How To Jumpstart your Weight loss with Simple Changes

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6 Simple Changes to Jumpstart your Weight loss

Weight loss is a journey and the first step of any journey is starting it. You can jumpstart your weight loss journey by watching what you eat, making sure you exercise instead of lying on the couch the whole day and maintaining a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle! 

No one is a fan of wobbly bits, tight clothes, heaviness, occasional knee pain, low self-confidence or being fat-shamed. These things are the ones that are natural consequences of being obese or gaining a lot of weight. Besides all this being overweight also has a tendency of putting your mental health up for a toss! 

Weight gain is the outcome of a number of unhealthy habits including eating junk, overeating, consuming a copious amount of sugar with no regard for finding ways to digest it or just hoarding food every time you are stressed. Other factors that contribute to weight gain are a sedentary lifestyle, static jobs, laziness to exercise and not indulging in any kind of physical activity. Besides these, even genetics can be one of the reasons why someone can put on weight. 

A wise way to just scratch off all the above adversities is to lose weight. 

Here are some of the ways, methods and practices that will help you to jumpstart your weight loss wagon! 


1. Make up your mind and have a strong resolve

The biggest challenge in your weight loss journey is ‘starting it’. We know that making up your mind and taking that first step might require all your energy and will but there’s no other option than taking that first step. It definitely requires a lot of strong will and a firm determination to pull yourself out of your bed, early in the morning, wear your exercise clothes and just work out or maybe just go for a jog or a walk. But make an earnest attempt to do it! 

2. Set up realistic and doable goals!  

Make sure you write down your target weight and work towards achieving it. Put up a poster of your favourite ideal body type and imagine yourself being that weight. Instead of a big intimidating target, you can set up small milestones and go on achieving them. Making small changes to concur these small milestones will make a huge change in your life and you won’t even realist it! Goals help us to chalk out a plan for making them a reality. Be clear about the numbers you want to achieve. Once you see a clear picture of the target it’ll become easier to jumpstart the process of achieving it. 

3. See what you eat

It is a simple step but requires a lot of effort. Being habitual to munching on chips while watching your favourite show on Netflix or diving into a tub of ice cream every time your heart breaks or just responding to each one of your sugar cravings makes it a tough task to adopt healthy eating habits. Guess what? You have no choice! Give your tummy a break because it definitely needs one. 

Start with simple steps, instead of packaged food try munching on cucumbers or any other salad. Answer your sugar cravings with fruits and your hunger pangs with soaked nuts. Make a sincere effort toward putting an end to your midnight cravings. Have loads of salads before every meal so that you do not overeat. Another way to shut your cravings is by drinking a glass of hot water every time you have an intense desire to eat junk.  

4. Getting enough sleep is a must! 

Many researchers have been trying to study the connection between sleep and weight loss. The number of hours your sleep in a day does affect your weight loss journey. Poor sleeping habits and insomnia can result in messing up your metabolism. As we all know, a good metabolism is directly proportional to weight loss so owing to this the better you sleep, your weight loss journey becomes easier. 

It has also been researched that getting enough sleep arrests your desire to overeat. Episodes of sleeplessness may result in hunger pangs and overeating. All of this can have an unpleasant effect on our weight loss process. 

It is also a no-brainer that if you sleep well and early you are able to forestall late-night or mid-night cravings. 

When you get sufficient hours of sleep, you are well-rested and a well-rested body is always efficient in doing many workout routines. So to jumpstart your weight loss process just sleep well. 

5. Have a weight-loss ally or a partner! 

Achieving any goal alone is tougher than achieving that goal with someone. Have a weight-loss partner or tell a friend about your journey so that both you and your friend can embark on this weight-loss journey together. You can keep a check on each other and motivate each other to do better. This speeds up your process. 

Just like that, having a gym partner or a personal trainer always helps, it encourages you to jumpstart your process sooner and never leave it mid-way. 

Your weight-loss journey partner, be it your friend, roommate or even spouse helps you to prevent splurging on unhealthy food or might guilt trip you when you miss out on an exercise routine. This definitely will help you be on track.  

6. A proper meal routine and plan your meals

Eating anytime and every time doesn’t help. We are not talking about fancy diets here but at least having proper fixed meal times will save you from feeling hungry all the time. Make sure you eat your food at those fixed intervals. For instance, if you are choosing to have meals 4 times a day then have them 4 times a day and do not snack in between. This is one of the simpler practices to start your weight-loss journey. 

Having a meal chart makes your process easier. Make sure you include all healthy food items in your chart and make sure you keep your meal chart handy. This will help you to not consume unhealthy food items or adopt unhealthy food habits. 

One of the major rules of weight loss is, to not follow the rules or processes that you do not like, as that’ll make you want to not follow them. 

Adopt a  weight loss process that is easy and simple, something that you can follow for the rest of your life and that will make you jumpstart it sooner. 

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