Boost your self-esteem. It will help arouse sexual desire in you and enjoy pleasure.

Get Intimate

Intimacy is the first ladder to climb toward sex. Intimacy is a desire to have quality time with your partner. Moreover, it boosts your mood and fills you with positive energy. In addition, they give massages to each other, go for a romantic dinner, or dance together.

All these activities are not necessarily only for sex but also enhance romance between the partners. Also, they help to connect physically.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a symbol of desire. The chocolate has a delicious taste that instantly boosts your mood. Moreover, it has the power to ignite sexual passion in you.

Chocolate facilitates the process of releasing a chemical called serotonin. Serotonin has mood-lifting and aphrodisiac properties. In addition, this chemical helps regulate blood flow in the genital organs.


Depression, like anxiety, can harm your libido. When people are depressed, they have no desire for sex. But, when your depression is treated, your sexual desire improves too.

Take help from your doctor to treat your depression.

Sleep Quality

Good sleep is essential for enhancing your mood and energy levels. Unfortunately, people who try to manage work and home are often exhausted. This exhaustion leads to low libido.

Improve the quality of your sleep. Moreover, take naps regularly. In addition, eat a healthy diet high in protein and complex carbohydrates.


Exercise reduces stress, and a low level of stress increases libido. In addition, physical activity improves sex drive. Moreover, yoga, swimming, and running allow you to reconnect with your body.

A healthy body improves the quality of sex life.

Eat aphrodisiacs

There are a considerable number of food items that increase libido. Food items like bananas, oysters, eggs, and avocados contain vital vitamins and minerals. These elements increase sexual desire in both genders.

Zinc-rich food is responsible for regulating stamina and testosterone. Legumes and whole grains are stamina boosters. In addition, high flavonoid food helps to prevent erectile dysfunction. Examples of high-flavonoid food are peppers, tea, cocoa, etc.

Improve your relationship quality

Work on your relationship:

Issues in a relationship with your partner are a huge turn-off. When you are in a relationship with your partner, conflict is natural. In times of these conflicts, the sexual desire for your partner dissipates. When you do not feel excited for your partner, it isn’t easy to be intimate with them.

It would help if you focused on working in your relationship. A healthy relationship with your partner is the key to healthy sex life. There are ample ways to improve the quality of your relationship.

  • Go on romantic dates with your partner.
  • Plan activities with your partner that are not just confined to the room.
  • Believe in open communication with your partner/
  • Have sex therapy or go for couples therapy together.
  • Have a vacation together.

When you emotionally connect with your partner, you feel more aroused for them. Moreover, your desire to be intimate with your partner comes from within.


Keep experimenting with your sexual preferences. If you have a good sexual experience, your sex life automatically elevates. Moreover, your experience is enhanced if you focus on foreplay. It is because one can perform many activities during foreplay. These activities include kissing, touching, playing with each other, etc.

Women appreciate foreplay more than men. A 2017 research states that only 18% of women have orgasms due to penetration alone. On the other hand, 33.6% of women experience stimulation in the clitoris due to foreplay.


A stressful mind will never lead to healthy sex life. According to research, females are more susceptible to the effects of stress on sex life than men. Sex is a stress buster for men.

If you wish to get rid of stress, consider meditation. First, try to get into a yoga class with your partner. Moreover, take out some quality time meditating. Meditation relaxes your mind and helps you calm down. In addition, meditation relieves you from stress and promotes healthy sex life.

Maintain a moderate weight

A person suffering from obesity lacks the pleasure of healthy sex life. Scientists link obesity with low sex drive and reduced fertility. In addition, an overweight person experiences low levels of testosterone.

If you maintain moderate body weight as per your age, height or other factors, your sex life will see enhancements too.

A nutritious and healthy balanced diet

A nutritious diet promotes good circulation in your body. In addition, it is responsible for maintaining good heart health. Moreover, removing specific food items from your diet increases your libido.

Issues like metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease affect your sexual functioning. On the other hand, the polycystic ovarian syndrome affects hormone levels in women. In addition, this decreases libido.

Focus on eating more vegetables. Moreover, try to involve food in your diet with low sugar. In addition, food high in lean proteins prevents disorders that can affect libido.


Feels weird to connect herbs with sex life? But, introduce yourself to the benefits of herbs in sex. Add basil or garlic to your food to boost sexual desire.

The smell of basil is responsible for stimulating your senses. In addition, garlic contains allicin, which is accountable for increasing blood flow in your private organs.

According to researchers, herbs are responsible for improving erectile dysfunction.

No smoking

Smoking cigarettes is the first thing to leave if you are trying to improve your sex life. It is because smoking harms your cardiovascular system, in turn affecting your sex drive. A healthy heart is essential for good sexual functioning.

People who smoke experience low sex drive than people who do not. Moreover, you can find the difference in energy level and libido before and after smoking.

Limit alcohol

It is not surprising that alcohol and recreational drugs negatively affect sex drive. It feels that your desire for sex increases after consuming alcohol. But, the effect is just the opposite. Alcohol is a depressant. It just stimulates an initial boost that is temporary.

In the same way, recreational drugs make you feel great when you are in the moment. But, on the other hand, the drugs restrict your feel-good chemicals. In addition, these drugs deplete your body and leave you exhausted.

Moreover, all the elements clubbed together lead to low sex drive affecting your sex life.

Final thoughts

Your sex life might experience ups and downs when you are in a relationship with your partner. But, it is in your hands to improve it. Having a low sex drive is not an issue. But, if a person wants to increase their libido, there are various methods.

You can go for many artificial methods too. But, the natural ones are safer and more effective. 

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