Be Smart Be Better: Everyone May Know The Art Of BodyBuilding!

Know The Art Of BodyBuilding – Build Smart, Build Better!

Bodybuilding is an art, and it takes a lot of training and planning to get the desired results. If anything goes amiss, it can do more harm than good and even cause irreversible injuries and damage to the body. Hence, it is better to be informed than injured. 

The difference between bodybuilding and fitness workouts

Everyone hits the gym with a different mindset. For some, it is purely about the aesthetics of their physique, while for others, it might just be about leading a healthy lifestyle. People concerned only with aesthetics want their bodies to look a certain way, so they work towards “building” it, and others who just want to stay healthy do a mix of workouts for overall fitness. 

What every bodybuilder must know to achieve their dream physique?

Bodybuilding can produce amazing results if done the right way. Just like everything else, it is important to have a plan and the proper mindset which can fuel one’s motivation. 

Essential factors to consider while bodybuilding is-

1. Don’t lift fancy; lift heavy and more often – The significance of progressive overload

Doing more reps of basic workouts with the right form and heavier weights will produce better results than making complex moves with lighter weights. Progressive overload is the key to building bigger and stronger muscles as it increases muscle hypertrophy. 

The body needs to be challenged constantly by introducing new stressors in the training routine so it can adapt and improve accordingly. The muscles grow in size and become stronger as new stimuli in the form of heavier weights are introduced. To continue this cycle of muscle growth, training variables like weights and the number of reps should be tweaked, following the principle of progressive overload. 

2. Abs are made in the kitchen, and so is the whole body

In order to look like a bodybuilder, one needs to eat like a bodybuilder. The daily diet of a bodybuilder does not need to be fancy; rather, it should be adequate, providing the required macros and micros to support muscle growth. 

Protein- Proteins being the building blocks of the body, is the most important element in a bodybuilder’s diet. It is needed for muscle growth, repair, and maintenance. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a bodybuilder should consume about 1.4-1.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight to build muscle.

The richest natural sources of protein include poultry, meat, fish, and dairy products. It is always good to consume protein from natural food sources rather than relying completely on supplements. 

Carbohydrates- Carbs have received a bad reputation in the health & wellness industry over the years. However, it is important to realize that healthy and clean carbs are extremely important in a bodybuilder’s diet as it supplies the muscles with instant energy compared to other sources like fats and protein.

Professional bodybuilders often advise going for complex carbohydrates as they do not cause a sudden insulin spike. The best sources of carbs include oatmeal, whole wheat cereals and bread, yams, and brown rice. 

Fats- Good fats are essential to the diet of a bodybuilder as it is needed to generate massive amounts of energy for strenuous workouts. Along with energy, fats also provide lubrication to muscles and joints for smooth movement.

Many fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, and E need a lipid base which is provided by fats. The highest quality of fats can be obtained from fish, eggs, dairy, and organic oils like olive oil and coconut oil. 

3. Don’t skip that pizza- Cheat meals are important too

 If done right, cheat meals can help greatly because of the psychological effect they have. There is a 90/10 rule that bodybuilders follow which means that 90% of the time, they will follow their specific diet, while 10% of the time, they can indulge in a cheat meal

Following the 90/10 rule and cheating smartly will not hinder progress or reduce the gains. According to professional bodybuilders, the best time to consume a cheat meal is after an intense workout so it can be utilized by the muscles instead of getting stored as fat.

4. Excess of anything is bad- Overtraining is not the way to go

It is quite easy for us to fall into the trap of overtraining, thinking that more workouts result in more gains. This cannot be further from the truth, as it will only cause muscle fatigue and retard growth. 

The muscles need to be stimulated, not annihilated. Once the muscles are stimulated enough, more reps and sets beyond that will not provide exponential gains. On the other hand, it might tire the muscles and slow down recovery. It is essential to strike the right balance and create a target-based workout plan that will enhance muscle potential.

5. Don’t forget to get that beauty sleep

Sleep is one the most important aspects of health in general, and it becomes indispensable when on a bodybuilding journey. 7 to 9 hours of sleep is essential for the recovery and growth of the muscles. 

Contrary to popular belief, maximum work is actually done when a person is resting and not while they are sweating it out at the gym. The combination of diet and training can only produce stronger and bigger muscles when the body gets enough sleep to repair, recover and regenerate. 

One step forward and two steps back- Mistakes that kill your gains 

Some of the major bodybuilding mistakes that can retard growth and halt progress are-

  • Not following a proper bodybuilding program
  • Not incorporating the progressive overload principle in the training routine
  • Having a bad form while doing the exercises
  • Not having a balanced cutting and bulking cycle
  • Ignoring injuries and training intensively without letting the body recover
  • Burning too much energy doing cardio

The takeaway:

It is essential to follow a proper diet, exercise, and rest cycle when on any fitness journey. Bodybuilding is a step ahead of general fitness; thus, it requires even more planning and research before getting started. 

Overall, the most crucial thing while on a bodybuilding journey is to remain consistent to see the results because a quitter never wins, and a winner never quits. 

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