How to Lose Weight Fast: Health Benefits of Weight Loss Safely!

Weight Loss for pros: What to try when you’ve tried everything else?

You may have wanted to lose weight at any given time in your life. Of course, this is true for almost everyone. But unfortunately, weight loss as an obsession took over the entire world in the modern market and still exists just as violently. With 1000s of weird military diets and supplements that can rip your soul out of your body, there’s no end to what you can buy, try, and more. 

Amid this misinformation lies the ironically unsolved problem- the inability to lose weight. 

So, what exactly should you try if you’ve tried it all?

Instead of listening mindlessly to self-proclaimed weight loss and fat loss experts, we took the help of science to understand what weight loss and fat loss genuinely mean, what foods and exercises can help you lose weight, and some reliable tips to beat the urge to quit your journey at any step! 

How is Fat Loss Different From Weight Loss?

The fat concentration in your body is just one of the many things that affect your body weight. Fat and muscle make up most of your body weight. Therefore, any minor changes you may feel daily are caused by water retention or loss. 

For bodybuilding or physical fitness purposes, body weight is not as crucial as reducing fat concentration in the body. This makes way for muscle and provides definition, toning, and more.

Fat concentration is more important than building muscle if you want to reduce your body weight. These are the basics you *need* to know before you decide what’s best for you!

Best Foods and Exercises that guarantee weight loss the way you want it

The good foods

The ideal foods for you to lose weight are not just ones that are low in calories. A satisfied stomach means fewer calories in the long run. 

  • Fruits and Vegetables- Ensure you eat them, not juice them. Consuming these can help you fill your stomach for longer and obtain fiber lost during juicing.
  • Carbs- Not all carbs are bad. Make sure they hold no more than 20% of the space on your plate.
  • Forms of caffeine- Although technically drinks, these are still counted as foods here. Everything has antioxidant properties that keep your cravings in check, from green coffee to black tea.
  • Low-calorie sources of protein- These are your best friend. They provide nutritional value while ensuring their calorie content is less than enough for you to stay in deficit. These include salmon, fish, beans, etc.

Your workouts

The most effective exercises for weight loss are:

  • Walking/Running/Sprinting 
  • Jumping jacks
  • Crunches
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Long Jumps
  • Stationary jogging 

The most significant part about these workouts is that you only need good shoes and a yoga mat. You can perform these at home or even at the gym! 

Finding consistency and resisting failure- The Dos and Donts 

The principle of fat loss and weight loss are clear as day. Both these have a causal relationship. Whether your genetics are an issue or a medical condition, weight loss or fat loss could be slow but not impossible. 

  • Tracking your daily progress can motivate you. In addition, it’ll help you understand your body better and know which foods to avoid.
  • If you’re a bit lazy with your workout routine, find ways to compile it with essential chores. These creative ways could include walking a bit farther to get your groceries.
  • If you have an unhealthy dependency or a bad relationship with food, keeping your mouth busy is a great idea. This could include chewing on sugar-free gum between your meals, replacing your meals with calorie-free beverages, and more.
  • To stop yourself from a binge, stay away from substances that could induce hunger. This could be alcohol or recreational drugs. Alcohol is full of calories and can cause significant bloating. 
  • If you slip occasionally and indulge in a binge, you don’t have to throw your entire routine out the window. Recovery from a couple of binge meals is still possible. However, if you slip into a cycle and delay your physical health any longer, it could compound and get harder to shed. 

Weight loss and Fat loss for women- What could prevent you from losing weight?

Weight loss or fat loss is an important goal for almost every woman. As a woman, here are the things that may be restricting your weight loss or fat loss-

  • PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome affects millions of women every year. This hormonal disorder is both a cause and consequence of weight gain due to fluctuations in insulin levels, cholesterol levels, and even blood sugar. 
  • Mental health illnesses have been clinically proven to plague women’s lives more than men’s. This can change your relationship with food and even delay your workouts significantly.
  • Stress or lack of sleep can make you feel hungrier. The amount of sugar you crave during this period can be pretty unhealthy for you to consume. Ensure that you complete your sleep cycle and take it seriously. 
  • Some of your medications could lead to an increase in weight, not necessarily through fat. It would be best if you referred to your doctor’s recommendations for alternatives or supplements that can encourage natural weight loss or fat loss.

Modern weight loss routine requires a little bit of creativity. Your weight loss or fat loss routine doesn’t have to be perfect or crazy. It must be consistent and flexible and require a revisit with each milestone.

Your biggest inspiration behind weight loss or fat loss should be the change in confidence, self-esteem, and lifestyle it can bring for you. If you think your weight loss or fat loss is ideal in your fantasies, wait until you experience it in real life!

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