Instant Knockout Review: Why Is This Product Worth Trying


This Instant Knockout review article will give you an overview of the fat burning supplement Instant Knockout, its ingredients, working methodology, pros & cons and side effects.

About Instant Knockout

Fat is important for the healthy working of the human body. But when the accumulation of fat becomes too much, it poses a problem for the athletes, bodybuilders and other sportspersons. It causes the people to gain weight which becomes a major obstacle for high levels of performance.

Today everybody irrespective of whether he or she is a sports person or not, wants to get rid of excessive fat. Fat accumulation particularly in the abdominal region destroys the composition of the body and invites a number of health conditions.

The modern economic activities of the world demand more and more exposure requiring smarter presentation of individuals. In order to survive in this highly competitive world people need to get trimmed and well shaped.

It is true that people try hard by going to the gyms and controlling their diet. But it is not sufficient for melting away all the stubborn fats. Need is felt to support their hard training and healthy dietary regimes by a fat burning supplement such as Instant Knockout.

Instant knockout formula has been designed to burn fats. The supplement is made of natural fat burning ingredients and hence there is no risk of harmful side effects by consuming the supplement Instant Knockout. 

It is claimed that MMA fighters have benefited by consuming the supplement and some of them have acknowledged it in the media. This may be a good pointer but let us analyze the content and the science behind the claims of the company before deciding anything regarding the supplement Instant Knockout.

What the company claims about their products

We find from the internet that the company has offered two weight loss supplements as below:

  • Instant Knockout Cut
  • Instant Knockout Complete

Instant Knockout Cut

This weight loss supplement is the original one which has been designed, specifically targeting the sportspersons. The needs of the sports persons such as athletes, bodybuilders and long distance runners have been taken care of while designing the pills of Instant Knockout Cut. The high performer sports persons require quicker results preferably within a few week’s time.

They need quick melting away of all the fats, leaner and bigger muscles, quick post-training repair of damaged muscle cells, absence of muscle waste and more. The supplement Instant Knockout Cut try to achieve the above by the following strategies:

  • By suppressing the hunger cravings
  • By burning the extra fats
  • By detoxifying the body of free radicals
  • By eliminating oxidative stress

 Instant Knockout Complete

After the onslaught of Instant Knockout Cut, necessities have been felt that the more serious and dedicated segment of the sports persons may need something more for achieving the highest performing levels of the ambitious aspirants. In order to fulfill this gap the company felt the need of coming out with a better supplement which will almost be a replacement for their meals.

For suiting those impatient high performers the supplement has been designed by including high doses of proteins, carbs, fibers, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and chromium. In this way the high performers get an all inclusive replacement of meals providing them with all the proteins, nutrients and vitamins in a single go.

Many performers have found enhanced results when they combine the above two supplements together. So after the advent of Instant Knockout Complete, the pairing of the two supplements have become a new attraction for the high performing sports persons. 

The manufacturer claims that the Instant Knockout Complete would burn the fats by the following strategies:

  • Suppressing the appetite
  • Triggering thermogenesis
  • Increasing the rate of metabolism
  • Providing all the minerals and vitamins for improving immunity and energy levels
  • Providing more energy and focus to train harder and for longer time

How the manufacturer of fat burning supplement Instant Knockout justifies their claims

In order to examine the scientific approaches for attaining the claims of the  company, we have to delve into the details of the ingredients of the supplements.

The list of ingredients in the fat burning supplement Instant Knockout

  • Black pepper extract
  • Cayenne pepper extract
  • Green tea extract
  • Green coffee beans
  • Caffeine anhydrous
  • Zinc
  • Glucomannan
  • GTF chromium
  • Vitamin B complex

Let us try to find out how the ingredients and their proper blending helps in burning the fat.


Black Pepper Extract

Black pepper finds wide use in all the fat burning and weight loss supplements. The ingredients contain a substance called piperine which produces heat when ingested. It means that piperine has a thermogenic effect on the body producing more heat. We will discuss thermogenesis and its role in melting the fat in later paragraphs. However by triggering thermogenesis fat can be melted out.

The black pepper, which is widely used by people all over the world, has other beneficial effects. It has anti-inflammatory properties, controls blood sugar levels, regulates the levels of cholesterol and also has a controlling effect on the cancer cells.

Farther black pepper extract is considered as a bioavailable ingredient which means that helps in the absorption of the other ingredients of the supplement Instant Knockout.

With all the above discussions it can be surmised that the manufacturer of the supplement Instant Knockout has cleverly selected black pepper extract for their fat burning supplement.

Green tea extract

Lately green tea has become extremely popular all over the world as a weight loss ingredient. Green tea is consumed as a part of celebration in the ancient country of China. Now people have found it to be the elixir for burning fat and reducing weight.

In fact modern science could find out that green tea contains a flavonoid, which is an antioxidant.

Antioxidants eliminate free radicals which often play havoc in the human body. Free radicals are responsible for oxidative stress.

By increasing the rate of metabolism, green tea helps in burning the fats. By burning the brown adipose tissues, it converts the fats into useful energy. Thus the users get motivated to do more exercise helping further the melting of body fats.

Green tea extract also helps in tackling the hunger cravings by instilling a sense of fullness of the stomach. So the user can easily avoid fast foods or foods between the meals thus lowering the intake of calories. Thus managing the weight becomes easier for the users.

In this way Green Tea Extract helps in burning fat by suppressing hunger cravings, melting fats by triggering thermogenesis, improving rate of metabolism and improving the overall health of the users motivating them to train harder.

Cayenne Pepper Seed

This is a different form of pepper. It seems that the manufacturer of the fat burning supplement Instant Knockout has put maximum faith on the pepper for its fat burning formula.

It is somewhat more spicy than the black pepper. Just by putting a small amount of cayenne pepper on your tongue you will start sweating. So cayenne pepper also stimulates thermogenesis and helps in melting the fat.

It has similar antioxidant properties as black pepper, eliminating the oxidative stress.

Green Coffee Beans

The coffee which we drink is made from roasted coffee beans. Many of the essential nutrients of the coffee bean get lost during the roasting process. The manufacturer of the fat burning supplement Instant Knockout has rightly chosen the green coffee beans in their supplement to get the maximum beneficial effects of the nutrients.

Green coffee beans are a rich source of antioxidants as well as dietary fibers. Antioxidants are very useful for reducing oxidative stress which is detrimental for the human body.

Fiber rich food is good for weight loss as it improves the digestive process and helps in bowel movements so that melted fat and toxic substances can be flushed out of the body.

Green coffee contains caffeine which is good for bringing alertness and concentration. It also suppresses appetite thereby reducing the calorie intake.

The chlorogenic acid is one of the substances which green coffee contains. Chlorogenic acid is useful in improving body composition. 

Caffeine anhydrous

It is a concentrated source of caffeine which is prepared by the process of dehydration from the coffee plant. As all the water content gets removed the caffeine gets concentrated. So anhydrous caffeine adds more and more caffeine to the fat burning supplement Instant Knockout.

It seems that the manufacturer of the fat burning supplement Instant Knockout has a particular affinity to caffeine for getting all the fat burning effects.

Hgh doses of caffeine increases the levels of energy so that the users can resort to intense workout extending to a longer time. This is to the delight of the high performing athletes as they want to expend more and more energy burning the accumulated fats and getting leaner muscles.

By suppressing appetite the caffeine forces the users to take less calories thereby helping them lose weight.


Zinc is an essential trace mineral which is prescribed for enhancing the immunity and fighting infections. Zinc supports and increases metabolism due to which proteins, carbs and fats can be easily broken down into useful energy.

By helping in the conversion of the food to energy it helps the users to feel powered up. By improving the metabolism it helps in reducing weight.

Zinc can be ingested by taking foods rich in zinc such as animal meat and various plants.

Another good effect of the mineral zinc is in helping in the synthesis of protein. Proper synthesis of protein is very important because just by taking protein is not enough, it has got to be efficiently digested so that it can assimilate and grow leaner muscles. 

In this way the developers of the fat burning supplement Instant Knockout intelligently included the race mineral zinc which would help in fat burning as well as helping the users get leaner and bigger muscles.

GTF Chromium

Chromium is a trace mineral which improves the metabolism functioning of the micronutrients. One purpose of including chromium in the Instant Knockout fat burning supplement is to render a sense of well being enabling the users of the supplement to live a healthy life and indulge in hard training for a longer time.

More and more hard training means more and more burning of fat reducing the weight. The selection of GTF Chromium demands appreciation as the form of the chromium is easily absorbed by the human body mechanism. GTF means Glucose Tolerance Factor. Chromium GTF is also a bioavailable ingredient which helps in the proper absorption of the other ingredients of the supplement. 

Chromium GTF is 3 times more absorbed by the body tissues compared to Chromium Picolinate and 2 times more absorbed by the body compared to Chromium Chloride. Hence the selection of the ingredients by the developers of the supplement Instant Knockout has been wise.

Once the trace mineral gets absorbed by the body, it goes to help regulate the levels of glucose of the bloodstream. As a result, by consuming the Chromium GTF, the users of the supplement Instant Knockout will have good healthy conditions with proper control on various health parameters.

The risk of ailments such as diabetes, heart attack etc will be reduced.


Glucomannan is a popular ingredient and is used in most of the fat burning supplements. The manufacturer has made a commendable choice by selecting Glucomannan and that too in sufficient amounts per day as approved by the EU authorities.

Glucomannan has also been duly approved by EFSA for use in various health supplements for achieving weight loss and burning fats.

The role of Glucomannan in fat burning is towards reducing the calorie intake by suppressing the feeling of appetite. This the ingredient does by swelling the stomach which gets a feeling of fullness of stomach reducing desire to take food. The target of fat burning is two pronged. The first one is by reducing calorie intake which the ingredient achieves by doing away with hunger cravings.

Glucomannan is a fiber rich ingredient and the importance of fiber in refuting bowel movement is well established. Even in the main line medicines also prescribes the patients to take fiber rich food. With improved bowel movement most of the fats burnt flush out of the system.

The fiber has another beneficial effect. It suppresses hunger. Studies which have been done to understand the beneficial effects of glucomannan on the human body, have also revealed that by taking the glucomannan ingredient 3 times a day the users have been greatly benefitted.

Selection of Glucomannan in sufficient amounts in the Instant Knockout supplement must be hailed which will surely give fat burning results to the users of the supplement.

Vitamin B complex 

It is an established fact that vitamin B complex is very essential for the healthy body. It has many beneficial effects as narrated below:

  • Enhances energy metabolism
  • Improves fatigued condition 
  • Removes chronic tiredness.
  • Eliminate muscle cramps

Because of the many beneficial effects of vitamin B complex, the allopathic doctors often prescribe vitamin B complex for 15 to 30 days for treating conditions such as weakness, muscle cramps and nerve related malfunctioning. 

The manufacturers must have included vitamin B complex in order to protect the users of the Instant Knockout fat burning supplement from such trivial issues and enable them to go for hard training and a healthy life.

Scientific blending of various ingredients of the fat burning supplement Instant Knockout 

From the discussion above we have found that the selection of the various ingredients have been quite wise. The other important factor in getting the best results from the selected ingredients is their perfect blending. Let us see how the blending of the ingredients goes.

The nutritional information of Instant Knockout fat burning supplement

The size of each serving of the supplement Instant Knockout is 4 capsules. Single container of Instant Knockout will be sufficient for 30 servings

Vitamin B6 as pyridoxine HCI5 mg per serving
Vitamin B12 as cyanocobalamin 10 mcg per serving10 mcg per serving
Zinc as zinc oxide 10 mg per serving10 mg per serving
GTF Chromium 100 mcg per serving100 mcg per serving
Green Tea Extract from tea leaves500 mg per serving
Green Coffee Bean Extract 100 mg per serving100 mg per serving
Cayenne Fruit Powder 100 mg per serving100 mg per serving
Glucomannan konjac fruit 500 mg per serving500 mg per serving
Caffeine anhydrous 350 mg per serving350 mg per serving
Black Pepper Extract 1010 mg per serving

Let us first look at the trace mineral Zinc. The supplement Instant Knockout has 10 mg of zinc per each serving. This is an approved amount and sufficient to combat issues such as tiredness and immune deficiencies. It will help in burning the fats and improving metabolism.

We also find that the manufacturer of Instant Knockout fat burning supplement has included 500 mg of wonder weight loss supplement Glucomannan. Though the maximum limit of the ingredient for per day intake is 3000 mg as per EU, the inclusion of 500 mg per serving is a good quantity. The quantity could be increased to get the maximum effects of the ingredient. Glucomannan is a fiber rich and hunger suppressant ingredient and is considered as the most popular weight loss ingredient.

100 mg of Cayenne pepper will help in thermogenesis helping fat burning. Also a 10 mg of black pepper is added which makes the total pepper content to 110 mg. The developer of the formula of the fat burning supplement Instant Knockout has put much emphasis on pepper. There may be two reasons for the selection. One is the thermogenic properties of the pepper and the other the bioavailable characteristics. 

However the addition of 10 mg of black pepper could be avoided as already 100 mg of cayenne pepper is added which should suffice.

By going through the nutritional information we also find that the developer of the formula for Instant Knockout supplement has put much emphasis on caffeine intake.

The supplement contains 500 mg of green tea, 100 mg of green coffee and 350 mg of caffeine anhydrous. The total addition of caffeine seems to be much above the average. Though it may have a faster effect on fat burning, it also may be too hard for some people especially the women aspirants.

For the high performers with ambition to quickly climb the ladder the caffeine may be a good choice. The men performers who have adapted to high doses of caffeine by resorting to hard training may find the supplement useful giving them quick and good results.

Addition of vitamin B complex is always welcome giving the users a sense of well being and motivating them for high performance.

Pros and Cons of Instant Knockout

Pros of Instant Knockout Fat Burning Supplement

  • Made from natural ingredients and hence safe
  • No remarkable side effects
  • Inclusion of ingredients such as 500 mg of Glucomannan, lots of pepper and more amount of caffeine make the supplement a great appetite suppressor
  • Good as energy booster and motivator for hard training
  • Manufactured in FDA approved facilities
  • GMP certified product
  • Free From Allergens

Cons Of Instant Knockout Fat Burning Supplement

  • Some users may find the supplement too expensive
  • Content of caffeine is very high. May be hard for some people
  • Buying allowed from the official website of the brand only

What are the side effects of Instant Knockout

  • The supplement contains ingredients which are tested and safe natural ingredients. Hence no harmful side effects are envisaged
  • The product is GMP certified and made in FDA approved facilities confirming the quality of the product
  • No proprietary blends 
  • Friendly to vegans
  • Heavy content of caffeine may be a concern for some people

We may safely conclude that the supplement is safe without having any harmful side effects. However people sensitive to caffeine consumption in high doses may have some issues.

It is best to avoid the intake of the supplement before bedtime. 

How Instant Knockout works scientifically

Adaptive Metagenesis

It is well known that weight increases when we expend less calories than our intake. Modern researchers have found that weight increase may be caused due to some anomaly in calorie expenditure. The expenditure of calories is regulated by the brain. Now energy can be expended in two ways, one by working and the other by producing heat which is called thermogenesis. 

Adaptive thermogenesis is a process where generation of heat in the body is controlled by food intake as well as temperature of the environment. Mitochondria plays an exclusive role in the conversion of food into water, ATP and carbon dioxide.

The fat burning supplement Instant Knockout has intelligently used the above scientific basis by helping trigger the adaptive thermogenesis process in the body with the help of selected ingredients. As such the developers of the formula for the fat burning supplement Instant Knockout has included ingredients such as pepper extract, cayenne pepper, caffeine etc all of which helps in production of extra heat. 

Thermogenesis is a natural means of melting the body fat which is regulated by the mitochondria. Heat is produced due to the reactions which take place during energy metabolism. The examples are mitochondrial respiratory chains and conversion of ATP etc are all exothermic reactions producing heat.

Appetite suppression

Modern trend in reducing weight is using Bioactive Phytochemicals. Such phytochemicals are extracted from food. Obesity and overweight are the two most important subjects which modern medicine has to tackle. When all other lifestyle changing regiments such as hard training and healthy diet fail to solve the issue, use of Bioactive Phytochemicals comes as a last resort.

The fat burning supplement Instant Knockout has taken this modern route to solve the issue of fat burning. We find many ingredients in the supplement Instant Knockout such as Glucomannan, pepper extract, caffeine etc which are bioactive phytochemicals.

Such bioactive phytochemicals are not known as nutrients but have characteristics which suppress appetite and thereby help in reducing intake of calories.

Studies have established that such non-nutrient plant extracts are secondary metabolic compounds and are able to suppress hunger and bring a satiating feeling of fullness of the stomach. Thus such bioactive phytochemicals are able to reduce calorie intake and help in reducing the weight indirectly.

Increasing metabolism

Some protein rich foods such as meat, egg, fish, dairy, nuts, legumes etc can increase the rate of metabolism of the body. Such metabolism occurs due to generation of heat for the requirement of digesting the proteins ingested. This phenomenon is called the thermic effect of food or TEF.

Instant Knockout Total has been provided with high doses of protein to trigger TEF for fat burning.

Similarly trace minerals such as zinc and chromium also have TEF and help in enhancing the energy metabolism.

Sufficient amount of pepper has been included in the supplement Instant Knockout. Pepper contains capsaicin which increases the metabolism. Studies have confirmed that capsaicin can burn 50 more calories per day. The developer of the fat burning supplement has added black pepper as well as cayenne pepper. So it will have substantial beneficial results in burning the fats.

FAQ for fat burning supplement Instant Knockout

1. What are the doses of the supplement Instant Knockout?

The recommended doses of Instant Knockout supplement is one capsule four times a day. You have to swallow the capsules along with a glass of water.

The first dose of the day has to be taken just after you wake up. Take the second capsule by equally spacing between the breakfast and the lunch. You can take the third capsule one hour after lunch. The finishing dose of the day is to be taken 1 hour prior to dinner but not later than 5 hours before bedtime.

2. Is it recommended to be taken along with other supplements?

 Instant Knockout Cut can be paired with Instant Knockout Complete. But taking another supplement is not very advisable, particularly if the other supplement contains stimulants.

3. Can women take the supplement Instant Knockout?

The women also can take the supplement. But as the supplement contains huge doses of caffeine, it may be hard on some women. 

4. Can I take an Instant Knockout supplement with my other prescription medicines?

 In a normal healthy man it should not pose any problem. But in case you have some medical condition or you are a lactating or pregnant woman, then you should consult your doctor prior to starting the supplement.

5. Can you tell about the important ingredients of the supplement Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout has two fat burning supplements namely Instant Knockout Cut and Instant Knockout Complete.

Instant Knockout Cut is for the athletes and the people who want to shed weight. But the Instant Knockout Complete is specially meant for the high performers.

Instant Knockout Complete contains a high dose of proteins, carbs, fats and minerals. It is a complete replacement of meals.

Both the supplements are made of natural ingredients such as Glucomannan, caffeine, pepper, vitamin B complex, zinc, chromium etc.

6. Why should I choose Instant Knockout when there are so many fat burning supplements on the online market?

 You are free to choose any other brand of fat burning supplement. In this article we have tried to justify the claims of the supplement Instant Knockout.

Concluding Remarks

From this complete Review we would finally conclude that:

The company is based in the USA. Products are manufactured in FDA approved facilities. The manufacturing process is GMP certified.

The ingredients which have been included have some solid scientific basis. The approach of the brand formulation is three pronged. Appetite suppression ingredients, ingredients which trigger the thermogenesis process in the body and the ingredients which enhance metabolism.

We have also tried to scientifically analyze how the claims of the company have stood against scientific explanations.

The blending of the ingredients also has followed approved limits of the authorities which we have tried to show in our discussions regarding the scientific basis of the claims of the company.

We are of the view that the supplement will be able to give you good results in fat burning and provide you with enhanced energy levels.



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